The Jura -> South Africa & Rhodesia Descendancy of:

Peter / Patrick Fletcher 1827-1897, of Jura.
& Agnes Eaglesim 1841-1901, of Paisley.

With material relating on the Distaff Side to some family names:

McDonald, Fynn, Bisset, Huntley, Murray, White, Ross, Oakley, Hull, Sander, Spiller-Smith,
Mainwaring, Dawson, Stewart, Harley, Cashel, Napier, de la Harpe, Kelly, Mollet, Walker
Capstick, Cooper, Pantazi, Ricketts, etc etc'

Details of other Fletcher clansmen of Jura who went to New Zealand, Australia and elsewhere
have come to light during the course of this research, some of which is included below.

Outline of Contents

This file provides links to data submitted by various family members, and by others too.
The names appearing here therefore are mainly only those of sources.
The schema is based generationally on a Family Tree pattern.

The Southern African Branch

The Africa Family Tree

The Africa Family Tree file is of first-hand data compiled from actual family contact
made by N.F. and O.F. It fills in and brings up to date the section on the South African branch
of the Jura Fletchers which Margaret Mason first published in "The Fletchers of Glenorchy" (1973).
Much of this material she received through correspondence with H.E. Fletcher, of Rhodesia, in that era.
The Tree data is up to 2016, more or less; no delivery rooms or funeral parlours have recently been
watched particularly.
Further data submitted will be added to the Tree if possible; as will data to fill the branches that are
obviously still missing.
It would be gratifying to hear from descendants of Isobel Dawson (Fletcher) and her sister
Murray Mainwaring (Fletcher), both born in Namaqualand, Cape Colony, and who went to the
U.K. before WW1. Contact with them became lost after the deaths of their sibling generation.
Similarly, to hear from those descendants of Archibald Fletcher, younger brother of the above girls,
who went to the U.S.A. (see details in Tree, and below).


Material for this family website started to be gathered in about 2007.
It had been available those who had access; in a rough form, and
much of it perhaps unsuitable for general consumption.
That material is now no longer listed in the index now appearing
at this address. Some of the material is however being redrafted
and will appear on the index of the new Fletcher website:
Below is an index/schema from the new website giving a sketchy idea
of what material it could contain. For the time being the same schema,
more or less, appears here as an index page, pending the closure of
this address. The whole process might take some time ......

Peter/Patrick Fletcher and Agnes Eaglesim

    Biographical material and research notes. [Open]

  • The Keerom Diary (Namaqualand) 1861-1865 [Open]

  • A history of the diary.

    The Messelpad etc Smalberger

  • Transport Devlopment [Open]
  • Lawrence Greene: Oliphants River mouth article. [Open]

    Other old rivermouth details: [Open]

    Other stuff: articles etc - Graham Ross stuff [ ]

    Keerom Regained:

  • H.E.F. letters and photographs (1990) [Open]

  • N.F. trip and photos (2003) [ ]

  • Discovery (200?), Florida, U.S.A., a photo (1866?) of Keerom homestead, Namaqualand. [Open]

  • "The Keerom Recce": 2009 pilgrimage of Johne, Keith,Garrick, Adam Fletchers. [Open]

  • Emails and data from Annelize Erasmus, Springbok [Make txt/html]
  • Wildflower bloom 2007, Namaqualand. [Open]
Their Descendants:

Cape Colony of South Africa

Jean Fletcher b. xx.xx.xxxx, Keerom, d. xx.xx.xxxx Cape Town?

Cape Colony -> Rhodesia, -> U.K. branch.

Murray (Minny)
Cape Colony -> Rhodesia (Matabeleland) : "Umvutcha" Farm Branch:

Robert Alexander Fletcher b. Keerom, Namaqualand, & Annie A. McDonald b. Queenstown, Cape.
  • Fletcher & Espin surveyors.
  • "The Split:" Letters of R.A., Coghlan to Pat
  • Political career
  • Umvutcha: Hotel; Kipling anecdote etc
  • Rinderpest_house_extension etc "mystery". St Peter's School. Listed. Pulled down.
  • R.A. trapped in O'Okiep during ABW? Letter about his captors?
  • Picnic Photo, Cricket at Umvutcha. pre WW1
  • Rhodesia Party, Letters etc."
Annie McDonald Material:
  • Biographical & Recollections of her, etc.
  • Photographs
  • Zeeberberg coach article 1895
  • Letter from Bulawayo Laager, 15 April 1896. (Photocopies of original letter)
  • Pages 1 & 2       Pages 3& 4       Pages 5 & 6        Pages 7 & 8        Pages 9 & 10

  • The letter from the Laager -(Typescript and photos) [Open]
  • Account of going into laager 1896
  • Letter to brother in law, Pat Fletcher 1897. (Typescript)
  • "We Went to Cecil Rhodes' Funeral". [Open]
  • Letter to Ida ex Kei
  • Essay on departure of her son Hugh to WW1
  • Letters to Family between etc.
  • Letters Annie to R.A.
  • Cutting of the citamuzi trees: the curse of Mimosa Woods.
  • Blogs and notes by NF
  • Photos of the house at Mimosa Woods (Park). [Open]
  • Extract from Syd Longden's memoirs.
  • Photo. Annie in canoe on Zambezi. [Open]
  • Family photos on steps of Umvutcha
  • Letters re Lobengula's kraal
  • Letter of anecdotes from Annie to Col. Vaughan-Williams, 19 July 1938 [Open]
  • Extracts from Rhodesian Journal, April 1910. A visit to the kraal. [Open ]
  • Map of area by R.A. Fletcher, 1910. [Open]
  • The Rudd Concession. The Missionary Tree.
  • Gravesite of Annie Fletcher.[Open]
Kenneth Fletcher m1. Constance Oakley. m2. Bobs Harley

  • Data collected, bulletins etc. [Old file.Some links work] [Open ]
  • Kenneth Letters etc.
  • News from Callen Hull in Arizona. [Open]
  • Rosalie Hull (Fletcher) recalls.... [Open ]
  • Data capture material from Wendy Nolan (Hull) [Open]
  • Photos: from Nellie Oakley (Kenneth's sister-in-law), Frances "Girlie" Oakley (m.Myburgh), Wendy Fox (nee van Onselen), by way of Bulawayo, South Africa, Swaziland, Perth. By kind permission of Wendy Fox. Sent by Wendy Nolan. [Open]

  • Data from Winkie Schmolke (Fletcher) [Open]

  • Data from Belinda (Schmolke) []
  • Other Hulls
Hugh Murray Fletcher m. Bessy Cashel

    Hugh Edward Fletcher m. Annette Esterh.

  • Research. Graham Ross. & M. Mason etc
  • Their visit to Keerom 1990. Letters to Peter and Neil
  • Their visit to Keerom 1990. Letter John.
  • Anne Fletcher. (m. M. Jack)

  • Got lucky - from Kentucky! [Open]
  • Anne emails etc
  • Celia Fletcher (m. Cox) Celia emails, photos, lost map etc. (was this the one Adam bought???)

    Elizabeth Fletcher m. Viljoen etc etc
    Debbie G.

    Aileen Fletcher m. etc
    Angus T. m. etc
    Lyn B. & the others?
Patrick Bisset ("Ben") Fletcher m. Dolly Napier

  • Political career etc etc
  • Letters etc etc
  • Photos etc etc
  • Ben suggests early Independence [Open]
  • Boo Fletcher m. Plato Mavros

  • Material
  • Danae emails etc etc

    Patrick Mavros stuff

    Margaret Fletcher m. Johnny King

  • Re Margaret Thatcher
  • Re Margaret Mason
  • Her paintings etc
  • Johne Fletcher m. Phillipa B. Adams

  • Letter about starting this website.
  • Emails etc[Open? ... What the hell]
  • Etc
Distaff Side (Napier) material.

Dorothy Napier's father, Col. Bill Napier:

  • 1893 Pioneer Column material.
  • References in Pat's 1893-4 diary
  • Various photos in Ida's album
  • Various Boer War stuff, photos
  • Various photos in Dorothy to J.P.F. Papers
  • Ian T. stuff. More? to get.
Alister? Archibald Angus Fletcher m. Loraine de la Harpe

Alister Michael (Mickey) Fletcher m. Susan cccc

Felicity Fletcher m. Alvin Cope

  • PcP's letters from the Orange River. etc
  • Emails re old RA house, embroidery, other stuff etc
  • Data capture emails etc [Open]

Zimbile, Matabeleland, Rhodesia branch.

Patrick "Pat" Fletcher 1867-1948 m. Ida Eliza McDonald 18xx 195x
  • Early Letters - Saint Andrews College, Millwood goldfields etc
  • Brounger stuff
  • Sand River railway works. Virginia.
  • The Barberton Line. 1893?
  • The Rand? when
  • 1893 Pioneer Column & Occupation of Matabeleland
  • The Diary for this period (xxxx-xxxx)
  • His survey of Bulawayo township. Jan 1894.
  • Fletcher & Espin, surveyors.
  • The Base for F&E's surveys. The researcher. Llewellyn-Heany Junction flats etc
  • Espin link
  • The other surveyors - Edwards etc
  • Cattle brand used for 110 years. The Scissor Brand. 1894.
  • The Matabele Rebellion 1896.
  • Surveyed Properties of Matabeleland map published London 1897
  • Other early diaries (given to Salisbury archive 19??)
  • Letters etc.
  • Northern Transvaal Farms Survey 190?-190?.
  • Research Notes etc. [Open]
  • Some photographs from Ida's visit to N. Tvl. survey camps.
  • Later Survey Work
  • Letters to R.A. from London, 1913: Interviews re. Union/Self Government. BSACo. etc.
  • Zimbile
  • Family Letters (?)
  • Freedom of the City of Bulawayo.
Ida McDonald Material:
  • Biographical stuff
  • Ida's photo album (Old placeholder file) [Open]
  • Fishing;Ida in a rage; meeting QM, etc
  • Autograph Books [of Mrs.? Webb?]. See early Rhodesiana below .

  • Pat and Ida Fletchers' Friends:
  • Ludovic Napoleon Papenfus [Open]
  • His daughter Eileen Papenfus, friend of Sheila (see below) [Open]
  • Moffat
  • Billy Lynch
  • Tex Long
  • Coghlan [make a file/research]
  • The Porters [make a file/research]
Sheila Fletcher m. Richard KellyThe family in Eire.
  • Emails from Kelly family []
  • Mary Kelly etc

  • Photo: Pioneers (named) by Rhodes' statue, Bulawayo, 19xx [Open]
Peter Fletcher m. Margaret Mollett. Lived on Zimbile.
  • Zimbile development
  • Diaries of farmwork, 1924-1994
  • Development of agriculture in Rhodesia stuff
  • Peter Fletcher's Paintings
  • Photographs
  • Old Ndebele woman who came to Matabeleland with Mzilakazi.
  • Send revised file
  • Mollet material. links
    Neil Fletcher

    Miscellaneous anecdotes:

  • re: Dyke Wright [Open ]
  • re: Kennerley Rumford, son of Clara Butt [Open]
  • re: Judith & Garfield Todd [Open]
  • Recollections of Dugald Fletcher[Closed ]
  • "The Hambone" kopje in the Matopos anecdote [Open ]
  • Cattle Dipping in Rhodesia.

    Lyn Fletcher

    Owen Fletcher

  • The Little Wonder [Open]
  • Millwood links [Open]
  • Glenorchy photos [Open]
  • Zimbile homestead Open]
  • Dennis Fletcher Open]
  • Battle of Bembesi [Open]
Dugald Fletcher. Hermit after WW2.
  • A Brief Biography, photographs, etc
  • Link to Francis article on Spaceless.
  • Recollections, by N.F. [???]
  • Refs. to him in his father's letters (above)
  • War details (anon.) from Plato Mavros
  • Dugald's Record - from Ian Fletcher [Open ]
  • Dugald's knife and beltFind the draft/write it
Colin Campbell Fletcher m. Mary Walker Zimbile, Que Que, Umtali.
  • Biography, photographs, etc

  • Emails etc.
  • Colin's letter when Peter died. Colin's letter re Aunt Polly.

Ian Fletcher m1. m2.
  • re: Dugald. [Open]
  • Photos of Dugald Fletcher after being a hermit. [Open]
Patsy Fletcher d. as small child 1913?
  • A Brief Biography, photographs, "skundhla" at Zimbile
    Further Distaff Side material.

  • "The Queenstown Gang" [Open Redo]
  • Distaff Workpad [Open Redo]
  • Annie & Ida McDonald's:

  • brother: Hugh McDonald (Nyasaland Administrator(?))
  • Photos etc
  • Pat & Esme stuff etc
  • Ian & Neil etc Their collection. Letters etc

  • Neil McD's book.

  • brother: Robert Philip "Bob" McDonald (Rhodesia) [Open]
  • sister: Kathleen ("Chicken") McDonald (Rhodesia)
  • Her "Annie's kept me in" letter to Bliss Fynn.
  • McDonald memorial and houses in Queenstown area:

  • Donald McDonald Memorial [Open]
  • Regarding the state of this memorial and graveyard today
  • Lilyfountain [Open]
  • Drummond [Open]
  • Peuleni [Open]
  • [Insert recent McD. contacts etc. Adelaid McDs Kyle Wade etc etc. Drummond?? photos
    Upload Neil McD's book]

  • An Eastern Cape Group. In Bulawayo?(Caption error: One of the women was not Bob McD's wife Katherina Botha [Open]
And other relatives of the Eastern Cape:

  • Bertie Fynn
  • Tempest Fynn
  • Other Fynn in admin? who Rhodes sent to look at South America
  • Bliss Fynn
  • Young Kenneth's letter Photo with Ben and Sheila. ["Ben had a governess"] In Annie's various letters. Bliss stayed at Zimbile (and elsewhere?) in the 1950's. In Madge's address list : Kimberley & Muizenberg

  • [Check that Bliss appears in a Distaff Tree]
  • Fynn, Huntley, Ross, Murray, etc etc
The Cape Province to England branch

Eliza Isabella (Isobel, Iza) Fletcher b.1869, Namaqualand?. m. Richard Dawson

  • Bio etc. Married 1903. London census etc. (Daughter Patricia born in Tvl?, census) How did the books signed Isabel Dawson came to be at Zimbile?[/from the Tvl? ]Check Patricia in Tree.
  • ------------------------
    The Johannesburg and Bulawayo Branches.

    Thomas Arnott Eaglesim Fletcher, b. Port Nolloth?) m. Violet Sander?

    • Bio etc. [Old file - to be updated] [Open]
      Lionel Fletcher m. Loris Capstick
    • [Old File - to be updated]
    • Biographical material
    • Dairy industry
      Keith Fletcher

      Kim Fletcher (m.....)

    • Kim material
    • Garrick Fletcher

    • Research notes, emails, un-PC family trivia, etc.
    • Rhodesian steel industry during UDI sanctions [Find links he sent]

    Ronnie Fletcher m. Iris? xxxx
    • Bio
    • Roderick Fletcher
    • Old Umvutcha photo etc. wedding tartan etc> [Open]
    South African Branch

    Archibald Fletcher b.10/11.9.1874 Aliwal North m. ...........

    • Biographical Material
    • Family outline. Also Agnes' letter mention in Kei?
    A mystery discovered by a N.Z. "Fletcher", Dawn Coburn.
    • Material
    Set generations straight here
    Contact renewed by Rhodesian branch after 60 years. (200?)

    • Material from Graham Ross, etc.
    • Dennis Fletcher material etc the photos of PcP and Agnes etc.c.v. Trains etc etc
    • Penny Lovelace correspondence etc
    • Ken correspondence etc
    Cape Province -> Rhodesia Branch

    Roderick (Rory) Noble Fletcher b.1879, C.P.m. Amy Spiller Smith?.

    • Bio.etc.
    • Recollections, photos etc. Mining claims, etc
    • Annette's account of him being found dead, Pat's remark etc"
      Patricia "Pat" Fletcher m. Guy Cooper

      Rhodesian Women etc etc
    • Letter re Dugald
    • ""The Poultry Industry in Rhodesia". A history to 197? by G. Cooper.
      Allison Mortimer
    • Data capture emails etc from Allison and others [Open]
    • Photos of family etc from Allison [Open]
    Cape Province -> Rhodesia -> U.S.A.

    Angus Somerville Fletcher b. C.P. 13.05.1883/5?m. Helen? Stewart

    • Early Letters (1903) written in Cape Town.
    • How contact was renewed after 50 years
      Donald Fletcher Bio
    • Catherine correspondence

    • Peter Fletcher
    • Angus family regained: [Open]
    • Jean Fletcher etc correspondence. Keerom Regained.

    • Raymond Fletcher and Family, Tallahassee, Florida. [Open]
    • Angus Fletcher
    • Bio links.
    • Comments on Picnic, website etc


    • The Keerom Diary (Namaqualand) 1861-1865[Open]
    • Geelong Coach photo. (Ida F. Coll.)[Open]
    • Ian Carruthers: Photo of Jack Carruthers, Papenfus, Lynch? pioneers, and other material. [Open]

    • First Turkish tobacco grown on Umguza, 1904. [Open]
    • Concerning old Buildings
    • Agency Chambers in Bulawayo.
    • Old Town Hall, Bulawayo.
    • William Bain building speculation
    • Building Beit Bridge
    Rhodesian Autographs Albums. ca. 1904.
    Acquired by Ida Fletcher from Mrs/Mr. Kerr?). Three volumes.
    Kerr bio material etc. albums' background, BSAC visit. etc Signatures, tributes, short essays, memoirs including:
    • Tribute to Umzilikazi & Lobengula by xx.Moffat.[Open]
    • Matabele Wilson on the Matabele and Lobengula.
    • Baden Powell on manliness, scouting, etc etc
    • H.S. Henderson on how he won the VC.[Open]
    • Further names, signatures, remarks, essays etc. in the albums:
    • Miscellaneous Rhodesian Trivia
    • The kids can go in their pyjamas["The Gremlins" Drive-In Menu]
    Ends Jura - Africa Fletchers.


    * * * * * *

    Some New Zealand and Australian branch details.

    A Partial Family Tree for:

    Patrick Fletcher dates, place and Helen ?? Merrilees?? dates, places
    [This Patrick was the nephew of Peter/Patrick who went to South Africa. See above]

    Daughter Agnes Fletcher born in Jura, Scotland

    Daughter Mary Kennedy Fletcher born N.Z.

    Son Archibald Fletcher)

    Mary Fletcher m. Henry Beattie?? check born N.Z.

    Andrew Beattie m. Alma McFadyen

    Dawn McFadyen m. xx Coburn

      Material from Dawn Coburn:
    • New Zealand Family Tree[Open]
    • Revealing Doctor Fletcher[Open]
    • Booklet of letters & photographs.
    • Photo: Annie Fletcher of Jura. Photo: Maybe an aunt of Annie.
    • Emails


    Arch Fletcher. Brisbane

    • Emails etc
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