FLETCHER FAMILY ARCHIVE.   The Jura, Scotland - Southern African branch.


Data capture and research notes for a family website.  A work in progress.

Compiled by N.F. This revised version: (22 May 2013) 

[Entirely personal comment or opinion is mostly enclosed in square brackets.] 
Introductory Note.

[Of the children of Peter and Agnes Fletcher, apart from the daughters, Archie's family have
been the hardest to track down, and this file, put together by the Rhodesian side of the
family, is necessarily one sided and short of detail. Something it is hoped the Archie
family will remedy in time.
This file 


	Archibald ("Archie")XXXXX Fletcher b. 11 Sept. 1873, Cape Colony, South Africa.

	Sixth child of Peter (Patrick) Fletcher and Agnes Eaglesim of Jura & Paisley, Scotland.

	[It is possible that he was born while his parents were still resident in Namaqualand.???] 

	Married Lillian Maud Miller, b.1875, m.1896, in Queenstown, d.1937.

		 [He later married his cousin, Janet Fletcher, in 1940. See below.]

	 Letter Agnes to Annie McDonald (Fletcher), her daughter in law, 10 January 1899 says
	 "as you are in Queenstown and Archie's wife is at or near Kei Rd you might manage 
	to see each other there. I should like it very much. I had a letter from Archie, he like Rob 
	was rather solitary, but glad that Lilly was having a good time with her people."

	Their children and grandchildren. See the Archive Family Tree for further details [link]
		Charles Reginald (Reggie) Fletcher, b.1899, d.1964
		m. Mabel Grace Thomas, b.1902, d.1959 , From Drovford England, arrived in S.A. 1920.
			Reginald Dennis Fletcher, b.1928, d. ?
 			m Jean Margaret Marsden, b.1928 , d., married on Meliden[?]. N. Wales, arrived in S.A. 1954

			Penelope Anne Fletcher, b.1935, 	[in 1940 photo]
			m. Claude Riddler, b.?? married 1961, no children,

		Maud Fletcher, b. ??, d.??, no children,    [in 1940 photo]

		Angus Archibald Fletcher, b.??, d.??,
		m. Thelma Miller, b.?, d.?			[in 1940 photo]
			Glen Angus Fletcher, b.1935.	[in 1940 photo]
			m. Protea 





			Sandra b.?    d. ???  USA     [in 1940 photo?]
			m. XXX XXX

		Cedric Fletcher, b. d.
		m.Muriel			[in 1940 photo]
				one child


	Photo: Archie and Lillian at their home in Johannesburg.

	Archie took a world cruise which included a visit to his brother
	Angus Somerville F. in New York. (Dennis F.)
	"In 1939 grandfather was trapped by the war in the U.K." (Dennis F.)
	"A family picture taken in 1940 and sent to grandfather in UK for
	information to Jessie and other related family in UK." (Dennis F.)
			Link picture
	"In 1941 he remarried, to his cousin Jessie!" (Dennis F.)

	Archibald Fletcher died 19th September, South Brent, Devon. U.K.

	Source: Dawn Coburn, May 14, 2012. 
	Enter parish church stuff ex Dawn

1950 ca?
	Reference to Archie in a letter from Angus to Tom? check


	The Rhodesian Fletchers re-establish contact with the South African Archie Family.

		"We do have large portrait photos on Patrick & Agnes..." (Dennis F.)

			For e-mails etc. concerning this see.......


Old Notes, Emails, Letters, Files etc:

???  Married Jessie (Janet)  according to M. Mason. See also Angus: "Jessie Archie's widow" letter to Tom.

[See Agnes below. Who is Lilly?]

1899   Letter Agnes_Annie 10 January 1899 says "as you are in Queenstown and Archie's wife is at or
near Kei Rd you might manage to see each other there. I should like it very much. I had a letter from Archie
he like Rob was rather solitary, but glad that Lilly was having a good time with her people."

[Say Archie born circa 1873. In 1899 (already married) he would have been 26 or a bit more. cf/check against Annie letter re boys with sore eyes from Keiskama?? In 1899 Kenneth was about 6 or seven. But Ben was not born. Archie's children, according to M. Mason: Reggie Maud Angus Cedric Daughter File dated 15th April 2009. for data above. ===================== NOTES COMMENTS The sequence of the birth for the siblings given above is incorrect. [NF 2012] ---------------- From Dawn Coburn May 14 2012 Kia ora Neil I have been in contact with a very helpful genealogist on Jura. One of the things he sent was a copy of the inscription from the font of the parish church on Jura. It appears to relate to your line, but with more recent links to Jura. It is intriguing because this links Janet Fletcher, the wife, back to Tarbert which is where my Archibald and later his sons Dugald and John farmed. Checking the census Janet Anne Fletcher daughter of Dugald b 1883, possibly married a relative Archie Fletcher from South Africa. Dugald had already married his first cousin. Perhaps they were keen on maintaining family connections. I haven't looked at your tree yet to see where this Archie fits in. The Font in the Parish Church has the following dedication:- Dedicated to the memory of her husband ARCHIE FLETCHER Born in Cape Province South Africa on 11th Sept 1873. Died South Brent, Devon on 19th Sept 1948 aged 75yrs. by Janet Fletcher, formally of Tarbert, Jura. Regards. -------------------- dawn coburn May 15 2012 Kia ora Neil According to one online source below (there are several giving similar information), Jessie and Janet are interchageable. I think I recall that Patrick's sister Jessie, appears as Janet in one census. In Scotland, Jessie is used synonymously for Janet for which it is also a pet name. It is, however, a given name in its own right. The Gaelic equivalent is Teasag. I will have a look at the family tree as well......... Further searching has found Janet (Jessie) in two connected family trees - McLeod and Kennedy. I have also found her as Jessie A in one census, and Jessie in another. The big find was the 1911 UK census which I hadn't previously found for the family. Jessie is still at home then at the age of 28 and the family is living at Haydon Grange, Compton Martin not far from Cheddar. It is a 12 roomed house (3 spinster daughters were at home.) That house is now a B&B and I tried to book there, but contact details were not easy and I think it was too expensive for me anyway. However, by 1919 when Dugald died there were only two spinster daughters who inherited, suggesting that Janet(Jessie) had married (or died) in the meantime. I am convinced that she is the one who married Archie from South Africa. Whether they had a family, or not is another question. I might try Paula and see whether she knows anything of those people. It is sort of in her part of the country. --------------------- It appears Archie was married in 1899; but surely not for long. So it is impossible the "Reggie" mentioned in the 1903 letter from Angus to RA could refer to Archie's son Reggie. Not so? [NF] ============= File received 1 Sept 2012 from Graham Ross. Somerset West: Copy of letter written from R.D. Fletcher & J.M. Fletcher, P.O. Box 1061Plettenberg Bay, 23 July 2002 Phone 044 5333189 to Margaret [Parkes, of Knysna] and forwarded by her to Graham Ross. The letter thanks Margaret P. for info on Patrick Fletcher "Dennis' great grandfather". ........"We have only walled sized portraits of Patrick and Agnes Fletcher, but will get these photographed so that we can send you a copy and perhaps one might be appreciated hanging in the Millwood Museum. Will contact you again when the photographs are ready. " [Marginal note:"Apparently never did see!"] Also mentions Angus Somerville as being born in Queenstown. [check there] and buried at Dalmally Parish Church. This letter is almost certainly incorrect. See file re Angus' widow having a plaque[?] erected at Dalmally. Angus surely buried in USA. But check with Jean/Katherine. [There is no evidence in this letter that Dennis is descended through Archibald. But who else could he be descended from? Slight evidence of this descent is the mention of the wall size portraits. Archie was the only one of the boys who did not at some stage make the move to Rhodesia. If he was one of the youngest he might have inherited the portraits. The older ones might have found big portraits a bit of a transport problem early on.? [NF] ------------ From Owen Fletcher. P.E. 2 Sept 2012 Telkom have a J Fletcher 04457-33189 so presumably not dead google "Dennis Fletcher"+"plettenberg" PLETTENBERG BAY MODEL ENGINEERS Contact Guy Luck, phone 04457-488422, or Dennis Fletcher, Box 1061, Plettenberg Bay 6600, South Africa Phone 04457-33189 The kids rode on a live steam model in Plet when we had a holiday there. google "Jean Fletcher"+"plettenberg" google "margaret parkes" + "knysna" No Telkom Margret Parkes, can't find number. No reply from Knysna, maybe a business number, will try again tomorrow. No reply from Plett. Spoke to Margaret Parkes 0443841891 of Knysna, she rembered the letter sent to her and some comms with Ross but otherwise not able to help. I sent a letter to the Plett address. Filename:  15th April 2009. Modified 23 August 2012 Last Modified: 5 Sept 2012 From Graham Ross. Copy of letter: Dennis & Jean Fletcher to Margaret Parkes, 2002. [This was the link by which the Rhodesian Fletchers re-established contact with the Archie family] From Owen F. to N.F. Sep 4, 2012 No reply from Plett. Spoke to Margaret Parkes 0443841891 of Knysna, she rembered the letter sent to her and some comms with Ross but otherwise not able to help. I sent a letter to the Plett address. Owen ------------------ N.F. to O.F. Sep 4, 2012 Thanks. Hope we hear something. Surely those people can't be dead? ---------- Dennis Fletcher to Owen Fletcher, 2012 ------------- [Ken Fletcher to N.F. Sep 12, 2012] Cc: John and Jane, Ann Parker, Penny Lovelock. Hi Neil Thanks for contacting me. I am interested in the family tree you are working on and am happy to share any details with you. As discussed, I will give you the following contacts as well; John Fletcher (my brother who lives in NZ); Penny Lovelock (my dad's sister living in NZ); Ann Parker (Glen Fletcher's daughter in Jhbg); I can share with you the notes my Dad has given me, and I think Penny would also have a lot of useful information. I know Ann Parker is very interested in the family, so she will probably be a good contact for you. Pl keep in contact and let me know how you go. Regards Ken ------------- Sep 13, 2012 Dear Penny Lovelock I hope I have your name correctly. Attached is a family tree of the descendants of Patrick Fletcher of Jura and Agnes Eaglesim of Paisley. We have at last tracked down the Archibald family and I get your address through Dennis and Kenneth. We are from the Rhodesian Fletchers. I am now living in Western Australia. Attached is a somewhat out of date file of the Tree. You can see the general picture. We would very much like to know about your family line and also receive details such as in the Tree for its further completion. We will soon send you a link to our Fletcher website and archive. Please let me know if you have a problem with the file of the Tree. It is a plain text file. With best wishes Neil Fletcher W.A. ------------------- Bill & Penny Sep 17, 2012. To: Dear Neil, Many thanks for your e-mail of 14 September, to which you attached details of the Fletcher family tree. I also received an e-mail from my nephew, Ken Fletcher in Sydney, advising that you had made contact with him. I am the sister of Dennis Fletcher (full name Reginald Dennis Fletcher) who lives in Plettenburg Bay, South Africa. If the original Patrick and Agnes Fletcher in Scotland could see the list of their descendants, they would be truly amazed!! The details I have of my family are as follows:- The full name of my father, listed in your family tree as Reggie, (who was called Reg) was: Charles Reginald Fletcher. He was born on 26 April 1899 in Johannesburg, South Africa, and died on 6 May 1964 in Durban. He was the eldest son of Archibald Fletcher and Lilian Maud Fletcher (daughter of Charles Miller of Queenstown, S. Africa - died 4th May 1937, aged 62 years). His younger siblings were Cedric, Maud, and Angus. The date of birth that I have recorded for Archibald Fletcher is 10 September 1874, whereas your list says 11 September 1873. I was told that he died at the age of 74 on 19 September 1948, which would make the former date correct. (Perhaps the information you will be receiving from my brother will clarify this.) Archie was the son of Patrick Fletcher (Civil Engineer of Argyllshire, Scotland, and at one time Surveyor General of the Cape Colony) and Agnes Eaglesin Fletcher. (I don't know if Eaglesin or Eaglesim is the correct version). My mother (i.e. the wife of Charles Reginald Fletcher), was Mabel Grace Fletcher (born 29 March 1902 in Droxford, Hampshire, England); daughter of Charles Thomas and Mary Ann Thomas. She died on 27 July 1959 in Durban, S. Africa. I can confirm that Archie Fletcher died in Devon, U.K. (He took a trip overseas in 1939 and was caught in England at the outbreak of World War II. He then married Jessie, his cousin from Jura, and lived in Devon, where he died. In 1957, I accompanied my mother and father on a visit to England and we went to Torquay in Devon and visited Jessie, who was living in South Brent. I'm afraid I don't know when she died. My own information is that my name is Penelope Anne (called Penny), born Fletcher on 10 October 1934 in Johannesburg. Married firstly to Claude Archibald Ridler in Durban, widowed in 2002, and then married William Henry Lovelock on 29 May 2004 in New Zealand, where I am currently living in Auckland. Note: as a very minor comment, right at the start of the family tree, next to Jean Fletcher b. 30 July 1861, "at hardebest house, Namaqualand", it seems to me that this should possibly read "Hartebeest House" after the name of the buck which was probably plentiful there. This is about all the comment I can offer. Kind regards, Penny Lovelock. ----------------- N.F. to Penny L. Sep 17, 2012 Dear Penny Many thanks for two emails. I also spoke with my brother Owen in PE last night & he mentioned that he had not yet received; but that Dennis had said he was posting. Owen expressed concern that Dennis might be posting valuable things that could go astray for ever in the post. We are both concerned about this and wonder now if it would not be wise to contact Dennis about this. Is there any chance you could phone him again before he goes out and find out what the position is? Now that we have got contact details with so many of you it is not such a matter of urgency to get his material. It could wait a few weeks! "hardebest house"; in transcribing the diary I mostly kept original spelling; this is of interest from a sociological point of view in that they were immigrants in a Boer and native society. Their spelling and punctuation in the diary are somewhat casual, perhaps a bit like mine. I thought this quite interesting. One tends to think of that generation as being a bit more "correct" than they probably were. See this link: http://www.artefacts.co.za/main/Buildings/style_det.php?styleid=174 ----------------- See Dennis via Ken file Angus "returned to UK" and other details. Send html with red questions to concerned. ----------------- ============= Acknowledgements: FOOTNOTES: xxxxxxx

Archibald "Archie" and Lillian Fletcher (Miller)
Reg, Cedric, Angus, Maude and family
Charles Reginald "Reg" Fletcher.
Reg Fletcher wedding group
Dennis Fletcher graduate.
Dennis & Penelope family
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