Partial family tree for:

Patrick/Peter Fletcher and Janet Campbell,Isle of Jura, Scotland,
particularly concerning Archibald Fletcher(b. 1811) and his third son
Patrick Fletcher( 1846). 

Compiled by Dawn Coburn, great grand daughter of this Patrick Fletcher, who
emigrated from Scotland to New Zealand ca. 1874.

Last Modified: 5 March 2015.

To add to your information, from parish records of Jura 1810 - 1819,
census and McLachlan (Australian connection) tree. 

Peter (Patrick) Fletcher of Tarbert m. Janet Campbell,  born at Inverary, Argyle c 1787.
	1	Alice Fletcher b. ca. 1804,m. Daniel Grant. She ran inn and store on Jura. 
			1.1 Alice Campbell Grant

	2	Annie Fletcher b. ca. 1808, m. Hugh McEwan
			2.1 Dugald McEwan (Inspector General M D)
			2.2 Archibald McEwan
			2.3 Jessie McEwan
	3	Archibald Fletcher  b 23/01/1811
		 [See extended family tree below]

	4	Dugald Fletcher b. 20/03/1813 (died at sea - I believe his stone is in
		 the Jura cemetery  with an incorrect date in the transcription - as it
		 is Dugald, son of Patrick and Janet [of?] Craighouse.
		 This is the one I previously thought from the date could have been
		 my Patrick. I couldn?t find the actual stone.)

	5	James Fletcher b 14/11/1815 ? (From McLachlan tree - no verification)

	6	Margaret Fletcher b. 15/04/1818 m. Neil McLeod
		A notable descendant is their son Dr Patrick Fletcher MacLeod 1843 - 1906.
		 He graduated M.D from University of Glasgow, 1864. He became President
		of the Executive Council (Colonial Government), Saint Georges, Grenada.
		In 1902 was awarded ISO (Companion of the Imperial Service Order) by
		 King Edward VI.
		 His son Patrick Archibald Fletcher MacLeod (1870 - 1952) lived all his life in 
		Grenada and was a medical officer. 
		*Margaret Campbell Fletcher Macleod b 7/8/1846 at Feolin farm, Jura
		according to an online family tree married her cousin Dugald Fletcher
		(See below - since verified from multiple sources. )

	7	Donald Fletcher b. ca. 1820 ? (From McLachlan tree - no verification)

	8 	Murray (Miny) Fletcher b. ca. 1822, m. Robert Richardson (9 children)

	9	Alexander Fletcher b. ca. 1825?
		(24 yrs living with widowed mother Janet in 1851 at 1 Craighouse - census)
	10	Peter/Patrick Fletcher. 1827-1897
		 m. Agnes Eaglesim 184?-1901? of Paisley, Argyllshire, etc.
		He went to the Cape Colony, South Africa ca. 1850. He married there 186?
		For their biographies and those of their descendants, and a family tree ......


		[Continuing from 3.0 above, the following data concerns the descendants of
		 Archibald Fletcher, many of whom were born in New Zealand and Australia.]
	3	Archibald Fletcher b 23/01/1811,  d. ca. 1891, North Knapdale. 
			Farmed at Tarbert on Isle of Jura. Lived at Tarbert House,
			 (tacksman of Kenuachdrach) then at Keills farm, North Knapdale
			 until his death. Moved between 1871 and 1881 censuses.
		Married  Mary Kennedy, 19/10/1840, dau. of Rev Alexander Kennedy of Jura
		 (author of the 1843 Statistical Account of the Isle of Jura.)
		Mary died at Altagowrie Villa, Salen Isle of Mull, Scotland, 25/02/1906, where
		she lived with her daughter and son in law Jessie and Neil Baxter. 

	3.1 Dugald Fletcher b. 1841 m. Margaret Campbell Fletcher Macleod, b. ca. 1847, d. 25/02/1906.
			 Farmer. Tarbert, Isle of Jura. Then moved to Axbridge, Cheddar.
			 Died 24/07/1919 Westbury sub Mendip,  Somerset. See probate notice
			end of file. His spinster daughters Mary and Margaret (Isabella) inherited
		 	just under 2000 pounds.		
		3.1.1	Mary Kennedy Fletcher b 1876	
		3.1.2	Margaret Isabella Fletcher b 1880
		3.1.3	Janet Anne Fletcher b. 1883, m. Archibald Fletcher a widower, her
			 South African relative.  (Font in Jura church is in his memory)
			 [Insert photo of them, story etc. N.F.]
		3.1.4  	John Archibald Fletcher b 1885, m.  Margaret Richardson  
			Said to be probably Major John Archibald Fletcher (RAMC Canada)
			who was a founding  member of the Clan Fletcher Society in 1921.	Ian Fletcher*** (See article at end)
		3.1.5	 Dugald Angus Fletcher b c 1893 (said to be probably Capt. founding
			 member of Clan Fletcher Society -???)
	3.2  John Fletcher b. ca. 1844 (no issue) - farmed on Jura with Dugald, then moved away to S.W England
			 with Dugald?s family - 1901 census. Axbridge, Cheddar.
	3.3  Patrick Fletcher b. ca. 1846 m. Helen Hamilton Merrilees.
	[The founders of the New Zealand Line, viz.]

		3.3.1 	Agnes Fletcher, b 1873? Cambusnethan, Scotland, never married
		3.3.2 	Mary Kennedy Fletcher b. Moa Flat, Otago, NZ - 1875,
			 m. Henry Beattie at Middlemarch, Otago 1902, d. Middlemarch, 1940	Helen Merrilees Beattie b 1903 (see separate section below.)	Elizabeth Elliott Beattie b 1904 - no issue	John Henry Beattie b 1906 - d. result of car accident aged ca. 25.	Agnes Fletcher Beattie b 1909 m Bryce Campbell - no issue	Andrew b. 1913 m Alma McFadyen (see section below)
		3.3.3 	Archibald Fletcher b. Walton Park, Otago, NZ 1877, m. Catherine MacKay, 1897, d. 1936.
			(These need to be checked with family - Two Archibalds here - one is the Rhynd ancestor)	Ellen Violet Fletcher b. 1897, m. Robert Hamilton, d. 3/11/1938	John Archibald Fletcher	Mary Fletcher b 1903	William Alexander Fletcher b. 1904, m. May Bradley Bryan Fletcher m. Judith	Sheryll Fletcher	Shona Fletcher	Graeme Fletcher	Robyn Fletcher 2? Ann Patricia  m. Andrew McQuannell	Archibald 1910 ? b. 1901 m. Hetty(ie) Smithies	Kathleen Joan m. Sandy Rhynd
						Archibald m. (2) Dorothy Tane (widow) 	Ian Fletcher	Alison Fletcher	 	
		3.3.4 	Helen Merrilles(sic) Fletcher b. 1879 or 80, Walton Park, Otago, NZ. d 1881, 16 months
			 (birth registration not found, but death recorded and mentioned in letters.)
		3.3.5 	Helen Agnes Fletcher b Middlemarch, Otago, New Zealand - 1891,
			 m. Reginald Frank Allen, 1926, d. 1937 aged 46.   (See section below)
	3.4 Annie Fletcher b. ca. 1848  m. Duncan Campbell. 1871 
		3.4.1 Duncan		ca. 1871 d. 26/10/1912 (drowned in Loch Craignish)
		3.4.2 Mary		ca. 1872a.
		3.4.3 Archibald		ca. 1875
		3.4.4 Anne		ca. 1876
		3.4.5 Malcolm		ca. 1878 d. 26/1/1901 (at Keilsbeg)
		3.4.6 John		ca. 1880
		3.4.7 James		ca. 1881 - died 5 Feb 1881
		3.4.8 Jessie		ca. 1882
		3.4.9 James(2)		ca. 1885
		3.4.10 Margaret		ca. 1888
		3.4.11 Euphemia		ca. 1890
		Census information re Annie and Duncan:
		1871 Duncan is farming at Barnashalg 400 ac, 50 arable. 1 son Duncan - 2 months.
		1881 farming at Barnashalg 600 ac, 60 arable. Employing 5 men and 2 women.
		Duncan 10, Mary 9, Archibald 6 Anne, 5, Malcolm 3, John 1. 			
		1891 Duncan farming at Barnashalg,
		 Mary 19, Archibald 16, Anne 15, John 11, Jessie 9, James 6 , Margaret 3, Euphemia 1.
		1901 at New Keills with  Archibald 25, Annie 25, Jessie 19 (school teacher), James 16,
		 Margaret 13 and Effie 11.  

		Keillsbeg and New Keills seem to be the same place. This is the farm house Archibald Snr
		lived in when he moved to the mainland. It is near to Keills chapel. Although Archibald Jnr was
		left the tenancy of this farm, by 1901 the Campbells (his sister) had moved there.
		Annie is in Carsaig cemetery d. 25/03/1926 aged 76 years. Their sons:
		Duncan drowned Loch Craignish 26/10.1912 aged 41.
		Malcolm d. Keillsbeg 26/1/1901 aged 25.
		James died in infancy at Barnsahalg 5 Feb 1881. 
	3.5 Jessie Fletcher b. ca. 1853 m. N Baxter,
	       d. 31/08/1909, Altgowrie (sic) Villa, Salen, Isle of Mull, Scotland - no issue. 
	3.6  Alexander Fletcher b.1850,m Elizabeth Frew, 16/03/1880, Glasgow,
	             d. 1907/1908 in Martinborough, New Zealand)
		3.6.1	Elizabeth Frew Fletcher b. 1880
		3.6.2	Archibald Fletcher ( Arch from Brisbane?s ancestor) 
		3.6.3	Mary Kennedy Fletcher m. James Albert Adams, in NZ, moved to Brisbane
		3.6.4	Jeanne Frew Fletcher b. 1886, m. Archibald MacFarlane, Isle of Mull.
		3.6.5	Agnes Alexandra Fletcher b. 1888.
		3.6.6	Alexander Fletcher.

	** The information below was found on on a message board comes from
	 Mary Fletcher Harris who lives in Canada:  
	?A distant relative, Alexander FLETCHER (abt. 1850 -?) & his wife Elizabeth FREW,
	both born Argyll, Scotland, were living in Topeka at the time of the 1880 census.
	 Supposedly, they had a family there, before Elizabeth died & the rest moved back
	 to Scotland, but I cannot find any births nor Elizabeth's death in KS. The children
	 were Elizabeth b. abt. 1880, Archibald b. abt. 1882, Mary Kennedy b. abt. 1884,
	Agnes Alexandra b, abt. 1888, Alexander b. abt. 1890 & Jeannie Frew.
	Thanks for anything you find!?
	3.7 Archibald Fletcher b. ca. 1860,  m Margaret MacDonald.
	      (Inherited the farm at North Knapdale, Argyllshire,  on mainland adjacent to Jura.)
	      Margaret McDonald daughter of Duncan and Margaret McDonald.
	      In 1901 census Archibald is retired farmer and living with the McDonalds at
                      farmhouse, North Knapdale.  Also there are:
	                Margann Fletcher, 5 and Flora Mitalda Gandy (also listed as Flora Mitalda Fletcher 17.) 


Details following on from above:	Helen Merrilees Beattie b. 30/03/1903, m. Bertram Thompson. d. 1987.
	 She was author of ?East of the Rock and Pillar? a very detailed local history,
	published in 1949 as part of a collection of histories written to commemorate
	the centennial of the founding of Otago in 1848. A school teacher, she received
	the MBE for services to Education in 1976.	Patricia Thompson b. ca. 1933 three marriages, no issue	Margaret m. Jim MacDougall (I bought the Beattie family home from Jim)	Duncan MacDougall	Stewart MacDougall	James (Jimmie) MacDougall	Duncan Thompson m. Muriel McMaster	Richard Thompson (in Australia, back in NZ now)	Lorna m Barry Williams (lives inMiddlemarch - the
						 only other family member still here.) Erin m Mike Wellington 2011 Mark
		[  / /   These lines did not have children; see above ]  
				----------------------	Andrew Beattie b. 25/02/1913, m. 13/07/1938 to Alma McFadyen, d. 03/1981. (My father)	Beverley Dawn Beattie b. 28/02/1941, m. David Coburn (Rewi Takuira), 1962	Robert Garry Coburn b. 16/04/1963 m Tracey	 Warren David  Coburn b. 09/12/1964	Fiona Rae Coburn b. 02/03/1967, m Murray 	Gemmell 	Chris Garry b. 01/1985	Harris Rhyder b. 01/02/2000 Rewi Scott Coburn b. 22/12/1970, m. Tae	Nathan	Natalie	Helen Faye Beattie b. 02/01/1947 m. R J (Sam) Smith	Christian(a)	Cetrece (a)	Fletcher Neil Beattie b. 24/02/1948, d. 03/1987, m. Christine Arnold, 						   				
		Brent Andrew, d c 2008  Andrew Brent Beattie
			Diane (partner)   Kim	Lois Anne b 29/06/1955, d 22/06/2005, m Richard (Dick)Horgan	Brendan Horgan 9 	(1 dau)	Nathan Horgan	(1 son)	Tristan Horgan	Damian Horgan	(2 sons)	Jacinda Horgan	(1 son)	Thelma Mary Beattie b 19/06/1957, m Neville Costain	Andrew 	Stacey
						----------------------------	Archibald Fletcher married twice. His first wife the mother of
	 Kay Rhynd died when she was born, or very young and she
	was brought up by her maternal relatives. She has a half brother,
	 Ian, from the second marriage and he has four children. I haven?t
	yet been able to verify which Archie he is as there are two recorded
	as sons of an Archibald Fletcher and Catherine. Died 1959.

	First marriage 1935 to Hetty(ie) Smithies, d. 1936	Kathleen Joan, b 1936, m Alexander (Sandy) Rhynd (d August 2012) 	Alexander James Rhynd, b 1958 	Katherine Margaret Rhynd b 1960, m Gary Brunton
				(I know Margie. She is a teacher and works in the
				same field as I did.) 	Mark Fletcher Rhynd b 1962 	Bronwyn Rhynd b 1964, m O?Brien
				(Bron Rhynd is an engineer specialising in design
				for water systems - sub divisions etc.) 	Beth Jean Ellen Rhynd

	Second marriage
	Archibald Fletcher m (2) Dorothy Tane (widow) 	Ian Archibald Fletcher, b 1948, m Angela Roberts	Nicola Fletcher, b 1971 m Mark Lawton	Cara Fletcher, b. 1972 - partner Lang	Nathan	Ricci Dorothy
				Cara Fletcher m. Mervyn Pinny	Zoe Brooke	Archie Guy Fletcher  b. 1978	Hayden Kane Fletcher b 1980	Sativa	Alison Fletcher b. 1955, d. 1959 at nearly 4 yrs.

[Continued from section 3.3.4.  above:]
3.3.4 	Helen Merrilles(sic) Fletcher b 1879 or 80, Walton Park, Otago, NZ. d 1881, 16 months

3.3.5	Helen Agnes Fletcher b. 1891 m. Reginald Frank Allen, 1926, d. 1937 aged 46.	Twins? (died at birth)	Merrilees m. Burton?	Charlie m. Rae (lives in Alexandra)	Shona m. Fulton	John m.	Reginald (no issue)					
*** Have just found this Wikipaedia article which relates to Ian Fletcher
 probably descended through Patrick?s brother Dugald. [ Later - This has
been confirmed through link to his aunt, Janet Fletcher?s will. Janet was
 the sister of John Archibald Fletcher. It seems he was still known and
treated as family although not growing up with his father. ]

Ian Fletcher (1920-1988) was a British scholar who specialized in Victorian
literature. He edited definitive editions of the works of John Gray and
Lionel Johnson, as well as publishing studies on such seminal fin-de-si?cle
figures as Aubrey Beardsley and Walter Pater. He spent the last six years
of his life teaching at Arizona State University. His collected poems were
published in 1998, ten years after his death.

Fletcher was born in a Streatham nursing home in 1920, the only child of
John Archibald Fletcher (1887?-1968), a farmer and retired army major,
and Katherine Margaret Richardson (1888-1979). His parents separated
before he was born. He grew up in Catford and Shepherd's Bush and
lived with his mother, a woman of forceful character. His family had
strong Scottish antecedents and for a while as a young man he spelled
his name Iain as a gesture to Scottish nationalism.

Fletcher was educated at Dulwich College. Money was short and Fletcher
 left school at the age of 15 in order to earn a living. He worked as a
librarian in Lewisham Public Library and at the same time he set out to
write poetry and read widely. He haunted second hand bookshops and
collected a library of works by lesser known and neglected writers of
the 1890s. In 1939 he met John Gawsworth, another bibliophile and
 enthusiast for neglected writers, and remained a loyal friend to him
 throughout his life.

Fletcher began to study for an external London University degree but the
war intervened and he joined the army. He served in the Middle East, and
latterly in Cairo, from 1941-1946. Cairo was something of a literary centre
at this time and Fletcher came into contact with numerous other poets
 who also became friends, including Bernard Spencer, G S Fraser and
Ruth Speirs. Fletcher always retained an interest in making sure that the
work of Second World War poets was not underestimated or forgotten,
supporting the Salamander Oasis Trust in their production of anthologies
 and putting on an exhibition, based on his donated collection, in Reading
 University Library in 1981.

Back in London after the war Fletcher returned to librarianship and also took
an active part in the London literary scene, following up old friendships
 and making new ones. He helped to edit two short-lived literary magazines,
 Colonnade and Nine and published his first book of poetry in 1947. He
 continued to research the last part of the nineteenth century and in 1953
 wrote a book on Lionel Johnson. This was brought to the attention of
 Professor D J Gordon of Reading University who offered Fletcher a
 lecturership on the strength of it in spite of his lack of a degree.
Fletcher had a distinguished career at Reading, gaining a PhD, his only
 degree, with a thesis on the history of the little magazine, in 1965 and
 progressing to a professorship in 1978. He was a generous benefactor
 of both the library and its fledgling archive, particularly in the areas of
 his research interests and of contemporary writing. Outside work he
 found personal happiness through his 1965 marriage and family life
 and in captaining an amateur cricket team.

Fletcher made frequent trips to America as a visiting lecturer and in 1982,
 after taking early retirement from Reading, he took up a post at Arizona
 State University. His last years were clouded by ill-health although he
 remained mentally alert to the end, dying in hospital in Birmingham in 1988.
He left a wife and two daughters.

I have also found likely confirmation that his father Major John Archibald  was
a founding member of the Fletcher Clan Society as the list shows his three
sisters, Mary Kennedy, Margaret Isabella and Janet Anne, still all unmarried,
from Westbury, Somerset, their place of residence (in the same vicinity as
Axbridge, Cheddar), were also founding members.  Alexander?s daughter
Jeannie (Mrs MacFarlane) from Salen, Mull is also on the list. They were
included if they could prove their descent from Glenorchy. 

Fletcher Dugald of Westbury sub Mendip Somersetshire died 24 July 1919.
Probate London 27 August to Mary Kennedy Fletcher and
Margaret Isabella Fletcher spinsters. Effects ?1959 15s. 7d.

From 1901 census - No 161, Tween Town con?, Civil and ecclesiastical parish
 of Cheddar. Rural district of Cheddar. Dugald Fletcher is an employer and a
sheep farmer. (Tweentown is in the village of Cheddar - I visited there on my
recent trip)