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[Note to Angus Family:  The following is a brief outline of what biographical 
detail has come to light on the African side. No doubt a few things may still be
found, but probably not much. Until we re-established contact with you last year
the only written detail we had was what is to be found in Margaret Mason's book,
and news in a few letters. There has been much contact recently though with
Jean and Katherine, and news of the rest of the family. But what is still missing 
is an outline of lives of Angus and Helen, and of Donald, Peter and Angus - for a
start,  at least. Further details of the younger generation I am sure are not in 
immediate danger of being lost to oral memory, and can be added later. 
A brief outline of this sort can only come from the family in America. The American
cousins should appreciate  how little has been known about them since the 1920's.
If these gaps could be filled  I would feel my task for this branch satisfactorily

This is not to say that nothing more would be welcome. Quite the contrary!   N.F.]

1883     Angus born.

Youngest child of Peter and Agnes.

Probably in Queenstown, Eastern Cape Colony, SA. 

[The family in the US surely have exact details, which would be welcome. 
In the meantime my choice of Queenstown is based on letters written by his

brothers from College in Grahamstown to their mother (in Queenstown?),
when Angus would have been barely  one or two, if he was born in 1883.
It is a presumption only. There is no absolute evidence so far that Agnes actually
lived in Queenstown at all. The letters could be interpreted in different ways.
Yet Queenstown is a strong probability, and furthermore it is the town of the
McDonalds, and Angus' two future sisters in law. - NF]

1889    Port Elizabeth ? 

Letter from Pat to Agnes, Millwood, April 10th, 1889.

"On Monday we made tracks into our house here at Strip Bosch........"  [Bob 
and McBean are there] ".... man came to the house the other day and was
addressed as "my old friend" by Father, who asked why he had not called on
you when he came through P.E. the last time. Look out for a man in a yellow
waistcoat for his visit would be as interesting as Fulton's".
..."I am dead off packing if you have to move, so you will not catch me around 
P.E. way if  I can help it".

[This is clear evidence Agnes was in Port Elizabeth.]

 1894     Millwood

[The flyleaf writing is Jean's. (Is this perhaps Angus' birthday?.) The fragments
for comparison are from a letter of hers. The initials "J.C.F." also appears on a 

sheet of paper from Leslie Ford Studios, Queenstown, covering a photo of  RA and 
Pat, who look as though they might be at St Andrews College, Grahamstown.   
It is reasonable to assume that  in 1894 family members who had not already fled
the nest were in Millwood.
Further,  see the letter Jean_RA? 1896. .

1896 Living in Rondebosch, in the afternoon shadow of Devil's Peak at the eastern end of Table Mountain, Cape Town. Three (?) addresses have come to light: (1.) College Rd; (2.) "The Firs" in Camp Ground Rd where they moved in April 1896, in which year, according to Jean's letter, their father was away working for four or five months in Matatiele, Eastern Cape. It is probable they did not live much longer than a year at "The Firs", as it was sold soon after PcP's death in 1897. (3.) They were living in Derry Rd., Rondebosch in 1899? according the letter Agnes_Annie 1897. Flyleaf : "Sixty Years A Queen". Wynberg High School for Boys. Std VI. 1st Prize for General Work. June 1897 [Wynberg is a suburb of Cape Town, and the School is one of the old ones. It is situated not far from a rival , Rondebosch Boys High, to which a number of Angus' Rhodesian nephews and their children went. Standard Six was the first of five senior school years (to Matric) in South Africa. So Angus likely matriculated at the end of 1901, if he did not fail a year. He might have had a year's break, or he might have gone straight to the law firm (see 1903 letters below). The latter case seems more probable, as it is unlikely he would have been allowed the convenience of settling private expenses through the company books after only a few months at work. Also, if in January 1903 he states Godlonton was angry he had failed exams he surely must have been studying for them in 1902.(?) [Also scan the other Wynberg prize. 1897 Angus' father died. At the Firs?Buried at Maitland Cemetery, Cape Town. [?] They might have only lived at The Firs for a year or so. [Link re purchase by Rondebosch School] 1899 Agnes living at Derry Rd, Rondebosch. See letter Agnes_Annie 10 Jan 1899. Agnes says she had received a letter from Angus the previous day. He was in Bulawayo, Rhodesia. [ He would have been about 16, and probably on his Christmas school holidays. To date, this is the last surviving letter written by his mother, save possibly - almost certainly - for "the feint letter", about which though there has been some uncertainty. Outbreak of the Anglo-Boer War in October. 1902 The War ended at the end of May, 1902. Letter, PatF to RA, 21 October. "I enclose a letter from [Neva??] which you might attend to if you have time: otherwise hand it over to Jinks." ".....I take it you must have left Ookiep for Cape Town". See Angus letter of June 1903 (below) alluding to RA being in a desert. [Question for JP/Margaret. I do not recall anything about RA being in Ookiep at this time. Was he in the Garrison at the end of the War? NF] 1903 Angus' letters to RA Note: Fortunately a number of letters from Angus to RA, the eldest sibling, have survived (RA >Ben >John). They are from a relatively short period in 1903 when Angus was in his second year [?] with a law firm, and RA apparently in Ookiep, a small desolate place in Namaqualand, not far from where he was born. It appears from the contents of the letters that RA might have been engaged in survey work there. The letters, between the youngest and the oldest of the children, are an engaging insight into family dynamics. Something of Angus' personality surely is evident in them. He moves from banter to quite serious censure, while maintaining a note of brotherly affection. One letter also is of particular importance because he refers to Agnes, his mother. So we know she was still alive midyear 1903. Scans of these letters can be found on the website. For convenience of reading I have combined them in a single typrscript. RA Dr Sauer 190? Angus sets up in Law in Bulawayo, Rhodesia. [Stock Exchange Buildings. Get photo] Hardly likely to have been before 1905 at the earliest. Peter (Zimbile) used to say Jinks took on unpopular cases ("the underdog"), - ones other lawyers were disinclined to handle It should be remarked that by going to Bulawayo, Angus followed the same call heard by most of his siblings: "Go North, young man". Archie is the only one of the men who, as far as I know, did not follow the wagons north. (Though by 4th November 1897 you could go by train!). Murray married Capt. Mainwaring in Bulawayo in August 1895, before the Rebellion. Isobel it seems got malaria(?) in Bulawayo in 1896 and was very ill. Jean also (?) went there. 1908/10?? The Christmas (?) Picnic at Umvutcha photograph. It is most probable Angus is one of the men in the photo. Link the emails, suspenders, Fletcher Ears etc. 1911 Letter Pat to Sheila. Pat write in a humourous vein to his daughter about the writing and spelling abilities of her uncles, including Angus 1913 Kenneths's letter about Angus standing Hugh two meals. Kenneth's letter about Angus standing Hugh two meals There was barely a decade difference in age between Kenneth and his uncle. 1914 circa. Joined 1st Rhodesian Regiment and went to German South West Africa. Later joined Royal Artillery in England. His nephew Kenneth also served in SWA. Kenneth and his brother Hugh also went to Europe. Hugh returned in 1919, having served after the war in Syria etc Winkie has WW1 photos in SWA through Kenneth. It would be nice to have copies. [Peter in Florida mentioned photos on glass of the SWA campaign. Some(?) had been damaged by flooding, but some had survived (?) 19?? Wounded by shell in France. Nursed in hospital by Helen Muir Stewart, who was born at Achallader farmhouse. They later married. (M. Mason) [This romantic story awaits your correction, Katherine, Jean, Angus, Peter ... See info already sent by Katherine, emails, below] 1918 circa. Kenneths's letter: Angus in London; US job; going to Scotland with Jean 1919 Annie's letter re Hugh's return. Anecdote re Angus. On National Industrial Conference Board in US, till 1922.(?) (Mason) 1920 Helen went to America. [from the obituary] 19?? Lecture tour of America (Mason) - when? 1926 Married Helen. (?) [M. Mason? But see son Peter born 1926.?] Photo Angus holding Donald Katherine, please send more details sometime...... 1927 Pat's letters to Sheila. 22/8/1927 : "Being hard up I opened one of those American papers Murray sends me & find Angus has been putting Chicago wise on South African affairs...." 1928 Director, British Library of Information in New York, till 1941. (Mason) 1928 Peter born. Jean, please fill out details sometime...... 1930 Angus born [Details, ditto] 1931 C.B.E.. 1941 K.C.M.G. Photo of family sitting outside 19?? Angus was in Dublin and met Sheila, his niece. [Details?] 1946 Chairman, United Nations Headquarters Commission. (M. Mason) [ Jean: incidentally, re the Keerom photo; Angus likely travelled West when the UN commission went to California? Maybe they went by plane though, so he might not have seen many dwalas close-up!] 1951 November. Letter to his brother Tom. Angus reflects on the life of his mother Agnes, and clearly states that Helen knew the Cape Colony and the OFS . Donald with NY Times; Peter student? at Stevens Engineering Inst; Angus exams. [It was through this letter and its reference to Stevens Engineering Insitute that I was able through Google to find an article by Edward Tenner on the tilting chair designed by Peter Fletcher, and re-establish contact with the family. See emails. N.F.] 1952 Letter Helen to Lorraine, 18th September, at the time of Tom's death. [Flick, we're still waiting......! - N] 1954 Letter to Ida when Pat died. [There is another letter??] 1955 Letter to Peter when Ida died. 1960 Angus died in August. Helen placed memorial in Dalmally Church, Argyllshire. (Mason) 1984. Helen died on 26th December. 2008 Feb. N.F. re-established contact with Angus' Family. The amazing discovery of the Keerom homestead photo 2009 Keerom recce trip. The great, and great great, granchildren of Patrick called Peter go on a trip to Keerom in Namaqualand after seeing the old photograph from Florida, USA. ================== Further material: Copy of a speech by Angus. [ Ida F. Coll. Still to be found/ posted] The photo in National Portrait Collection. Any details concerning ..??] ================================= COMMENTS ANECDOTES LOOSE ENDS: Loose ends from various emails: "Angus in his letter of 1951 to Tom seems to quite definitely state that your mother was no stranger to the Cape Colony, as well as the Orange Free State. I have never been aware that Angus ever came back to Africa after going to WW1, much less Helen ever having been there. Can you provide any details on this point.?..... .........In this letter Angus also mentions knowing the American company that subsequently owned and made a lot of money out of the Concordia copper mine in Namaqualand. Do you know any details.? Up until this letter surfaced a few months ago there was only the vaguest suggestion that PcP was in business himself at any stage." [NF to Peter, 2008] ============== "Hi! Jean, glad you were able to put the fable of Grandma being a nurse to rest. Finally! I actually think the truth of how they met is far more romantic. " Please put together an account to replace the fable [N] =========== 21 Feb '08 Katherine_N.F.. My grandmother Helen, Angus Somerville's wife who I believe you met at Fireplace, was Helen Muir Stewart before she was married. (Did you know she also lived in Rhodesia? She and her brother Donald were sent there for the dry climate. She and her mother were the only members of her immediate family that did not succumb to turberculosis. She had two sisters, Jean and Archina. Her father's name was Archibald and I can't think off the top of my head what her mother's name was. It will come to me. Interestingly, her first language was Gaelic, then she learned English in school and learned Swahili in Rhodesia. Not too many people in this country anyway can make that claim!) N.F._Katherine re Helen Muir Stewart. Apart from the romantic account of her nursing Angus, and being born in the family farmhouse, given in Margaret Mason's book, I believe the family in Afrca knew nothing more about her. A couple of months ago I was sent a letter from the Thomas family written by Angus in 1951 in which he definitely states that Helen was familiar with the Cape Colony and the Orange Free State (OFS). This was very interesting, as I am sure none of us knew she had ever been to Africa. So on this point could you please try and remember as much as you can. Did she ever meet Angus in Africa.? Are you clear she was sent to Rhodesia and not one of the South African colonies/both? We would like to know more about her family. etc Did her mother also go to Africa? Where did her family live (in Scotland?) Where did she go to school.? She would not have learned Swahili in Rhodesia. If you are sure on this point it is likely she was sent to Kenya or Tanganyika rather than Rhodesia? But Angus definitely says she knew South Africa, which is next door ===================== THE SWEETCORN SPOON. In the summer at Zimbile green mealies for breakfast was more than a religion. I think the record for one person was 22 cobs. Four cobs was probably the minimum one could decently get away with. My father ate his with the aid of something about which every season he said a number of times "Jinks sent these to us". When we were small we just nodded, not being too clear who Jinks was. I don't know why Peter used them, because in those days he still had plenty of teeth, (and still a couple when he died, though they didn't meet.) He just liked machinery of any sort. This machinery worked very well. It was something like a small garden rake, the size of an ordinary spoon One drew it down the corn cob, splitting the skins of the kernels. The other thing was a spoon, in the bottom of which was a triangular space. The base of the triangle was towards the handle, but set up a bit, allowing the other two sides to act as scrapers when the spoon was drawn down the length of the scarified cob When this happened, much like earth in a damscoop, the soft kernels would fill the spoon, leaving the skins on the cob, where they couldnt get between your teeth. Usually a knob of butter, and some salt and pepper, was first spread on the cob. It worked like a charm for those who did not feel the pleasure of eating green mealies consisted of getting their teeth into them. Another thing I associate with early mornings on Zimbile was the clattering sound of Peter sharpening razor blades. He did so with an Allegro razor sharpener It was also something Jinks had sent, if I am not mistaken. Both spoon and sharpener are now in Nannup, Australia [N.F.] ===================== Material received from Angus Family, USA. List to be done Photo: People on a verandah.[ "RA might be one" - Peter (Florida)] =============== Admin. documents?/wynberg2 Another one. Find.! documents/copy of his speech - scan! pages/thegirls.html pages/angus_helen.html Link to emails from Jean & Katherine Filename: pages?/angus etc. Opened: 2007. Last Modified: 13th May 2009. Posted ??/5/09


Flyleaf _Millwood_Angus  

The Wynberg School book prizes 

Angus' 1903 letters to RA. Single typescript

Angus' letterhead

Pat writes to his daughter Sheila about her  Uncle Angus' spelling.

Angus in uniform  

  Angus & Donald

 family sitting outside



British WW2 propaganda.

Angus  in kilt

Letter to Tom.

Letter to Ida.when Pat died. 

Letter to Peter when Ida died.

Her obituary  in the East Hampton Star

The sweetcorn spoon from Angus


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