Patrick Bisset  Fletcher  b. 8/01/1901 Bulawayo.   d. 31/8/1981 Harare
Dorothy Maud Napier. b 5/6/1908 Bulawayo.  m. July 1929, Bulawayo. d. 17/8/1984. Hre. 
Their children:
	Dorothy Maud Anne (Boo). b. 24/4/1930, Bulawayo d. 16/4/2005, Harare
 	Margaret Fletcher b 2 May 1933, Bulawayo
	Johne Patrik Fletcher b. 12 August 1937, Bulawayo. d. 7.8.2009  near Umtali. Buried Chingoma Farm
N.F. Memo to Ben Family:  Please supply biographical material for this page. It would take me much
longer to find, and in any case it should  be written by you.  For instance when and where went to school.
You would be surprised how uncertain most of the family would be about this sort of detail even today.
Imagine in five or ten year's time. I can hardly remember the details for myself! It is important to get details,
even if they are not in any particular form.
The Mining Years - detail
The Farming Years - detail
The Political Years - detail
etc etc
Material Received:
Anecdotes & Memoirs:
 "One day Ben was catching the train and Cecil sent someone to tell him to come to the 
luggage van.  He said he just wanted to see what it was like to shake hands with the 
Minister of Agriculture. -  Rosalie 2007"]
Johne & Philippa often came to Zimbile when the boys were at Falcon. I don't think JP
was entirely pleased when Peter  told him he was a McDonald and not a Fletcher. I 
should point out that this was not badly intended - Peter at one time seriously thought of
changing his name. He also thought Ben was a McDonald. Elsewhere on the site I have
"Hugh?s son Patrick (Pat) McDonald in the Forties and maybe into the Fifties used to
visit us at Zimbile, maybe once a year. I am not certain if they came from Nyasaland (65%)
or from  somewhere in Rhodesia. Pat was an image of  Ben, but not as tall, and similar in 
manner. He was friendly to kids and  every time he came showed  us his favourite trick.
He would light a match and quickly encourage the flame to take hold of its whole length. 
Then holding the match horizontally he would put his flat hand held vertically into the flame 
and run the edge of his hand up and down in the flame, almost touching the matchstick. 
In this way we could tell it was Pat  and not Ben who was visiting. [N.F. 2007]"  
It is strange what is remembered; - often by Peter:  On the school train, stopped on the
outskirts of Kimberley, Ben had his head out the window, bored, and staring at the ground.
Some gammat near the tracks asked "Looking for diamonds, my baasie?"  "Yes", said
Ben, "and I think I can see a black one".

Ben Fletcher

Dolly Napier

Ben in a sailor suit.

Bliss Fynn holding Ben, with Sheila[?] The house in Suburbs.

Ben electioneering

Ben electioneering

A leaning towards politics

An election poster
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