JP - I have put up a PF-Agnes page now, not much more I can do unless new material comes in. 
There are still a few outstanding questions in the text below, highlighted in red

Dear Cousin Kneel,

Peter known as Patrick  

Ref. your letter.
1. 1827. Correct. a. I have an original document of his baptismal certificate on the 18 April, 1827. 
What is he called?  But in any case see his autographs as both Peter and Patrick
b. It was extracted on 8 March 1852, from the Registrar of Baptisms in the parish of Jura.

c. Written in pencil on the bottom corner is: Born on the 9th April, 1927. 
Signed PF.

d. This is glued onto a full sheet which states: I certify that a family Register was submitted to 
me given Mrs. Fletcher's date of birth as 11th October 1841. Signed by Alex Powell dated 8 / 4 / (77 or 99?)

2. I have an original copy of AGNES FLETCHER (Born EAGLESIM), widow of the late Patrick Fletcher) 
Original copy of what ?

3. Mount Fletcher in the Eastern Cape was named after Patrick.  
But what about the stuff about the missionary?

4. Original of RA and Annie Alice MacDonald marriage certificate on 10 June 1891, Parish of Queenstown.

5. Certified copy dated 1903 listing:
a. Robert Alexander, born 6 June 1965 Keerom.
b. Patrick born 28 May 1867 Keerom

6. Original scroll of RA certificate of proficiency in the theory of Land Surveying dated 1885, issued by 
the University of the Cape of Good Hope.

7. Never heard Agnes Eaglesim had ever been to Rhodesia. Am absolutely sure Ben would have told us. 
Check Rosalie.

8. Am sure when I dredge through all the correspondence I could come up with some of his movements.

9. Yes. The kit form wood house in Bulawayo was imported Oregon Pine from Canada and was still standing 
in the later 1950s. On the way up the oxen died from rinderpest and it stood on the wagons in Bechuanaland
for months.

10. Two portraits are Agnes Eaglesim's parents. The lady with the tightest lips on earth and the white bonnet: 
Ben used to say her mouth was so small she needed a shoehorn to take an aspirin.

11. Your letter. No idea of author. Check Rosalie. (Pity Boo is gone, she was a goldmine on family.) 

12. Patrick Fletcher was appointed Inspector of Mines on 6 January 1887 in Millwood . Extr. "Timber and tides, 
the story of  Knysna and Plettenberg Bay." Winifred Tapson. J.P.'s book.

13. Patrick Fletcher. History of Copper Mining in Namaqualand. John M. Smallberger. J.P.'s book. 
Robert will scan and forward. (Scully breaks me up!)

14. Campbell Morrison familiar name. .

15. Suzanne is terrible correspondent. Will smack her.

16. Yes, we have google. Phee switches it on; I don't have the time left to get into it and learn.

17. Patrick planned and oversaw the heightening of the wall of Loch Katrine, which supplied Glasgow with water. 
Margaret has a watercolour of loch Katrine with semi-submerged crofters' cottages. (Origin: RA). Sir Walter Scott 
referred to this area in his poem with a line of title, "The silver sands (strands) of Ellen's Isle." RA used to say 
that was before father  flooded them.   Have been unable to find any stuff on the internet which neatly supports 
this account of the raising of the Loch in terms of dates. Do you have any more details?  

18. I have the two Thomas Baines water colours given to Patrick by the artist, depicting Ojimbengue, SWA in 1861 
I always heard  from Peter that Baines gave one for the birth of RA and the other for the birth 
of Pat. That being the case, could you arrange to have our one shipped over sometime?

19. I have the silver and ivory trowel presented to Baillie Eaglesim, Convener of the Drainage Committee, Borough of 
Paisley, 1849? When Agnes' father put Scotland on water-borne sewage, while Members of the House of Lords were 
hitching up their red cloaks and crouching down behind hedgerows, shitting in the ditches. It is locked up in our
container at Patrick Mavros' right now, but will soon be coming out once again for Robert's wedding cake. 
Probably needs a wipe

Cousin, I have files of personal letters, but have run out of time for the moment. The Messelpad Pass (Robert's scan 
pages 101/107) is from a new book called the Romance of Cape Mountain Passes, by Graham Ross, printed in 2003. I 
phoned him last year in Somerset West and he had spoken to Hugh in the Cape. He was very interested in Patrick and 
stated that he was the first and probably the last that was qualified in 3 disciplines: engineering, geology and survey. 
They were thinking of doing a write-up on him for the South African Institute of Civil engineering. I will check next week 
when I'm down there. What's the story if you publish book excerpts? I have 2 typed letters from the Orange River Mouth, 
dated 25th June 1854 and 22 January 1855. I think you have them.

Love to Miz Ellie.
PS Patrick and Agnes buried in Maitland Cemetery.

all the stuff in Margaret Masons book that he was instrumental in the foundation of Stellenbosch University (marked with 
a ? by Peter)    and that he died at The Firs, Stellenbosch??.Did you see Owen?s email re the early history of RBHS? 
and The Firs on Camp Ground Road?  Do you know whether PF owned this property. ? Also Owen says Fletcher House 
not named after him.

5:30 PM 22/03/2007

Thanks - quite a few things answered

1) Just say again ... what is he called in his birth/baptismal cert.? I have seen his signature as Peter at age 17, and Patrick 
on official documents in 1868. My father referred to him being Patrick called Peter. Of course, scan sometime.

2) Have I got it correctly...Agnes was born 11th Oct. 1841? i.e. she was 14 years younger than him? i.e. if they became 
engaged before he left for SA, (M. Mason etc) and he left for SA circa 1850 (Mason etc) then she was only 9 when they were 
engaged? and they had been teaching together... then clearly the Scots were then ahead of the English in more than just 
water-borne sewerage. It does explain how she was able to have nine children. A 14 year engagement is maybe not so bad 
for a 9 year old. How do you see it?

3) What is the original copy of Agnes Fletcher (Eaglesim) widow of etc what is it a copy of. Is it dated? Please scan and 
send sometime.

4) I also never heard Peter say Agnes had been to Rhodesia. The faint letter is a bit of a mystery. Ida/Pat wouldnt have kept
it if it was nothing. Already checked with Rosalie. She thinks it must be from Agnes.

5) The two portraits. I thought they were of Agnes & PF. Glad to hear they are not. 

6 If Pf came to CT circa 1850 then he planned and oversaw the heightening of the wall of Loch Katrine when he was 23 or so?

7) Co-incidentally; I emailed Struik Publishers in Ct last week for permission to use the entire chapter from Smalberger. 
[permission received]. I have attempted to Google Graham Ross for similar reasons but dont 
get a fix on him. Do you have his address/phone/email etc. Need to get onto it. I have a typrscript ex HEF of Ross's article 
Patrick Fletcher - was he SA's first formally qual;ified engineering geologist" or something like that. It can go up on 
the site, but  would prefer to get his permission. Owen put up the pages on the Messelpad (from an earlier edition of the 
work Robert sent today?) a few days ago. More reason to contact Ross.) 

8) I have the two letters from the Orange River mouth. Flick says she will dig out the originals. I think we will just put up the 
typescripts in the meantime. By the way: the letter to his mother does not have a date on the one I have. Is there a typed date 
on the one you have? So 22 Jan '55 is the date on the one to his mother.?

10 I seem to remember hearing that it was Maitland Cemetery. I wonder if there are gravestones there? Does anybody have a
date for the death of Agnes?

11 Give some thought to the RBHS house thing. See Owen's email re probable source of the error re The Firs, Stellenbosch.

12 Was tempted to put up your entire email. Your account of the cyclone and your experience with the police after the pedestrian 
accident make interesting reading and would do so for future generations of readers. Its just the occasional words that would 
make it difficult for some, ou John(e). I will have a word with Owen & see if he can open a section where files when 
first opened come up with a disclaimer along the lines of : "The reader is warned that this file contains material and images that could 
give offence to some rellies: It contains occasional  Strong Language; Violence; Sexual References; outmoded racial standpoints; 
family feud-prolonging flippancies". About the only thing I didnt find was Nudity. 

Email below received approx 9 July 07  
Dear JP. I have been forced into a position of difficult decision by you. I have for a while now already carried the burden of having 
discarded the diaries of Dugald. And now I am going to have to shoulder the burden of discarding parts of your emails. In Dugald's 
case I could point to his manifest  madness. But in your case there is no easy way out, except to say that the world is no longer 
a place where you can say such things............regrettably.

Your solicitous cousin(e). N 

Dear Cousin Kneel,

I have now been forced into a position of extravagance by you. I have ordered a printer/scanner in Joburg and it is awaiting collection.
We leave for 4-Q-2 in the next couple of days, to rebuild the centre block. Phee, and Jess the pointer, Stander the builder and myself. 
Thankfully the two barn owls [went away. NF] last night otherwise they would have needed shots and visas as well. 
We return on August  4/5th and then fly to Cape Town on 9th to celebrate/commiserate my 70th birthday, .............. I am thrilled to still 
be here after nearly 70 years and watching one of the few things I have got right: my absolute understanding of the [********] psyche. 
[ *************** ]  Ben was kinder, he said we were mere 
bystanders watching evolution. 

Cheers before I get maudlin. [***********]

Your cousin in 
thought and deed,


PS Re: photo. 

Extreme left: 
Kenneth or Hugh. Probably Kenneth.

Boy in Hat:  
Sheila born 1899, Ben was born 1901. She looks more than 2 years older than the schoolboy. (Very marked dimple like Ben's).
I seem to remember Sheila saying Ben was born in the year after her, = 1900 ??                                            

Dear Neil,

Well I plied 
Johne with my womanly charms, and despite taking full advantage of all this attention, he still refused to address your queries 
about Bliss. But he said  all the attention was bliss anyway.

One query I can answer: Tiddley was Alistair.

I am going to forward you a photo I got from the Pioneer Society, together with their contact email. A chap called Ian Curruthers is 
very helpful and enthusiastic and he seems to network with a lot of pioneer stock - maybe he can help identify faces in some of the pics. 

The photo was very interesting. It enabled me to make a much more certain identification in one of Ida's photos of Pat and his friend 
Papenfus, who I can vaguely remember. 

Sorry we are out of circulation once again - unlike Johne I DON'T want to be away while all this melt-down is taking place. I am going 
to miss the excitement...and maybe even The Coup. Or whatever. Will try and stay in touch from Moz - no email, unfortunately, but we 
have cellphone coverage. Actually I might even try and get an email link sorted.

Give Curruthers a try, he seems to have a wealth of info and old photos at his disposal. There is a webpage too. 
See material from Carruthers - links under Bulletine & Blogs, top page.

Keep it up! 
(the work, too)