Dennis Fletcher - Plettenberg Bay
Tracey and Owen 2012

Dennis kindly made us images of Patrick and Agnes from two wall hangings he had in his ancestry collection.
He is a railway enthusiast and has an amazing collection of model locomotives that he built in his "workshop".
Jean was bitten by a tick on Jura island and was paralysed for six months and suffered the effects thereafter
her whole life and so the workshop was in the house so he could be close to her. One of his engines pulled
carriages for children in a holiday park in Plettenberg Bay for many years, during Christmas and school holidays.
Dennis was a Chemical Engineer for 50 years
Family group... Dennis' sister Penelope, Bill, Dennis & Jean
Reg Fletcher - Royal Flying Corp... Charles Reginald Fletcher... Reginald Dennis Fletcher

Dennis and Jean

Dennis' workshop

Archibald_Lillian1934 & Archibald_Jessie (Janet)1941

Archibald family tree