Fletcher & Espin Survey Work Letters
					Survey Camp
					Khami River
					Nov. 8th 1895
My dear Fletcher
	Enclosed find all data of 100 acre lots.
I Drd you see[?] Stiles & Zeffert. [?]  I am sending them a cheque for
19£ today as they say work is completed. Please pay into my
private account 50£ before[underscore] delivering letter to
Stiles & Zeffert as my balance is "in state quo".
How is new draughtsman Walker shaping?  Bag of Boer meal sent
out by Gloag is just as bad as last so I am going to take first 
opportunity to return it.
Old[?] [ ] Squain[??] strongly advises my[?] trying Whitely & Walker	
========[check this follows???]
		Please send out
	 	Box 50 cigars
		3 Kaffir blankets
		10 lb coarse salt
		2 pkts table do [ditto]
		letters & papers
I should like to see a Johannesburg paper if you could get me 
one without much trouble   English papers were a boon last week
I send in Idler[?] & Strand [?] in case you have not seen them.
		Yours sincerely
		W.M. Espin

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Original:	 JP Fletcher Family Papers.  [Link Picasa]

Walker	draughtsman.  ??


					Survey Camp
					Khami River
					Nov. 18th 1895
My dear Fletcher
		Thanks very much for seeing after inspection
certificates for me - I want you to do one thing more tfor me & that is 
to see that Maddocks gets accompanying letter. It contains a cheque
which it is necesssary he should have  beforte the 22 inst.  I am now
damned sorry I ever went in for dabbling in gold investments. However
it seems my experience is not all brought[?] yet. I used to cherish the
pleasing delusion that it was all purchased & paid for. In future I mean
to adopt the firm motto 'festina lente' & go slow.
I am still very seedy. This is a [pp2] horrible diseaseand I don't seem 
able to shake it off. The country too is very rough and I find it difficult 
to get about on horseback.
If Darcy is doing nothing particular I could make him very useful out here.
I am afraid I can't finish up here much before end of the month. Anyhow
I will make a point of starting on Gr[?]p[?] work by the 1st December &
it will not take more than a week
I see we have no farms advertised in the last Bulawayo paper. How about
the two farms I asked you to advertise for    the friend of Hay's at the 
Maxim [?]
The farms are situated near Inyati. I gave you what Hay [they?] gave me
namely a very rough description & a sort of a rough diagram.
There is also Slight's [??] farm near here & the Tuli river farm Savile[?]
saw us about.
If you can spare Darcy let him bring a log book & calculation book I
can supply him with mattress & blanket. Boy will show him the road-
Send out
		10 lbs coarse salt
		1 roll limbo (white)
		1  do [diito] red
		Yours sincerely
		WM Espin
Notes & Comments:

Original:	 JP Fletcher Family Papers.  [Link Picasa]
Hay[?]	Tottie Hay - the auctioneer?
limbo	An interesting word used by white Rhodesians (SA also??)
	for sheeting or other clothing material. It was much in demand
	by blacks, and was often bartered for by them before they
	 became money earners. The word  is also used among whites.
	Etymology:  lembu Ndebele word for sheet or cloth. Also
	possibly related is  bulembu  the green slime which grows
	in fresh water river pools. When lifted out it can form into a sheet
	or film, like a wet cloth.
Darcy	???


					Survey Camp
					Khami River
					Nov 25th. 1895
My dear Fletcher
		You will be sorry to hear I am worse again. Last Saturday
I had a worse than usually hard day withy the consequence that I brought on
my complaint worse than I have had it before & I have not been making any
attempt to work since then. I am lying up completely. If I was well I could 
finish Colenbrander & Squain[?] work in four days, as it is I dont know when I 
shall shall get finished. I am afraid to take any further riskas it might result
in my being damaged for life. So I intend to lie up until the discharge ceases
altogether. It has got much better in the last day or two so that if all goes well
I hope to be fit at all events by end of week.
As the whole business was brought on by my own folly I dont see why you &
Pat should share the consequences. The best way will be to consider that I was 
out of form for the time I have been ill. I dont know exactly how it can be arranged
but some way may occur to you.
If you see Grey [?] I hope you [get from Robby]
[facing page]
nothing but illness has prevented me from already having completed his work -
Please send out 5 lbs sugar & the medicines I am writing for to 
Courath [??] [?&]  Duncan [?]
			Yours sincerely
			W M Espin
Please send also 10£ 5/- for wages

Notes & Comments:

Original:	 JP Fletcher Family Papers.  [Link Picasa]
Espin's illness.  Check Annie's letters.
See also letter Pat_Ida Tokwe Drift 1905 - Pat astonished at how much work
Espin had got through  "I didn't think he had it in him" or something like that


					Survey Camp
					Shashani River
					Thursday Nov. 21. 1895
Dear Fletcher
		Horse knocked up yesterday whilst getting here and have
been doctoring her since. I shall leave tomorrow early. I nearly bought a horse
from waggons going up yesterday, but dont know what class of horse you want.
	Not much done since I've been away, in fact damn all. Ledmann[?] has
been cutting my work here to pieces by surveying farms in Bartons [?] block
I'm clashing again with farms on Shashani surveyed by Lanigan [?] . Try & get
a tracing from Varay [?] please. I must have it.
	Hans[?] Lea [?] will be to see you about his farm.
[new page]
I have got him to write a letter to Free State trekkers [?] saying I'm working near
their farms & what steps he must take. He holds the ground for them.
	Blayas [?] will take in from £18 Tree some assegais, shields,  etc.
Have them packed in my box please.
	Data & top v  of Zeederbergs [?] farms also going in. They want diagrams
made at once.
	Can't you manage to get a waggon. I can't live in the tent in the wet 
season. The bucksail is all gone.
	I am sending in blankets for some miner from Lati [Tati?] who's
tramping [?] in.
	I havn't heard anything fresh yet with regard to Sabinas[?] Kraal.
Holmes doesn't care about going in for S. Andrews Day. If you are at the meeting, 
tell them I am very sorry I cant come & have been looking forward to it.
[new page]
Enclosed is list of things I want sent out please.  Ask Edwards [sic] to look up the
advertisements & see what meetings of mine [?] are to take place. I haven't
seen any papers lately & it is an important thing.
	See that my post is got from Zeederbergs please.
No time for more. 
			Yrs sincerely
			M Edwards
[facing page]
				Mr[? [W?]]. M. Edwards
				Shashani River.
				21 st Nov. 95
Notes & Comments:

Original:	 JP Fletcher Family Papers.  [Link Picasa]

waggons going up	= to Bulawayo from the South. Through Mangwe Pass.?
"ask Edwards"  This rings a very faint bell. That there were two Edwards' in the firm.???
Holmes_Saint Andrews Day.   Holmes with firm?  A SAC  Oldboy? 
Sabina's[?] Kraal
memo: check these farm? names on F&E 1897 map

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