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 FLETCHER & ESPIN -  land surveyors, Bulawayo, Rhodesia  
	Established circa 1894 [Look in Pats' diary of '93/'94 for mention of 
	writing to Espin re joining him in Bulawayo for survey work]
1894- 	The Matabeleland farm surveys
1895	Espin and Edwards: letters from survey camps. Khami River. Shashani.

1897	Fletcher & Espin's Map of the Surveyed Properties of Matabeleland
	published in London
	1905 ??Northern Transvaal Survey - forensic, 
  	 Partner in Fletcher & Espin of Bulawayo, Rhodesia  
	He was related[?] to Espin the headmaster of St Andrews College, Grahamstown.
	If so, it is likely that the Fletcher_Espin connection came about in this way.
	check also Mullins connection??  re marrying Pat
1902      	Pats letter to RA mention Espin away big game hunting
1905[?]	Pat's letter to Ida re Espin on the N. Tvl survey. [linked in forensic]
	 Espin on a horse 
	 Espin with theodolite 
1895	Espin's letter to RA re his illness etc.   Also Edwards letter.  Robby Picasa Album
	When Fletcher & Espin broke up he went back to SA and became a lawyer. [NF ex PF] 
	In Pat's family he was referred to as Uncle Bill by the kids.  P. called Billy when small.
	The story of the F&E surveyor who was bitten by a mamba on Clonmore. He
	timed and wrote down his symptoms, and the writing was becoming  illegible
	after about 15 minutes
	Scan the worksheets Peter tore out of book. A few names mentioned?
	The story of the F&E surveyor who Pat found lying in his tent with his legs
	up  the centrepole. He told Pat  he knew what the matter was with him. 
	He died of stomach[?] cancer. 
Other names connected with Survey, not necessarily part of F&E
	Scion of Cooke Troughton & Simm family - survey instrument makers.
	Was sent out by his family - spent time with F&E for field experience. 
	The story of him looking out over new Bulawayo from the top of 
	Agency Chambers. When asked what he was thinking he replied
	"I'm thinking of the day when wild animals will roam over all this
	once more..."
 Main Street Bulawayo, looking North and SE, from the top of Agency Chambers 

  FE second office
	He was in Byo during the Rebellion.
Simms and Bob McDonald, Bulawayo Laager, 1896	
	Link letter from Rondebosch re Simms' visit to Agnes
	Did survey work in area. Related to McDonalds
	Mentioned in Annie letters?  Link
	Link Wendy re Hulls & Blog
	He ended up with the co-ordinate book?
           Images RH column
W. M. "Bill" Espin
Baobabs & Theodolites.  N. Tvl. Farm Survey 1904-05
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