FLETCHER FAMILY ARCHIVE.   The Jura, Scotland - Southern African branch.
Data capture and research notes. A work in progress. Rhodesiana. Anecdotal. THE HAMBONE, Matopos. Peter often told a story of climbing a rock in the Matopos with Alistair, his cousin. The rock was the well known one called The Hambone. It was quite dangerous, but they managed to climb up and reach a ledge typical of granite. Somebody below even took some photographs. But getting down was a completely different matter. The gist of the story was that, to balance themselves, they needed to make use of a branch of a tree growing in the rocks. At some stage of things the flexible branch started to bend away from the rock, leaving one of them in a situation similar to that which often happens to the inexperienced when stepping between two boats. That night at Umvutcha Peter lay in bed, kept awake by the thought of their narrow escape. He sensed Alistair was also awake. .Alistair, you awake?. .Yes.. .What you thinking about?. .Same thing you.re thinking about.. Mickey, Alistair's son, was decades later bothered by similar thoughts. He and I, at school in the Cape Town, one day thought to swim across Fish Hoek bay. Being from the interior, the matter of tidal flow did not occur to us. By the time we had reached the middle of the bay we were exhausted and resigned to drowning, more or less. Stopping to tread water we discovered that on tip toe and bobbing up and down we could just touch sand. Mickey told me afterwards that he hadn.t been worried about drowning, - only about how Lorraine would feel when she got the telegram from the housemaster. [Neil Fletcher. Nannup, Western Australia. 28.02.2007.] The Hambone, Matopos ============ POSTSCRIPTS: New format: 2016.
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