To: Neil Fletcher
(Information supplied by Ian Fletcher)

Dugald's Record

Born in Bulawayo 06/11/1907

Educated and matriculated at Plumtree School 1917 to 1926
Captained School 1st Cricket Team
Head Prefect
Commanding officer of school cadets
Interschool boxing (Light Heavy Weight) ? Unbeaten

Attended Rhodes University 1927 ? 1930
Studied Survey & Geology
Boxed 1st Team
Rugby 1st Team

He was an official learner on ERPM Gold Mine in Johannesburg during 1931-32
He obtained a Mine Manager's Certificate

He returned to Rhodesia and got employment as a Shaft Sinker at Fred Mine, Filabusi, 1933-34
During 1935 Colin started mining with Dugald at the True Blue Mine (Filabusi). Dugald had a disagreement with the labour and all went on strike. 
Colin asked his friend Hamish Campbell Rodger to take over the mine
Dugald started Litle Wonder mine in Chelo farm in 1936. At Little Wonder Dugald had labour trouble again. Colin then decided to close the mine 
in 1938 and move to Queque. Sometime that year they moved to the Babs mine, 27 miles west of Queque

Active 2nd World War Service 1940,42,43,44,45
Black Watch Regiment (North Africa ? Parachuting)
Served in India, Burma, Crete, Italy
D Day invasion of Normandy
Taken prisoner at Arnheim (Germany) for 8 months
Demobbed in 1945
At Demobilation in Salisbury he refused all war pay and gratuities, clothing etc. He was in a state of mental confusion regarding war, religion, politics etc
Refused treatment

Dugald stopped handling money from 1945

Mining 1945-47 with Colin at Babs Mine
He was always argumentative and used to flare up very often. He and Mary were eventually at loggerheads. He disappeared for 2 weeks, he was found 
by Colin and Peter in the Ingodomer area near Gokwe, camped by a small river.
Peter took him to Zimbele and after a short stay he took off to Little Wonder Mine
Dugald became a recluse from 1948 to 1981
Colin used to take supplies to Dugald every 6 months.
Dugald refused a bed a blankets, Refused clothes etc. For years he did not wear clothes (just a loin cloth)
He was a vegetarian and was a good gardener. He used to pull water from the Little Wonder mine shaft with a home made windlass
Colin took him some goats, which he used for the milk only, and he had chickens for eggs.
The livestock eventually dwindled to just a few due to leaopards and snakes
From 1962 to the time of his death (February 2nd 1989), Colin visited him monthly
It was during the early 50's when mining activities were taking place on Chelo, he became a problem. He used to chase the mine employees and even 
tried to burn a bulldozer.
At that tim the Tact mine was owned by a Mr Bentley. Mr Bentley's son put an article on the internet in 2006/2007? Mr Bentley's son was a school boy and 
never met Dugald, therefore I don't think his report was completely correct.
In 1978 Dugald developed a varicose ulcer, just above the left ankle and eventually this spread to both knees and feet. He refused treatement for this.
In 1981 Dugald was bitten by a puff adder on the right hand, just above the thumb. Ian found him 2 days later. He drank a 500ml bottle of brandy neat, and 
passed out. Ian fetched Mrs Truscott, Epoch Mine Clinic nurse. After some persuasion he accepted Mrs Truscott and took treatment.
Dugald accepted to move from Little Wonder to Ian's homestead. He recovered in 10 days.
Dugald lived at Chelo farm Homestead from 1981 to 1989. On 17th January 1989 Dugald felt feverish and stayed in bed. He did not get any better so Ian 
sent for Colin. Ian and Colin took him to the Mater Dei Hospital in Bulawayo on the 20th of January 1989. He passed away on 2nd February 1989

Dugald occupied himself doing a vegetable garden and ran the Chelo farm workshop.
I have quite a number of diaries of Dugald's at my house at Chelo.
Whilst Dugald always objected to everything in the first instance, he lived a normal life at Chelo Homestead.
It would be wrong to judge Dugald until whoever they are got to know him during his lifetime.


[Received 26 October 2007.  From Ian, via Carol]

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