21 April, 2009 
From:: Johne Fletcher
To : Neil Fletcher

Dear Kneel,

This has been quite a good exercise from my point of view, as with my new
fokken laptop, I have my L plates on and I can see that is exactly where
they will remain from here on out.  I play with google and picassa.

No.1.    Graveyard has been cleaned up nicely by Nat Parks.

No.2.    I believe the dam was a later devt.  It is overlooked adjacently by
No. 4, which appears to be a borehole on which a pump was once mounted
(possibly even a hand pump or windmill, but I could see no sign of concrete
tower blocks.) The dam must have filled easily with the run-off from the
dwalas.  There is a water trough built on the Western edge of the dam basin,
which was probably supplied from the borehole.

No.3.    This is approximately the centre of the threshing floor and for
Keith's photo is stood on the SW edge of it.  Keith was just over the
depression and lining himself and me up with the western gable wall of the
homestead and the crest of the dwala.  The blue triangle points into the
stone cement reservoir, which had a garden on its western side.

No.9.    Die Water Put was obviously the original and still is the present
supply.  It is +/- 140 metres to Patrick's back door.

As the place has been unoccupied for quite a while, a lot of Karoo type bush
and shrubs have grown up since High's visit.  I would like to have spent a
full day or more digging around, probably go back with you, some single malt
and a piper!  That homestead was +/- 23 metres in length.

I hope this helps you because it has taken a full day out of my life, a
diminishing commodity.  I told the boys the other day this getting old is a
bitch and my only consolation is it doesn't last too long.

I have a lot of other photos of that day, but have had to cull out for you;
anything else I can do, shout!

Love to Miz Ellie,


PS This has been typed by Phee, don't expect lengthy replies from him yet!!!

Keerom farmyard

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