76 Eaton Square

Dear Mother
I have called on every one I can think of except
Lady Vintcent [1] and Bliss. We went to Richmond hospital and found that the
Judsons had left, and that Miss Fynn, after falling down the stairs and injouring
her knee cap had been removed to some other hospital name unknown.
The Judsons [2] I subsequently ran to earth successfully in a flat in
town. Major Judson is now Lt. Colonel. Both Mazoe and Mrs Judson look well
and are working at the air ministry. Pat is just the thing in his blue uniform, not
flying at present, nerves out of order or something.
I have been several times to the Dawsons [3]. Aunt Isobel was glad
of the biltong I think, it appears she gets ill at times and has a craving for it, on
such occasions Mr Dawson has to hunt the town out for some, seldom with any
success. Rosamond landed me nicely into a Christian science church on Sunday.
The service was a novilty, - the whole affair was as far as that goes. The S.S.
service has several points that recommend it, one, there is no kneeling, two, the
sermon is missed out etc.
The church we went to is the largest in London and was crowded.
A Lady & Gentleman occupie two seats facing the crowd, hymns are sung,
& the Man reads a few lines of the prayers & the Lady then translates (?)
according to the C.S. teaching. It reminded me of a speach I once heard given
in English and Dutch. The sermon is sibstituted by a portion of the science and
health book. On the whole it was rather a depressing business, perhaps because
the congregation was composed of women to the extent of 95% and the majority
in black.
Jobling & I went to the House of Commons twice in succession to
listen to the debate. The first day was not very interesting from a debate point of
view, and I thought when I looked round & found myself sitting next to a black
nigger taking notes that it was time for me to get. The next day we went early and
were in time for the questions and debate on the prisoners of war question, in
which they were going for the government for what they had not done for our
prisoners in Germany , and some of the members got very exceited on the subject.
It struck me that a member never missed a chance of being nasty to another. And if
some poor chap asked a question that had already been answered every one
resented it and apeared inclined to jump down his throat.
Looking down on the members I realised for the first time why they were
so keen on keeping the women out. There they were, old men and bald mostly,
lolling about in all attitudes, Bonar Law with his hands deep in his pockets and
feet up on the desk, and like some others, to all appearance enjoying forty winks
during a long speach. They dont want to be disturbed after all these years of peace.
One Labour member was very amusing, he wanted the government to
"Urry up and build more 'ouses". We got into the gallery on the first two days of
the new order, allowing the public to attend. I dont like Westminster Abby, the
police are far too numerous and have an efficient air about them that gets on ones
We have been to quite a number of theatres already. Lance [5]has been
hunting the place out for a drama that will bring him to tears, but has been
unsuccessful on the contrary one has a difficulty in not laughing every time an
actor opens his or her mouth in most cases. I dont think there is a dramatical
piece in town.
The Mainwarings [6] lead a happy go lucky existence the girls attend a
lot of the plays and have a good time generally.
Mrs Judson says the work at the hospital was hard so they have given
it up for a time.
This club is an excellent place and we live like lordes here for 3/6 per
day, beds & food included. It is run at a loss, I think Sir Owen Philip[7] stands
the loss, the place is his former reside7nce. I think there is a list yards long of
chaps waiting to get in.
Best love

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Some answers to points below will be found in Bulletin1 Rosalie-Wendy Emails
[1] Maybe wife of Judge Vincent who was in Suburbs(?) in the early days. It was
his rabid dog which attacked Peter in bed one night. Fortunately there was a
mosquito net. Pat, who killed the dog, was later to say he thought Peter must
have been bitten a little....
[2] Judsons Pat F letter. The website re Pat Judson. Pat Judson funeral story

[3] Dawsons. Isobel Fletcher (RA, Pat, etc's sister) married Richard Dawson.
She went to school in the UK and settled there. Rosamond =? (her daughter?)

[4] I often heard Peter mention Jobling. A slight association with mining???

[5] Lance?

[6] Mainwaring. Murray, Isobel's younger sister, married Major Mainwaring.
The girls? - presumanly their daughters? Lance maybe a brother or cousin??