Lawsuit: Fletcher & Fletcher v Bulawayo Waterworks Ltd 1915   
Fletcher lawsuit
19 April, 2010 
From: "Jack, Anne M" 
Hi there cousin Neil
Thought you might be interested in this.  A friend?s kid is studying law and told me 
about this case.
"Hi Anne, Mark is studying a case and guess what popped up - 
1915 Fletcher and Fletcher (must have been the 2 brothers that came thru with the 
pioneer column and Cecil John Rhodes) vs Byo water works. The latter by
accident drilled a borehole for water on their land. He hasn't all the details but 
what a small world!
He says try googling it if you ae interested in finding out more!
Fletcher and Fletcher v Bulawayo Waterworks Ltd 1915 AD 636 is the full reference.
Just google it and you will find info. Being an old case I doubt that the full case will 
be cited on the net but it is a leading case regarding undue enrichment and estoppel 
so is referred to often. Maybe try the Wits Law Library on the net. "
 Lots of love
Cousin Anne!
I do declare, - mail from the Deep South. What a surprise!
Melanie also came across the lawsuit  when a  student and sent the extract 
which has been on the site since 2007.  (See R.H. col.)

I think Clara might also have seen it as a student. I heard about it often enough
from my father because of his RA fixation. Peter said RA brought this case against
the waterworks without Pat's agreement, and that when he found out he was very
annoyed and said that the days of big land surveys were past and that RA was
litigating against one of the firm's main sources of bread and butter business.
He also said that although Fletchers won the case, they were only awarded a
penny in compensation, or something like that.
Now that you are on the line:  Any contact with Callen? I need to get information
from her. 
Why don't you contribute something of farming Rhodesiana to the site? I have
for some time been wishing to do a SR52 eulogy. I know you can't smoke it, but
maybe you could send something or suggest sources. And of course there is
gwaai. Don't you have something to submit? I dont mean hightly technical. More
Much love from cousin
Submissions invited. Especiallyexplaining the lawsuit matter, in lay terms,  
Or in any other terms for that matter....
Position for Clara's submission:

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Fletcher & Fletcher  v.  Bulawayo Waterworks Ltd. 1915
From "S. A . Company & Mercantile Law" 



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