Lionel Arnold Fletcher  b. 9/10/1906/05? Johannesburg. d. 14/4/1987 Harare
Loris Evelyn Capstick. b 19/10/1909. m. 18/02/1939, Bulawayo. d. 6/6/1995. Hre. 
Their children:
	Keith ........   Fletcher
	married Cynthia
	Cynthia's parents' details (ex Kim):
 	Edward Frederick Greenalf Wheeler  b.  Montagu in S A  1.1. 1913  d.1981 
 	Erica Beth Nel  b. Kroonstad 26.6.1921 d. 13.9.1988  Pretoria.
 	Married Kroonstad  22.12.1942  
	Garrick ....Fletcher

Bio. data needed for the Capstick sisters, Athol (?) Evans etc


Data needed for:   Rickets ; Model Dairy; Dairy Marketing Board;   Byo & Sby dairies

 [Notes by N.F.
Lionel grew up in ???, school??, but spent most of his working life associated 
with the commercial dairy industry. 
In the 1940's the family, including(?) Tom and Violet, lived very near the north 
end of Fort Street, on the west side. They might not have been the last house, 
but they were only one or two from the end, from what I remember.  I do recall 
Tom being at the house, and presume he lived there.The Capsticks lived on 
the opposite side of the street, perhaps a house or two closer to the end.
At the end of the 1940s they moved to a house on a large stand in Hillside. 
It was in Napier Avenue. The road made a bit of a dogleg bend round the 
SE corner of the property. Thomas and Violet lived there too, and it was 
probably where they died. Thomas had a room onto a verandah on the 
S-W side of the house. There were some frangipani trees outside, as well 
as bigger jacarandas. Violet's room was nearby.  
On the northern edge of the property was a granite kopje, with a rocky path
leading to it. Excellent for kids. There were plenty of wild berry trees, 
including donkeyberries and near the path a large and fruitful mtshankela 
tree (vitex payos; chocolate-berry)  - an acquired taste. 
Approx location of the house: GoogleEarth S E.
Lyn and I spent many happy Sundays here. In those days boarders
were not allowed to go home for weekends, and I often walked round to
our "second parents" on Sundays after the service at the Anglican Church
in Leander Avenue. We used to walk in a "crocodile" from Hillside
School to the little church, where Canon Pugh took the service.
In January 1955 when my father took me down to senior school at
Rondebosch in Cape Town in the Chev, he invited Lionel to go on the
trip too. Lionel had never been to CT, I seem to recall. When we were
driving on the flats near Warmbaths one afternoon, Lionel said it was
high time for a whiskey and soda. This became a sort of perennial
joke, which still amused thirty years later. On the trip we had lunch with
Ronnie in Joburg, and with Annette's family in Graaff Reinette, where
her mother served crisp roasted fat-tail sheep under the shade of a 
grape vine. Nothing since has ever matched it. We stayed in CT at 
Rhodesia By The Sea, and also spent several days with June and 
Desmond at Kruispad.	
About the second half of the Fifties the family moved to Cleveland Ave.,
Milton Park, in Salisbury. 
When I stayed with them there in about 1961 Loris no longer had her
little Austin, but a Morris Minor. Lionel had a big Ford(?) with tailfins.
Peter, who always spoke of Lionel with the greatest affection, said he
was a city slicker. This was because when Lionel had a mess in 
Bulawayo he always ironed the creases in his trousers when he went
on the town with his farmer cousins.
Was it not Lionel in the car with Kennerley Rumford in the police car
chase in Bulawayo? 
The story 
Box [?82]?
Bulawayo 22nd August '50
Dear Ron
Dad has been telling me for months that he is going to write to you, but I'm 
afraid he will never get down to it - not that he can't, but he reckons he will 
make mistakes or will be shaky. Anyhow if I wait for him to give you the news 
you will be newsless for years. He is keeping very well considering time 
marches on and is never too tired or sick to have a joke with Garrick.
We are having our usual August weather one day cold & damp; the next 
hot with a result that Dad's hat is never off his head one day keeping him 
cool and the next warm. 
I don't know whether you have heared or not but Angus Fletcher (the bee 
farmer) Hugh's oldest son died in Salisbury early in July from polio of the 
throat - I happened to be up there on business so went to the funeral - 
Bessie & Hugh took it very well, but as he was only sick for 24 hours it 
came as a shock to all. 
[Mr? Fath] also died last month - (heart) and I understand left about £60000 
equally divided between the children - including his [nurse/niece] who kept 
house for him - so the [???] and the toers will come in for about £6000 
to £7000 each. He had been troubled with heart for some time & it was 
more or less expected. 
We are leaving our house in Fort St on the 1st December to go to Hillside. - I 
think you have seen it. It's outside[?] is being painted so that we will only have 
the interior to worry about when we move. 
How are things with you and Iris - still [ ] [farming?] from [] accounts[] of 
your cold winter you might have a good summer this year.
Peter, Alister & I with wives are in the same party at the show ball on [/ 
Friday]. I believe Ben will also be there - [a hell[?] of a [?] of Fletchers. 
Bulawayo is beginning to [make up] for the show weekend & if the present 
weather holds it should be quite good.
When I was down you and Iris were talking of being up here on an [] trip around 
about September. Are you still making the trip?
We hope to be in the new dairy in about 6 month's time and what a relief it 
will be to be out of that [ ] shop. 
Keith is doing quite well in his own quiet way at school & got a very nice 
report & Garrick is still the toughest in the district for his age. 
Loris is sitting here making a dress for one of Madge's kids and asks me to give 
Iris her love.
[I must away....? all & all] 
Hello [all?]
Lyn (Madge's kid) is going into boarding school next month so [??/trying to help 
her wth a bit of sewing but what a bother. She's no dressmaker! [??] [How did 
you get on with the ??? I hope.....] Keith had his tonsils out in [April] I dont 
know whether it has done him much good but '''Dr said they ? ...[and Garrick]
When are you coming up to visit us again ..........]
Rosalie:   Burns were friends of Lorraine too?
Picnic, 1930's,  Colin, Mary, Lionel. Alistair 
First mention of Lionel In PFdiaries = 1931 (check again!!)
Loris: her Austin. Hockey
Flick email re photo taken in Fort Street, also frightened by the dog.
Material Received
From Kim.  Birth certificates/registrations :
	Cynthia's ;  Keith's;   Kim's (SA);  Kim's (Rhodesia);  Shelley's 
Le Par   IOU
Bulawayo biggest cheese producer 1958 
 Lionel speaking at Alison Cooper's wedding
H.B. Capstick appointed officer Natal Volnteers 1904 
Howard Capstck- Mary Greenlees wedding report, 1901 


Lionel Fletcher
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