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ZIMBILIANA. The Zimbile Books in Australia. ADAMANTIA. Augustus F. Lindley. Preface dated February 3rd, 1873. 3 Lloyds Square, London, W.C. [Collingridge?] ["The Truth About the South African Diamond Fields."] [First published 1873 ? ] Pages before the Preface are missing, including the title page. Elsewhere there are no inscriptions. The book is in poor condition from a binding point of view. [There might have been two copies of this book at Zimbile.] "This is a book with a purpose". To tell the British how their Government had robbed the Orange Free State Republic of its diamond fields. ================== THE FIFTEEN DECISIVE BATTLES OF THE WORLD: From Marathon to Waterloo. By Sir Edward Creasy, M.A. 25th Edition. 1893. Richard Bentley & Son. Preface dated 1851. Inside front cover: Pat Fletcher [Ida F.'s handwriting] Flyleaf: L.S. Jameson 1894. [Leander Starr Jameson][scan flyleaf] ================== Dr A Petermanns MITTEILUNGEN Aus Justus Perthes' Geographischer Anstalt Herausgegeben von Dr E Behm. Letztes Quartal von Prof. Dr A Supan. 30, Band 1884 Gotha: Justus Perthes 28cm x 23 cm Needs repair to loose cover etc , but otherwise in quite good condition. ========= MEMORIES By Admiral of the Fleet LORD FISHER Hodder & Stoughton 1919 Inside front cover: Pat Fletcher 1920 Bembesi. [Ida F.'s handwriting] Fairly good condition, RECORDS By Admiral of the Fleet LORD FISHER Inside front cover: Pat Fletcher 1920 Bembesi. [Ida F.'s handwriting] Fairly good condition, =========== GENERAL HEADQUARTERS 1914-1916 AND ITS CRITICAL DECISIONS By General ERICH von FALKENHAYN. Preface 1919. HUTCHINSON & CO. Inside front cover: Pat Fletcher Oct 1920 Bembesi. [Ida F.'s handwriting] In good condition ========= MY FATHER Personal & Spiritual Recollections By Estelle W. Stead William Heinemann. 1913 ======== CHRONICLES OF CAPE COMMANDERS. Geo. M. Theal. Preface Cape Town, 4th May 1882 Requires considerable repair. ========= HISTORY & ETHNOGRAPHY OF AFRICA SOUTH OF THE ZAMBESI From the settlement of the Portuguese at Sofala in 1505 to the conquest of the Cape Colony by the British in September 1795. By GEORGE McCALL THEAL. Swan Sonnenschein & Co Ltd. In three volumes. Vol 1. The Portuguese in South Africa from 1505 to 1700. Third edition. 1907 Flyleaf: Pat Fletcher April 1909 Bulawayo. [Ida F. handwriting] [NB dated Byo, not Bembesi] Quite good condition --------------- HISTORY OF SOUTH AFRICA SINCE SEPTEMBER 1795 By GEORGE McCALL THEAL. In five volumes Swan Sonnenschein & Co Ltd. Vol 1 July 1908 Flyleaf: Pat Fletcher April 1909 Bulawayo. [Ida F. handwriting] In good condition Vol 2 ditto Vol 3 ditto Vol 4 ditto Vol 5 ditto ====================== CAPE MONTHLY MAGAZINE [Jan?]- June 1860 Saul Solomon & Co. Steam Printing Office Cape Town On back of photopage facing pp224 signed florid script P. Fletcher, almost certain Peter called Patrick - but check against other collected signatures. January pages missing. Needs repair and rebinding. ========== THE FIRST ANNEXATION OF THE TRANSVAAL Dr W.J. Leyds. T. Fisher Unwin Inside cover: P Fletcher [Pat] in publications consulted see A Merensky re photo in Ida's album? Required anti British reading Condition quite good ========== EXTRACTS From the ST. HELENA RECORDS Compiled by the late Hudson Ralph Janisch Esq, Governor of St Helena. St Helena: Printed and published at the "Guardian" Office by Benjamin Grant, Printers. 1885 Introduction: B. Grant, St Helena, April 1885 "the history of St Helena from 1673 to 1835" Inside front cover, printed label: Henry Solomon, Sea Point. Facing flyleaf, handwritten: "To my dear old friend Henry Solomon, May 85. George [?] Moss [?]" The last page is 240 , March 1795, so the rest might be missing. Condition: adrift, needs rebinding etc. [Insert: recollection of Napoleon by Henry Soloman in Gone Down the Years (Wilson) (q.v.)] =========== FURTHER REMINISCENCES OF A SOUTH AFRICAN PIONEER W. C. Sculley. First published 1913. T. Fisher Unwin Flyleaf: P. Fletcher [Pat] ============ In one volume: THE EXPEDITION OF HUMPHRY CLINKER THE HISTORY AND ADVENTURES OF AN ATOM TRAVELS THROUGH FRANCE AND ITALY [only a few pages] [Tobias Smollett] No covers or spine. Italy loose pages. -------------------- THE ADVENTURES OF RODERICK RANDOM On front of spine: Angus Fletcher [in gold lettering] On Contents page P, Fletcher (ink) The book also contains The Life of Dr Smollett. Advertisement: Publishers? preface? dated Edinburgh March 1 1811. Edinburgh: Printed by John Brown. [It is possible this is a rebinding/compilation by Angus F.?] Condition: good ========== THE MEMOIRS OF PAUL KRUGER Told by Himself T. Fisher Unwin 1902 Flyleaf: P. Fletcher ============== THE RISE OF SOUTH AFRICA. G.E. Cory. In four volumes. A history of the origin of South African colonisation and of its development towards the East from the earliest times to 1857. Vol 1: To 1820. Vol 3. Flyleaf: S Fletcher. R.U.C. 1920 [Sheila. Rhodes University] Condition: Good. ========= AFRICA VIEW Julian Huxley Chatto & Windus. 1933 Inside cover: Ida Fletcher Bembesi 1934. Booksellers: Preece & MacKenzie, Bulawayo. Condition: Good [re: Inspiration for the trip that P.F. and Ida planned to make to the Mountains of the Moon? He occasionally spoke of such a trip with his mother. The Depression and WW2 probably put a dampener on it. N.F.] ========== SUNSHINE AND STORM IN RHODESIA Being a Narrative of Events in Matabeleland Both before and during the recent native insurrection up to the date of the disbandment of the Bulawayo field force. Frederick Courteney Selous. Preface: ---Bulawayo 21st August 1896. Rowland Ward & Co 1896 Flyleaf: D. McDonald [pencil] I. Fletcher. [ink] Maybe?? the same writing. ..................... ["Messrs Fletcher and Simms....Cape Colonists....." Might have been R.A.? Pat was in Gwelo area at outbreak of the Rebellion. N.F.] When did Ida's father die? Check further. Check bookmark letter from MacPherson to Ingwe Kopje 1950's! ======= THE NEW NATION H.E.S. Fremantle. Member of the Cape Colony Assembly. A Survey of the Conditions and Prospects of South Africa. George Bell & Sons 1909. Flyleaf: Angus Fletcher signature ========= AID BOOK TO ENGINEERING ENTERPRISE ABROAD Ewing Matheson. E. and F.N. Spon. London 1878 Flyleaf: P. Fletcher, Queenstown 1880. [Pencil. Quite florid. Pat? not PcP? check]. ********* Inside cover: P. Fletcher. [Ink. Ida? check.] Condition: Quite good. Minor repair. =================== SOUTH AFRICA FROM THE GREAT TREK TO THE UNION Frank R. Cana. Chapman & Hall 1909 =========== THE YELLOW MAN LOOKS ON Hedley A. Chilvers Being A Story of the Anglo-Dutch Conflict in Southern Africa and its Interest for the Peoples of Asia.. Forward by Sir Abe Bailey Cassell & Co. 1933 Inside cover: Fletcher Bembesi [Ida??] =========== OUT OF THE CRUCIBLE Hedley A. Chilvers 1930 reprint Cassell & Co. ======= AFRICAN ODYSSEY Joseph Crad First published 1939 John Gifford Ltd Flyleaf: "To Pat Fletcher From Matabele Wilson 'More Rhodesian History' " [http://archiver.rootsweb.ancestry.com/th/read/CUMBERLAND/2006-02/1139384601] ========= PEACE OR WAR IN SOUTH AFRICA A.M.S. Methuen. May 1901 Seventh edition revised & enlarged. Sept 1901. Methuen & Co. London Flyleaf: W. M. Espin. 1.3.02 Condition: Minor repair ========== THE GOLD REGIONS OF SOUTH EASTERN AFRICA By the Late Thomas Baines Esq. London: Esward Stanford. Cape Colony J.W.C. Mackay, Port Elizabeth. 1877. Flyleaf: erasure? Flyleaf: "Pat Fletcher A small memento of the many pleasant days spent together. H,[?]E{??]G[?] 19/9/89 Back cover pocket: Empty Condition: Good -------------- THE GOLD REGIONS OF SOUTH EASTERN AFRICA By the Late Thomas Baines Esq. London: Esward Stanford. Cape Colony J.W.C. Mackay, Port Elizabeth. 1877. Flyleaf: Scrawl of small children Title Page: P. Fletcher [pencil] Dedication page: Rubber stamp: P. Fletcher ---P.W.---- Port Elizabeth. [scan] Back cover pocket: Map etc - frail paper [scan] Condition: Fair. Needs repair. ================ THE LIFE OF JAN HENDRIK HOFMEYR (Onse Jan) J.H. Hofmeyr, in collaboration with F.W. Reitz Van de Sandt de Villiers Printing Co Ltd. Cape Town. 1913 Flyleaf: Pat Fletcher Bembesi ============== HOLISM AND EVOLUTION J.C. Smuts. Macmillan and Co. Ltd. London 1927 [Second edition] Inside cover: T.D. Papenfus ============= A TREATISE ON ASTRONOMY For the Use of Colleges and Schools Hugh Godfrey. Third Edition 1880 Macmillan & Co Flyleaf: P. Fletcher Jnr [?] 3/4/1889 Queenstown. [Somewhat florid style. On the same page P. Fletcher made with rubber stamp, in similar style to the signature. On other flyleaf P Fletcher in a plainer(later?) style. On the back flyleaf, in pencil, "N.B. Extract from University Calendar 'Spherical astronomy will include the methods of finding the latitude, longitude, local mean time and true bearing..... etc etc' " A few playing cards as bookmarks. ========= PEACE OR WAR IN SOUTH AFRICA A.M.S. Methuen. Methuen & Co. 6th Edition 1901. Flyleaf: W.M. Espin. 1.3.02 ========== COMMANDO A Boer Journal of the Boer War Deneys Reitz Faber & Faber Ltd Fouth Impression 1930 Inside cover: Pat Fletcher [Ida's handwriting?] ============= TREKKING ON Deneys Reitz Faber & Faber First edition? Sept 1933 Inside cover; Dugald Fletcher March 1934 [Ida's handwriting?] ========== NO OUTSPAN Deneys Reitz Faber & Faber Fifth Impression 1945 =========== SOUTHERN RHODESIA Percy F. Hone George Bell & Sons 1909 ============= MANUAL OF SOUTH AFRICAN HISTORY A. Wilmot. J.C. Juta & Sons, Cape Town 1901 =========== THREE YEARS WAR Christiaan Rudolf de Wet Archibald Constable & Co 1902 Flyleaf: P. Fletcher P.O. Bembesi [Ida's handwriting?] ============ PROGRESS IN SOUTH AFRICA IN THE CENTURY George McCall Theal W&R Chambers 1902 Flyleaf: I. Fletcher [Ida} ============ SCIENCE IN SOUTH AFRICA: A Handbook and Review W. Flint (Librarian of Parliament, C.T. and J.D.F. Gilchrist (Govt. Biologist, C.T.) T. Maskew Miller (C.T,. Pretoria, Bulawayo) 1905 Flyleaf: J.M. Bain from L. Peringuey [Assist. Dir. S.A. Museum. A contributor to this book] ["Bain, J.M. Collected ants from Moorreesburg, Vryburg district and Morokweng from 1907-1908 (specimens in Iziko SA Museum)" - Internet search] ============ The Life of the Rt. Hon. CECIL JOHN RHODES Sir Lewis Michell Edward Arnold 1910 Vol. 1 Vol 11 Flyleaf: Pat Fletcher ================= The Life and Times of the Right Honourable CECIL JOHN RHODES 1853-1902 Sir Lewis Michell Edward Arnold 1912 Inside cover: " Presented to/ Patrick Fletcher/by the/British South Africa Co/ as a memento of the early days of Rhodesia" ==================== CECIL RHODES THE MAN AND HIS WORK By one of his private and confidential secretaries Gordon Le Sueur John Murray 1913 Flyleaf: P Fletcher Bulawayo ========== CECIL RHODES HIS PRIVATE LIFE BY HIS PRIVATE SECRETARY Philip Jourdan John Lane The Bodley Head 1910 ============ RHODES A Life J.G. McDonald Philip Allan & Co. 1927 ========= MY RECOLLECTIONS Princess Catherine Radziwill Isbister & Co. 1904 ========== CECIL RHODES MAN AND EMPIRE MAKER Princess Catherine Radziwill (Catherine Kolb-Danvin) Cassell & Co. 1918 Inside cover: Pat Fletcher Bembesi ============ RHODES J.G. Lockhart & C.M. Woodhouse Hodder & Stoughton 1963 =========== THE FIRST SOUTH AFRICAN Life and Times of Sir Percy FitzPatrick A. P. Cartwright Purnell & Sons 1971 [Inside cover: Peter Fletcher] ========== JAN SMUTS F.S. Crafford Howard Timmins 1946 Flyleaf: Pat Fletcher Sept 1946 [check signature] ========== SOUTH-WEST AFRICA William Eveleigh T. Fisher Unwin 1915 [Brown's Bazaar, Bookstore & Newsagency, Fife Street Bulawayo] ============== A WOMAN'S WANDERINGS AND TRIALS DURING THE ANGLO-BOER WAR Mrs. (General) de la Rey T. Fisher Unwin MDCD111 Flyleaf: I. Fletcher ============= SIR WILLIAM BUTLER An Autobiography Lieut. Gen. W.F. Butler Constable & Co. 1911 ["In 1898 he succeeded General William Howley Goodenough as commander-in-chief in South Africa, with the local rank of lieutenant-general. For a short period (December 1898-February 1899), during the absence of Sir Alfred Milner in England, he acted as high commissioner, and as such, and subsequently in his military capacity, he expressed views on the subject of the probabilities of war which were not approved by the home government; he was consequently ordered home ......" Wikipedia] ============== THE LIFE OF WILLIAM EWART GLADSTONE John Morley Vol 1 (1809-1872) Macmillan & Co 1905 =========== THE DIARY OF SAMUEL PEPYS ESQ. F.R.S. From 1659-1669 Edited by Lord Braybrooke W.W. Gibbings 1891 Flyleaf: Pat Fletcher =========== TRAVELS THROUGH FRANCE AND ITALY [Partial: with Sir Launcelot Greaves] ============= COLONIAL GOVERNMENT Paul S. Reinsch The MacMillan Co 1902 [N.F. bought in England?] ============== SOUTH AFRICA AND THE BRITISH EMPIRE A Course of Lessons for the Cape Matriculation History Syllabus of 1912. A.S. Bleby. [Principal of Girls' High School, Rondebosch.] Edition revised by H.C. Girdlestone [Diocesan College, Rondebosch. 1911] J.C. Juta & Co. 1912. [Much notation in pencil] [Considerably more severe than Cape Matric History ca. 1955 etc] =============== THE SOUTH AFRICANS Sarah Gertrude Millin Constable & Co. New ed. 1934 Flyleaf: P Fletcher from H.T. Longden ========== THE RIVALS; THE SCHOOL FOR SCANDAL and other plays Richard Brinsley Sheridan Chatto & Windus 1890 Flyleaf: R. Dawson. Faded sticker:C,S, Macphail. [Richard Dawson, who married Pat's sister. How did this book come to be at Zimbile?. Dawson spent time in Rhodesia etc etc] =========== ROYAL COLONIAL INSTITUTE Report of Proceedings Vol XXX111 1901-1902 ============= THE WORKS OF CHARLES LAMB Vol 3. Critical Essays J.M. Dent 1903 ============ ESWARD KING BISHOP OF LINCOLN G.W.E. Rusell Smith, Elder & Co. 1913. Fifth Impression - Fourth Edition Flyleaf: "Angus Fletcher 4.6.13 from G.W.E" [?] in pencil ============ THE FORMATION OF VEGETABLE MOULD Through the Action of Worms with Observations on Their Habits C. Darwin. John Murray 1904. Thirteenth Thousand. =========== THE HEART OF ASIA A History of Russian Turkestan and the Central Asian Khanates from the Earliest Times. Francis Henry Skrine and Edward Denison Ross Methuen & Co 1899. Flyleaf: Fletcher Bembesi. [Pencil. Hand?] ========== THE WITWATERSRAND GOLDFIELDS Banket and Mining Practice S. J. Truscott Macmillan & Co 1898 Flyleaf: P. Fletcher. Stamped: T.M. Miller Bookseller & Stationer P.O. Box 280 Bulawayo ============= THE GOVERNMENT OF SOUTH AFRICA Vol 1 Central News Agency 1908 ============== The Autobiography of JOHN HAYS HAMMOND Vol 2 John Hays Hammond Farrar & Rinehart "Leyds hated the Uitlanders more keenly than did the bitterest Boer. It was the Uitlanders who thwarted the large-scale grafting schemes of Leyds and his associates" pp 388 ========== EVOLUTION OF THE JAPANESE Social and Psychic Sidney L. Gulic Fleming H. Revell Co. 1903. Flyleaf: L.S. Evans ============= LIFE OF DANIEL BOONE The Great Western Hunter & Pioneer To which is added his autobiography as dictated by himself. and showing his own belief that he was instrument ordained to settle the wilderness. Cecil H. Hartley American Publishers Corporation [undated?] Condition: Browning paper; edges chewed by rodents; readable. =========== THE LIFE OF JOHN XAVIER MERRIMAN Sir Perceval Laurence Constable & Co 1930 Inside cover: Pat Fletcher Bembesi [Ida?] ============= GENERAL SMUTS' CAMPAIGN IN EAST AFRICA Brig-Gen J.H.V. Crowe John Murray 1918 Inside cover: Pat Fletcher April 1919 [Ida?] ============= IN SMUTS'S CAMP B.K. Long Oxford University Press 1945 Title page: H.U.M. Feb 1946 [ Check: Hugh?/ Howard Unwin Moffat?] ====== FAREWELL TO PARLIAMENT Leslie Blackwell. Forward by J.H. Hofmeyr Shuter & Shooter 1946 [Title page: P. Fletcher Zimbele Dec 1946 (check writing)] ======= LINGARD'S HISTORY OF ENGLAND Dom Henry Norbert Birt George Bell 1906 ============ MEMOIRS OF THE PRETENDERS And Their Adherents. John Heneage Jesse George Bell & Co 1901 Flyleaf: Paul F. Wilmot Bulawayo. ...................... [Check: Wilmots had property on the old Essexvale Rd near Lakeside, Hotel Rio. Same family?] ................... "My name is Barbara Ann Wilmot and I live in London, in the UK. I was, however, born in Africa in November, 1959, in a country that is now called Zimbabwe and this is where I grew up as well. My great grandfather, Alexander Wilmot, brought our branch of the family to Africa sometime around the end of the 19th century. He was a member of the Cape parliament and wrote a book on the botany of the Cape. He was also a member of an old, catholic, English family and was apparently a descendant of the poet, John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester. Sadly, I know very little else about my family and would be most interested to hear from anyone who believes they are related to me and knows more about this line of Wilmots. Barbara Wilmot Business Development Director EMail: Barbara.Wilmot@tnsofres.com (9/7/2000)". ============ NAPOLEON THE LAST PHASE Lord Rosebery Arthur L. Humphreys 1900 Fourth Impression. Condition: Cover gnawed away. Loose, needs rebinding. =============== FACE TO FACE WITH KAISERISM James W. Gerard [Ambassador to German Imperial Court] Hodder & Stoughton 1918 ========= The Story of Nations SCOTLAND From the Earliest Times to the Present Century John Mackintosh T. Fisher Unwin 1900 Flyleaf: Angus S. Fletcher January 1903 [florid] ========== LIFE'S HANDICAP Rudyard Kipling Macmillan & CO 1891 Flyleaf: Patrick Fletcher 28th May 1892 [PcP? scan specimen] Condition: OK but requires repair. =========== INSTRUCTION IN MILITARY ENGINEERING Vol I Part III Military Bridges. School of Military Engineering Chatham 1887 ========= The Mechanic's, Machinist's, and Engineers Practical BOOK OF REFERENCE [ with] ENGINEER'S FIELD BOOK Charles Haslett. Edited by Charles W. Hackley W.A. Townsend & Co. 1859 ========= NOTE-BOOK OF AGRICULTURAL FACTS AND FIGURES For Farmers and Farm Students Primrose McConnell Crosby Lockwood & Son 1910 Flyleaf: Pat Fletcher May 1916 1 bag mealies= 4.26 cube feet ========== Bulawayo Public Library. Founded 1896. CATALOGUE OF THE LENDING & REFERENCE DEPARTMENTS Compiled by D. Niven. Librarian. Bulawayo 1908. 370 pages List of Library committee etc. Inside cover etc: pencil list of books. Pat? and Ida? F. ========= AN AFRICAN YEAR Cullen Gouldsbury Edward Arnold 1912 Early Northern Rhodesia. Flyleaf: A Frielinghaus ============== LIFE AND ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD John B. Marsh George Routledge & Sons Ltd Flyleaf: Sheila Fletcher Xmas 1910 Bulawayo =========== THE LIFE AND ADVENTURES OF ROBINSON CRUSOE By Daniel Defoe With a portrait, and one hundred illustrations by J.D. Watson Engraved on wood by the brothers Dalziel George Routledge & Sons Ltd 1891 Needs rebinding ================= THE PILGRIM'S PROGRESS John Bunyan Thomas Nelson & Sons Inside cover: L. Meston (?) May 27th 1919 ======== THE ROYAL READERS No. V! T. Nelson & Sons 1884 Inside cover/flyleaf: Brice [?] 1.6.86. Bruce [?] Hamilton Relly [?] ========= SESAME AND LILLIES John Ruskin George Allen & Sons Missing part of preface to edition of 1865 ========== THE COMPLETE POETICAL WORKS of Sir Walter Scott George Routledge & Sons 1885 ======== THE GREAT WAR Vols. I - IV Winston Churchill Home Library Book Co. [1933?] ========= [The following works of J.S. Mill were purchased by N.F. from the Rondebosch Boys High School library in Cape Town. They did not appear to have been much read; rugby being rightly preferred.] PRINCIPLES OF POLITICAL ECONOMY John Stuart Mill Eighth Edition Vol I-II Longman, Green, Reader, and Dyer 1878 ----------- ESSAYS ON SOME UNSETTLED QUESTIONS OF POLITICAL ECONOMY J.S. Mill Third ed. 1877 ---------- SYSTEM OF LOGIC Vol. 1& II J.S. Mill -------------- DISSERTATIONS AND DISCUSSIONS Vols. II-IV J.S. Mill =========== SIR W. HAMILTON'S PHILOSOPHY Vol I J.S. Mill ------------------ AUTOBIOGRAPHY J.S. Mill Fifth ed. ------------- UTILITARIANISM J.S. Mill Sixth ed. 1877 ------------ INAUGURAL ADDRESS Del,ivered to the University of St Andrews Feb 1 1867 J.S. Mill -------------------- CHAPTERS AND SPEECHES ON THE IRISH LAND QUESTION J.S. Mill -------------- NATURE the UTILITY OF RELIGION and THEISM J.S. Mill --------------------- ON LIBERTY J.S. Mill Fifth ed. 1874 =========== THE NATIONAL BURNS Edited by Rev George Gilfillan Including the Airs of All the Songs William MacKenzie [Needs reconstruction] ============== WORKSHOP RECEIPTS Series 1-4 For the use of Manufacturers, Mechanics, and Scientific Amateurs Ernest Spon 1888 C.G. Warnford Lock 1889 Robert Haldane 1885 E. & F.N. Spon, London [publishers?] 1888 [Florid P. Fletcher stamp] ============= BULAWAYO Historic Battleground of Rhodesia Oliver Ransford A.A. Balkema 1968 Title page signed by Ransford [Given this book by Bill McKinney?/John Dudman?] ================= THE WORLD AND ITS PEOPLES Rand, McNally & Co. Price, $10 [Heavy book. Date?: Edward VII. Needs repair] ============== ROUND LONDON George Newnes Ltd 1896 Label inside cover: Wynberg High School for Boys Std VII class. 2nd. prize for efficiency in general work Awarded by The Managers To A.S. Fletcher E. F[?] Littlewood, Principal June 1898. Needs rebinding ============ SIXTY YEARS A QUEEN Herbert Maxwell Harmsworth Bros. Ltd Label inside cover: Wynberg High School for Boys Std VI class. 1st prize (eq.) for proficiency in general work Awarded by The Managers To A.S. Fletcher E. F[?] Littlewood, Principal June 1897. Needs repair ================== A VISIT TO LOBENGULA IN 1889 H. Vaughan-Williams Robert Maclehose & Co. First pub. 1947 =========== THE KING OF THE TIGERS Louis Rousselet Samson Low, Marston, Searle, & Rivington. 1885 [Pat (Pater, Damman) used to read this to me. N.F.] ============= THE BATTLE FOR RHODESIA Douglas Reed Haum, Cape Town. First pub. 1966 =========== LOST CHANCE: Southern Rhodesia 1945-58 Hardwicke Holderness Zimbabwe Publishing House 1985 ========= & others............... Original file: ca. 2010 Last modified: 11 May 2016
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