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ida_22 R. A. Fletcher; Pat Fletcher;(central back row) with 13 Others. In South Africa?

ida_40 Rhodes and Cronies

ida_27 Simms; Bob McDonald. 1896 Rebellion. Byo.

papenfus_id Pat Fletcher; Ludovic Napoleon Papenfus; his daughter, Eileen Papenfus.

carruthers 1890 pioneers taken in 1925
Back Row: Bob Carruthers; ?; ?; ?; Skipper Hoste; ?; J.L. Crawford; Alfred Drew.
Front Row :?; ?; ?; L.N. Papenfus; Dr Vigne; P. Fletcher; ?; ?.
Separate photoshop image in Bulletin: Jack Carruthers; Matabele Wilson.

ida_500 Pioneers at Rhodes' statue. Including Totty Hay; Billy Lynch; P. Fletcher; Texas Long; L.N. Papenfus

ida_501 Group of 23 men seated including Bill Napier (middle, 6 from left); P. Fletcher (front, 3 from left).

ida_502 Billy Lynch; Matabele Wilson; Pat Fletcher; Mrs Wilson; Ida Fletcher. Sitting by fishpond, Zimbile.

ida_503 Officers - Gifford's Horse. [Lieuts. Moffat, Jackson, W(?)arwick. Capt. Bertie Fynn]

ida_504 Texas Long; Billy Lynch

ida_505 Pat Fletcher, L. Papenfus and others at Alan Wilson Memorial, Matopos

ida_508 Pat Fletcher (pointing); L.N.Papenfus; etc. The Pioneers, at Memorial Park, Bulawayo

ida_509 Pat Fletcher talking to King. G. Also in picture is Hugh Beadle. Memorial Park, Bulawayo

peter_58 Old Ndebele woman who came (?) to Bulawayo with Mzilikazi

Photo - Group of 36 men. Well dressed. (P.F. in pencil: "1893" )