FLETCHER FAMILY ARCHIVE.   The Jura, Scotland - Southern African branch.
Data capture and research notes. A work in progress.
RHODESIANA. Anecdotal. My father Peter Fletcher, who was born in Bulawayo in 1903, often spoke about having gone (to the Matopos area?) to see an old Matabele woman who claimed to have come to Bulawayo with Mzilikazi. A black and white photo in his album he used to point out and say it was of the old woman. She told him she was a young girl at the time, and she helped to herd the cattle, etc. Most likely the photo was taken in the second half of the 1930's. At any rate it was at such a date that if she had come with Mzilikazi, she would have had to have been at least 100 years old when the photo was taken. Peter never said that he disbelieved her story.This meeting must have made a deep impression on him, for in his old age, perhaps in his late eighties when he was already losing his abilities, one of the last paintings he made was a copy of the photograph he had taken. He kept it on his bedroom wall till the time of his death in 1994. * * * [Neil Fletcher. Nannup, Western Australia. 2016.] Wikipedia ?? "His name means "the great road" In Ndebele umzila=tail igazi=blood .. he left a trail of blood O.F.





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