Some entries from:
The Zimbile Diaries of Peter Fletcher

Work in progress

Comments and annotations by N.F.
Peter was taken away from RBHS for financial reasons before
writing his matric exams, which he later wrote in Bulawayo. 
1923 is the year I seem to recall mentioned. Elwyn says Peter 
studied for them at Agency Chambers. 

So he might have written the exams at the end of that year, or 
in early 1924. But in any case he started his working life 
straight way, running the farm, when he was about twenty years 
of age. It was not his chosen career. 

The diaries were kept from 1924 until a few months before his
death in January 1994.

They were all pocket diaries. He carried them and a propelling 
pencil in his left shirt pocket, which had a button. The diary 
was with him all the time. None were ever lost, which is quite 
remarkable, for one could easily have fallen down a well, got  
lost in the veld while getting through a fence, - something he 
would have done thousands of times..... 

They were solely a log of work, without a single thought of any 
sort, apart from "Mother's Birthday" every 9th August, and so on. 
Nor did they contain many memos, shopping lists or anything like 
that. He certainly had plenty of those, kept loosely on carefully 
folded pieces of writing paper between the diary front cover and 
flyleaf. When all the tasks on each paper were completed it was 
thrown away. 

So, from a general point of view his diaries could be said to  
be very boring. As boring in fact as the 1860s Keerom Diary of  
his grandmother in Namaqualand. But, as has been remarked 
elsewhere, like that diary, they do have particular things of 
interest. Things that just need pointing out and added detail 

Peter's spelling was poor and inconsistent.It is mostly unchanged 
here. Inevitably the pencil writing on some pages has become smudged. 
And some of his writing is a careless scribble, not surprisingly,  
as it was mostly written standing up in the heat of the day, perhaps 
in a dusty kraal with hundred of cattle, or in the half light of an 
evening, recording details from one of the formen. 

Ndebele or Afrikaans words have been left as he spelled them, which 
was phonetically, not necessarily "correct". In the case of Ndebele  
there was then, and perhaps still now, no definitive dictionary 

from a spelling point of view. The language has sounds not used in 
English. An apostrophe indicating possessives are also absent, and 
have not been entered editorially. (e.g. Jims= Jim's paddock/where 
he lived etc 

January 1924
9	Bernstein owes for 163 lbs skins
	[Bernstein is mentioned in a number of diary entries: almost certainly
	Alec Bernstein, according (2009) to Molly Schur, widow of Leslie Bernstein,
	who had the poultry business in Bulawayo, and who was Alec Bernstein's son.
	native stores in the rural area.
	This would seem to make sense in terms of further entries about Bernstein's
	cattle, as the store was less than a mile from the Zimbile boundary.
	The store, hardly 200 yards from Bembesi railway station, was also a
	post office from the earliest days. The postbag was dropped by the train
	guard and taken to the store. Everybody in the neighbourhood had just one
	postal address: "P.O. Bembesi".
	This remained so until Independence when the new owner of the store was
	said to have declined to continue the postal service.
	Over the years the store changed hands a number of times, details of which
	are noted in order below.]

March 1924
19	2 cows & 2 calves returned to Mabetchu *
	[mbechu = loin cloth worn by Matabele men. 'Ma' is plural?
	Whatever the case the name refers to an outcrop of serpentine
	hills on the "Bottom Farm", Subdivision B of Zimbile. 6000 acres.
	In the early days it went to Annie Fletcher, Peter's aunt.
	The farm was later called Drummond, after a McDonald farm
	in the Queenstown area of the Eastern Cape, and before that
	from a McDonald home in Scotland.
	It is referred to as Mab in the diaries. The cattle that were
	held jointly by the RA & PF family company, and looked after
	by Peter, were mostly held there.
	Drummond was bought in the late Seventies by Zimbile from
	Annie's grandson, Hugh Fletcher, who went to South Africa.
	(Hugh contributed the SA Fletcher material to Margaret Mason's
	book on the Fletchers of Glenorchy.) ]

	19 cows & 19 calves from Jims.*
	3 cows & 3 calves from Mabetchu
	[Jims; One of the largest paddocks on Zimbile at this time.
	(Did it include Longile and Bens, Macua, etc. Acres?
	As with many of the other paddocks,it was named after a
	native who had a kraal in that locality in the early days.
	"Jim" would not of course have been his native name.
	Other paddocks with such names: Ben's, Macua, Sifuba. 
	Similarly, some of the ploughed lands (fields) were also
	so named, after people who might first have cleared and
	ploughed them: Mtabene, Luguri, Robert.]

20	Sheep 668 (in yard 83): milk cows 149:
	cow & calf sent to Dicks
	evening ? 142 (10 to Jims)
21	2 boys to round up Jims Jocks?  cattle
	Mabetchu 1 calf dead
22	Jims should be about 831 ink  828 pencil			
	Tollies "     "     "       "     265  tick mark  dipped
	["Tollies" = "tolle" (Ndebele): calf of some months of age. Pre-weaner.
	Newborn, small calves are "inkonyan"
	Jims dipped 828 counting 2 milk cows
	1 illeg 829
23	Dipped Wessels oxen 145 & 14 y    4 cows & 4 calves
	[Wessels Block. 
	Family sandveld farm east of Zimbile. 17000 acres.
	At this time it might not have been fenced into paddocks. In the
	1950s it went to Colin.]
	Photo: The Africander herd, ca. 1955?

24	Mabetchu dipped ?39     9 youg pigs castrated
28	Started to cut hay
29	Started to stump Jock's valley. Inspanned one young ox.
	[Jock was ?. His paddock, also called Sifuba, had a shallow valley
	cutting through the banded ironstone ridge running NS. This flat strip
	of ground was naturally relatively lush in comparison to the stony ridge.
	"Stumping": i.e. clearing the valley of small trees and brush to make
	it a hayfield suitable for ox-drawn mowers.
	It was mowed well into the 1980s when an El Nino cycle dried it out from
	a grass point of view, and acacias etc quickly encroached again.
	A young ox chosen to grow old as a working ox and not to be killed earlier
	for meat. Such young oxen were trained or "broken in" by being inspanned
	in a team of seasoned oxen, and so were kept in place and learned the job
	from their elders.

30	a mention of  Perrins

April 1924
 1	Fixed up pig sty. 6 Levi boys left.
	[So there were some pigs at this time. Possibly domestic only.
	[Levi boys. In the early days labour was scarce. etc
	Check govnt. labour office. also Beula boys etc
	Link Johnny McDonald file].
 2	Fixed up pig sty
 3	Started to cut hay *
         It should be pointed out at the very beginning that "hay" in this part
        of the world should not be thought of in terms of the hay made in the
        temperate zones.
        Sweet veld/ sour veld. Annual/perennial grasses. Fibre. Rumen flora
        Cattle in feedpens, manure, compost making.
 6	overhauled sepparater  *
	Probably a cream separator. 
	Possibly Ida was already selling cream. I recall hearing that cream was 
	sent at various times to the Gwelo Creamery, and also south, to Mafeking? or Kimberley?
	Railed from Bembesi ? Also recall something about "sulphuring"
	to preserve the cream. It was exposed in a box to fumes from burning sulphur?
10	2 pickannins arrived	*
	Young blacks. Perhaps wanting work
11	inspanned one new ox. Started 2nd stack *	
16	Started 3rd stack	
20	1 lamb killed by hawk
25	Strange mule found...
26  	Sheila married	
	Peter's older sister Sheila married Dick Kelly.
	He had been (a manager??) on Nuanetsi Ranch.
	Photo ca.1966. Link Kelly.
	Below: "Dick borought iron trap". Bought/borrowed?
	If this was Dick Kelly, what is the meaning of the shorthorn bull
	and elsewhere Dick's cattle.? If he was around at the time
	of his wedding, how long had he been so? Did he have cattle
	at Zimbile.?
	When did he leave Nuanetsi, and when did they go to Eire after after
	the wedding? etc. 
	[Dugald's potato patch story][Furrow aerial]

May 1924
 2	Started to fill silo. *
	There was at this date one pit for making maize silage. 
	How was it chopped/what drove the chopper?
	See later Papec details, photo etc. 
 3 	Dick* borought sic  iron trap
13	Shorthorn bull from Dick to homestead. Sheep 744 *
22 	First heavy frost. 
	"One could expect frost about the first
	week in June". Collect first mentions of frost in all the diary
	years ... 
	Locusts at homestead.
	All about locusts etc. Catching and drying for animal feed.
	(after hammermill?)
25	Zishole? on Dick's cattle
26	Mabetchu 942.  * 
30	locusts at Dyke Wrights	
	First mention in diaries of Dyke Wright.
	a href etc Dyke Wright recoll etc. 
31	Last load silage
	It took almost a month to bring in the maize for silage. 
	The maize plants would have been chopped down by
	hand in the land, as done with sugarcane, and loaded
	onto the ox waggons. (They might have been cut by
	an ordinary ox drawn reciprocating mower, the same
	as sued for cutting hay.?) Whatever way it was done
	was the same way it was done right into the early Fifties,
	when the advent of the small Ferguson tractors with
	tipping trailers, and the Case forage harvester, drawn by
	the Farmall M, revolutionised everything.

June 1924
2	Hay on silo. 
	[The surface of the cut silage in the silo had to be sealed
	as best it could be against oxygen (air) for the acetic acid
	fermentation process, which preserved the silage, could
	take place. Before the days of plastic sheeting wet sacks,
	old bucksails (tarpaulins), soil, etc. were used, and hay and
	weights put on top. Silage in those days was made in pits, a
	bit wider than wells. Some were brick lined, as was the first at 
	Zimbile, and others were just bare earth or rock sided. They were
	deep rather than wide for the simple reason this presented the
	smallest area to air, thereby minimising the inevitable waste of
	some material below this surface, however well it might be sealed]

	There is reason to suspect that at this date the silo pit was not
	yet brick lined. For a reference to "pointing" from a later date 
	would possibly imply brickwork at that stage:
	"The silo is all but finished - only a few days pointing to be done. 
	I think it will, with luck, take about three years to fill it: once filled
	I would funk emptying it again" . Letter Pat to Ida. 28 April 1936.
	This remark about three years to fill was probably a bit of mischievous
	exaggeration by Peter's father to Ida about her son's ambitious and
	new fangled activities.     
	load pumpkins
	[Pumpkins were a crop with a long history of production on Zimbile.
	They were always in demand both locally and as an export to the
	mines South Africa. They were a basic and popular side dish to
	the maize meal staple. They also had a long shelf life.
	After the winter frosts, in October or November, they were planted
	in rows wide enough for an oxwaggon to go down. In the rows,
	perhaps six paces or so apart, the soil was pulled inwards to form
	a round "dam"wall about two feet in diameter and a few inches high.
	, Inside the dam a lot of dry cattle manure compost, taken from a
	waggon which moved slowly down the rows, was placed and worked
	into the soil, and a number of pumpkin seeds planted. A waggon with
	drums of water followed and water poured or siphoned into each "dam".
	With a bit of luck early rains would keep the plants going. Their main
	requirement was plenty of manure. A pumpkin plant is quite happy to
	grow on and over the thin crust that forms on a liquid manure pond 
	below a piggery or dairy, such as happened more than thirty years
	later when the modern dairy was built at Zimbile. The dairy and other
	workers had an acre of garden growing.]	

3	Locusts beyond dip
4	Fire at Jeneves. 
	[Regrettably I never enquired about Jeneve when Peter now and then
	mentioned his name. Clearly he was a reasonably close neighbour.
	Perhaps on one of the sandveld farms east of Zimbile. He might even
	have been on the "Bottom Farm" in the early days. As others, for instance
	Overholster (sp?), were. I definitely heard that the latter a "bakkies" pump
	(bucket pump) on a shallow well on the river bank just upstream of the
	drift we later made after buying Drummond. The pump was for growing
	vegetables. The remains of the well were still there in the Eighties.] 
	Dick cutting thatch.
6	Dicks cattle dipped 180
20	Started to reap Garden Land	
	Garden Land was one of the oldest lands on the farm.
	It was so called because it was adjacent to a small kitchen garden
	patch on the north bank of the Mnyezana stream, about xxx metres NW
	of the homestead. Here some vegetables were grown, watered by hand
	from the nearby Garden Pool. It was a long and narrow pool held by a bar
	of greenstone, over which the water fell about ten feet in a little waterfall.
	An old photograph of Peter and his brothers swimming in this(?) pool
	shows a bit of piping on the bank. Perhaps there was a hand pump on the
	pool at some stage, or perhaps this photo is of a similar pool by the old 
	dipping tank which had a double action ("kamina-kawena") pump for filling
	the dip.
	Near the Garden patch were planted three mulberry trees. They were not
	the large Cape mulberries, but the smaller variety which fruit very early in
	the Spring. They were still bearing fruit in the Eighties and possibly later
	A patch of silver (?) poplars, planted nearby, grew discreetly - unable to
	spread beyond the moist alluvial riverbank soils.	

24	Sent 2 tons pumpkins ...
26	Started to plough Black Land	*

July 1924
1	Finished ploughing Black Land
4	Last load stalks from Garden Land
6	locusts slept Musas kraal ?
7	Started to reap Wessels Land	*	
8	Started to reap Hatfields Land	*
22	Finished reaping
25	Started to plough Garden LAnd *
30	Finished Garden Land
31	Started to plough Wessels Land

August 1924
4	Started to plough Flat Land	*
9	Mothers birthday
11	Finished ploughing Flat Land
29	First load of manure on Dyke Wrights Land	*

September 1924
4	24 milk calves branded enoculated castrated	
	Milk calves were those of the Africander milk cows that were
	brought in to the old stone kraal near the homestead each night.
	They would not likely have been branded until near weaning, so
	the innoculation was likely against quarter evil. (Braxy blackleg). 
	An invariably fatal disease. Its main symptom was a dead animal.
	On inspection of which one of its legs would be seen to be puffy
	and swollen from subcutaneous gas, and black in colour. The
	disease seemed most prevalent when young stock were most
	healthy and fat. It was said their skin was then stretched and easily 
	penetrated by the pathogen. Innoculation of cattle gave them good
	and lifelong immunity. 
	Anecdote: In the Seventies, during the war, I was on call-up in
	a fairly remote area near the Zambesi, and was suprised to hear
	in a radio message that sixteen weaners had died overnight in
	the weaning pen from quarter evil. Some farmers I was with just
	shook their heads....
10	Finished carting sheep kraal manure. NF
12	opened up ? water at Mapinkili
15	Link cattle sheep deathsexample pages
	Link Notes re protein nutrition/rumen function etc
20	poles put in dip	
	Poles, of wet debarked wood cut on the farm were treated
	at the old dipping tank (built 1906) to protect them from
	white ants, borers etc. There were two processes, one
	superceding the other over time. The first was a big 60gal.
	drum over a firebox. Small batches of poles were boiled in
	a solution of some poison. Next to it, and of later construction
	was a rectangular cement tank six or more paces long and
	about 3 paces wide. Set in the ground, with a lip of about a
	foot above ground. It was about four foot deep. It had a 
	double usage. Built right next to the dip tank, it was used 
	to hold some of the cleaner dipwash when the dip occasionally
	was emptied for cleaning. After all the sand etc in the bottom
	of the dip was shovelled out, the dipwash put back from the
	nearby tank. The dishwask could also just be left there its other
	purpose, - treating poles. They were left in a solution of arsenic
	for months. In those days arsenic was also the poison used in 
	the cattle dips for killing ticks.

29	Tin ? house to Wessels
	Possibly the same corrugated iron "tent" that found various usage
	at the farm into the Nineties, often as a shelter for the boys who
	chased animals out of the irrigated lands at night when the crops
	were small.

October 1924
4	Long  do? ndead see below
7	Hides put into alum
	Breing, tanning etc
13	waggon wheels sent to town	
	For repair or refitting of iron rims or wheel hubs and wooden spokework.
18	Nelly foaled see forward  
        Started to milk
i	1 Jims m yearling dead at stack
	October was a harsh month for cattle. Hot and dry. Skin and bones.
	Hardly surviving on the fibrous grass. Rumen function failing etc.
	Especially hard for cows.They had a few months before weaned a 
	calf which ....probably pregnant with another large calf draining her system
	Decling nutrition.... To get pregnant again ......
	Those that had "gone down" in the veld - i.e. unable to stand - were 
	brought near the haystacks at the farmyard where they could at least
	drink water placed in front of them. It was hopeless. What they needed
	was to be in an I.C.U. of a later age: drips, glucose, antibiotics, rumen 
	flora recovery, physiotherapy. 
	A bullet was the only answer, but it was never given. "Nursing" was 
	kept up. And "hope", - in spite of all experience against it. Dead, they 
	were dropped down Dr. Vigne's old mineshaft in Sifuba, where they lay
	undisturbed until an outbreak of prospecting by blacks, as desperate
	for a living as the cattle had been sixty years before for food, nodoubt 
	caused their bones to be brought to the surface and sold, or scattered.

 30	Trucked 30 oxen to Joburg	*

November 1924
2	burnt grass at maghwaghwa *
	maghwaghwa, or however it is spelled, is a small kopje of granite rocks with
	trees, quite close to the eastern boundary of Zimbile in Jims, not far south
	off the Fort Rixon road. Its name is the Ndebele word for channel fat in
	animal carcasses. Co-ords: A similar small kopje is not very far away on 
	the northern side of the Rixon road in the paddock called Longile. It might
	have been called Mbila (dassie) in the early days of the farm.
	There were others of these small isolated kopjes on the sandveld. Co-ords.

10	scan shorthorn afrikanders etc
22	28 sheep dead.  25 boys arrived for locusts
24	Started to harrow Black land  and plough Jocks land 
25	started to harrow Garden land
28	Longdons heifer calved.  8 jones ?? boys left    1 sick

December 1924
1	Received poison from Jones
	Jones?. see jones boys above.
2	Started planting Black Land. Started ploughing Dyke Wrights land. 
	Started harrowing Wessels land. Received 3 1/2 bags seed mealies
	from Jeneve ?? *
3	Longdon's calf dead. Sheep 572. Started to plant Garden Land. 
	Disc plough axle broken 
	NB disc plough.not just mouldboards. find details
4	Started to harrow Flat Land and Jock's land. Ploughed in Wessels land.
	Finished planting Garden Land. 
	"Ploughed in"= turned soil, burying  old stover or new green weeds.
5 	Started planting Flat Land. pumpkins D.W.L. ploughing New land
	[D.W.L. = Dyke Wright's Land. 
	New Land? What lands in this area have not been mentioned yet?
6	Harrowed Black and Wessels LAnd and half of  Garden Land  finished
	planting Jocks land half Wessels land.
8	finished planting Flatland.  "  "  pumpkins. Ploughed in New land
9	planted lleg W.L.  Started ploughing H.L. Hatfields ploughed in N.L.
10	ploughed New land.  Hatfields
11 	ploughed in new L  Hatfield L 
13	Started to plough Walkers Land
14	ploughed in Walkers L. Started extension ? of  N.L.	
16	fixed up fence at Roberts *. Took down Dicks kraal.
17 	Lent {sent?} waggon for Dicks kraal. Re made tollie kraal. caught 25 goats.
18	34 ? goats caught. 2 calves born Shorthorn. 1 sheep dead. 1 shorthorn
	cow dead. 1 sheep killed for house
20	174 cows and calves from camp (wessels) sent to Mabetchu. Horses dipped.
	Shorthorn cow drowned Granite River. Started new tollie kraal.
	Ploughed in New land.
21	Ploughed in Walkers land.
22	Started to plant Hatfields land. Harrowed W.L. &H.L.. ploughed W.L.
23	Started to milk *  underlined. Ploughed in W.L. planted H.L.
25	Tollies dipped 245.  
	Nelly was Peter's grey mare, about which he always spoke with admiration.
	He said the horse enjoyed chasing Fingo dogs hunting on the farm; there 
	was no need to hold the reins, it knew what was required, and Peter could
	shoot with the .303 over the horse's head, without it getting the slightest
	fright. It enjoyed the business.
	N.F.: I took a chance with this .303 over a grey mare' head in 1973. She was
	called Gypsey and she didn't flinch. It was in the midday heat and a large
	reedbuck ram was on the ground, having forty winks in Sifuba paddock. The mare
	would not stand to have the buck pulled up over her back however. 
	ploughed in H.L.finshed ploughing W.L.
	Milk cows dipped.
27	started to plough garden land (red). overhauled zigzag and spring tooth harrows.
28	Sheep 569. Locust boys returned. First flying locusts. Harrowed-in Walkers land.
29	1 sheep killed for house. Lands eaten by two locust swarms. Started to plant walkers land.
30	fetched straining posts. planted W.L. Harrowed F.L.   locusts. Working ox hurt.
31	12 cows 11 calves from Mabetchu to milk. shot working ox. Planted W.L.

Memoranda:. Railage from Joburg to Bembesi. 
Wire 755d. per ton. lime[??] do. [?? illeg] 3/7 per 100 lbs.
M'ghanxwe [sp?] owner waggon which carted D.W.'s rock
Magufa pass
Magufa. In the old photos? Pass= letter of ???bona fides?
COMMENTS, LOOSE ENDS. See .... for details of land names and acreages etc	
Mabetchu. = mbechu= loincloth worn by Matabele men. The Mabetchu Hills
are the ones on Zimbile B (Drummond), also referred to as the Bottom Farm,
and by the natives "ara"= RA (Fletcher). cows milked at Umvutcha? This would 
have been the era of which Peter always complained about all the good milking
Afrikanders being taken to Umvutcha.
Cream separator. Link image and article. The Sharples tubular model was
around well before 1924. Major Perrins. At one stage (?) owned the whole of 
Westonbank (6? farms?). PBS
Fordson steel wheeled tractor
*	2nd stack. There were up to eight made? See Owen. But Conex aerial suggests 12 max
*	Ploughing and carting was done with oxen
*	Explanation of all land names. Sketch. 
*	Oxen to Joburg. Before the Cold Storage. Inc P's story about their condition
on arrival in JB. Ration meat for mineworkers.
Send wire and standards instead of cash. Into Pater's pocket, to the Club.
See railage charges above.
Magufa. Link to photo in P's old album D.W.'s rock. Dyke Wright might still 
have been around in 1924. [?] [Link DW recoll] * Link scan of 1924/25 rain records 
Started to milk. The underlining might suggest this was the start of a
new activity as far as Peter was concerned.??
But see milk and cream records for Feb etc 1924
*	Garden Land was finally 23 acres, but in 1924 it was probably smaller.
I think the red upper section was partly a later extension.
* Jeneve. Might have been on Zimbile/B See 1925 re equipment for hay.

February 1925
17	Lauder  * dead
27	Working oxen 57 *

March 1925
1	Riems * out of water 
3	Broke disselboom *	 of waggon
4	135 standards 15 str posts 13 ?, 2 hammers, 2 jumpers, 12 droppers
	to van der Walt
11	Started drain of Black Land *
	Riems: Milking new 6, old 8; thick ? 6;  oxen ? 34;  ? 1
16	Started irrigation furrow from Garden.*  5 boys 11 a.m.
28	Started on high bank.  Of the river? Furrow work?

April 1925
7	2 boys cleaning dip =dipping tank link file to dipping etc
9	Finished cleaning dip.  Cow fell down silo
10	Took cow out of silo
13	10 oxen from Wessels to train as trek oxen
16	Started to cut hay
17	Started to build first stack
20	Working =trek oxen 72.  Fixed up 2 furrows
24 	Started stack in paddock

May 1925
7	Plough from Geneve
17 	Boys RNs  registered nos.
20 	1 load pumpkins
21	2 loads pumpkins
22	3 loads pumpkins
23	Reg Nos   
27	Sent mower & rake to Geneve.
	 1 cow dead Mabetchu (gall sickness) *

June 1925
1	Fixed up drift near Garden link aerial
	Sold 1 Africander bull L12.10.0 (Jones)
2	Fixed drift by lands, Started Shorthorn kraal.
8 	17 sheep, 25 hm =hamels (Afrik.) = castrated males to Hoffmans & Co Byo
10	Fixed up drift on Granite River
15 	Started to reap G. Land
16 	Ploughed in G.L.	 
19	Reaping details Yields etc   scan

July 1925
2	Lady dog got dik kop dikkop:  lit. "thick head" (Afrik.)  =bird/plover. link
	2 Persian rams arrived from town.
3	Lady dead maybe dik kop = sickness.?  Or a dikkop bone in her throat?
7	Mabetchu should be 723
8	Fixed up dip at Ayleffs
	In later years Ayliff lived on Rietfontein, next door to Bradford, but if he was 
	being paid to dip Wessels Block cattle, maybe he was at this time  on a 
	closer farm
14	Sheep double dosed
16-26 	example pages
31	36 oxen trucked to Bailie Johannesburg. see truck detailsBailie file

August 1925
4	Aggresin etc scan
19	Daddy's count
20	23 oxen 13 cows trucked to Joburg
21	Fixed dip at Ayliff  - see re cattle to Bailie
25	Waggon stuck in river
26 	Manuring ->

September 1925
2	Took 3 boys to cut poles at Bradford file:species
6	Books sent to Ayliffs:
		Red Thumb Mark R.A. Freeman 1862-'43
		A Damsel in Distress
		The Valley of the J...?Giants??
		Lunatic at Large
		Kindred of the Dust  A 1922 American silent film
		??? Years??
		Lunatic at Large again?
19	1 stumping Flat Land
26	52 oxen pass embargo. 4 oxen sold Byo
28	list of poles from Bradford
30	Dietlefs fetched ram

October 1925
2	2nd load poles from Bradford	
6	3rd load poles from Bradford link distances calcs etc
7	Rams put into flock
15	12 bulls, 147 heifers trucked to Congo
19	Poles into dip explain
21	Bought Shorthorn bull
22	Tabene sent to Victoria ponder further. Did he come back?
24	Finished stumping Flat Land was this an extension? FL already mentioned?
26	Enoculated foals
27	horses temperature

November 1925
1	Ayliff paid for dipping Wessels £10.17.11/2
3	Poles out dip
5	Pedigree Shorthorn bull arrived from Harris and Osborne (Figtree)
12	Foal sick temp
18 	skins to Hoffman
20	re Finn's bull

Check December

*Lauder An imported Shorthorn bull, named after the tenor. It  gored Pat,
	 who spent six weeks on the expanding table which stood on the
	 Zimbile verandah. The table is now in Nannup, Western Australia.
*oxen A span of oxen was sixteen ?. So these would have been
	sufficient on any one day for one plough, one waggon, one
	mower, etc. approximately.

*riems link letter to Emma re riems

*disselboom Long wooden "towbar" of an oxwaggon.
*Garden By the little waterfall on the Mnyezan River, about 500?? metres
	upstream of the house. Apart from the pool above the waterfall,
	the black alluvial soil close by would have been a further 
	factor in the choice of this site for a garden. Later when a garden
	was made near the house, the old garden was referred to as
	The Mullberries, because of the three or so trees in a row, which
	were still there at the end of the century. A considerable thicket
	of silver? poplars grew nearby. Digging this furrow seems to
	have gone on for several months. I am unable to give details
	concerning it, as I do not recall ever hearing it mentioned.
*gallsickness Anaplasmosis. One of the main serious diseases of cattle
	causes by the ricketsial bacteria  Anaplasma marginale
	Make related file re dipping.

January 1926
14	eclyps of sun
20 	28 young Afrikander bulls sold £10 each

February 1926
5	Started new tolly kraal
8	Started braking new part of Flat Land
10	seperator broken
14	1 Afr bull shot for boys
22	 Send for brand
23	Milking, 6 boys started 7.a.m.  7 " " 7,30 a.m.  9 " " 745 a.m.

March 1926
28	Milk cattle should be  cows 178   calves  144   yearlings  16
31	Ayliff paid to date for milking £6-9-9 1/2

April 1926
1	New Land 14.5 acres
6 	17 young oxen sold Essexvale.  13  £4-5-0      4  £2.10.0
12	Started to cut hay
23	28 bulls trucked to Congo
25	Very heavy frost    at house mealies killed
27	2 boys cleaning silo   

May 1926
 5	finished cutting hay
10	started cutting silage
11	Sidagwa {fined 30/- or} 1 month at Essexvale
22	2 loads silage (last)  18 ionches from top. 
	water added to waggon load dry mealies 200 gallons
	 enter all load details
25	Rams removed from flock. Started to plough  Wess  B.L.
	Strated to cut Wess L.

June 1926
7	 5 Afr bulls sold £10 each.   Started to make cattle crush
16 	Chickens 92 evening.  "chickens" meant chicks usually, not fowls???
21	30 boys mealies.   Started to reap D.W.L. 
22	14 bags mealies
23	N.C. Belingwe £10  Native Commissioner
26	71 bags mealies  
29	Finished reaping D.W.L.    Total bags cobs - 207

July 1926
4	Meet Perrins at Wessels Major Perrins - link
5	Electrificating  	This needs solving. 
6	Electrificating
20	Started to line well   
29	finished lining well

August 1926
19	1 load poles from Wess

September 1926
5	Ayliff paid for dipping  £7-10-11
17	36 oxen trucked to Joburg
20	opened silo
30	94 bags mealies to station Bembesi? for rail/sale?

October 1926
1	36 oxen trucked to Joburg
8	36 oxen passed embargo
13	667 lbs inc ? 32 hides sent to Dunel Ebden P.E.    Rams put into flock
16	(4 oxen sent to Joburg dead in trucks)  1 Shorthorn bull dead (Fynns)

November 1926
1	Camp burnt
10	Spoff covered  spoff (Ndebele)= a blind thing. This blind cow much mentioned
15	Finished overhauling Fingoe Fence.
18	finished removing & fetched  bottom wire from Fingoe Fence
23	180 oxen from Wess to O'Keefe's  
	Lanegan O'keefe? On Clonmore? Later? High Commissioner in London?
	Link letter;  anecdote re Mrs Halfred's painting of old Matabele woman in Government House

December 1926
2	Planted part of Black L  dry with Hickory   Hickory King = maize variety
13	15 hides wt 340 lbs sent to Dunel Ebden
26	Planted New Black Land (yellow)  which was old black land?
29	fingoes trespassing  girls name  Emma head of Kraal Thlamini ?
	25' x 9"x9" uses 2.5 bags cement   1/4 waggonload  stone

Comments - Footnotes

* tolly kraal.  Might refer to a) small stone kraal within the main stone kraal, north of the 
Zimbile homestead. The calves were isolated in the small kraal overnight so that they
couldn't drink milk from their mothers. In the morning they were let out individually, and
ran to their mothers, stimulating them to let down their milk. The cows were then hobbled
with a riem and then hand milked  by a boy who squatted with a bucket between his knees.
The calf would suckle whatever teat that was free, and would occasionally have its nose 
smacked if it seemed to be getting too much. It was quite a wild process.The cows jumped
and moved around quite a bit, and knocked over the milkers and their buckets, The cows
were mostly Africanders, with long horns, and would attack to protect their new calves. A
lot of  manure dust got stirred up in the dry season. This would settle as a brown layer in the 
bottom of the milk cans, The cows' teats were often lubricated with a vaseline type jelly, 
and this caused some of the hairs from the udders to float on the surface of the milk.
The tolly ( also "tollie") pen at the stone kraal can be seen in the ca. 1936 aerial photo. 
b) A calf pen might at this stage already have been made on the entrance side of the
old (1906) dip. A sorting gate diverted the calves before the dip, so that the adult
cattle could not jump on top of them in the dip and drown them. 

	Check & link Pat's diary   eg. windmill . See PFdiary  1927  re well etc
Cattle crush = the side race to the bale, south of tank? The  north race to the building and 
	scale etc was built in the circa. early Seventies

January 1927
3	Diagram of hay loading in truck
4	loading hay on waggon   Geneve's way	
5	loading on waggon - my way.
17	Sixpence - Office - Meshack	boys' names
29	Statistics

February 1927
8	Sheep dipped 194
9	Mab dipped 1220
11	Line 1900 yards  fence?? see forward
13 	?  given for mealies to Essexvale

March 1927
8	B.L. 122 rows this might give indication of land width
9	3 ft 8 in from top
14	details of fencing material
17    	  ditto
21	Started cutting hay at Jims
22	Rain  .71    Rain .9  "If you want it to rain start cutting hay" - Peter
24	Bushman Rolled up ? maybe jocular
25	started stack 2 by new fence near Jims?
28	fence material
30	young ox found at Terblanche first mention of T in the diaries?
31	Paid for Wess oxen up to date

April 1927
2	Test eggs
5	fence reaches Genev's gate, Gate shifted
6	Send Stuwela? to Terblanche
	Wankie & Mgeteraai? sent through Essexvale
	I remember P talking about Wanke
8	1 lamb born (First)
9	1 old cow dead Jim (poverty)
13	Shorthorns dipped 200?
15	Pay accounts
25	Sent to Bembesi 9 yokes 2 chains 7 cables 36 skeys 7 shackles 6 rings 14 reims & strops
28	Light frost along river. Finished cutting hay on Flats  = sandveld flats?
29	Started cutting hay near Dyke Wrights.  3 boys cleaning silo
30	heavy frost along River. mealies nipped ?

May 1927
2	1 donkey dead,  Started cutting silage 
12	2 tollies killed by train. 1 Bernstein's oxen killed by train
13	Started to plough B.L. below house  
	Possible indicator.  So far he has not used the term Bob's Land. And I would
	imagined that it was one of the oldest lands. In later years B.L. was
	used by him as Black Land, which was not below the house.
14	Finished cutting hay.
	Natives on Bradford.  Nhlamba  6158 Insiza RC no.  32 head of cattle
	Mtelizi 4892 Insiza  72 head
15	Went over Chilo
16-17	details of ??
18	potatoes
20	12 pm Allan caught 5 Bernstein 4 our oxen
21	Paid Allan £2 for 9 cattle trespass
23	duchman ? in D. ? H. 64 (5 sheep)
24	D Small house 68
28	? - 100  white hens 10 white cocks into D. Big house
29	Van der Walt rolled up.  Kelly Junior arrived. Martin Kelly born?.
	same term used with "Jennifer arrived" ? check
31	Waggon sent to Wessels
	Rats. ? given to Baume ?? is there not this name in
	one of Pat's letters?  A dog?

June 1927
1	Started digging dip at Wessels
	If there was no dip there at this stage, where were the
	cattle dipped.? Did Ayliff have adjoining ground, on which
	our cattle were dipped, as per dipping payments to Ayliff?
	Was Ayliff also at Rietfontein? The books lent etc. Also
	fixing Ayliffs drift? etc
	Link reef where the dip building stones were got. Near boundary
	gate/grid on main Rixon road.
9	Started fowl house near crush  crush= ?? mealie crush/crate
11	Well water level 58.5 ft.  Bottom 64.5 ft
16	Station Master started getting milk (1/2 gal)
21	Berstein  boys payments?
22	record of bags in-out

July 1927
1	shopping list
5	Wessels Tank finished
	7 tanks of 400 gallons to just over stone jump-off
6	Waggon and oxen returned from Wessels
7	Sent waggon wheel to Byo
9	Wess dipping paid for to date £4-18-5 1/2  Last
16 	football rugby pants
20	Black land 120 bags inc seed

August 1927
1	Started fowlhouse near Black land gate
	So where does this put Black land?
2	48 oxen removed from tollies (Umvutcha)
	This is the first?  mention of Umvutcha in the diaries so far
4	New Station master started getting milk 1/2 gal
6	Wessels cattle dipped  first time in new dip??
10	George turned up.   George Die???
13	Bought 10x30 "Eclips" Windmill	
15	Tom Dietlefs started getting milk 1/2 gal
25	Sheep dosed    adults 190  lambs 70
27	1 donkey foal dead
30	Wrote to police re A?? check duplicate book

September 1927
1	Well at top of brickwork 63.5 feet from bottom. 5ft water
	the final dept of well was 81 ft??
5	50 bags to station
6	100 bags to station
7	trucked 210 bags mealies to co-op  first mention of co-op??
9	fetched hay bailer from Robinson. started to open silo.  10 bales
10	81 bales
12	73 bales
13	100 bales   etc
26	started night shift on well deepening it?
29	finished bailing hay

October 1927
3	Finished deepening well. 6240 gal per day. bottom of well 74 ft.
	water 58.5 ft from top.. 15.5 ft water.
	Still not to 81 ft.?  Link to my ~~ AMSL levels
5	Figs given to Baume ? sp. Is this a dog. See Pat's re "returned
	to find Baume in possession" or something like that. Maybe it was
	a person. Strange name for a dog.
10	80 bales from Flats  sandveld?
12	truck weighed by railway 13100 lbs H&O? wt 13430 lbs
14	1 truck hay  158 bales (weighed)
15	weight of hay in 2nd truck 13100 (158 bales)
18	loaded truck hay 158 bales
19	1 truck hay sent off 163 bales (weighed)
20	10 bales hay to Bernstein

November  1927
1	put in foundations of reservoir  cement 1 sand 4  stone 6.
	1 foot x 7 1/2 inches. (4 bags)
2	started brickwork on reservoir (mortar 1 to 4	)
4	Trucked 45 hammels to Byo
7	7th row brickwork 1 to 5
10	started building last 4 rows brickwork all headers
11	finished brickwork of reservoir (8 1/2 bags)
16	Cement ? cheque £12-5-0
18	2 calves born Wess (Kangware) Could this be the same one
	who was on the farm in the Fifties.? With Runameso, Macua. One
	of them, not Macua, retired to Victoria with his money, and was killed
	and robbed by his family, Peter believed
19	cobbled floor of reservoir. laid concrete floor of reservoir
22	plastered reservoir.  1 cement 3 sand. (8 bags cement) (Floor 15 bags cement)
24	 started planting Black land
25	Started Fingoe ?} L crossed out 
26	Started planting Fscribble but looks like g on end L.  {Fingo Fence Land already?
29	Finished planting Walkers L   6 p.m. notch 1
30	6 pm  2nd notch  records of notches to 4th Dec.  Maybe of water levels/seepage in 
	new reservoir??

December 1927
3	Sheep dosed.  ewes 142  rams 2  small lambs 27  weaned lambs 64
9	planted pumpkins in H.L.
17	Trucked 158 skins to D.E.  P.E.  3120 lbs
19 	Replanted Fingoe land  see earlier  Borrowed Terblanches planter

January 1928	
2	Beaken beacon to road beaken 925 yds. R. beaken to kraal 2550 yds
4	Bernstein oxen 39
7	Smiths cattle dipped at Wessels 3 herds (2 cows, 1 oxen)
14	1 cow dead Mab (veld poison)
15	2 heifers dead Shorthorns (veld poison). 2 yearlings dead Mab (veld poison)
16	1 Shorthorn heiffer dead (veld poison)
17	1 cow 1 yearling dead Jims (veld poison)
18	1 cow dead Jim (poison)
21	Smith dipped  (2 herds) 1 herd oxen 306,  1 herd cows 204.  2 boys only
31	5 gals water  5 lbs sugar  1 lb arsenic soda.  
	12 hides salted sent  to DE  PE weight=258 lbs

February 1928
10	planted out 14 orange trees (from Patterson)
	From N corner to W corner
	4 Washington? navels. 2 Valencia Late.
	next row
	4 Du Roi  2 Jaffa
	3rd row  2 St Michael
11	planted half bag potatoes
	(have got 20ft   1 1/2"   have got 1 1/2" tap)
	Wind mill to tank 315 ft (1 1/2 pipe)
	To trees 36 ft  1 T piece, 1 tap, 1 bend 
	To round bed 90 40?ft 1 T  1 tap  1 bend
	To lemon 60 ft  1 bend 1 T  1 tap
	To gate 60 ft   1 bend  1 tap
	(1 valve 1 1/2".) ( 1 1/2" taps  2) (1 1/2" bends 2

13	Set off Wess boundary.  Fife started work
14	Planted half bag potatoes
15	1 yearling dead Jims (snake)
23	Bernsteins oxen removed 39 (to Gwelo)
	planted 4 citrus  
	3rd row  3rd from N   2 Mediter sweet ?  2 grapefruit
24	240 Shorthorns handed? over to Bayiwa?
	Waggon sent to Wessels with:-
	14 str. psts 41 bds? stds 33 barbed w  1 1/2 plain
	2 picks  2 shovels  4 axes (2 small)  2 jumpers
	1 hammer  brace bit  spanners  gate post  2 sails
	tape  1 b. meal  1 d. dip strainer  2 pliers  instrument theodolite?
25	 put first load of fencing material along line at Wessels
	gate to Perrins fence 1330 yards
26	found Lady Heath on Copthal Block a Sunday
28	Started putting in standards at Wess

March 1928
 1	60 goats sent to pound
10	Smith cattle dipped. 
	(cows & calves 150 oxen 59 cows & calves 361) Wanki's count
13	Trucked 31 bulls for Salisbury. 1 lamb born  first of year
19  	Cheque for cream from Robinson 147 lbs at  1/5  £10-8-3
	check:  first mention of sales to Robinsons?
22	Planted 1 lb lucerne seed
28	Strawberries planted from N Bed
	100 Prudent Slachter
	100 Melba	
	100 Red Alpine
	100 King of the Earlies
	5th row from N
	24 Pres Sl
	12 Melba
	36 Red Alpine
	21 King of Earlies

April 1928
7	Smiths last dipping at Wess
15	Played Lonely Mine (won) rugby

May 1928
5	Robinsons cheque for March. Cream £18.17.7  Should be £18.8.11
	(233 lbs at 1/7)
7	Shorthorns 296 taken from Bangwa ?)	
10	material returned from Wessels
19	eclips 3.35-5.35

June 1928
 12	2 rams trucked to Chigwell
14	20 oxen trucked Joburg
24	Robinsons cheque. 120 lb at 1/7  £9-10-0
	Dairy boy
	feed horses
	stir cream
	make fire
	feed calves
	wash up
	grind mealies
	fetch horses

July 1928
4	1 bottle ? milk per day to station
5	18 cows trucked to Bailie
12	1 ox shot for boys (lame)
21	Cheque from Robinson  123 @ 1/9   £10-15-3
26	39 cows trucked to Bailie
	planted fruit trees - figs - quince - peaches - plums - apricots-
	apples - rasberries?- grapes
28	11 rams sent to town (sold)  £2-10-0
	grape cutings from West
	7 Waltham Cross  1 W Hanapoort  1 W Crystal 6 Barbarossa 9 Raisin Blanc
	These might be slips, to be planted out the following year. For the variety
	numbers do not particularly match what was  growing in Forties & Fifties. And
	the rows ran N-S, while diary entry is "from West".
	Rasberries from North  12 Red  6 Lloyd Genze 
August 1928
7	294 cows 3 bulls from Jim for Bradford
13 	Started making bricks (4boys)
15	30 bulls removed from Tollies - sold Mitchel
17	30 bulls sent to Shangani (sold)
20	Robinson cheque 74 at 1/9  £6-9-6

September 1928
13	3 Bureau boys start work 
	 Bricks 12 a.m. 6684
22	About 10000 bricks
25	Tabene payment entry.   12.45 am 12500 bricks

October 	 1928
2	bricks 1st 10 rows without sand, rest 5 ground sand 1				
8	Bricks Kiln
	foundation 1 course about 1500 bricks
	 coal 2  about 30 bags coal	
	close? clod?  7   
	coal   1                 
	close ?clod? 7   
11	23 oxen to Joburg
18	2 new rams arrived
23	stream tested below land  23000 gals per day
	Streamflow near end of dry season.  Link PF Records Book
24	Stalion arrived from Umvutcha  
31	69 skins to Dunnel  Ebden PE weight 1416 lbs
	65 bags pumpkins 8350 lbs
	to Ripton? Strs? Byo m?wt 8288

November 1928
1	Liguri mentioned
3	27 skins from Bradford
4	roof of shed blown off  what shed?
5	52 skins to DE. PE. wt 993 lbs
	PF used to say that he paid for fencing with skins sold
	down south. That he asked to be paid in fencing material
	so that Pater couldn't put it in his pocket and go off to the
	Club. He said the skins were more valuable than the meat.
	That Russia was building up its army and wanted leather
	for boots, etc
15	Skins to DE PE  9skins 162 lbs  10 skins  160 lbs
24	Got Ford truck
26	Planted Euc. Rostrata next ie along fence East of yard		
29	fetched martin ditcher
	A Martin Ditcher was an horse or ox drawn implement for 
	making a ditch/furrow. Its action might have been not unlike
	a grader's.??  I dont remember one at Zimbile. NF

December 1928
10	66 cattle caught Brad. Mkilizi Spiwe (Skwayiso cattle) took
	cattle out kraal about 9 pm
12	113 skins to DE PE 2323 lbs
13	tested water 1ft fall below dip  34560 gals per day
 17	Attended court at Fort Rixon Xwyeza got L3 or 1 month
	Slept Masher Whyte's   At Makovani? He died 1836??
18	Attended court Fort Rixon   Mkilizi & Spiwa

January 1929
12	Planted 2 boxes potatoes
31	2 bulls sent to Byo  soldL12-10-0 (Hay)
	= Tottie Hay, the auctioneers?

February 1929
22	8 Afr bulls from Mab to Inyati( Native Dept)
23	I ram sold Robinson L3
March 1929
2	finished fence across Granite River
	started mid? '28?
3	Black horse dead (dinKop) ?
25	cobbled dip Kraal Bradford

April 1929
5	Started to cut hay
6	Jess dead (horse sickness)
24 	Carted first load stone for mealie crate

May 1929
16	started building crate & compound
21	strawberries 2 N beds Sast?ns leader?
	2 S beds St Antonia ?
27	Warned natives on  B.E. Co
	.=Bechuanaland Exploration Co.  Which farm?
	Wanki to Zimbele  from Wessels.?

June 1929
5	started grouting crate
7	Finished mealie crate  7.75 bags cement
21	L.B.H. 22.9 bags per acre
	Land Below the House. Bobs/Figtree land??
	Also grain/cobs.? This seems like a very high
	yield for those days.
25	6 bulls sne to Gwelo. (sold Schemer L10)
	B Schemer ? Baltimore Farm  Shangani District

July 1929
6	694 bags FL Total grain/cobs?; area in those days?
12	started shelling(?)   so yields = cobs before shelling
15	chicken pullets put into Kraal House 290
18 	110 bags mealies to Bembesi
	first?? use of "notici"
19	100 bags mealies to Bembesi
24	finished shelling 1st crate full
	trucked mealies to Byo 
  total 558 bags  ~~53 MT....scan?  
31	Left Byo for Gwaai. Slept beyond Lonely Mine

August 1929
1	Slept on Gwaai
2	Slept Chatham on Sikumi River
3	Slept Chatham on Sikumi River Put up two flags on Good Hope
4	Slept Chatham.  
5	Slept Kachulas, Took on Thlabuti
6	Thlabuti shot 2 waterbuck. Slept Kachula
7 	Slept Magala sp?
8	Slept Mazala? sp took over six boys from Lenchist ??
9	Took on Greyling - left Gwaai for Byo
18	Abraan ? started carting loads of wood from Bradford
21	Squep notici   but....?
22-23	Scan mealies, potatoes Kangwari Mjos Koraan
28 	bought challenge pump from Cock? L7

September 1929
2	started fowl house near ???
6	Erected challenge pump at Dip
	so its a kamina-kawena pump?
13	finished brickwork of foul house near crate
14	Planted 18 willows at irrigation pool
	where else but pool at Mill? But what irrigation
	was already taking place here? 
21	Kangwari notici
23	1 ram sold Judson 25/-
28	Put new buckets? on windmill
	?? "buckets"
30	Grass fire from Allans ground burnt up to Rixon Rd

October 1929
10	Went to Gwaai
13	returned from Gwaai
18	finished winter ploughing 75 acres

November 1929
14	Cattle prices at Hay's auction
22	23 oxen trucked to Congo
23	45 Fingo oxen caught Rixon Rd

December 1929
7	piping at Dip broken by flood

January 1930
15	Started to brei riems
	see afrik dict.  breipaal. breiklip
	link Emma email
	Thomas left 6th Oct '29 for 3 weeks holiday. owes £3-10-0
16	Milk cattle. Cows 105  calves 89  yearlings 17  bulls 2
	Mabechu classified adults 1112 (4 short)
21	Sheep should be 560.  Sheep 550 (approx)
23	Went to Fort Rixon. Thomas got 10 days for desertion.
27 	Got gum/gun? from Judson

February 1930
2	Thomas finished time
7	Shorthorns dipped  Tabene's count 366 
	his name clearly legible
9	Miss Cardwell & Co spent weekend at Zimbele
	check Cardwell at Umvutcha in Kenneth's letter1913
10	19 Afr bulls sold Central Estates- Gordon ?? £10 each
11	sold 2 rams illegh 25/- each.
	244 oxen from Mab to Wessels (Lici's kraal)
12	Thomas started work again
13	18 bulls from Mab to Lochard
14 	1 ram sold. Hay ? & sent to West Nicholson
15-16	headers   stretchers  bricks. kiln? scan
21	1 ram sold Carothers ?? for £2
	planted outour? strawberries
	started quarrying stone
25	Started foundations of Dairy 
	The Old Dairy of the Italians? near the house?
26	spoff from MaGwaGwa a/the blind animal from Jims kopje
27	Started to plant Halipensis breakwind
28	Mab 624 (Tongaras count)

March 1930
3	Started building brickwork of dairy
	Makuwa possible first mention of Macua??
5	1 ram sold Totty Hay sent to N.R. (35/-)	
	NR= Norhern Rhodesia  link Totty Hay page
7	erected aerial for wireless
	PF radio ham/batteries etc page
15	got Wireless set
20	...2 found in Greenspanns ground...
	Kodhwayo was owned by Union Cold Storage then?
	How do Greenspan's fit in? Diff farm?
22	13 oxen from Umvutcha to Zimbele
	after the split of ca. '26
23	1 sheep dead ticks & screw worm

 April 1930
4	13 oxen to Wessels Block (from Umvutcha)
5	18 oxen from Wess (Wanki) to Umvutcha
9	diagram for coil? and battery connections?
14	List of tools
19	erected grid gate at Glen Grey boundary
20 	Abraam reported 106 of Xyaieyas's cattle caught
22	2 rams trucked to Bechuanaland
28	heavy point? on roof

May 1930
5	Holland good all time poss. radio reception?
7	925 Duch of Bedford will broadcast her story of trip
8	Holland weak in afternoon
21	Greenspanns acc.
23	train to Kennedy Siding? Wankie
30	Played tennis with Durells?

June 1930
1	Beat Queens at Lonely  9 to 3
4	5 pm tune in to D.5.S.W. ?
5	Started cutting thatch White's Run Terblanche farm?
6	Permit Cut Grass for Bedding
10 	Started to reap Junction Land first ref to "Junction???
16 	Sent waggon to Terblanche for thatch

July 1930
12	Started to make bricks
	12 pm  Rome loud on coil 3 at 38 degrees
15	Started shelling mealies
17	Shot black ox for boys. Grassfire on Inyozan
22	veld north of Rixon Rd burnt 
	First mention of this part of farm. Not called Longile
25	South bricks first fill? 7100  to date 15328
29	Went to Glass Block

August 1930
3	Vengisai notici.  Dick 10/-  so Dick is person there
5	about 29000 brick to date
9	Mothers birthday
12	42841 bricks to date calc bricks/day
20	Fetched one load cinders from Formona see memoranda
28-29-30	Started building kiln  scan	
31	Durell fished at Zimbele

September 1930
10	Cream cheque from Robinson £8-2-8
11	1 truck mealies sent to co-op  no 81035 400 bags
12	10/- paid for phone cable
13	150 bags mealies to co-op truck 86054
14	part of Inyozan burnt out from Cocks
	Earlier diary mentions cock. Same Kochs as Dion?
15	Started to plough Junction Land
16	heavy frost and ice.  fetched 50 bags cinders from Mohem Mine
18	went to Victory re poles. Lit kiln
19	ground beyond railway about 125 acres next page diagram
28	Fire at Mapinkili first mention of Mapinkili??
	List of names. Those who fought/did not fight? the fire?
29	26 bags overdrawn in stock at C-op  stockfeed acc???
30	Mentions cattle movements from "Terblanche camp"

October 1930
5	Wess cattle Wanki 204  Lici  268.  40 oxen removed from Lici Wess
	to Byo.
6	Put floor in dairy  4 bags cement
9	40 oxen sold Hay's sale @ £ 5-5-0
12	Sold 103 oxen Smith @ £5-10-0
16	Mzanya & Tjumyi caught hunting in Zimbele & bribed Sixpence.
	Started building stores near dairy xxxxxxxxx
	Robinson £1-17-6 for cream
17	started thatching
	66 droppers required at Magwagwa & 1 standard
18	Sixpence £2-10-0  re bribe?
20	Wessels Block burnt out. if completely=17000 acres
22	made 3 trial Leclanche cells
30	ground burnt in Cocks from wess about 500 ac. ground burnt
	in Perrins about 150 ac.  Attended court at Ft Rixon
31	started digging pit for grid-gate on Gwelo Rd
November 1930
3	finished grid-gate on Rixon-Gwelo Rd. used 6 bags cement 1 load stones
	2 loads sand  2 loads rubble.
	This might relate to the earlier details of land on the other side of the Gwelo
	road. It got cut off and sold, and the new boundary fenced along the east side of the 
	Gwelo road. Presumably the Rixon Rd was not double fenced in those days and so
	a grid would have been required on the boundary where it joined the Gwelo Rd. The 
	implication is that until now cattle wandered across the main Gwelo Rd, and what 
	about the railway line
4	103 oxen from Wess (Lici) to Smith  the Smith that used to dip on Wessels?
6	letter to Roads Dept re grid gates check old duplicate books
8	fixed wire less batteries wireless
12	diagram.  road/fencing/river?
26	Planted Junction Land
27	Planted Flat Land

December 1930
1	Ploughed tennis court
3	Planted Fingoe Land
4	Joe Dietlefs paid %3163;50 for ground sold.
	If 125 acres as above,  8 shillings/acre, not so?
5	planted Inyouti Walkers L. first mention of inyouti?	
	started levelling tennis court
10	deaths given to Cattle Inspector to date from 3-11-30
	26 cows  7 calves  3 heifers  3 yearlings
12	Planted sunflower in Garden Land first mention of sunflowers
15	Anthrax fence 67.4-63.1 miles  from milometer on car. Diff = 4.3
	miles.  Check length of Zimbile new western boundary?. Also
	I thought this was called the East Coast Fever fence?
18	Terblanche camp now called Dyke Wright  !!!
19 	Hammels fed about 3440 lbs mealies = about 34 lbs per sheep
	i.e.  about 1/6 ea.
22	50 sheep sold Hay 16/-.  planted yellow mealies Jock's land.
	check back to earlier mentions of "Jock's"  land?
24	1 ox shot for Xmas
29	wireless world . weekly  wireless magazine.  monthly

January 1931
1	woodhouse's dinner
3	1 cow  1 heifer  2 oxen dead D.W. camp drinking dip
	started putting decomposed granite on Tennis court
8	started planting yellow mealies Walkers L  - cincinata
	a variety = ?? cincinatti?
9	45 loads de-composed granite on Tennis court
10	Started riding antheap in to tennis court.
	"riding" as in "transport riding" = carrying by oxwagon.
	Antheap= soil from antheaps. In sandy Mashonaland
 	areas farmers make thousands of clay bricks from a
	single antheap site.
13	225 droppers required to finish dip paddock
	droppers= spacers for barbed wire fence strands. They 
	are free of the ground, and between the standards, which 
	are knocked into the ground. The standards are aligned
 	between straining or corner posts. There were specification
	for fencing.
15	finished donkey cart
	27 waggon loads antheapon tennis court
	Lionie's Lionel's?? dinner.  Leone Robinson?
18	Set out boundary of Bradford and Hamilton
20	Finished tennis court roller
	This was probably the one made from circular steel plate
	filled with concrete, a bit more than 2ft in diameter.
25	Finished antheap on tennis court about 35 waggon loads.
28	Started fencing Allan's Boundary.
	Allan (surname).  This would have been the Longile boundary?
31	bought new Lucas battery 

February 1931
3	saw Viljoen re fencing account and payment of grid 
	which grid?  Allan-Viljoen ground not certain. see old Letters Book
14	2 sheep dead (dog)
16	Put material along fence dividing Jims
	This requires some thought. Was Longile part of Jims? When was 
	Ben's cut off. When was fence from Four Gates to Rixon Rd put up, 
	i.e. dividing Jim-Macua?
	bud peaches
17	Kenneths wedding scan
	bud peaches
18	1 ram  1 hammel dead Gaddi? (dog)
	Tabene & Thomas to Bushtick 
	Motor car accident 

March 1931
8	Umvutcha played Tennis
9	phone calls 3/-
12	Started building grid gate on Viljoens boundary 11 rails 6" apart.
	Outside measurements 9ft 6ins  x 7ft 4 ins The rails must refer to
	the grid?
16	finished grid gate on Viljoen's boundary
17	sent waggon with first load fencing material to Bradford
	Scan two pages
19	3 oxen sent to Ft Rixon Pound,  11/- recdeived
23	started cleaning irrgation furrow near bricks
	Mystery. implies existing furrow. Surely does not refer to Dugald's
	furrow for Sheila's wedding potatoes?
24	yearling bulls fit to sell 58
30	Saw Alkinson ? re Bradford fence
31	Donkeys 21

April 1931
1	1 hammel killed for house
2	painted grids on Main ? Rd. saw Allan
5	Got Alister's piping at Bushtick
6	painted grid on Fingoe location fence and Viljoen
15	1 sheep killed for house
20	Listen to Kenya ? 49.5 m  9-10 pm
21	Waggon to Quarry for 1st load stone
22	Went to Bradford re grid gate & road
24	First ?? of season at Home?
29	1 hammel killed for House

May 1931
2	sprayed peaches with lime sulphur
3	Set trap for crook crock?
13	1 sheep killed for house
14 	went to Bradford to point out road
1-17	Scan May 1931 boyhammer.jpg
26	(Luguri 45 bags cobs his land)
	Luguri's Land, at the north end of Walkers Red,
	might have at this time been allowed to Luguri to
	grow his crop. Luguri was an driver(oxen). The
	sandveld lands NW of the Goozi in Big Rock
	were also cultivated by some of the boys.
29	Fire at corner of Rixon Rd & Gwelo Rd. 
	A bit early for fires. Related to Peters stories
	of Viljoen burning people out, with a candle down an
	antbear's hole???

June 1931
4	put floor into spare room  ?
5	Went to Fynn  Bertie. at Battlefields Ranch?
	Railway fence near completion.
	The fence along the Gwelo Rd, now that the land
	on the other side was sold to Dietlef?? The is what
	the grids and gates were for?? But who is building
	the fence, PF??
8	Pay Lionel ?
13	Finished fence & gate at Gwelo-Fort Rixon Road.
	memo  insert map of sites where work this diary
	Bradford, Bushtick etc etc
26	1 ox of Mab killed for boys
	boys who round up cattle six names
29	killed ox for house

July 1931
3	Went to Wiltshire  Estate
4	71 bags yellows Hat. Land the cincinata?
	ref photo with Keyi SR52 Hatfield land 1970's?
8	981 cows & bulls from Jim to Lungile etc 
	 the first mention of this name.  scan page
16	1 sheep killed for house
18	Jim & Longile total 2101
28	1 sheep killed for house
30	fire on Inyozan

August 1931
1	Dosed sheep with carbon bisulphide
	re carbon bisulphide on Zimb
5	burnt fire lines at Longile first mention of this?
7	First sign of foot and mouth disease at Longile
	Twyman to inspect cattle
18	1 ox.....shot for boys
31	57 bags sunflowers in store

September 1931
1	Sent waggon Bradford with first load material
11	2nd load material to Bradford
12 	1 young ox (killed for boys)
14	Went to Bradford
15	Started digging dip. Shot rietbuck
	sleeping by river. Shot without getting out of bed.
	The milk skin on top of his coffee over his nose

October 1931
2	9 loads of stone for dip to date
2-3	Scan animal deaths
9	Attended court at Mzingwani
10	scan deaths - also
19	Avocados arrived N to S scan varieties  No see forward
20	sides of dip finished. 43 bags cement on walls & intake
	2 bags on floor
25	Finnished dipping tank at Bradford. 64 bags cement used
26	Scan cattle deaths. check rainfall previous. 
28	scan avocado varieties
29	scan deaths
31	Started middle grid at Bradford
	Deaths for October 322

November 1931
4	started last grid at Bradford
	Matabele started work
	? He often said he emplyed victoria boys and Shonas
	and that the Matabele did not want to work. Maybe this refers
8	waggon returned from Bradford
11	deaths for November to date 100
16	Posted lesson I to Bradshaw  art correspondence scan
28	220 skins into store

December 1931
4	1 sheep killed for house
8	fumigated oranges ?
22	Caught Matabele from Victory Dudzwa hunting
30	1 hammel killed

	Statistics return for 1931
	milk cows	 38
	other 	 696
	heifer	609
	calves 	260
	bulls 	25
	work oxen	62
	male yrlng	312
	Total	2898
	donkeys 	20
	sheep 	239
	poultry	1200
	ducks	20
	geese 	2
	turkeys 	100
	Cattle deaths
	disease	50
	poverty 	629
	acc	10
	donkeys deaths
	pov	2
	acc	2
	sheep deaths
	disease & pov
	acc	6
	slaughter	15
	Labour 	on cattle
		15 ind. 5 non ind. =indigenous
		4 ind.    3 non ind.

	first mention of wc. Relate colours mentioned to
	the early paintings

	I was wondering why so many sheep were killed for the house - about 1 a fortnight - 
	which is much more than in previous years. But after reaching  the end of this diary
	it was clear that the family were trying to eat them before they died. The sheep, that is.
	This was a busy year for Peter, fencing, building, trees, wireless, foot and mouth disease,
	water colour painting, and hundreds of animal deaths from poverty.

January 1932
3	Went to Bradford
4	Mab 685 (57 short according to last count), 49 found
	- still 8 short
6	316 hides went to Lochard Siding?
7	Wessels oxen:- {Wankie 130, Lici 132} boys count
	Started building fowl houses 2nd from mealie crate.
	There were fowl ruins and houses between the dwala
	mealie crate and the row of gums before the cattle
	feeding pens. Near the gate into the first of these
	fowl runs was the big wild gardenia (mvalasangwa).
	The runs could be approached from the workshop, or
	more usually down the long path from the house down
	to the pigsties and feeding pens. The runs only 
	extended halfway to the main road to the valley
	lands; in between were two large pens in which
	boars were kept, and later these were used for
	weaning pens and a also for dairy bulls, some
	of which were dangerous. With the advent of AI
	only a couple of bulls were kept.
8	Jims classified:
	Cows 		649
	heifers 	539
	calves 		245
	Yearling oxen 	 81
	old bulls 	 23
	2 year bulls 	 34
	Oxen 		 23
	Total		1594

29	1 sheep killed for house

February 1932
3	sheep 189  40 short. 39 found
5	Jims 1341 (7 short)
11	expect 3rd lesson to be returned. The drawing
	lessons P.F. enrolled for. From England. Link
	drawings Rem:paint
18	Fished at Jims - 22 bream 1 barble
22	Fished at Jims kept 31 fish. The pools on the 
	river where Ida liked to fish. These pools became
	completely dry in the 1980's
28	Tennis - Alister - Napier? - Lionel - xxxxx?

March 1932
3	Went to Lochard
7	Mrs Halford painted Maboko's ? mother. Link HalfordRem:paint
9	Painted on Thaba Induna reserve Check old b/w photo. And that
	P.F. had made an early painting??Rem:paint
11	Started on Liclonche cells. Leclanche? battery cells. PF
	made a number of them for wireless receiving and transmitting. He
	could never get up any speed with Morse and people got bored and
	hung up on him.....
20	Longdens fished at Jims
30	finished ploughing new garden land 3 ac. ?.
31	Alister branded 47 donkeys with X Zimbele scissor brand
	sheep double dosed.  sheep 224
	expect lesson 4 to be returned art course, from UK
April 1932
2	Started ploughing Hatfield Land.
26	2 lambs born. 1st
27	2 lambs bitten by jackal. 1 lamb killed by jackal
30	1 hammel killed for house. This was before the days of eating
	lambs, baby corn etc.

May 1932
4	ploughed new land across river ?
14	1 hammel killed
16	Started reaping sunflowers
19	Started reaping Junction Land
21	Finished reaping Junction Land. total 189 bags corn
	on the cob
24	Started reaping Flat Land
	fixed up terminals of wireless set
26	Expect return of lesson 8 

June 1932
2	Total Flat Land 524 bags cobs.
4	Sheep dipped for scab
9	First heavy frost of season at house.
10	Wess L total 141 bags cobs
13	Starting thrashing sunflower
16	finished sunflowers about 70 bags.
	39 bags cobs DWL
20	Changed oil in windmill. Check: is this
	the Fairbanks Morse?  i.e. after Ida went
	to Eire. See Letters.
21	24 cows 23 yearlings 1 calf from Milk cattle
	to D.W. Link: milking Africander ranch cattle
	 etc, the old stone kraal etc
25	finished reaping B.L. Black Land.Total 361
	bags cobs.
	Started reaping F.L. Flat Land
	Mended long waggon of Wogson ?
27	Car 4966 Byo broke top? grid
	Colour test put into sunlight 11 a.m. Rem: Paint
July 1932
2	Total for Fingoe Land  254 bags cobs
8	Total for land below house 132 bags cobs.
	Also called Figtree Land
9	Started shelling white mealies

August 1932
4	Sold 96 oxen Mitchell £.3
6	Pruned Judson's trees check: what?
11	Trucked 24 oxen to Dundee (Mitchell). 
	Dundee Butchery?
	Expect paints on order from UK?.Rem: Paint
13	Alister sold 17 oxen at £.2-10-0
	This was before the division of the RA&PF
	family cattle.
15	Colour tests put into sun Rem: Paints
	Total G.L. = 385 baags of cobs
18	Trucked 24 oxen to Byo
19	497 cattle from D.W. to Land paddock. To
	eat the maize stover now that reaping there
	had finished.
21	Patricia played tennis. ?
22	298 cattle from Jims to Lands (inc. 70 adult
24	2 calves dead down silo (accident) Rem: Silos
25	Trucked 24 oxen to Byo
	1st load mealies to Bembesi (51 bags). 2nd load 50
	The selling of maize for cash (a controlled product?)
	to the GMB (check formed yet?) was not something that
	continued for long..... See feedpens etc.
	A waggon load (50 bags) about 4.5 MT ?
26	1st load 50
31	Loaded 600 bags mealies Bembesi. Total
	Truck no. 673 	258 bags - 
	Truck     466	279 bags .
	Truck   86001	 63 bags
	These bags would have been ridden to Bembesi
	during the preceding days and stored in the
	Goods Shed.

September 1932
1	Trucked 24 oxen to Byo
5	started ploughing Junction L. 7000 sq yds 1.5 ac.?
10	146 bags yellow mealies into new store ? Rem: Store
11	Went to Bradford. There are much fewer entries at this
	stage of things of trips to Bradford than there are to
	be found in the diaries a little later. This might be
	a reflection of the state of cars.
12	95 bags white mealies into old store ?
	Eclipse of Moon
13	Eclipse of Moon
14	Eclipse of Moon
19	expect Studio booksBooks of paintings published 
	by/as Studio. (Check when Russel Flint stuff might
	have first been seen) Rem: Paint
29	Went to survey Pagati School Sp?
	10/10 Railage to Dougal. Where was Dugald?
30	1 ox dead Mab. (shot for boys)
October 1932
7	Sheep total 262  lambs about 89
	Wireless talk.
	Kitchen boy notice
11	Put floor into no.17 fowl house
13	..... 5 shorthorns from Jim to Lands
	Possibly progeny of Harry Lauder, the imported
	Shorthorn bull that tossed Pat, who was strapped
	on the big table for six weeks. Cattle breeds etc
18	Went to Mennels Family bio.
24	117 cattle from Lands branded. 63 cattle from Lands
	branded etc. All above went to D.W.
25	82 cattle from lands branded etc. 90+67 from lands
	to DW
26	Cattle in lands dipped about 117+8 not branded
27	Longile 109 (3  short)
29	67 cattle from lands branded etc. 59 cattle from
	 lands branded etc. 73 cattle from lands to DW.
	64 cattle from lands to DW

November 1932
4	19 cattle from lands branded etc. 2 branded calves
	sent back to Jim. Branded 11 Milk calves.
8	261 oxen from Wessels Block to Mab - Mabetchu
11	Started shade house Presumably the three rows
	of brick pillars. Ref: the b/w photo of RBHS
	old boys as well as Boo & Margaret as small kids.
	Rem: Garden
12	Started shade house
13	Fished at Jims
17	50 doz early peaches to town. 474 cooking peaches 
	to Town
22	9 trays, 18 doz early peaches
	30 doz peaches (small) 30 doz cooking peaches
	Canary laid first egg
24	replace valves A414 with A414K
	B443 same
	A 415 with B424 or B415	
	A442 with B442 or B442A
	His wireless set or transmitter? PF said (?) he
	made the sets and the battery cells. (Find previous:
	cutting glass bottles with a wick; zinc electrodes,
	porous pots, etc lying around under rubber hedge and
	takomas behind the house.
26	First rain of season .88in. 23 days late! Link story.
30	started to plant Hat L.

December 1932
1	38 dozen peaches to Meikles.
3	Pencil details of a sky
4	Fished at Jim
	books should arrive from England Maybe not the Studio
	series - see earlier Rem:Paint
5	7 bags mealies sold to Joe Dietlef
	another canary started sitting
7	538 cattle from DW to Longile
9	Oxen for inspection on Sat.
10	Oxen ready 40 on 12, 40 on 15, 20 on 17
12	40 oxen sent to Byo
	Planted Black L.
13	Planted Fing. L
14	Planted Wess L
15	40 oxen to Byo
16	Planted FL
17	Planted Dip L
18	Lent sent? painting to Lionel
21	Planted GL yellows
22	Planted Jock's L yellows
23	1 sheep killed for house
24	1 ox shot boys meat
	Expect books from the Studio Rem: Paint
25	Went to camp a Bradford
26	2 oxen killed by motor accident on Gwelo Road
29	1 donkey stallion dead
31	2 dips 1 at Zimbele 1 at Wess. 
	110 ac. maize 5 other Total 115
	Details of Statistics Sent In
	Milk cows 		 65
	other cows		710 
	Heifers over 1 yr	664
	calves 			376
	Used bulls		 42
	Other bulls		 53
	W.O. working oxen	 53
	Other oxen 		838
	yearling oxen		207
	Total		        3008

	Cattle	35 disease, 16 poverty, 10 accident?, 5 slaughter
	Sheep	41   "       5  "         3   "           10    "
	Donkeys                           1   "
	Dipping Days
	Mondays: DW; Tuesdays: Jim; Thursdays: Longile; Fridays: Mabetchu
	This would suggest that in 1932 there were still only 4 main paddocks
	on Zimbele Block?.... etc

	Prices of glass: A list of sizes and price. Sizes suitable for paintings

	The Studio Ltd, 44 Leicester Square, London WC2, England.
	Scraper Boards from L. Cornelissen & Son, 22 Gt. Queen Str. WC2

	Pictures of the Year selected from the Scotsman.
	from John Hay Artistic stationers 22W Mailland Str. Edinburgh

	Town: buckets for windmill - worm powder - Cruikshanks Kate Greenway -
	Birket Foster - colour science partII - steel rule from Umvutcha
	from the drawing office of F&E? - Greef's book - Dr. Arnold's book - 
	crayons - chalk - Watman's paper - films - turkey crate - aluminium -
	lime - books for Peel Nelson Jack Peel Nelson, brother of Molly Gibbs
	- Books from W & N no 43 & 27 Winsor & Newton
	Dr Arnold: stories re PF, Letters to Winkie; Arnoldia etc. The collection
	swapped with SA museum etc
	Scan pages of Memoranda.....
	M'Gobo on the Thaba Induna Reserve.
	N'gixi M'Bungwan, Maboko's mother. see Halford, 7th. March above 
	Weeds on tennis court. Check date of making....

	Mails from town Train times at Bembesi?
	Mon & Sat 2.15pm.  Tues, Wed, Thurs, Frid 4.45

January 1933
4	Scan sheep dead, sky details for painting
9	I ox dead Longile (result of motor accident)
10	Painted on Fort Rixon Rd
15	53 fingoe sheep caught in land
17	Planted potatoes....2 swarms locusts passed near
	Wessels Block in South direction
29	Fished at Jims

February  1933
3	Plant Arizonica
18	Put new leathers on windmill cylinder  on the well
19	Expect books from W.& G. Foyle Ltd
22	Went to Castle Block
23	Eclips of the sun tomorrow
24	eclips of sun at midday
25	Mbizo 4/-

March 1933
5	Budding
7	budding
9	budding
13	Boot repair 14/- cash
23	started fixing dipping tank kraal at Bradford
28	For Bradford. stamper-brace-spanner2"-tools of car-
	cold chisels-cement-trowels-sieve-meal-dip-wire-
	shotgun-water bag-diary-emery stone-pot
29	Should hear from Sheila
31	Income tax classification.  Cows 799, heifers 470, yearlings 349
	calves 431, bulls 30, young bulls 53, big oxen 390, young oxen 496,
	working oxen 58. Total 3076.

April 1933
8	Put out paints in sun for testing
10	Frost on river,  Pruning.
11	Covered avocados
18	Heavy frost in lands
19	2 oxen from Mab to Byo. Sold at £. 2-17-6

May 1933
1	Sold 300 bricks to BSA Police 35/-
4	Sent mowers to Wessels
5	Cut lines at Wess
23	Went over Hilton with Alister
26 	Heavy frost at house. Avocados bitten
27 	Sent 101 oxen to Byo. Sold £.3-10-0 + bounty

June 1933
2	Went to see de Jonges pictures
4	paints-torch-paper-pencils-brushes-soap-rug
	camera-spectacle case-towel-fruit-knife-jack-spanners
6	Started burning lines on Wessels Block (Smits?)
7	burnt Cocks boundary Kok 
8	burnt line Lancaster Rd near Perrins
10	shot wild ox at Wessels for boys
16	chained river = measured its length?
17	chained river
27	burnt 1 fire line through Wessels Block
30 	fire in Mab camp

July 1933
7	7 bulls from Jims to homestead. Sold Fuller £.5 each.
	Permit to north Shangani via Leachdale.
8	Went to Silosi
22	Sent Thomas to fence river at Bradford  
24	fumigated some orange trees. Mended waggon.

August 1933
24	Planted poplars
26	Caught 30 bags locusts
27	Caught 29 bags locusts
	Wessels Cattle.
	Dip  adults 200 calves 96
	Lici   191   128
	Bricks 202    82
	Fence  206   113
30 	Went to Show

September 1933
6	put in floor of fish pond. Elections
7	started pulling off old thatch from kitchen end of house
11	started thatching. Thomas & Tabene
	thatch from Wessels. check diary for details
18	600 bricks sold Dietlefs 18/-.  Put pipe into fish pond
20	Went on survey with Dougal & Father
25	Total mileage 24765
29	Old 2000 bricks Dietlefs £.2
30	Filled fish pond with first water

October 1933
2	Finished rethatching house, Planted water lillies.
	pegged all mines on Zimbile
4	4 boys on Overholster's shaft. .. got water lillies from Jims
5	4 boys to Blue dump old mine shaft. Changed water in fish pond
6	4 boys to Blue dump
7	2 boys to Blue dump
9	4 boys to Blue dump
10	3 boys blue dump
	Tested water in River
	at Garden 4 g per min
	at Tortoise pool 4 g at 30 sec
	at Eel pool 4 g per 10 sec
	Falls below dip4 in 7 sec, 4 in 11 sec, and 4 in 4 sec
	i.e. Garden 5760 gals per day
	Tortoise pool 11520
	eeel pool 34560
	below dip falls 86400
11	3 boys Blue dump   Mine shaft
12	4 boys Blue dump
13	4 boys Blue dump
14	4 boys Blue dump
17	6 boys to Lynch,  Mine shaft. = Billy Lynch's?
	Fixed windlass on D.W. = Dyke Wright's shaft?
18	6 boys to Lynch
19	 Went to Diana's Pool. 6 boys to Lynch
20	Painted at Diana's Pool. 6 boys to Lynch
21	Painted at Diana's Pool. 6 boys to Lynch
22	Left Diana's Pool
23	6 boys to Lynch
24	6 boys to Lynch. Developed films. of Diana's Pool?
Memo	Details of cattle deaths sent to Twyman  scan?

November 1933
9	Boys taken off mining. 2000 bricks sold Dietlefs £.2

December 1933
2	Got 5 bags mealie meal from Bembesi from Robinson
11	Colin bought suction gas engine.
15	Fetched suction gas engine from Bembesi. Railage 14/9
20 	Got centrigugal pump from Alister  the Mather & Platt??
22	planted sunflowers
23	planted yellow mealies in Garden land
25	Went to gorge near Atkinsons on Inyankuni
30	Statistics sent in details


	Water Levels.
	Top of Reservoir is 63.31 feet above water level at Junction of rivers.
	Ant heap is 26.32 feet above water in irrigation pool. First water fall 
	below dip is 7ft lower than irrigation pool. Top end of ground beyond
	Mab ?? gate is same level as water in accident pool. Lower point of
	old river bed is same. Reservoir is 23' above hill near land.
	Peach stocks budded near gate. Sanda Rosa?,Kelsey. Beauty.
	Satsuma on one? Burbank ? Florida . Gennel ?
	From Greef painting paper?
	Material for verandah
	Check "new store"

	Makuwa name mentioned same as? Macua?
	Went to Diana's Pool (1 day?)
	Went to Diana's Pool (several days)
	Mentions other places, books, pigments, sky drawings.
	accident pool below the dipping tank is where the Overlander?
	with all the family fell upside down in the river. link story.

January 1934
3	Carted material for engine foundation  = suction gas engine
4	Carted material for engine foundation 
7	Lici reported locusts on Wess.
9	Took 4 boys to kill locusts at Wessels Block
16	Locusts hatched at D.W.
17	42 oxen dipped for Joe Dietlefs. First time.
	got wire from N.C. Native Commissioner Filabusi re locusts on
	Chilo and Bradford.
18	Started spraying locusts at D.W.
19	Planted potatoes in Garden Land
20	put engine on foundation. Fixed Tom Dietlef's car.
22	got pumps and poisons for Bradford & Chilo for locusts
23	laid out Red land for ploughing 44.4 ac not? Red Land?
24	Went to Bradford re locusts. 34.8 m to dip along Atkinson's Rd.
	Gordon Traw? at Zimbele
25	set out fence on Bradford
26	sprayed locusts on Bradford. Went to Chilo re locusts. Saw
	N'thlabati re his lands on Chilo. Showed him the boundary.
	mileages Mkokele built in Chilo. Told him not to cut trees.
	Thlabano in Chilo spoke to old woman his mother and wife
	Mantoni Right in Chilo saw him and told him he had to get.
	Warned him re cutting trees. He says that Koran who is his
	son in law got permission from me.
27	Book trip to Bradford & Chilo 94.8 m. Write ot Napier
30	dismantled old motor
31	Sent 40 bags to Robinson to be ground

February 1934
3	Waggon arrived from Robinson with meal. 43.5 bags meal
5	Made charcoal for Bishop
6	Weighed skins to send to S, Savage & Sons Port Elizabeth'
	Average wt of hides 18lb. at 3d £ .25 at 2d.  £.16
8	put in line shaft for engine.  
18	Umvutcha people at ZImbele
19	started brickwork for Engine House

March 1934
2	Rosebuds pups born. ?  but Colin was called Rosebud 
5	Pullen started to take manure from Wessels
7	Went to De Beers Ranch
8	stayed at De Beers Ranch
9	Put roof on Engine Room
10	put floor into Engine House. Makuwa ? found nearly killed
	at D.W.
20	visited by Perrins and butchers from Joburg
23	Took ? to Issels? Issels helped with the hammermill?
24	Locusts at Wessels started flying this week
27 	trucked 4 bulls to Sir Francis Newton
28	Prince George in Byo
29	bent legs of grinding mill
30	Went to De Beers Ranch
31	Went to Wabai hill on De Beers where vultures nest
 April 1934
1 	Went to Ngesi Gorge  De Beers?
7	flying locusts in Hat L  Hatfield's land
19	caught 42 bags locusts near engine. 3.30am-7.30  8 bags
20	caught 13 bags locusts in Kopje
21	locusts over station gate over=flying?
22	locusts over house S.E.
28	Pat's Wedding Cooper? McDonald? Hull??

May 1934
1	Sam gave me £.8-5-0 to keep for him
12	11 oxen from Mab. truck 82110 A to William Bailie Johannesburg
14	11 oxen turned down in Byo. 11 oxen returned to Mab from Bulawayo.
19 	Went to Kenneth
26	Took grinding mill to engine house
28	started foundations for mill and tank
30	new station master got 1 dozen eggs and 3 bottles milk
31	Sent Sixpence ? to Byo with valve sleeve? of engine

June 1934
7 	Filled tank for engine
8	Made charcoal. started fixing waggon
11	Started engine & ground 1/2 bag crushed mealies, 1 bag locusts
	& 1 bag meal
12	brought first load majodos Kaffir watermelons
14	Sent Sixpence to Bulawayo to fetch sparking plug prob for engine
21 	added to roof of engine house
23	car went into grid near FR & G Rd junction Fort Rixin & Gwelo
26	43 oxen of Bernstein handed to his boy
28	24 dip drums sent to Kenneth. started building charcoal kiln in the
	bank of the river
29	3/3 for grinding grain for Fingoe
30 	Figures given to cattle inspector Essexvale 2450 cattle on Zimbele

July 1934
1	ground about 7 bags meal including 3 bage for fingoe
3	got pig from Joe Dietlefs
4	3/- grinding for Terblanche. 35/- fixing saddle. 6d grinding for Thomas
7	Went to M'Chabez gorge camp Mtchabezi
8	painted in the M'Chabez valley
9	Went along Old Gwanda Road
12	3/- for grinding native mealies
13	filled and lit charcoal kiln
14	tested one bag mealies 188 lbs in 15 mins = 4 bags per hr. Closed
	charcoal kiln. i.e. smothered the fire
15	 Went to Mapinkili and quarry
16	ground 4 1/2 bags meal for Terblanche 4/6. native grinding 6d.
17	opened charcoal kiln after lunch. Still glowing
20	sent waggon to Joe Dietleffs for Robinsons mealies. Native mealies
	ground 2/-
21	started 8.30. 40 mins wasted. finished 5.30. 20 bags ground (meal).
	used 7x5 gallons charcoal (mimosa & msethla mixed)= 1 1/3 bags
	used in 9 hours
22	visit from Tom Bourdillon and May/Mary senior/sevin?
23	started grinding  9.40 finished 5.40  8 hrs  16 1/2 bags including
	2 for native
25	44 bags finished grinding and sent to Robinson
	grinding details will now be omitted unless of significance

August 1934
2	started fixing Robinson's pugmill
4	Freeze Dr Freeze, dentist
7	started shelling  maize
9	started fixing waggon. Mother's birthday. Eclips
14	put down foundation of centrifugal pump
24	went to Bushtick to build Robinson's brick kiln
25	Went to Bradford. built one charcoal kiln 12 ft dia 4ft high
31	Mashota reported night shooting on Fort Rixon Rd

September 1934
4	Sold £.5 pumpkins to Robinson.  Dougal 9d.
5	took 14 turkeys to Byo.  
	expect letter from Crossley Bros. Makers of the gas engine
7	 lit charcoal kiln with cobs from the mealie shelling
8	Went to Bushtick
11	5 bags mealies out old store sent in exchange for majodos
12	slept at Bradford
13	lit kiln at Bradford
15	pegged Little Wonder mine
20	Mrs Richardson says that Diana's pool trees are at their best now.
	Our Goozy bush is going over.  Gonde (masasa) trees have their
	red/purple "autumn leaves" in the Spring, when the leaves are still
	quite small.  "Going over" = turning normal green Link PF "Sept"
	painting	Mrs Richardson = (wife of Maxwell Richardson, the surveyor)?, 
	parents of Pat Richardson.?
23	Little Wonder Extension Shaft 5&9 cutting 1&2 Tabacco Bgs? small
	cutting 10 TB
	Little Wonder S shaft no 7. next 6 Dougals Bgs? Main Shaft nos 7&8
	D's Bgs? 9+10 Reef near rim. 11&12 dump near rim Unclear all
26	Saw small battery Prob refers to inspecting mine stamp battery
30	Sampled shafts on ? Zimbile. inc Capeman's?, Huntley's

October 1934
2	worked centrifugal pump for first time. Dougal's battery arrived
3	started pumping 3.45, stopped 5.00  lowered pool 8 3/4 ins
4	pumped out pool to valve. started 3pm finished at 7 pm
6	Went to Shangani Dance
7	Went to Shangani Ruins
9	put 10" pulley on line shaft started pumping 11.30
10	6.30 pm pool completely empty
11	Closed charcoal kiln. 	Prospecting notices expire today
12	tested water at eel pool. 16 gals per minute=960 gph = 23040 gpd
	1 hammel killed, for the house  grass fire at Longile
13	Fire at Jims
15	Drove Dougal to Fred check when he worked at Fred Mine
	Arthur Wall arrived
16	Took Dot to Fynns Dot the pointer, to Bertie F. at Battlefields?
21	Mr Barkers visit?
24	finished brickwork of pump room
25	opened charcoal kiln. refilled kiln
26	put roof on pump room. locusts at Bricks
27	caught 52 bags locusts. shut charcoal kiln
29	144 gals per min 10" pulley
	19" x 3" in 10 sec 12" pulley = 216 gals in 1 min
	= 12960 gals per hr.  =	103680 gals per 8 hours
31	Tested Robinsons Mill 140 lbs in 12 minutes with 3/64 sieve

November  1934
1 	White horse dead
3	First rain of season cf arrival of Column in 1893
4	May ? fished at Jims
5	Twayman inspected cattle on Kodhlwayo
8	Rosebuds pups due
10	Camped on Bradford
11	Went to Fred & Little Wonder
12	Went to Campbell & Perrins
14	yellow fruit beetles out
16	started fixing race of dipping tank
24	bought planter  £.4  potato plough  £.1-10-0 forge  £.1-15-0
	on market

December 1934
1	took picks & shovels to Little Wonder
5	locusts started laying on Bradford
6	cyanided ? one hut at compound
14 	1 ox killed by car driving at night on Bradford
18	Made mould for pillars verandah?/flue?
	write to Mason Dad Mason re RBHS visit?
21	filled first stem? for pillars
22	Went to Chilo
23	Went to Little Wonder
25	Went to M'Zingwani painting?
29	finished planting Fingoe Land (Last land). Zishiri 3/6
30	locusts ate off mealies
31	Statistics for 1934


	largest 13' x 5" x 9" 4 884/1728 cu ft say 4 1/2 cu ft
	about 1 cu ft cement each. Weight 616 lbs each
	These are almost certainly the pillars for the 
	corrugated iron flue on each side of the river.
	"Irrigation for irrigation's sake" D.D. Davies or
	someone said at the time, according to Peter
	Pump and mill house 20 deg 02' 17.96" S 28  56' 45.32" E
	North end of flume                              15.06" S               49.08"E
	South end of flume                              20.47"S                41.45"E
	The pillars, obviously, were tallest nearest the river on both 
	sides. At the ends of the flumes  bricked furrows led the water
	further to include as much land  as was  possible. 
	Approx    acres were brought under irrigation at this time from 
	the natural flow of the river. There was not enough water for 
	the total acreage at any one time. Potatoes were mainly 
	grown at first.?  Water rights scan etc Link to future
	developments map

	To take when camping list
	Railage on fencing material from Durban and Joburg
	water in pool is 17.5 ft below floor of engine room
	Shell oil for engine 19/6 per 4 gallons
	Sales check list
	Engine type S80  no 2317
	Nrs Halfords pictures
	Dr Arnold museum?

January 1935
1	started ploughing new part of irrigation land what land was this? etc
4	grinding 19/3
5	started pillars for flume
6	1 ox shot for boys Xmas from Working oxen
7	schreen of mill broken with pieces of iron (Thomas' picannin)
	charged 5/- for schreen screen?
11	21 cows from Wess to Kod sold Robinson £.2.10.0 
	grinding 34/3.  Pay Kod boy for information re calves
13	Took Dougal his car at Fred Mine? The reference by the 
	Rhodesian Corp Ltd  8/1/'36 states D worked for the company
	from 15/10/34 till 7/1/36.  Ian's details of D state he worked on
	the Fred from '33-'34 as a shaft sinker
14	136 sheep handed to New Boy.  Peter disliked sheep and often
	said that if you wanted to get rid of a boy you just  put him in charge 
	of the sheep. He would soon hand in his notice.
15	13 donkeys with dip paddock from Umvutcha
17	140 skins weight 2376 sound, 58 weight 864 unound .. to H Schur, Byo
18	grinding £.1-8-3
19	planted 8 boxes potatoes in new land near junction  which? has Bobs
	land been mentioned in any diary yet? In the 40s-50s Scotch Up to Date
	potatoes came in boxes from UK. Perhaps even then?   
20	Robinson reported three cows dead among those bought by him
21	Took levels for dam near Dyke Wrights PF already felt need for more water?
	grinding £.1-18-0
23	finished making pillars for flume it would be interesting to know whether he
	cast them standing in situ , or flat and then raised them. 
26	filled and lit charcoal kiln
29	1 bull from Mab (to be sent to Terblanche in exchange for keeping our horse)

February 1935
3 	Went to Little Wonder
4	posted acc to Kenneth Coulson for £,4 for ox killed on Bradford 13 Dec 34
6	fixed gate near west beakon of Zimbele. carts bringing mealies for milling?
10	Paid Colin £.22-0-0 aff engine, zinc roofing?/flume and tank        
12	got new plug for engine. volt meter
13	Sent car licence no 2394 to Que Que to Colin?/D?
15	Luguri started work again 
17	Basil Walker visited
22	watered potatoes surely before flume was operational?
24	prospecting
28	watered potatoes. 15 cows from Wess to Kod sold Robinson 50/-
	started erecting pillars for flume so the potatoes were where?

March 1935
9	Lit charcoal kiln
20	started erecting zinc for flume *****
21	laid foundation of battery at Little Wonder?

April 1935
1	Went to Blue Jay mine
2	started crushing quartz but maybe this was the "dolly" mill that
	P talked about. Maybe it was erected at the mill? I, after all,
	did scrape and pan the stuff in the dolly's mortar box, and it
	was lying outside the mill building. Why would it have ended
	up there if it did not work there. This would better explain all
	the sampling entries in the diaries....nothing to do with Dugald
4	broke belt of battery
12	fixed new foundation for battery. About 86 oxen at Mab fit for sale
13	fire at Mabetchu
14	Weighed amalgam on plate = 3 1/4 ozs
15	Sold 104 oxen at Wessels Block for 18/- per 100 lbs
	Sold 13 oxen .....for £.3.
	Sold 86 oxen at Mabetchu for 18/- per 100 lbs
18	Went to Filabusi
19	Went to Springs mine. 8/3 for petrol cash at Fred Mine
20	Went to Little Wonder. Results of my pannings
	1,5,8,2,1,1,1,0,6,4 dwts. Average 2.9 dwts.
21	Went to Luck Claims
23	Saw Davis re trees cut in our ground. DD Davis?
26	piece of unploughed land near Fingoe fence about 8,5 acres
	(350 yds x 120 yds) which?
	86 oxen from Mab to Cold Storage check earliest mention of C.S.
27	Went to Hamish's mine.  Campbell Rodger
28	went over cold storage 
29	re-started crushing

May 1935
4	Went to Owen's Mine
5	Went to Hamish C. Rodger
6	Went to Little Wonder to see Mr? Lynch
7	pegged Overholsters
8	4 bags meal to Little Wonder. 2 cold & 3 wood chisels to Little Wonder
	and anvil.
9	bought HP Lister £.20,  5 kW gen +switch board £.30.
	3 rolls wire 15/-, picks 25/- . ax ads 
	2 bags crushed mealies to Margery Barker??
10 	fetched 10 H.P. Lister from Wild Cat Mine
14	grass fire at Wessels. Golden Milk? rubble bed pegged
	J.J. van Niekerk 17454 (14-5-35)
15	pegged Blue Dump.  A shaft on Zimbile. Peter ultimately was
	dismissive of all the many shafts on the farm, but often said that
	the Blue Dump was probably the best of them, It is SW of the
	homestead on the S side of the banded ironstone. It became
	a squatting/poaching proposition during the Great Flowering of
	the Westminster System.
	Approx Google 20  02' 59.63" S  28  55' 41.77 E 
17	Joe Dietlefs £.2 for Colins engine
23	filled charcoal kiln
25	blasted at Oberholster
26	Went to Colosus Claims. Saw Kutcher ? re pump
27	Took magneto to town from the suction gas engine

June 1935
2	Went to Piet Styn
5	Took amalgam off plate
6	Sampled Piet Styn's claims relative of Peter Styn? check with Brian
7	emptied kiln 42 barrows
8	amalgam 4 3/4 oz
9	Went to Fred Mine
10	Went down Fred Mine
12	pegged claims at N'Tabanende & went to Forry's ? Luck sale
18	pegged Jocks = Dr Vigne's mine?
20	Slept at Fred Mine
29	Started boys on D.W. shaft on ridge. Did Dyke Wright have more than 1 shaft?
	Google ...

July 1935
2	4 bags meal to Little Wonder. 1...... to Bradford
3	Attended Bear Mine sale. Bought battery £.90.  lineshaft & pulley £.7-10-0
	starter 30/-.  schreen frames 7/6'
4	9 ozs amalgam to date
5	fetched one load from Bear Mine. 5/- to boy looking after material at Bear Mine.
	8 gallons petrol put into Dietlef's car
6	1/- for boy's bicycle to Bear Mine.  2/- for boys food at Bear Mine
8	2/- for boys food at Bear Mine.  Went to Sable Mine.
9	Makuwa reported gate on Shabani Rd broken {Shab Rd details	
10 	loaded mill at Bear Mine
13	12/6 for retort
15	Waggon arrived from Bear Mine with battery. Pain Joe Dietlefs £.5-12-0 for
16	fixed donkey harness
17	inspanned 14 donkeys for first time.  fixed Joe Dietlefs car
18	fetched cams
20	Went to Little Wonder. 2 boys to fix road. drive in D's shaft going S is 48 ft today
	= 29 ft in 26 working days since last I measured. 2 picks, 2 shovels,2 axes to
	Little WOnder from farm.
22	152 oxen from Bradford to Cold Storage.
23	Dreyer sent block and tackle.  
24	Spitzkop open today. Mine on Ntabanende, open for pegging
28	Went over Rorke ? Mine
30	Waggon sent to Little Wonder. list of materials. Erected wireless set for Dietlef.

August 1935
1	Waggon arrived at Little Wonder. Took Jack to L.W.  Now 6 boys at L.W.
3	Dougald's shaft 72" today
5	Road 2 loads sand at L.W.
6	Road 1 load gravel at L.W.
8	Waggon started back from L.W.
9	Fixed Sonnie's car Dietlef/Terblanche?
10	Grinding £.2-2-9
12 	46/- for 2x1/20 schreen for grinding mill
12	received letter from Mayfair Mine re wood stacking - when start-
	size of wood - varieties of wood
14	Waggon sent to L.W.  List of material
15	Bought 175 lbs copper wire at 8d.
16	To Little Wonder.....material .... Went to Mayfair re wood
17 	Looked for roads for wood on Chilo. From magnesite to main road is 1.9 miles.
18	Visited Tom Tullus? claims
19	From Chelo Blagdon boundary on Filabusi Rd to junction with Shabani Rd 3.4 m.
20	191 bags white mealies in old store. 192 bags yellow mealies in new store +10 bad mealies.
	104 bags yellow mealies in fowl store. 50 bags white mealies to engine. Total? today 547bags
	+ 7 1/2 yellow + 16 1/2 bags white seed. 
	537 bags thashed? reported to Co-op for Maize Board all kept for own use.
21	to Little Wonder.  Paid £.1-10-0 for huts on L.W. Took Joe Dietlef & Pullen ? to Mayfair Mine
22	Stayed at LW
23	Put in Pill block at LW. 8 1/2 bags cement used.
24	S drive on Dougals shaft 55 feet
27	Fetched Joe Dietlef waggon
28	sent waggon wheels to Perks & Crerar
29 	went to Mayfair Mine
31	bought 304ft 2 inch piping at 8d and 9d...Market measurement 304 ft. Mine 283 ft. 21 ft short.
	bought trailer £.9. sold for same.

September 1935
2	fetched pug mill from Leo Robinson £.5.  fetched block and tackle from Parks?
3	Sent Dietlef's waggon to L.W 10 bags meal - stems - cams - tappets etc
4	started planting potatoes.
5	put V pulley on line shaft
6	Fire at Kodhwayo
7	bought on market 4 wheel barrows 17/6 ea.  56 lbs grease 15/-
9	ereted pug mill & fixed brick moulds
10	Handed in contract to Mayfair Mine.  Went to L.W.
11	Dougals shaft bottom drive 3 / 10 /  River? 6 / Waste dump main shaft ? 3 /  Sampling
12	started watering potatoes.  started making bricks. .... Mixture for bricks 1 sand 4 soil (cracks)
13 	Went to Little Wonder. Took 1 bag pumpkins - 1 cross cut saw Waggon arrivbed from LW
14	Joe Dietlef waggon returned. Showed Boetie Dietlef where to cut & started on drift (3 picks
	3 shovels from LW to fix drift. 2 crow bars for same. 1 big hammer for same. 1 bull dead Mab (shot for boys)
15	Troy Reef - 25/11/31 no. 20445 - F. Talbot.   Visited Troy claim. 
	Troy sampling details Dump out D. Shaft at L.W. 2_2_1_2
17	Brickmaking details
18	Sold 16 donkeys to Joe Dietlef for 5/- each. Boetie Dietlef had 6 boys cutting wood - sent on road. making
	accordian Dietlef's?
19	Waggon to L.W. List of material, inc: Lister engine, copper plate, blanket table
20	Went to L.W.  32 bags meal ground. Smith took 3 bags to Boetie Dietlef.  Grinding £.2-10-6
21	Went over wood cutting ground. 2nd drive D shaft Top c_c_c_c_ bottom 2_1.5_2_2
23	29 bundles of thatch  taken from Fingoes today. They were allowed to cut,, leaving 33% as payment
24	Paid blacksmith 22/6 fo9r scotch cart wheels repair. ....about 15000 bricks to date
25	Bought 10ft drill steel from Tom Tullie 7/11.  
29	Joe Dietlef waggon arrived 2. pm. lent 10 riems for tying on grass. {15 bags mealied from Joe Dietlef in
	exchange for 5 1/2 bags crushed mealies and 11 bags meal} enough thatch for 2 huts given to Joe Dietlef
30	Went to L.W. Started schreening cinders at Mohem Mine about 3 miles west of Bembesi Siding

October 1935
1	went to hurry Joe's waggons on. helped Joe with lorry. 4 boys from L.W. to fix drift
2	1st shaft in river? 6 ft 1 dwt ?
	1st river? shaft 8_8_8   2 nd river? shaft 0_0_0_0  Finished first set of timbers for battery 
3	started packing wood at Mayfair Mine.  80 bags cinders from Mohem Mine to burn the bricks
4	started 2nd set of timbers for battery. back to Zimbele. Colin's shaft 10 ft 2_3_1_10_c_c
5	12/6 for waggon brake for Joe Dietlef.  shock absorber & front brake of Whippert £.3-10-0
6	Went to L.W. Took Joe Dietlef
7	made last lot of bricks today about 25-30thousand
8	Details of building brick kiln
9	5 bags white mealies changed for 5 loads majodos Kaffir watermelons
15	finished building brick kiln. 65 bags cinders used. about 26000 whole bricks
16	Went to L.W.    Sale of Village Deep today
17	Put in ? at L.W.   suction gas engine did not work. no grinding
18	About 112 cords wood delivered to M.Mine to date Gave J. Dietlef £.3	
21	Lit brick kiln (failure)
23 	started fire in brick kiln
24 	Radiator hose 3/6 Whippert 30/- cylinder at Zorro? claims  crucible? 5/-	
	Contributed about £.20 to gave Colin for pump bought from Copthals
	for £.43 ?
25	About 242 chords wood delivered at Mayfair Mine to date
26	Details of materials and price: Building on Mosenthals
28	sheep 206
30	fire now 8ft up in brick kiln
31	Waggon sent to L.W. list of materials, inc: 30 bundles thatch

November 1935
1	Fire reached top of brick kiln at edges.  Grinding £.4-7-0
5	Put in mortar box at L.W.
7	Joe burnt out big end of his car
8 	put in lineshaft and engine foundation and used 6.5 packets cement= 3.25 bags at L.W.
10	kiln finished burning some days back but still hot at top
12	Went to Hamish Campbell Rodger?
14	Took Dot to Fyn Dot his pointer dog. Fyn = Bertie 9his mother's cousin) at Battlefields.? 
	went to L.W. materials £.4-10-0 silver for wages. Returned from L.W.
15	New River shaft 10ft samples. Started cementing drift. 
	Transport permit to Mayfair expires 25th. A Vet Dept movement of cattle permit?? Trek oxen
16	Went to Bobby Rixon.
19	To Little Wonder (by Joe D)
23	£.1-0-3 given to Mr? Lynch for L.W. Was this Billy Lynch? 
	N River shaft S drive 15ft N drive 19 ft.  Back from L.W.
26	Little Wonder
27	Huts and boys in them
30	350.75 chords wood delivered to Mayfair Mine during November

December  1935
2	Joe Dietlef borrowed £.5
3	Went to Little Wonder. materials Gave Mr Lynch £.10-8-0  £.5 of Colins £.3 of mine
	also £.2-8-0 in silver.
6	Returned from L.W.  23 bags cement used on Mayfair Drift altogether, 
	Started dismantling building on Mosenthals
8	Went to Mohem Mine
10	150 hides sent to Schur
11	Started supplying milk to Roads Department
12	To Little Wonder. materials Started digging hole for kiln at Bradford. Started cutting wood on Blagdon
13	Returned to Zimbele
15	Started planting white mealies Junction Land
16	Started reaping potatoes - 3 months + 4 days
17	Potato sales details. Transported by Dietlef?
19	Waggon to L.W. material
20	Bought 3 H.P. Lister £.30-0-0.  3/- for boys helping to dismantle and load above.  It was second hand?
23	To L.W.    3 H Lister , nuts. 
24	J. Dietlef road corrugated iron from Mosenthals, started building new hut at compound Zimbile Planting yellow
	mealies Black Land
30	Saddle from Joe Dietlefs. See Central Services. Transport firm?. Carried potatoes?


	Names of young working oxen:  Very Nice; Spoff blind; Galand; Rooiland; Fliegvoet; Voorslag; Mooiman;
	Fransman; Daimond; Kwayman; Blou.
	Charcoal Kiln  9ft diameter 10ft high about 2500 bricks 

January 1936
1	Erected shear legs at L.W.
2	Erected pump at LW
4	borrowed 4 pockets cement from Davis (Bembesi) Put in foundations of 5 kW motor
7	To Little Wonder. Gave M. Lynch £.11-16-0
9 	put in foundation for 3 HP engine at L.W.
10	Kittle Wonder 10/- boys Xmas. put up tank & piping at L.W. Joe Dietlef road rode 100 bricks
	from Mosenthals to L.W.
11	finished planting lands13
	I bull dead Mab (shot for boy's meat)
14 	To L.W. material
16	Paid M Lynch 10/- for 2 months  milk ? supply
17	400 bricks sold S. Hallam for 15/-  Some thatch sent to Mohem Mine.
18  	Bought 2 lbs cyanide - 5lbs  mercury  for L.W.
19	To L.W. sodium? amalgam; spirits of salts; silver nitrate; cyanide;mercury; salammoniac, 
	pestal & mortar all the sampling had been crushed at Zimbile to date materials 
	2 drums crude oil to L.W.
20 	Joe Dietlef rode potatoes in to Byo
21	2 bags potatoes sold to Robinson. 3/- repairs to separator cream
22	L.W. material  finished hut at compound
23 	Started up engine on water shaft at L.W.
24	£.5-5-0 for potatoes from Robinson. 15 bags potatoes sent to Wightman & Co.
	10/6 driving & trespass fess from Fort Rixon pound. £.1-12-6 at Insize Bridge Store
	for boys'  Xmas. 1 hammel killed for house
27 	26 bags potatoes to Market
28	tried out mill at L.W.
29 	Dropped stamps at L.W.  
	"I  told them (Dugald & Colin) I would put up the plant, but the day we dropped stamps I was out of it"
	2 gallons Castrol oil bought at Mayfair Store and entered to Colin. 500 bricks sold to Hallam. 56 lbs
	potatoes sold to Hallam senior..... Waggon sent to cart crusher to Mohem Mine.
30	Put new bearing into grinding mill
31	Chelo wood delivered to M.M. during Jan 60.2 cords. started building hut at Engine room
	372.75 cords delivered to Mayfair Mine during Jan.
	85x7ft lagging;  81x8ft; 11x6ft; 40x8ft; 20x7ft

	Possibly from this era, a story Peter told me. He would sometimes sleep in a camp at Bradford
	after dipping etc and go on to Chelo, Wessels Block or Zimbile the next day. Once he slept under
	a small bush near the stream past the diptank on Bradford. He would make himself a cup of hot 
	milk coffee before going to sleep, and drink it in the night. When he fumbled one night to drink it
	he got a terrific shock when the skin that had formed on top of the cold coffee covered his nose 
	 and he inhaled it . In the morning when he raised himself on one elbow to look around he saw
	a big reedbuck in the grassy streambed and shot it without getting out of the blankets.

February 1936
1	Mashala? £.3-5-0  bicycle.  Bought for, to be repaid over time
5	30 skins sent to H. Schur.  Material to L.W. Potatoes to Market
7	Started putting up power line for pump
10	1 bag meal to L.W. for Dougal. Dougal borrowed £.2-10-0 for wages.
13 	66 ewes earmarked  Rt ear. 49 hammels & ram earmarked
17	38/- each to J.P. Dietlef for work done on drift at Mayfair.
	5/- Luguri for boys' beer for Xmas. 
	Luguri would have taken his turn to be the brewer of the Xmas beer, and
	 to whose kraal everyone would have gone to drink it. A "beerdrink" began 
	in the evening and continued all night, with drums beating etc etc. Many who 
	attempted to return to their homes fell down in the footpaths and slept the night 
	in the bush. The party might have lasted for several days, until  the beer was 
	It was brewed in a number of 44 gallon petrol drums from sorgum/millet/maize, 
	or a combination, was not strained, and consumed when fermentation was 
	scarcely over. This custom was continued on the farm right in to the Seventies,
	but increasingly commercial versions of a similar beer, sold in cartons, or 
	drained from delivery tankers into drums by the side of rural roads, took over.
	Got pamphlet on Zenith wireless set.  
19	Listened to Zenith set
20	Bought Zenith wireless set and battery £.32-10-0 {returned}
22	returned Zenith set
24	J. Dietlef took 2 drums crude oil to L.W.
25 	£.1-9-7 for repair for pump for L.W. scraper? rings 8/-. took 4.5" cyclinder to L.W.
	See the amount of water made by the borehole drilled at the LW in the Seventies
26	put in new cylinder at L.W. prob. reciprocating rod pump cylinder
29	bought amalgam barrel for £.11-5-0. { 95 cords wood 6932 ft lagging @2d
	202 ft timber @ 4d} to Mayfair

March 1936
2	Matopo tomorrow  no details of why
5	3.5 packets dinamite from Zimbelel to L.W.
7	9 bulls sold Fuller Shangani for £.7-10-0 each. 
	Took to L.W. 1 ratched, 1x 5/8" bit
8	to take to L.W.  list inc. camera.. was this when the b/w photo was taken?
	Details Seafield Reef 17823 31 Oct 1922 J.F. Simpson
	Marietta Reef 58837 22 August 1923 '33? Aston Redrup
9	Dougal paid me 1/6 for vegitables. 14000 bricks required for Silo
	Details of Engine etc 
	Bought 11 December 1933  Engine 	£.125
	6 April 1934	tank	£.5
	2 May 1934	zinc	£.20
	23 May 1934	zinc	£.3
	3 April 1934	zinc	£.12	
	Paid back 14 April 1934	PF	£.30
		 11 Feb   1935	Peter F	£.22
	Is it possible that their father put money into the mine? i.e. PF = Pat.

	The zinc probably for the recovery of the gold in the cyanide process,
	though the word was colloquially used for sheets of corrugated iron etc

11	Went to Anderson sale.... bought 104 lbs copper wire for powerline?
	Started cleaning out silo.
16	tried out Zenith set again
17	started transplanting cabbage & cauliflower seedlings.  returned Zenith set.
18	On Mchingwe River and Little Wonder. Started cutting hay.
19	At L.W. materials details
21	started building partition in engine room. 
	The millhouse at Zimbile? Perhaps the partition was built for the sake of the
	engine. As a kid I remember the boys at the mill looking like ghosts working.
	I also recall that some of the roof  sheets were removed to let out the dust.
	Various things were milled, some more dusty than others; mealies, bean hay,
	sunflower heads, lucerne acacia pods, locusts, ostrich feathers to stuff pillows, 
	etc etc.
	 While I vaguely recall a cyclone at the old mill, there was certainly a shallow 
	sump under the legs of the mill in which a bag stood. The outlet at the bottom 
	of the mill casing had a horizontal flange with about three spikes pointing 
	upwards on its perimeter. The mouth of the sacks were put over the flange, 
	gathered together and held in place by the spikes. The mealies etc were fed
	into the mill from a bag platform about 6ft high, down a small chute past magnets
	from old magnetos, and entered the mill casing at about 1 o'clock. The outlet 
	under a screen was at 6 o'clock. Peter made several of these mills. 
	Perhaps the dust was a problem for the suction gas engine, although by now 
	it had operated several years.  It had an open crankcase, oil drips etc. Since
	its air was aspirated from a gas producer burning charcoal which stood outside 
	the building the milling dust might not have been such a problem in this respect.
	But did it also have a plain air breather? check
24	plug for Crosley suction gas engine 5/6. posted 2nd letter to R. Vincent & Co
25	To Bradford  material. Showed Kokona how to fill  kiln dimensions diagram.
	Looks like a charcoal making kiln. I never heard  Peter talk about this
26	Wood cut on Blagdon details
28	Nyakuwan ?? fell down silo.
29	7/- clothes for Nyakuwan.  3/6 for food for Quatril? 7/6 borrowed by Quatril.
	Took Nyakuwan to hospital.

April 1936	
1	started brickwork of silo will take 14000 bricks, each row about 138 bricks
2	silo 7 courses high
3	15 rows brick silo		
5	gave Dougal £.25 for wages. 2 bags meal to L.W. by Dougal. Gave 
	Colin£.15 to pay in.
7	Lister: piston rings-small end bearing-pin-jet
8	bought lorry from Mayfair Mine £.35
12	Gave Quatril 10/- for food in town
14	Got Philco £.29-5-0
15	Fixed ex?- valve at Mohem
16	 Saw Mayfair re bricks
22	Took Crossley cylinder head to Issels
23	Globe for Ford 2/6
24	Issels fixed exhaust valve of Crossley
28	Station Master 2 bottles from today.  Of Bembesi? milk 
	Started digging soil for bricks
29	Petrol at Grand View 10/-  
	Grand View was a country hotel on White's Run Road on a section of
	land owned by the Miln family Get stuff from Willy. Photos? 
30	61 bags charcoal to Mayfair paid to  M Zebe?? £.1
	Had lunch with McPhilps?

May 1936
1	Boetie Dietlefs took 1 donkey from Bradford
4	Mother arrives in Ireland link letters?
7	Started making bricks on farm Zimbile
9	dam valve 10/-  slimes dam at L.W.? 
11	£.1-17-6 for 70 grain bags from Hallam. 
	Mill £.3-1-3 . Jims 974 total (boys count)
12	Went to L.W.  Goozy dipped 516
13	31 bags charcoal from Bradford to Zimbele.
14	2/- for food for boys with donkeys to Chelo. L.W.?
	9/- oil at Grand View  is this when G.V. started supplying
	fuel. Has there been mention of fuel there hitherto?
	Memo Mrs Dietlefs
15	3/- for meat for boys at Mayfair. I bull dead Mab, (killed for boys)	 
16 	paid M Leben? 14/- for 4 cords - to come off wheels.
	4 Mashonas started work
19	Road verb? as "transport riding? to Mohem Mine:
	800 sleepers - 48000 lbs. 10 oil - 7100 lbs
	further items. details of charges?
20	fixed big end in big lorry. Brought up poles from Chelo & Bradford
	19000 bricks to date
21 	Went to Chelo with 10 boys
22	erected pug mill at Chelo for making bricks. It was a drum erected
	with its longest axis vertical, An axial shaft had paddles, and the shaft
	was rotated by two oxen walking in a circle round the pug mill.  Soil and 
	sand and water were fed  into the top off the mill, the revelving paddles 
	mixed it and at the same time forced it out at the side at the bottom, -
	a mild Archimedes screw effect - where it was packed into brick molds,
	carried to a level area where the bricks were turned out and allowed 
	to dry for a while in the sun. They were then covered by sacks to prevent
	them drying too rapidly and cracking. 
23	Got 2 oxen from SKONZI for pug mill. Got 1 ox from above also.
	20/- for boys. Shot ox. £.1-19-6 for 79 bags at Mayfair Store. 
	267 bags fetched from Mayfaor Store. 63 short.
	D.W. 85 (boy) 1 ox from W.O. working oxen to D.W. Dyke Wright
24	fixed pump at Mayfair bricks
25 	frost at bricks at Mayfair
26	29000 bricks at Zimbele this evening
27	started making bricks at Mayfair. 6d for cabbage for boys at Mayfair bricks.
28	5/- for tobacco for boys at bricks.
	Dop? Komichi and new Zambezi for not pumping properly.  "Dop" was
	a term meaning to reduce or not pay a certain amount in wages for work
	not/unsatisfactorily done.  "new Zambezi" = newly taken-on boy from the
	Zambesi area. "Mazambezi" was a native term for them. They were often
	characterised by front teeth filed to sharp points. "Not pumping properly"
	probably refers to the operation of a two-man reciprocating hand pump. 
	They were called "kamina-kawena" pumps. kamina = for me; kawena= for you.
	Often used on streambanks for pumping water to dipping tanks (the old one
	at Zimble for instance) They were positive pumps. The greater the height 
	pumped to, the more tiring it was. Their action was therefore similar to the
	two-man pitsaws, still around in those days.
29	 Paid MLekes for all wood to date. 35000   bricks this evening. memo Quinine?
31	Mayfair wood  4800 ft lagging Blagdon. 463 cords wood Chelo

June 1936
1	3 yearlings at Jims bitten by wild dogs. The Painted Hunting dogs. Perhaps the
	last time seen in this area.? They were not normal residents in these times.
2	Oxen take 33 secs to make one rev of pugmill. Donkeys take 28 secs to make
	1 rev of Pug mill
6	Went in to Hospital
9	Dougal delivered 20 bags charcoal to Mayfair. Mteba ? delivered 60 bags charcoal
	to Mayfair. Mill 8/6.
11	1 bag meal taken to Chelo bricks by Dougal
14	left Hospital  Do not recall P.F. ever referring to being in hospital. N.F.
16	36000 bricks at Mayfair this evening.
	Sent waggon to Lochard for cinders. Lochard is siding north of Bembesi. The
	cinders were dumped from the steam locomotives. Recall loading cinders on
	the Bedford ? truck at Lochard in the Fifties. N.F.
	Slept at L.W. Mayfair paid £.200 for May wood.  Mill 1/-
	Finished first four rows bricks at Chelo 9 bricks high. Building kiln?
17	Brought 1 load poles from Bradford with lorry. Mill 4/3. Started 4 new
	rows bricks at Chelo
18	Received notice that Kodhwayo ranch intends burning fire lines tonight.
	Mill 6/3. 58 bags cinders from Lochard
20	Finished making bricks on farm Zimbile today 78000. 
	Make kiln 20' x 36' or 15'x41' or 18' x 40' and will be about 40 bricks high.
21	Took second pug mill to Chelo. Took 1 bag meal to Bradford and 5 meal
	to Chelo
22	Bag with brand has lime nodules
24	A has lime nodules. B has no lime nodules.
25	Went to Formby Mine. 1 yoke with pipe skeys & chain to L.W.
	Wippet car broke down. Mleke's waggon arrives Chelo. Erected 2nd pug
	mill. Mill 3/6.
26	Started work with 2nd pug mill at Chelo. Mill 16/6. 1 ox dead (Mab?). 
	Mab 204 (4 less). Mtabene ? Mleke? started riding wood.
27	Went to town & took Dougal. Mill 18/3
30	42 loads wood delivered to Mayfair Mine during June

July 1936
4	Evening? shooting in lands.
	Started building brick kiln details
	Nyabiwa? died in Byo Hospital
5	Went to Moffats  Shangani/Byo?. Sidney out shooting. Longden?
7	Slept at Lupani 
8	Arrived at Vic Falls
9	Went to Kandaha Island
10	Details of photographs taken at Falls, and from aircraft
11	Started to return from Falls. Slept at Lupani.
12	Arrived from Falls.
14 	Went to Chelo
15	Started packing first kiln at Chelo. Paid Mlekes? £.3-2-6 for two
	rows=25 cords wood? first kiln.
17	Started reaping Fingoe Land
18	Paid   6/- for porcupines killed.
20	Went to sale at Shangani
23	Lice notice
	Schafln? stops milk today. Brought load of poles from Blagdon with lorry
24	New Station Master starts 1bottle per day from today milk
25	bought 513 chickens £.20. 
	Dougal bought Ford truck. check: licence etc scans recoll D.
26	16 bags meal to Chelo. Sold 2 bags seed potatoes & 115 lbs vegetables
	to Robinson. Fired first kiln Chelo this evening.
29	Started building 2nd kiln at Chelo. Mill 20/-
31	9756 ft lagging delivered Mayfair Mine during July.

August 1936
1	Paid Mlekes £.3.12.6 for wood 31 chords at Chelo. Paid Mlekes
	6/- for 3 chords wood at Bradford.
	Started reaping small land near old garden. Later called Pigs Land? Between
	Garden Land and the pigsties/feeding pens
3	38 bags cobs from small garden L.
4	Started reaping G.L. Comet ? tonight 7-12 pm
7 	Sold 6 grain bags Viljoen for 3/-. Took Dudley Lloyd to Mr/s? Lynch
	received 10/- for ox to F.R. Fort Rixon pound. 10/- petrol at Hallams?
8	10/- ticket for Dudley Lloyd to Willoughbys.
11	Mr Robinson paid me £.3 for vegetables.
15	Bricks at Zimbele last row of cinders 9ft from ground. Lime stone is 7' x 13'
	from N corner
17	10 bags meal to Chelo. 172 lbs vegetables to Robinsons. 10/- petrol at Robinsons
20	went to Balla Balla. Started 11.30 B.B. 12.45 return? 3.30 with 15 bags Chelo 5.45(?)
	3 gals petrol at Mayfair. 5/- for boys' food at Balla Balla.
21	Terbruggy started getting 6 bottles milk per day. where was he? Surely he did not
	travel from the house on the F.R. road by the Nonka River crossing
	Joe Dietlefs - timbers-Blagdon-starting?-amount-cart all wood cut
23	191 lbs vegetables to Robinsons. 7/6 for petrol at Robinsons. Robinson got
	3 hammels ? & 2 riems.
24	60 bags charcoal delivered to Mayfair M.
25	Dougal took 400 bricks? to L.W. from Mosenthals. Dougal took another 400 bricks.
	Delivered 400 bricks to Mayfair M. Mleke's waggon left for Balla Balla.
27	Planted 10 1/2 bags potatoes
28	Lit brick kiln at Zimbele. 40 bags cinders from Balla Balla to Chelo by Mleke
30	Started watering potatoes.
31	190 lbs vegetables to Robinson. Bearing of mill broke

September 1936
1	Put in new bearing on mill
2	20 bags cinders from Balla Balla to Chelo by Mleke
3	Bought bag monkey nuts for Chelo boys 10/- 
	A southern African usage?=peanuts/groundnuts. "Peanut" was American usage.
	The blacks ate the nuts raw or boiled or roasted. They also ground the roasted nuts
	and made an oily peanut butter called dobe which was added to meat or spinach etc.
	or eaten alone with isitshwala sadza as an isitshebo. Dugald also made it when he 
	was a toothless hermit at the Little Wonder.
	Went to see bricks reported no good by Bowdler sp? Fire out top kiln at Zimbele
	6th day.
4	1/- for pumpkins for boys at Chelo. 25 bags cinders from Balla Balla by Mleke
	5 min for 30 bricks
5	Fixed breaks of Wyllis. vehicle? Second kiln fire all out on top this afternoon.
	29 donkeys to new boy. 28 bags of charcoal from Brad to Zimbele
7	Joe Deitlefs started riding wood to Mayfair.
8	20 bags cinders from Balla Balla per lorry
9	20 bags cinders from Balla Balla per Mlekes. 40 bags cinders from B.B. per lorry.
11	6 bags cinders from BB per Dougal. 15 bags cinders from BB per Mlekes
13	Went to LW & ?
14	40 bags cinders from BB to Chelo
15	20 bags cinders from BB to Chelo per lorry. Mill £.1.8.6
16	Mill £.1.2.6
17	Jims recount total 958 (inc 1 cow with M.C. milk cows
	Planted 8 bags potatoes. Mill 19/3
19	4 1/3 bags potatoes planted. Mill 24/- Finished moulding bricks at Chelo
20	Chickens 399. 16/- petrol & oil at Robinsons
21	Started building 4th kiln at Chelo. 14 cows 13 calves from M.C. to Jim. Mill 25/-
22	Lit third kiln at Chelo in morning. 500 bricks from Chelo to Mayfair acc to Bowdler.
	20 bags cinderas from BB to Chelo. Mill£.2.0.0
23	57 bags from Chelo to Bradford for cinders. 3 1/2 cords wood ridden by lorry for
	charcoal at Bradford. 3 cords put into kiln = 24 bags charcoal. 
24	Pumpkin and monkey nuts at Chelo 5/-. Put 2 boys to help packing at Mayfair.
	474 bags from Chelo to Zimbele. 8 bags returned from Chelo to Zimbele. Mill 16/-
	cheque from Mayfair Mine for £.16.12.10 for 438' timber @ 4d £.7.6.0
	221' lagging @ 2d. £.1.16.10. 60 charcoal @ 2/6 £.7.10.0.
	1st payment on bricks £.112.10.0.
	Paid ? & Wankie each 5/- for help on bricks. Watered poataoes near river.
26	10 bulls sold ?? @ £.7.10.0 each } £.75.0.0. 
	1 bag meal to Chelo per Dougal
27	watered last lot of potatoes
28	14 marked 1 unmarked bags from old store to crate mealie crate the store already
	closed down??
30	4 bags meal to Chelo. 4 bags meal to Bradford. 40 bags charcoal to Mohem Mine.
	Fire out at wind side of of kiln III. On lee side fire 6 ft up. 
	355 cords delivered in September

October 1936
1	Chickens 395. 5 bags meal to Chelo. 20 bags cinders from BB to Chelo. 1/- meat
	for boys at BB. Mill 1/6.
2	20 bags cinders from BB to Chelo per lorry. Mill 8/3
3	20 bags cinders from BB to Chelo. Fire out all over top of kiln III this evening
4	Fired kiln IV at Chelo. 
5	29 donkeys returned from Chelo to Zimbele with 3 boys. Pug mill donkeys?
	11 boys from Chelo to Zimbele per lorry. 77 good bags 47 fair bags from Chelo
	into store. 57 bags to crate. Twayman Brad 7th cattle inspection?
6	List of boys names Mill 43/-
7	Kachika notici. 1 sheep killed for house. Jims 283 total (2 less last time)
	14 bags to dwala.  = the stone floor for drying/stacking at the mealie crate. 
	Very common Ndebele term for rounded or semi-flat solid granite outcrops, or
	"whalebacks" etc Mill 25/-
8	Paid Mlekes £.5.6.8 for 5 loads cinders from Balla Balla to Chelo. £.1
	for load of charcoal to Mayfair Mine. £.1.13.9 for 13 1/2 cords wood at Chelo.
	65 bags bought at Mayfair Store.
	Chelo to Zimbele: 6 barrows, 5 shovels, 2 spades, 7 picks, 2 axes, 1 hatchet.
	2/- for meal for boys left at Chelo.
	Paid Mlekes 20/6 still £.t to come. 
	2 bags meal from Chelo to Brad. 
	44 bags to dwala. Mill 5/9
9	26 bags to dwala.
10	146 bags white mealies into old atore. 110 bags to dwala
11	Fire out top at wind side of kiln IV
12	Bought {Byrins?? pump ? on Buli?? Sale for £.40
13	Went to Flora ? Mine? to buy electric plant.
	32 bags from LW to crate. 4 bags from Chelo to crate.
15	200 bags yellow mealies into store near dairy. 100 yellow mealies into fowl store.
	26 bags dirty white mealies into fowl store. 45 bags to crate.
18	15 sheep 1 lamb dead from cold.
19 	too 2 bags meal to Wessels Block Set 7 baits for crocs at Wess.
	1 calf dead at Wess killed by croc
20	Water Court at Zimbele.
	Application? for abstraction rights? Where? Check water rights folder
	Mill £.2.8.6
21	£.6 given to Mlekes. About 3080 ft thatching twine bought
22	delivered 44 bags charcoal to Mayfair (lorry). Mayfair paid £.75 on bricks
23	At LW rain .51.  Mill £.1.2.6
24	At LW. Rain .54. 113 oxen & bulls from DW to lands. stover, after reaping
	2/- boys meat at bricks at Chelo.
25 	234 yellow 25 white mealies under sail at crate. 16 yellow 15 white seed in Dairy.
26	Return sent to Maize Board 841 bags reaped & kept for own use.
27	Issels 2/6 for welding schreens hammermill screens
31	Mill. Hallam acc £.4.14.0.
	Took pugmill etc from Chelo to L.W. inc 10 barrows He refers to the bricks, wood,
	etc operations as Chelo, as separate to the L.W., although also on Chelo farm
	delivered 6 bags charcoal to Mayfair M.  368.5 cords deliverd during Oct to MM.
	Hallam £.4.14.0

November 1936
2	Builder arrived
3	Cattle Returns sent to Cattle Inspector: Jim 892, Mab 208, Goozy 517, DW 113
	W.O. working oxen 16 M.C. 56 milk cows
	Mill £.2.11.6
5	Started brickwork of furrow.
	The bricked furrows at the mill were: On the north end of the aquaduct - west along
	the top edge of Mbizo's land to the end of the land by the hill, and east along the top
	of the Bent Land and the Granite River Land. On the south side of the aquaduct the
	furrow went towards the southwest end of the Mill Drift Land  and then crossed the
	gulley and went east along the top side of the Opposite Dip Land. A total possibly of
	about 1400 yards
7	Got 4 pigs from Boetie Deitlefs for 10/- each. 
	Erecting electric light in engine room. this was at the mill?
9	Books to ???
	Hist of W.C.? = watercolour?, ??, Carrot Corot?, Brangwayn ?, R. Flint,
	De Wint, Turner.
	Machin broke his arm
10	1/6 nuts for Ford. cutout and globe 8/- for mill electirfication?
13	Overhauled engine suction gas engine at mill?
15	Paid £.2 for 4 pigs ? Boetie Deitlefs.
16	Corr iron on Boetie Viljoen's house 17x 10', 17x15', 24x8'
17	Mayfair store account £.3.12.0 for meat etc
	16 bulls from Mab ro Robinson  Sold £.5 each?
	Mayfair cheque for October 350 cords £.297.10.0,
	portion of brick unburnt? £.75.0.0, charcoal 50 bags £.6.5.0
20	Started ploughing GL Garden Land
22	Sold 100 oxen to Cold Storage £.6.0.0. each? check for first mention of
	Cold Storage
23	Chakudo dead from exposure or heart failure at Bembesi
	Majoni and Runameso among list of names. First for Runameso?
24	Bought waggon from Pullen £.25.
	Marietta open Thursday mine?, for pegging?
25	Started using new meal today
26	Pegged Marietta Reef. 
	16 bags from MM Mohem?. 40 bags charcoal to Mayfair Mine
27	104 oxen from Brad to Zimbele
28	Started planting white mealies in GL
29	Trucked 88 oxen to Cold Storage
30	268 cords delivered November. Mayfair cheque:
	350 cords 17/- £.297.10-0; 6541 lag @ 2d £.54.10.0
	366' tim? @ 4d £.6.2.0 40 charcoal £.5.0.0. Total £.363.2.2

December 1936
1	Trucked 12 oxen to Cold Storage
2	Planted pumpkins. Got painter? from Terbrugge
3	Ford engine CA 37805  body 7433 cf Dugald's papers
12	54 grain bags bought at Mayfair store 6d each
14	Kaplan. Aunt Violet. Tom's wife?
16	27 cords wood at Brad kiln today. Paid Mlekes 10/- for wood at Chelo today less
	10/- for waggon wheel. Paid Mleles £.2.12.0 for wood to date at Brad. 
	25 cords in velt today. 
	Xmas for Joe & Boetie & Brad boys presents
25	Left for Jo'burg
26 	Arrived in Jo'burg
27	Went to Vereeniging
28	Went to Bates sp?
	43 bags yellow mealies from crate to mill. 64 bags yellow mealies from crate
	to old store. 38 bags yellow mealies from crate to dairy. 12/6 for Kaffir corn
	for boy's Xmas. = sorghum, for native beer brewing. Each year a different kraal
	had the opportunity to be the brewer. The beer drink did not necessarily take 
	place at Xmas. See above. 
29	Went down Robinson Deep. Well known Rand goldmine.His photo
	 Mill £.2.4.6
31	370.75 cords delivered in Dec.
	Cattle over 1 year 2192  under 354
	donkeys 30  sheep 213  pigs 4
	poultry 510  turkeys 76
	M.C. 49 milk cows calves born 442 calves died 12 Surviving 430
	Other cows 853  
	heifers 265
	calves 354 as opposed to those from M.C.?
	bulls used 53
	other bulls 50
	W.O. 73  working oxen
	oxen 731
	year oxen 118 male yearlings
	Total 2546
	Sales: cattle 135 eggs 2520 doz., milk 210 gals., Maize 120 acres, potato 1 acre, other 4 acre
	unclear further cattle details
	Winter: potatoes 3 acres. 100 bags 3 kept
	unclear deaths: cattle 13 Nat?, 5 disease 6 pov, 2 s? 13 ace?
	Sheep 35 nat  9 dis  4sl 1acc.
	calves 7 nat 4 dis 1 acc


	Insulator shackles 17/6 doz. Plain 3/6
	C. Lockwood, P.O. Shabani, owner of Nyezan Farm

January 1937
1	Went to Randfontein
2	Slept near Louis Trichard
3	Arrived from Jo'burg
12	Freeze  dentist
16	Dec wood  360 cords £. 297.10.0; bricks £.50.0.0
	3819' lagging £.31.16.6; 160' timber £.2.13.4
	fetched pump from L.W.
19	bought Dodge vanette £.208.2.6 he had this pretty much
	till the Fifties? check
20	exchanged 50 bags yellow mealies for white mealies from Joe Deitlef
	10 bags potatoes sent to market master?
21	Took 10 bags potatoes to market by car. 10 bags potatoes taken 
	by Robinson.
24	5/- to Tabene's wife for beer payment for brewing?
27 	about 700 bricks laid this morning.  10 bulls from D.W. to 
	Robinson sold £.5 each.
28	Consignment Note book 6d. A note was filled out with details and
	put under a clip on the sides of railway trucks after loading with cattle etc
	10 bags potatoes to Robinson by self
	Dicks cattle dipped at Bradford today 5th time
30	10 bags potatoes to market
31	314 cords delivered during January

February 1937 
1	Finished mealies on crate today.
3	Dot's pups born  Dot was Peter's good PointerPhoto
4	Bulls out of quarantine
6	Truck bulls today The ones that were quarantined? prior to trucking
	maybe to the Congo or out of the province, etc
9	Well 72 ft from top of collar - 12.5 ft water
16	Made angle iron ladders for L.W.
18	Mayfair Mine paid £.148.15.0 for Jan
19	Started foundation of tank tower. At well at Zimbile?
20	Cleaned out well
28	110.75 cords  1278' lagging 40 charcoal

March 1937  
5	Sweep ticket from Sheila GP 66859
	Mayfair cheque £.164.8.2 for wood delivered in Feb
	Colin gave me cheque for £.13 towards store
8	47 W 155 yellow bags mealies sent to Milling co for Co-op truck 718
12	Put concrete top to tank stand 
	A corrugated iron water tank was put on this. Between the ground and
	the concrete top a wooden floor was also built. This floor supported a
	generator driven by a belt through an opening in the floor from a crude oil
	(diesel) engine on a block at ground level. This engine also drove a rod
	pump standing over the well.
13	Put timber for roof up for store?
14	Went to Moffats
16	Took safe to L.W. For gold? Check if it might have been the waggon one
19	£.50 received from Leo Robinson for 10 bulls
	drawn 17th March. Grand National Today. C No. 0999 (Rhod?) QP 66859 (Irish)
20	put new bearing on mill
22	Finished brick-work of shop and hut. about 15125 bricks. builder laid about
	300 bricks on average
24	1 bull from DW to Smith.(lent to him for 1 year)
25	Went to Diana's Pool This might be the occasion of the group photo with
	Ida, Dugald, lorry?
26	At Diana's Pool
27	At Diana's Pool
28	At Diana's Pool
29	Arrived from Diana's Pool The length of time there might suggest he was
	alone and did those early paintings.
30	7 boys returned from Brad 
31	Brad cattle 268 (Wankie's count correct) 1 short acc Book.boy's name 
	paid Mlekes £.1 for load of charcoal to Mayfair 7/3/37
	10 bags charcoal to Mayfair Mine per Dodge.
	368 chords delivered to Mayfair Mine in March.1667 ft lagging in Marc.
	60 charcoal in March. (244.25 cords to complete contract)
	Payment calculations

	31st March 1937

			cows	heifers	calves	yearlings	oxen	bulls
	Jims		606	303	322	92		54?
	Mab							1
	Goozy					157
	M.C.		64		36	13		1
	D.W.					195		90	42
	Wess		52	24	29	11		2
	Wess		159		113	18		2
	Brad							268
	??							16
	Total		863	326	500	329		532	101

	check cross totals
	Sheep  	186
	Donkeys	30
	Bags mealies on hand  470

April 1937
1	check?
2	1 ox broken leg by car at Longile
	5/- rubber ring for churn the milk separator?
	Exhibition of pictures today
3	6 files 3/- market. £.14.10.0 for timber on market paid by C.C.F. Colin
	12/6 cartage on above.
	12/- for eggs for Easter Camp. {at Diana's Pool/Matopos? cf above. How many
	eggs would 12/- have bought?
7	Wessels cattle classification. See re two Wess(above)=Near kraal & Far kraal
8	Started fitting filling silo with Black Jacks 2 loads =common weed. To cover
	floor before filling with chopped maize
9	4 loads in silo. Mill did not work
10	4 loads silage
13	3 loads silage
14	46 oxen from Longile to Umvutcha. 3 loads silage.
	Alister today memo. He came to see the cattle for Umvutcha?	
15	15 bags charcoal to Mayfair Mine etc  4 load silage
16	Grass fire at Longile
19	Mayfair Mine paid £.170.2.10 on acc etc details
21	Hammel sheep killed for House. 4 bags yellow mealies exchanged with
	Mr Pullen
	Put tank on tower at the well.
	The round tank was the common sort with corrugated iron sides, and 
	galvanised floor and roof. Say 6ft dia.x 8 ft deep. = 1400 gals or so. 
	The roof was flat (undomed), with a square flush manhole opening, over
	which slid a coverpiece. On the verandah of the house a box had been
	put for a pair of redwing starlings to nest in. They (Jack & Jill) did so for 
	several decades. In the summer when they had chicks to feed one of
	their main sources of food were the plentiful tshongololo (millipedes).
	These had a shell which needed to be cracked and broken up into 
	suitable sizes for feeding. The two birds did this by taking the 
	tshongololo onto the top of the watertank and bashing them on the 
	roof. The bashing noise went on all day. Naturally this led to a certain
	amount of debris littering the top of the tank. When it rained this debris
	got washed towards the manhole opening, and since it was seldom 
	properly closed, it went straight into the drinking water. Since the well
	itself was open at the top numerous snakes, owls, spanners, oily sacks 
	etc also fell down the well over the years. In spite of this the water was the
	nicest I have ever tasted; there was never ever a case of illness from it.
	The water, from decomposed granite below a greenstone schist contact,
	was considered extremely "hard". 26 on some scale of hardness. It would
	hardly form a lather with soap, which would wash off your hands almost
	After about fifty years or so the tank had quite a few leaks. These were quite
	quickly fixed by lining the inside of the tank with wire netting and throwing
	cement plaster against it - the well known DIY "shotcrete" technique used
	on many thin-walled reservoirs in the bush around the farm. N.F.
25	Visted Kodhwayo dam. 
26	Connected piping to tank
27	Put water tap near grapevines. Towards the NW corner of the lawn? Later
	extended ? to the pigsties and cattle pens.
	Cheques made out C.A. Cattle account £.17.10 Wages, 
	£.3.15.0 Burdizzo Italian patent cattle castrator. These instruments
	continued to be used till the early Seventies?, when they were to some
	extent replaced by the rubber band method on week old calves. For older
	animals the Burdizzo still used.
	P.F. £.17.10.0 wages, £.2.15.0 car repairs.
28	15 bags charcoal to Mayfair. 4/9 paid to Wankie for above.
30	Details of timber etc for April} 

May 1937
1	Joined Art Club. 10/- fee? Mill 12/-. D.W. 352. Shot lame heifer
5	Two Fingoe women asked for grass. Permission to cut thatch grass
6	10 bulls from D.W. to Leo Robinson (£.5 each)
7	3 bags yellow mealies echanged with Pullen for white (t be delivered later)
	fetched Wire less set. Attended Art Club. 
8	1 hamel killed for house
14	started reaping potatoes. 3 loads pumpkins
15	Went to Mayfair (no money) 2 loads pumpkins
17	Fourteen days dipping started today (dip this week) By law all cattle had to 
	be dipped for ticks every week. During the colder winter months this period
	was extended to fortnightly dipping. Link Dipping
18	Started digging foundations for verandah. 
	? This would have been the extension to the original "thatch overhang"?
	verandah (see old photos etc) on the N side? of the house. Check for casting
	of pillars. See photos of Ida and Madge sitting on verandah looking at small
	birds on the bricks. The bricks would have remained without a cement floor
	for another six years or so; I can remember the plastering, and there are my
	footprints, left in the cement.  The south verandah ("front of the house") had
	similar pillars erected, but its brick floor was never plastered and it was never
	coverered with a roof. The rostensible eason for this was that a roof would have
	made the sitting room too dark; which was undoubtedly true.
	Photos of the S verandah etc
20	Builder started work. finished reaping pumpkins 8 loads
21	Mayfair details of payments. Total  £.162.7.10
22	builder knocked off work at 4pm. Mealies to town
24	Finished reaping potatoes. seed 25, large 57, bad 9. builder absent. Mealies to town
25	builder absent.
26	240 bags yellow mealies sent to Co-op. 195 from new store near Dairy, 45 from Dairy.
	2nd Builder started work. Natives arrived from Essexvale for bulls. Robinson?
28	Dosed sheep
29	Gave garden hose? to Davis? for sale.
30	Went over lime at Hilton. 
	Check Hilton history. When Hilton was sold(/went to RA family?) a rider was attached
	to the title deeds retaining the lime rights. I recall Peter saying, when I showed some interest
	in the lime, that he and(?) Colin were the only ones then with a claim to it, and that the
	claim would die with them. I am not certain if this was because Alister and Ben etc were
	already dead, or if they were also joint claimants when they were alive. Check also the Ben papers
	 Check also the date of the little watercolour of the pool on Hilton

June 1937 
1	1st Builder back at work
2	Received £.50 for 10 bulls from Robinson.
3	started deepening well
6	Went to Hilton P. often spoke of "going over Hilton" with Alister
7	Put in first blasts in well
8	1 bag lime 12 gals water 22x 4 gal tins sand
10	1 load majodos
13	Went to Hilton
14	15/4 sub to Farmers Weekly
15	Cheque on acc Mayfair £.100. N.C. Native Commissioner? Essexvale sent for bulls
	Builder absent
17	10 bulls to Robinson from DW (£.5). builder back to work. 
	Started plastering house lime mixture
23	put lintil above window
25	1380 lbs pumpkins to Co-op

July 1937
3	fetched saw bench? from Hilton
5	Mason leaves Cape Town Dad Mason? sic see 16 July
12	builder absent
16	RBHS dinner tomorrow
18	Masons at Farm 
19	Went to Gwanda
23	Sheep boy notici "how to get rid of a boy"
26	Went to Ntabasenduna ? Mission
28	£.50 received from Robinson for 10 bulls
29	Saw Terblanche re shooting the story?
30	Arches 1 1/3. 3.  3  1/2,  18.18.20 ? the arches over verandah pillars?

August 1937
2	All wood stacked in veld at Bradford now finished. £.2.10.0 paid 
	to Mlekes for 26 cords to date
4	Sixpence started work Sixpence bio.
6	1 sheep killed for house. 
	Put in arch at kitchen  link photo of P carrying in  green mealies
7	Bought National gas engine at Gov House. Government House. No. 21527
	Memo: a hand operated blower situated between the producer column and
	the engine; this was to create suction through the producer before the running
	engine did this for itself. The unrusted column which later found its way to 
	outside the old dairy (there might have been two, one remaining at the mill??)
	might have been a scrubber? for the dirty gases from the fire. I am almost
	certain now, thinking back, that the charcoal was burned in a separate?
	oven/furnace. One of them had a hopper on top with a lever and valve: one 
	way letting charcoal fall down. the other way sealing.
	P. said the secret was getting the dripping? water correct.
	The one/s at the mill had split flywheels?. What is an expansion box?

	I think the blower was on the inside of the building wall. There might
	have only been two or three boys to start it. They pulled the flat belt
	to the lineshaft. I do not remember if it was decompressed to start with.
	The heavy U-shaped magnet from the magneto.
	Check. Phillip Goodman's photos.
8	Went to Hilton
9	Put in 2 arches. 2 lime, 15 gallons water 7x4 gal sand. Mother's birthday.
10	Put seed potatoes in Kraal ?
15	Went to Selosi This was a Sunday. The previous Sunday he went to Hilton.
	It is most likely these trips were for painting/photograph
16	Put in entrance arch Surely not the gable?  Cement colour tests details of 12
21	Fetched 38x6" surage sewerage pipes from Hubert Davies.
	Finished painting fire place. Presumably the cement colour tests were for this
	Details of mealies reaped etc
22	Sheep total 198 (8 too many) handed to new boy.  Went to L.W.
24	Self 10 m per tin = 75 yds. Boy Majoni? 30 m per tin = 136 yds. 5.25 tins per bag.
	land=230 yds. Paul? 15m. Short 35 m 
25	 Went to L.W.
26	Planted 20 bags potatoes. 
	Boys' named and details of output related to 24th above
27	Started rethatching south side of house
28	Watered some potatoes. 1st lot watered
	Started pump 2.10 reached potatoes 2.30  2 rows finished 3.30 Could only have been
	at the Mill
29	Watered some potatoes 24 rows now Started 7.00 water finished 1.00} 6 hours
	Charged sheep boy at Bembesi
30	Watered more potatoes
31 	Went to Kilarney? sale 

September 1937
7	grass fire at Longile. White washing. Details of colouring mixtures
8 	Grass fire at Wess
9 	Took magneto to town  ex suction gas engine?
15	Returns sent to Maize Board. reaped 352 bags kept 352
16	Gave 1st potatoes planted their 2nd watering
20	cheque from Mayfair Mine £.106-13-8 (acc M.M. squares wood acc to July)
22	Luguri, Kupa?meso, John, Chipiza, Makuwa, Solomon, Maputsa, Chaya} absent
	from work
23	100 oxen Bradford sold at £.7 each. 10 stags sold Brad at £.4 each.
	This appears to have been a live sale at Bradford
27	Bradford cattle go into quarantine today.
29	Phone 2709 Schur. 2030 illeg  Drumbuch Farm, N'tabas N'Duna

October 1937
1	2/- boys food in town (loading timber? at Cement) 1/3 train fare for boy from 	Cement.
	Particulars sent to Maize Control Board for September. 13 bags ground Natives 359 + 90lbs
	cf below. When did this recording start? Insert P's opinions etc about the M.C.B. in those days
2	Pestal & mortar on market 8/-. Fire proof door on market 11/-
3	I ox sold to Schur died on road to Zimbele
4	41.8 miles to dead ox.  49 oxen which are sold arrived at Zimbele
5 	8 bags meal to Mission per Dodge.  Cast 1st pier? for pillar
6 	49 oxen from Brad sent to Cement. 2/- for bicycle for boy with above cattle.
8	Mill £.2-9-3
11	10 bags meal to Mission. Inside corner trowel 7/6
13	Green cement tests. 8 tests
15	3/9 to Wankie for 15 bags charcoal delivered {Brad. to Zimb?
	Mayfair Mine paid £.95-18-9 on acc. Balance £.35 to be paid by L.W.
	off price of compressor?
16	Arrived at Zambezi. 26 meal to Mission per waggon. 26 mealies from Mission
	Sidney leaves for Zambezi  Syd Longden,  etc. link the photos and Syd's recoll.
17	Fished at hot spring
18	Went to trips/tripo? pool up Zambezi
20	Fished at Silent pool
21	spent day fishing
22	left Zambezi  19/3 petrol at Lupani
27	Fire at Jims
28	Petrol at Robinson 15/-. 4/- boys food with oxen
30	Details of milling sent to Maize Control Board for October. European 25 bags Native 359.5 bags
	385 bags x 200 lbs = 77000 lbs meal. Say 26 milling days= 2962 lbs/day, not so?

November 1937
1	60 oxen from Brad to Drumbuchk? Farm. (Schur)
2	Checked mealies in Walkers store 178 First reference to a Walkers store. So he put up
	some buildings?
3	{1 calf dead Wess. croc took another calf at Wess. Lici.}
8	8 Mab cattle found in Glen Grey
9	21 Mab cattle found in Glen Grey
14	Unpacked stock in store
15	Opened store today.
16	Shop 9/8
17	Shop £.2-16-7
18	Shop £.1-14-3
19	Shop 3/6
20 	Shop 3/-
22	Shop £.1-15-1
25	sweets for store 10/6. 5/- downpipe for house
26	Shop £.4-14-2
27	Shop £.2-11-3
30	140? cattle caught on Wess details Store takings for Nov £.20.14.7

December 1937
1	P.F. &  C.A (cattle acc) details
9	Ngwenya Mission & return 23.5 miles
10	40 lbs potatoes sold to Allan neighbour on small farm near Longile
15	Shop £.5-9-10
16	11 doz eggs to market. 1280 lbs potatoes to Co-op
17	Skins to DE PE Dunnell Ebden, Port Eliz 1085 lbs
18	Shop £.7-10-9
24	12/- present to station boys.
27 	finished planting White mealies New Land
28	33 doz eggs to Byo
31	Shop takings for December £.79-1-9

January 1938
3	Builder started work again . Shop £.4-6-4
4	Put in first arch
10	Put new bearings on mill
11	Put in arches 3&5
	Mabetchu? Classified: cows 695 heifers 198 calves 271 yearlings 368
	oxen 2 bulls 47 young bulls 15 - Adults 1325 
	Rem: it is not clear if Mab refers only to Zimbile B ("Drummond")
	 or whether the cattle were free to graze on The Triangle (Mapinkili)
	Check: Are there not diary entries about the fencing of this boundary
	It must have been before the camp on Mapinkili with Ida because
	Jimmy Edwards crashed into the gate on his bicycle with no brakes
13	Put in arches 2&6
14	Mill grinding 2.2 bags per hour 1 bag ~200lbscf my calcs for 30 Oct last year
	30 doz eggs to market.
18	put in arch no 7.
	3 bundles = 41 skins 642 lbs to Schur
20	15 doz eggs to market
21	Handed to P.F.  Wages marked x £.26-18-0  Petrol£.1-16-0 
26	planted 16 boxes potatoes (imported) check: previous mention of imported? Was
	there not a mention of Tasmanian somewhere?
29	5/- Luguri's wife Xmas beer
31	Terblanche's mill started I never heard of a mill run by Terblanche. P. did speak of
	a setup - planned or actual - of a mill?/point of sale? on the West boundary of 
	Zimbile, on the high ground. It was opposite a crossing place on the Sby road where
	there was a msexhla tree on the west side of the road. Rem: the mileages recorded
	earlier this year. I heard about this when speaking to PF about the possibility of opening
	a store/clearance building for vegetables on the boundary and he mentioned this much
	earlier matter. 
	Shop takings for Jan £.61-14-3

February 1938
1	Totty Hay today  T.H. the auctioneer
3	Bread pans 15/-. Speedometer for mill 10/- {rev counter
4	Planted sweet potatoes from South + names of varieties?
5	Started drain round Fingoe land near fence. The straight contour ridge along the upper
	side of Fingoe Fence Land. 
7	2 bags mealies sent to Terblanche for grinding, wts 220, 203. 5/- transport on 2 mealies
	to Terblanche. Result of Terblanche  1 bag 30 m 1 bag 20 m minutes? to grind?
	Rem: there are a number of entries saying that cash  at the mill is short
9	Dam scoop £.2-18-0  Surely an ox-drawn skilpad? something to do with the work at
	Fingoe Fence Land?
11	Changed oil in windmill
15	5.20 Grand Hotel   Lord? Loyd?
16	Mission to Zimbele Bricks 9.2 miles.
18	Saw McGilavry? re Brad?
20	Dougal paid for all timber to date £.13-15-1. Owe Mother?  £.20
21	Shop £.16-11-0  Went to Ntabes Induna Mission re Bricks
28	2 loads of 3 rows bricks to Mission. 3/- to natives for pushing car. Shop takings Feb £.67-2-10
	Details sent to Maize Board for Feb: Natives 332  Europeans 8.

March 1938
2	688 bricks to Mission per lorry. Bought lorry from Joe Deitlefs for £.125. 2 spare tyres£.5
	mileage 6223.3 at bricks. Rem co-ords of "The Bricks" at Zimbile
	Owe I.E.F. £.20  Ida
4	Started first pug mill
9	started 2nd pug mill
15 	started cutting hay
16	Owe IEF £.20
29	10 bulls from D.W. to Northern Rhodesia A?G Hay £.10
30	Attended foundation stone of Mission laying of.?
31	Stats

April 1938
1 	stats.  scan as example page?
2	Started 1st kiln
3	£.5-12-8 to Colin for Mother's Xmas.  Mohem sale tomorrow Mine?
10	started fire in 1st kiln. Took stofk in store
11	started 14 days dipping today
12	Squep notici
21	Bought 3 oxen 7 cows & heifer at Nahoho for £.28-5-0  co-ords Nahoho	
22	£.1-10-6 given to me by Mrs McLoud ?sp	
23	15 bags charcoal from Bradford. 3/9 to Wankie for above. What transport arrangements did
	Wankie have? Wankie was? father? of Jobe & Nduna? These charcoal deliveries were presumably
	for the suction gas engine at the Mill. PF does not? mention charcoal-making a the Mill
25	10 cattle bought at Nahoho sent to sale
26	Started ploughing fence L.
27	Simoni & Temberai ? caught stealing mealies
28	Sold 19 old working oxen on A.G.Hay sale. 5 @ £.8-2-6  5 @ £.9-7-6
	5 @ £.5-12-6  4 @ £.5-15-0
	Sold 10 traded cattle 4 @ £.2-17-6  4 @ £.3-0-0 2 @ £.4-10-0	
30	Shop takings for April £.66-17-4

May 1938
2	7 bags meal to Mohem. Started delivering bricks
3	157 bags mealies arrived from Maize Board all into old? Dairy store
	This is the first ? mention of maize purchases from the Maize Board. (check
	previous rainfall figures). One of PF's stories is that the Gov kept the price of maize low
	"and even the munts stopped growing it" etc; to the extent that the Gov had to import
	maize from South America(?)
5	Tire shortening 15/-  tyre? The iron tyre on waggon wheels? Later I remember PF
	doing this in the forge at the workshop, "hammer welding" the white hot metal together. 
	Sand? used as flux. Later, opposite the first silo, PF made a circular concrete "tank" 
	with a screw press thing in the centre etc,. The metal tyre was heated over charcoal? 
	all round and pressed onto the wooden wheel,; water was then poured onto it (?) and it 
	shrank onto the wood.
7	Bought 18 cattle at Nahoho for £.60-10-0
	Shop £.11-9-6.  Mill 5/-
11	Test scale 12.30pm today Assize? scale at store?
12	Makuwa started delivery milk.
13	356' lagging from Blagdon to Mayfair Mine
14	Bought 6 cattle at Fochabers £.21-10-0
15	Paid £.3 reward to Makuwa, Zishiri re information stolen mealies
20	Dougal down from Que Que. He has left the Little Wonder? There has been no direct
	mention of this so far? But there have been less references to the L.W.
22	Bought 13 cattle at Innisfallen for £.58-5-0
23	Cattle bought on Fingoe location £.9-0-0
24	32 traded cattle sent to Byo. paid £.1 to Bogan? for commission on cattle
26	12 doz eggs market sq?  6 doz Mother. Spring steel for mill 27/6. 12/6 repairs to Dodge
	Sold 32 traded cattle + 2 for Jim. Paid Jim £.5 and £.3-7-6 for above
27 	44 gallons petrol to Chelo. At Chelo 6 gals D's petrol on hand. Mileage of lorry 12401.5.
	5 gal illeg ? oil to Chelo. 1g D'd oil on hand  3 3/4 meal on hand
28	2 hens 17 chickens left at wood. Started stacks near saw? at Mayfair. 5 cords of Mine
	above engine uncertain Evans took 4 load today then greased car
31	lost 1x44 gallon drum of petrol in town. Took pugmill to Umvutcha. 
	Shop takings for May £.137-13-1 Mayfair acc for May 45 cords @17/- £.38-5-0

June 1938
3	Went to Chelo  etc
4	Paid Ben 12/6 for commission on cattle bought
9	Details of wood etc at Chelo & Mayfair
14 	16 bags meal taken over from Tabene. 20 meal to Terbrugge
16	fetched 10 HP Lister from L.W.
19	5 bags meal to Mohem by ? Muisfield First mention? of John Masefield?
23	returned lorry to Mission midday. Inspected traps set by natives at DW
24	Caught natives trapping game
25	£.1-9-0 spring for Chev what vehicle was this?
28	Marked 105 stacks at Chelo of wood?
29	£.2-19-6 for 7 bags monkey nuts peanuts at Chelo
30	Details: store, Mayfair, Maize Board

July 1938
3	Expenses to Que Que  2/6 tip to lorry driver, 1/6 boys food, 12/- taxi, 10/- train fare 1/- boys food
6	Chev mileage at Chelo 9269.6, '' '' at Zim 9315
7	fetched i load from Little Wonder
9	Fetched 1 load from L.W. Went to Babs the mine at Que Que
10	spent day at Babs
11	30/- frm Charles? for Burdizzos pincers {castrators
17	Sent Tabene to overhaul Dougals car?
19	5/- cash for beer at Chelo. Samuel started riding wood at Mayfair 2 pm
20	Masefield paid £. 23-5-6 for July? & June meal. Clearly Masefield. 
	Was he married at this stage? Sally was born in Dec? 1941. Ask her
	about the beginnings at Mohem
26	Saw N.C. Native Commissioner? Inyati re mill site. see my previous remarks about PF and
	a project on our W boundary
28	Set 3rd kiln alight
29	penned up 9 oxen for feeding first time this activity has been mentioned?
30	Ordered diminishing glass opposite of a magnifying glass. He used one to look at
	and "frame" landscapes.
31	Details etc

August 1938
3	4 meal to Mohem by Masefield & 12/6 per 200 lb bag?
	Could this regular supply of meal have been solely for the mine boys and their families, or was 
	John also selling it on the Fingoe Location? I distinctly recall him dishing it out when I was young, 
	from a rondavel west of the main house, in the evenings(?). He was distinctly English still: a 
	nephew (?) of the Poet Laureat, hardly speaking Fanikalo. He referred to the meal as "poop" rather 
	than pronouncing "impupu". Link Masefield_Mohem_McKays_Cran Cook etc etc recoll
10	Fetched 16 HP Lister from Gwanda
15	6 meal to Mohem  Seems to be 6 bags/week
16	210 lagging delivered to Mayfair Mine. 
17	600 bricks to Blue Dump
18	4 loads bricks to Blue Dump. 3694 bricks to Blue Dump. The same delivery? 
	Blue Dump: where? Surely not the small shaft on Zimbile, in D.W. East,  called by the same name?
20	4 loads bricks to Blue Dump (3694)
22	2 loads bricks to Blue Dump (1847)
23 	200 bricks to B. Dump
25	3 bags mealies from Pullen (4 remaining)
31	Details: Mayfair etc

September 1938
1	10 bulls from D.W. to Northern Rhodesia. Sold for £.10 each
2	Majoni notici like Squep, he was on Zimbile till he died
3	Dr Vynes pegged. Dr. Vigne's Mine, a shaft on the schists near and north of DW dam. It was pegged
	most likely to prevent others from doing so. The shaft was used for many decades for disposing of
	dead cattle etc. During the Great Flowering it was "worked" by black squatter/miners, who hand collected
	promising looking individual rocks for crushing elsewhere
8	Built grid gate at Mapinkili on White's Run Road? 
9	2 loads bricks to B.S.A.P. 16' waggon. Police camp at Bembesi?
9	2 loads bricks to BSAP 16' waggon
12	6 loads bricks per lorry to BSAP (464 each) 2 loads per 16' waggon
17 	Sheep boy notici
19	4 loads sand to BSAP
20	4 sand BSAP
24	Went to Selosi Silozwe etc, hill in Matopos. Link photos, painting
25	Camped at Silosi
27	Dodge lorry to Mohem
30	Mayfair acc

October 1938
6	3 bags mealies bought from Wankie at 8/-
8 	Went to Mjelele in Matopos Nat Park? Was the dam built then? Link paintings
10	250 bricks sold 5/-
11	cattle at Hay 193 cows (?)(2 cows to stack 2 calves)
12	(5 cows to stack) Has this activity been mentioned before?	
	Insert: protein article etc 
13	Cow deaths Jims (7 cows to stack)
16	Black Land NS 213 yds E.W. 265 yds. Fingoe L. NS 77 yds
	Black Land 11.5 acres in 10 days= 1.15 ac/day
	157 cords in velt at Chelo
20	Sheep  adults 106 lambs 44 all sheep now ear marked and handed to New Boy
21	Page: cows dying Jims, to stack etc
25	Mayfair informed me re shutting of Mine   MAYFAIR Scan all these pages re cattle deaths etc etc
	Chelo-Zimbile mileage via Whites Run 51.6 miles. Check on Google
29	Well 83 ft deep
31	Mayfair Acc

November 1938
1	stopped sinking well about 84'
2	Went to Mayfair   12 loads Mohem check previous etc
3	14 loads Mohem etc for ? days
8 	Started riding bricks to Mission.
	Mileage when starting 20173.6 At Mission 20183.2 = 9.6 miles
	Trip full loaded? = 30 m minutes?. Offloading 5 boys 15 m Return trip 20 m Each load 624 bricks
	5 loads bricks to Mission
9	Six loads bricks
10 	six loads bricks
11	6 loads bricks. Finished planting Red L.
12	4 loads bricks
14	Dodge lorry 20797 miles
15	24 doz eggs market (train)
17	5 loads bricks. 43x620=26660 bricks delivered to date
18	Dougals lorry sent to Que Que
21	Opening of  Art Exhibition
22	paid 5/- native for information re poles burnt. Sithlupeko
29	To Rickets sale truck 87126 railway truck?
30	Evan back from Q.Q. Que Que. See previous mention of Evan re fuel stock at Chelo	
	3 oxen 9 cows sold Ricketts £.76-5-10 Cattle Acc

December 1938
12	Dr V. Lis No 34561 Licence number.? see earlier re mine
	Details from Colin cheque  Evans mentioned; fuel etc
13  	Cattle inspection today. 
14	started planting Dolichos ?? beans Hatfield L.
	Tested mill 289 lbs/hr MILL OUTPUT
19	7/6 bricks Hallam mentioned previously? 10/- Kaffir corn Xmas
29	finished planting yellow mealies Jock's Land. {See earlier called Black L.?
	timber on verandah A memo? to cover it. The roofing was not yet erected? 
31	I bull dead DW shot for Xmas.


	Mayfair liabilities  Merchants 3400  Salaries? 600
	To Camp A list of names. Could this have been some of the people in the photo/s?
	Miss Christiansen; Mr & Mrs Nash ? and children; Miss Josephine? O'Farrell; Mr & Mrs Mcloud;
	Miss Sommerset ?; Mr James; Unity Moffat; Bobby Moffat; Jumbo ? Fletcher; Helen McGaw ?;
	Lionel Fletcher; bracketed with  Yerbury PF definitely spoke of a Yerbury in connection to the photos
	in his album and also re Matopos etc. Was he a friend of Lionel's? See the photo with Lionel & Loris?;
	Miss Rose; Miss Glasby; Colin Fletcher; Frank Amm Peter met Frank, the geologist, when he was for
	a while mapping for his book on the geology of the country around Bulawayo (1936?). P. invited him to
	stay at Zimbile while he was doing so. He later became head of the ....... in Salisbury. Check: Frank may
	be in some of the photos?; Alister Fletcher the story of A.?/P? and the magneto wires in the girl's beds;
	Jimmy Hull; Mr? Sperry; Frank Harvey.
	re Josephine O'Farrell :,4741015
  	Found later. Yerbury: see McDonald?/Fynn family trees 
	Estimate of shortages re milling
	Dodge lorry tire - 8.25x20  10 ply
	To Do: verandah - change oil of 3 H.P. - lime - build dam near Terblanche D.W. dam
	dig well "  " near Terblanche A few attempts to find water in these schists were unsuccessful
	Rhodesia Clothing Factory Box 100 Salisbury. 
	Hon Sec Art Club, Miss H Somerset Box 570
	M.D. Jordan Plot 54 E. Khami Rd
	T Jones c/o Bembesi Store
	Distances in Bembesi area; related to the transport of bricks, meal etc
	Task work. 1 boy hoeing 400 yds per hr 1 acre in 11 hours, about 2/3 ac/ per day. Weeds 9 ins high.
	The distance refers to hoeing a strip 3ft. wide: the common row-crop width of machine planting etc
	 cf the tasks in the Records Book. Task work in relation to work in the lands (hoeing/weeding various
	crops, reaping maize etc. was mostly, but not invariably, the case. The decision was sometimes open
	to the workers. It was called "mgwazo" (noun); to have finished your task "gwazile" (verb, past tense)
	This sort of work was traditionally done by women. They often preferred task work; they could begin
	as early in the morning as they liked, even at first light, and work in the cool of the day, knocking
	off by late morning. An employer, for different reasons, also preferred task work, particularly when
	the workers were women. There was more work and less talking.
	The setting of tasks/the Jimmy Edwards story.   Photos of Majue hoeing potatoes etc
	Prices timber etc. flooring, ceiling Mills(?) Fairbanks Morse and others V pulleys at Hubert Davies
	To Do

January 1939
1	At Babs.  The mine at Que Que
	good sunset diagram sketch of a sky with colour indications
3	1 cow dead Jim (calving). Mill 2/-
	diagram sketch of a sky with colour indications
7	42 dozen eggs to market 3/- prospecting form. 6/- assay. £.21 licences
9	15/- Xmas for shop boys
11	110 hides wt 2064 lbs sent to Schur Byo. 75 bags mealies from Bembesi by lorry
12	76 bags mealies from Bembesi by lorry.  30 mealies to mill, 25 '' to shop, 96 ' to grain store.
	These mealies railed to Bembesi, from Grain Marketing Board? i.e. bought in? Zimbile's finished?
13	took tin house to uncle Bob's mine. PF unlikely to have referred to RAF in this way. So maybe
	Bob McDonald. But he died 1930. Did he dig around on Zimbile? /Keogha? Was this the same little
	"tin tent" that was used at Zimbile in the Nineties etc? 
17	Fetched Leo Robinson boxes potatoes. £.12 for 3 oxen Joe D.  30 oxen GoozyBush sold
	Schur £.7.10.0 (Cat Acc) 3 traded oxen sold Schur £.6 £.4 £.3. 1 traded ox broke leg.
	Link Stan Schur stuff?
	Planted Kaffir beans & yellow mealies in Walker Land (should plant 1 month earlier).
	It is unclear if these beans and mealies were grown in the land separately. The blacks commonly interplanted
	the two crops. and the beans climbed on the maize. In this case neither of them were grown for silage; the
	beans shed their leaves at senescence, so these would be lost as animal food. P.F. did grow a lot of
	beans as hay, for the protein in it. They were cut while still green, and made into windrows and stacked before
	much leaf would be lost. The hay was then put through the hammermill and mixed into livestock rations. 
	Link also: Protein sources Locusts/ sunflower heads/mimosa tree pods etc. Also Urea story.
	Later, with the advent in the early Fifties of the small Ferguson tractors with hydraulic tipping trailers much 
	of the maize on Zimbile was planted with beans, in particular Velvet Beans, in the same rows, and was
	 harvested as silage. A number of tractors with trailers ran a shuttle, and were filled by a Case forage harvester
	pulled by a Farmall M.  Links
	Kaffir beans (vigna unguiculata; indumba; nyemba) are widely planted by the blacks for food.The seeds
	are very variagated in their markings; cream coloured with markings through browns to almost black. 
	Boiled, they are one of the nicest of the peas/beans to eat - only surpassed perhaps by ndhlubu (nyimo)
	 beans, especially when fresh. The leaves of the beans can also be cooked like spinach (mbida).
	They were later more often referred to as cowpeas: probably because their cultivation for a time became
	more widespread on commercial farms where numerous different varieties (thus called ) were tried, some 
	from overseas
	Tudiana; upright
	Dr Saunders? etc Shedding leaves. For hay etc.
	See Protein Story.
18	Manure:
	 John	 18yds x 12" deep; 16 yds x 6" deep. 1 mealies  1/2 meal
	Sifuba	20 yds x 9" deep;   13 yds x 3" deep   1 meal
	Robert 	18 yds X 9" deep	1 mealies
	Richard 	1 square kraal; 1 round kraal   1 mealies  1/2 meal
	This appears to be a record of  an exchange of cattle manure for maize. The manure accumulated and
	dried in the cattle kraals where the animals (perhaps including sheep and goats) were penned each night. 
	It was spread on the lands. Before the advent of commercial chemical fertilisers this was the only way of
	increasing the fertility of the soil. The growing of green crops, especially legumes, which were ploughed in etc etc....
	NB other entries of manure purchases (from the Fingoe?)

	Robert and Sifuba were blacks who had been on Zimbile for some time. I do not know if they predated 1893.
	Peter did speak of having evicted (?) some kraals when he came onto the farm. I do not know if these had
	remained, and if so, for what reason. Robert's kraal was on a schist/banded ironstone ridge, SSW of the 
	farmhouse. It was perhaps the first (main) ridge approaching from NE on the schists. The kraal was near (?)
	the boundary fence between Zimb A and B. There was a typical maminyela thicket, its growth probably 
	encouraged by the residual fertility of the old cattle kraals. Over the years the stones of the kraal were
	probably carted away, to be used in the old stone kraal at the farm, which itself in the Fifties was used
	for the stonework of the new dairy. The stones were mostly epidiorite. A similar thing happened with the 
	numerous other old kraals. Robert's name survived in the name of the land other side of the river from
	the dip. Photo of buckwheat Later a number of other lands were made in that area, the largest of which
	was nicknamed Salisbury by the blacks; (after the capital, because of its size). Land/kraal co-ords.
	Sifuba had a kraal somewhere (I think) in the schist/banded ironstones, not far from Dr Vigne's mine shaft 
	and Dyke Wright's dwelling. His name survived in the name of the paddock Sifuba, also called Jock's.
	In this locality also was Matambo's kraal. I think it was in the bend of the river below the weir downstream
	from Dyke Wright's dam. It might have been anywhere on the opposite side of the river to Flat Land.
	I have no knowledge about John and Richard. I do not know if Jim's kraal is of the same age/origins as
	these. It was on the sandveld. The whole area was called Jims. I do not know when/if Ben's became
	separate. Jim was employed to look after all those cattle? Also Macua's kraal on the gravel ridge in the
	paddock/s named after him. He worked on the farm and later (?) lived near the farmyard. He died in the

	Shot traded ox with broken leg & delivered to Leo Robinson
19	Started planting potatoes 40x66 lb boxes did 3 1/2 acres
20	finished planting potatoes granite River Land. See recent previous and earlier re brick furrow; is this to
	the G.R. land?
	7 bags meal per Dodge to Zizwe
22	8 bags meal to Zizwe further entries forward. Who was Zizwe?
24	shifted boys from U. Bobs mine Uncle. They had been working all this time?
25 	wire to Maize Board for mealies 1/4 telegraph. Link MB story
28	3d. note book for mill boy
30	started reaping potatoes about 3 months from planting, some starting to turn yellow all flowers off. skin
	beginning to set
31	35 bags potatoes to Market. an entry re oxen to Schur seems duplicate of 12th inst. above?

February 1939
2	Mamenza ? 2 kraals 2 meal; Mkotam? 1 old kraal 1 mealies manure trading
3	Went to Matopos to Murray Rem: Maybe Charles Murray? was he at the Research Station. Maybe
	other refs to Matopos were not re painting?
	£.1 Basella sweets? for store? mbasela? 1 bull from Jim to Smith on loan.
5	£.16-7-1 to Zimbele Cattle Acc for 25 maize @ 11/3 + 1/10 railage
	£.2 bonus to Dududu & Luguri for ploughing
8	Chitarara murdered during last night Never heard anything about this from P.F.
12	Art Club at Farm Zimbile
16	£.65-10-0 paid for 19 cattle bought Intabas Induna cattle buying also since previous entry
20	Bought six cattle at Victory adjoining farm £.24-10-0. Got £.175 from Ricketts.
22	went to court Inyati. got £.100 from Ricketts
23	Woman taylor tailor starts work. at the Store? It was common for rural stores selling cloth to have
	a resident tailor to knock up garments on the spot.
	Bought 13 oxen Reserve Intabazinduna? for £.49-7-6. I bag meal given to Gwende's wife for present.
	Bought 12 cattle Fingo Location for £.41-7-6

March 1939
4	5 bulls sold A.G. Hay for Muir?. price £.10   7/- for native help with Tottie Hay's car. The auctioneer
8	42 bulls sold to Cliff Little for Congo at £.10 each. bought 11 cattle on Location for £.40-12-6
12	10/- for back wheel of bicycle? for Makuwa for information re crude oil
20	Traded cattle at Zimbele inc yearling with M.P.?.  42 bulls from Goozy to Congo (sold £.10)
21	5 bulls from D.W. to Sinoia (A.G. Hay for A.R. Muir £.10
	Jeremiah, Fire, Mavela manure for mealies
22	Started cutting hay
23	bought 18 cattle at Cala for £.69-50-0
25	150 traded cattle from Goozy to Mabetchu.  2/6 push button for prodder.
	A white ceramic button, making circuit only while pressed. This was a home-made cattle prodder which was
	still serviceable in the Nineties. It consisted of a bamboo pole, about 5 feet long with two wires up the
	length through the centre, anchored to two exposed terminals at one end, while the other ends were
	attached to a make and break coil strapped near the other end, with the button conveniently placed. The
	old coil was housed in a small wooden box with dovetail joints, with the make and break exposed. It
	worked off a car battery and was considerably more shocking than more modern types using torch batteries.
	It was only used at railheads when loading cattle. We eventually more or less discontinued prodder use; in
	the wrong hands they probably contributed to carcass bruising. But there was always one on hand.

26	Put Zishiri into shop. The Store? PF spoke well of Zishiri
28	6d. boy with note re Zeta's cattle. 
	NB.. See the story about Zeta sending money to buy at the store and never accepting credit. She was on
	which close farm?
29	5/- motor tyres for boys shoes. To make manyatelo? = homemade sandals. "kunyatela" = to tread/tramp on. 

April 1939
3	Started riding bricks to Mission 666 per load 
4	5 loads bricks to Mohem Mine about 3341 bricks
	Dolacoise Beans in flower now Dolicos
7	Went to Diana's Pool
13	Bought 17 7? H.P. National crude oil engine at Essexvale £.50 Research
	Scovenie sale Sikoveni, in the Diana's Pool area?
16	Started cutting Dolocoise beans some pods & flowers. Black jacks xx in seed. Kaffir beans in pod some 6 ins. long
17	Bought about 200000 bricks at Mayfair for £.5  The story, but details forgotten; except that these were the bricks
	PF had made and sold to the Mayfair
21	55 traded cattle from Filabusi to Mabetchu
23	39 (22 cows) traded cattle from Mab to Byo. 77 bags charcoal from Kenneth from Que Que? 4/6 boys food to town
	with traded cattle. Appears that all these cattle were being walked to town. About 30 miles.
24	3/- boys food to Que Que. The ones that brought the charcoal? Kaffir beans some big pods others med. probably
	correct for cutting.  2 bags potatoes to Kenneth.
26	finished cutting hay veld hay?
27	Heavy frost at house. Kaffir beans all killed by frost before ready to reap seed just right for hay.- plant Jan
28	Started ploughing Hatfield's L. Early winter ploughing
30	finished carting bean hay

May 1939
2	Started reaping Fingo land..    Germany at 7.30 Memo to listen to wireless news?
5	finished ploughing Hat L = 1.9 acres per day.
6	£.1 bonus to Mgadu for information re mealies stolen. 
	Finished Fingo Land 185 bags cobs total. Calc net grain
9 	3 loads Boer pumpkins, 6 loads iron bark pumpkins
10	7 loads iron bark pumpkins. Murray between 3&4 Maybe not at Matopos?
11	6 loads iron bark pumpkins
12	Erected gate near new mill NB: It is already set up? The gate was on the boundary. This subsequently became
	an established nuisance; though later closed and even removed, there were always people miners etc who
	wanted to re-establish access there.
	Started digging potatoes.
15	5404 lbs iron bark pumpkins to Market. Tabene to court today 10 o'clock
	MEMO	 trace the decline in mill output this year
17	Sheep Adults 86  lambs 17 (earmarked).   5/- to Fingoe for returning straying oxen
19	5028 lbs pumpkins to Co-op
25	Put in foundation of engine room at Outspan corner
	New Mill not running yet. Outspan was early name of ?? check map, Govnt Outspan.
27	6034 lbs pumpkins to Cement at £.3 per ton
31	1st load of thatch to Mission 132 bundles

June 1939
1	2nd load thatch to Mission. ..Mission boys started getting meal from me.
3	Pibisai? Zamassa{?} refused to lead.  To lead a span of working oxen?
9	load whisteria poles from Chelo wisteria. "mpaxa" : matabele tribute to king etc. Corner posts etc
12 	builder started work
23	Cut up riems & put in to tan
24	205 bds thatch to Mission.  Went to Babs
27	206+ bds thatch to Mission. £.5-5-0 for monkey nuts from native Innesrisen.
	Mill 1/9
	Finished brickwork of mill near Terblanche. Perhaps Terblanche's mill is responsible for the decline
	in entered sales for the Zimbile mill. Hence PF putting up one in opposition near Terblanche?
28	Mill 3d.

July 1939
3	5612 lbs pumpkins to Market per Chev
4	Native cattle on Bradford according to Wankie: Mlekes 96, Wankie 11, Jonas 6. 
	NB this explains Mlekes
5	Went to Perrins re 50 feeders
7	started sprouting seed potatoes 40 boxes.  5260 lbs pumpkins to Market
9	50 oxen arrived from Perrins for feeding for Cold Storage. {Was CSC grazier/feeder scheme?
10	Put 50 Cold Storage cattle, 17 native cattle, in pens. Feeding about 3&#.189 lbs meal to start.
	CSC cattle
12	Jimmy Hull at farm
13	5289 lbs pumpkins to Market
14 	Penned up 445? more native cattle
17	173+73 bds thatch to Homestead.  Started feeding 1 lb molasses per ox today. 
	Molasses ever previously mentioned?
18	Pens onto 6lbs concentrate ration.
	41 oxen from Longile to Umvutcha. Patnership? cattle
19	Attended court at Fort Rixon. £.2-2-0 witness fees at Fort Rixon. £.8 stolen by Gwende 
	against  I.T.
	Estimate to feed 150 oxen requiring 600 bags mealies should buy 300 bags @ 8/6=£.127-10-0
	Estimate 650-700 bags mealies on hand today.
24	£.12-4-0 for P.O. Orders for lighting plant 
26	thatch 15 bds from natives
28	Thatch 47 kept from Matabele towards? Roberts
29	7/6 vice bought on market
30	Penned 5 oxen from Kombo

August 1939
1	re-started on well at mill the "new" mill?  Lecture on Colour Art Club?
3	Handed 29 oxen over to Cold Storage (advanced £.5)   What?
5	£.2-1-4 dinamite dynamite for well sinking?
7	Well 22.5 ft midday. Matabele boy started work on well
8	Finished bricking irrigation furrow.  Exhibition today art Club?
9	Well 24 ft evening. Hard going?
11	Sidney Carter Sydney Carter, South African artist 1874-1945
12	Well 26.5 ft evening
13	5 native traded bulls to Ricketts; 2 ditto cows;
	 23 cows from Lands to Ricketts; 5 cows from Goozy to Ricketts. 
	cheque for latter £.138-8-0
17	17/6 paid to native for pig (Makosana)
20	Permit to enter Fingo Location & Intabazinduna Reserve expires today.
	Permit to enter and buy cattle, trade etc
25	Well 37 ft midday
30	Started 32 V. generator = for the first time.Where was this generator? So far there has been no
	entry about buying the banks of submarine batteries. Might these only have become available at
	the end of the War, and until then the lights in the house only worked by direct generation? Also:
	generation at the Mill?/ or a line to the Mill?
31	Well 43 ft evening

September 1939
1	Hitler invades Poland
	6.5 bags seed potatoes opened in S. fowl house.
	32 oxen from Brad 1 ox from Mab to Johannesburg
	1 above ox dead in truck;  1 {ditto) sold Byo Greenspan
	Balance 31 oxen £.252-5-11 net
3	Cattle leave Byo for JB Joburg
4	Sixpence notici the same Sixpence who did the laundry when I was a kid? Did he actually leave?
	5/- sold door frame to Sifuba
6	£.5 refund to native for bricks undelivered
7	started watering potatoes
11	Well 50ft (evening)
12	1 bag meal to New Mill
13	33 oxen from Mabetchu to Byo for J'Burg (Ricketts). 11 of above sold in Byo for £.7
15	20 doz eggs to Market
20	heavy frost at House PF used to say that 15 Aug was a reasonable risk for planting potatoes.
21	frost at House
22	Tabene notici  check that he is not longer mentioned.. Memo: Mtabene page. reNotici Page.
23	Frost at House. Well 56 ft evening (6 ft in 11 days)
25	Started manuring Fig Land the land below the house. NB this land was not under irrigation, and so
	the manuring was a for a dry land crop. In the Eighties(?) I brought this land under sprinkler irrigation
	from the nearby borehole on the bank of the river below the pigsties and near the gumtrees. It was
	only producing 4500 gallons per hour. Later it became the only source of water for the dairy, the
	compound and the house etc, after the old well went dry.
27	1 ox dead DW (shot for boys)'
	Manuring; old waggon:
	 Compound? 2.30 started to load 2.45 (4 boys) full 4.00 started offloading 4.55 returned 5.10
	Pullen waggon started loading 2.30 & digging (6 boys)
29	2 bulls from DW to Hartley (Carruthers Smith) Family bio

October 1939
1	44 stall fed cattle to Cold Storage. 26 Perrins oxen, 16 Cold Storage branded, 2 own fed how long? check
2	William died ?
7	Details to Maize Board: 828 bags reaped and kept for own use.
8	1/- bonus for 2 springhares killed
10 	Well 66 ft midday (= 10ft in 13 days)
11	Finished manuring Fingo L. dryland. 1/6 rivetts for mill 
	PF made the hammermill, and the casing (volute?) was rivetted together or patched where worn 
	or damaged. He made more than one mill. Maybe thjs was for one being made for the new location?
13	3 bags seed potatoes to Sammy. Who? Seed potato file: thrips, mozaic virus etc
14	30 traded oxen (ricketts) from Mab to Byo (R's Sale). 14 oxen from Mab to Byo Sale (R's sale) Zimbele oxen
	Mab total 148 = R's 112, own 35, Zimbele 1. What sort of arrangement might this imply? PF was feeding
	on his own acc as well? And had an arrangement with Ricketts?
15	Dududu notici dududu file 	There were a lot of notici by old names this year? Kufa notici
16	Mhambi notici. Well 67 ft morning (=1ft in 4 days) No mention of water yet. If this had been in granite there
	would most likely have been some mention of moisture, if nothing else.
18	6/8 Alum for riems. Alum was used for a quasi tanning of leather. Also to make riempie? Was it used for chamois?
20	4 calves born Nyozan this farm name has not been often used. Has he previously referred to it under a boy's name,
	with Wessels etc?  
	5 oxen from Mab sold to Leo Robinson (sold by wt) weight
21	Well midday 70 ft 6 ins. 3.5 ft in 4 days.
22	25 Ricketts oxen from Mab to Byo Sale. 10 Zimbele oxen from Mab to Byo Sale
24	12/6 tyre shortening Sammy
29	13 C.S. branded oxen to Cold Storage. 24 Perrins oxen to Cold Storage check when these were bought/branded
	5 own fed oxen to Ricketts sale
	10/- boys food with cattle to town. Nyasa boy?s notici from Nyasaland.etc

November 1939
2	1681 cattle from Jim to Goozy with small calves.
6	21/- milling paid by Leo Robinson not in Mill Book.  Hanging of pictures today Art Club
8	Kangwari ?? notici  Kangwari was still there in my childhood
10	Freeze 9.30  Dentist
11	Well 77 ft  3 ft in 10 days
18	53 hides in 8 bundles weighing 937 lbs to H. Schur (Paid £.14-18-0)
	Started planting Fingoe Land with new planter 14" in row x 36" apart. cf hybrid spacings
19	38 traded oxen to Ricketts (6 for ricketts 32 Tredgold) How does Tredgold fit in here?
	6/- boys food with above. 5/3 ditto  train fare ditto Walk to Byo; train back to Bembesi
21	Milk cattle handed to Shabi ? cows 39  calves 44 in yearlings bull 1. 
	Laudal memo appointment. Laudal = one of the main Fingo families.?
30	started planting Walker's Land Dolocise beans {dolicos). planted iron bark pumpkins near Mill
	Cattle wages for November £.15-9-0.

December 1939
10 	22 Ricketts oxen to sale. 10 own traded oxen 1 cow to sale.Perrins ox to sale
	 4 cold storage stray oxen to town. 8/- boys food to town with own & ricketts cattle.
	Planted sunflowers Old Station Rd land. Planted yellow maize G.L. (Black part) Alluvial clay part
11	Started digging potatoes (3 months after planting)
	planted New Era cow peas G.L. upper section?
12	10 bags potatoes to Wightman & Co 9/6
14	41.5 bags potatoes to Market per Chev. Planted New Era G.L.
15	39 oxen from Mab to Ricketts & Co.= 9 Zimbele cattle. 15 my own cattle (inc 1 cow) 15 Ricketts cattle
16	1 ox dead Brad. (killed by Wankie woody jaw). Planted sunflowers near dip
18	planted Junction Land (P. Pearl dry) Dry planted land with Potchestroom Pearl maize
19	7/6 Red developing globe Darkroom safety light; was safe, and necessary, to have on while printing and 
	developing photographs, but film could not be exposed to it.
25	planted Kaffir beans Tabene's Land check rainfall details
26	planted sunn hemp small garden land (60 lbs/ac)
27	10 bags potatoes to Barnet. pd £.4-10-0.  5/- S.R. car plate 
30	10 potatoes to Co-op. 20 ditto  Gauche.  Planted Kaffie beans Red L.
31	44 cattle from Mab to Ricketts & Co. 11 of Ricketts oxen, 22 my own oxen, 11 Zimbele oxen 


	Cattle over 1 year 2654, calves 420, donkeys 16, sheep 103, cocks 20, hens 150, cockerels 18, pullets 50,
	ducks 8, geese 7, turkeys 15. 
	Deaths: Natural - cattle over 1 year 10, calves 7, sheep 0; Disease - cattle over 1 year  6, calves 6;
	Poverty - cattle over 1 year 35, calves 5, sheep 38; acc  accidental? cattle over 1 year 6, sheep 5
	Shot? - cattle over 1 year 7, sheep 15. For food, rations. So sheep for the House = 1 every 24 days
	In my memory apart from cattle shot for rations a few bags of frozen? ration meat arrived each week?
	by train from Bulawayo

	Milk cows 38, other cows 989; heifers 1 year and oxen 630; calves 420; bulls used 66; other bulls 46;
	working oxen 97; oxen 566, male yearlings 222, Total 3074.
	Sales: Cattle 176; eggs 520 doz.; milk 320 gals.

	Lands: maize 100 acres; potatoes 3 acres; other 104 acres
	Winter crops: potatoes 3.5 acres 282 bags

	Labour : 	Cattle: 10 indigenous, 10 foreign; Agri: 17 indigenous; General 10 indigenous, 2 foreign.
	Indigenous = born in Rhodesia. Much of the labour at this time and earlier were not Matabele (insert
	explanation, give examples.) Foreign refers mostly to labour from Nyasaland. But labour also came
	from Northern Rhodesia and the Congo. PF gave preference to people who came from a distance. He
	said they were more likely to be serious about working, and their jobs

	J. Stakesby Lewis, 17 Rosebank ? Rd, Dunheld ? Johannesburg. Not in PF's writing
	H.D. Longden, Fagan Str - Riet Str, Somerset West.
	Masser ? (artist) Eester River on Rd to Strand 4 miles past Bellville
	W.H. Terry c/o Mandarine

Hotels etc
	Bay View Hotel Hermanus C.P. Dan; Cliff Lodge Hermanus Ten - ; White House Hotel. Strand. Ten Dan Gar;
	Hotel Florence Kei Mouth, Ten. motor launch; Beach Hotel, Hout Bay, Ten Dan. Harris Boarding House, Hermanus ??
	Ten = tennis?; Dan= dancing? 

To Do	incl.: close gates DW. Giving up on the new mill? The well was never finished/never struck water? Ref shot/airdrill BH
	sunk 1950s? above dam in DW - dud.

To Take

To do before leaving 	This was when he left the farm,"went down south", tried to join up etc
Ends 1939	

January 1940
January 1940
1	Planting sunhemp Small Junct L  1 ? bags (self 2 ? hrs).
	"self": P.F. planted it by hand, walking in parallel
	lines from end to end of the field. A bucket of seed
	cradled against the body by the left arm, the right 
	arm grabbing seed from the bucket, swinging backwards
	halfway behind one's body, and then casting the seed
	on the forward swing, and grabbing more seed at the end
	of it. The arm swings were linked to a particular stride
	of the feet. It was a mechanical procedure, ensuring an 
	even spread of seed. The amount of seed (fertiliser etc) 
	applied per acres could be varied by the length of 
	one's strides or the spacing of the lines etc. Some
	people could not learn it.  
	Planted Kaffir beans Red L A sort of cowpea, of many
	different colourations, widely cultivated by the blacks.
	Undoubtedly one of the best tasting of all those beans,
	along with ndhlubu (nyimo) beans, (which have the growth
	habit of burying their seedheads after pollination, as 
	peanuts do.)  
2	Took delivery of Stud car.
	20 potatoes Barnet 3/-, 20 Gauche, 40 	Palte @ 7/6.  
	?1 commission on above for Solomon. 
9	Mill 14/9
10	Mileage Dodge 31246.4    Stud 35267.3

February 1940
14	Meal 950 lbs, Locusts 55, Meat M 55, Bone M 22, Salt 11.

April 1940
5	Drawing of cattle crush, such as was at dip till say 1980?s
12	Drawing of Dutch gable such as prob built at Zimbile Scan both
15	Arrived at Zimbele from Union
16	Colin & Mary at Zimbele
17	Attended Road Council Meeting at Essexvale.
18	went to Sonny Harleys
21	Went to Bambata cave
22	Get washing & photos.  5.15 Olivers, 6.45 at Grand
23	Slept at Gwelo *
24	Slept at Salisbury
25	Returned from Salisbury
26	Professor Armstrong?s lecture.
27	Played Tennis at Suburbs
28	Spent day at Umvutcha
29	6 at Station. 6.45 at Grand.  Slept at Manor Hotel
30	Mother in town. Saw Prof Armstrong. See? w/c painting
	Owen has of gorge below falls. J.C.checkArmstrong 1923

May 1940
1	4.30 Prof Armstrong.  Alistair & Jimmy this evening
2	Law.  Grand Hotel
3	Posted letters to War Office & O?Keeffe  *
4	Spent day at Alistair Umguza plot.
5	 Spent day at Umvutcha
6	Spent afternoon & evening at Mohem with Law	
7 	Went to World?s View
8	Played tennis at Manor Hotel
10 	Criticism by Prof. Armstrong.  Went to Babs.
11	Returned from Babs
12	Sketching country at Figtree
13	Went sketching at Khami
14	Met Mother in town
15 	Went to skating rink
17	painted at Khami
18	Went to Braai vleis at Francis
19	Painted at Siloswe
20	Letter from Chris. Went to Hulls with Mother.
21	Went to Silosi to paint
22	Went to Whitewater
24	Painted at Diana?s Pool	
25	Tennis at Suburbs with Sonny Harley.
	Cabaret ? at Grand Hotel
26	Spent morning at Umguza. Painted at Khami river
27	5.30 Art Club Meetng. Painted at Hotel
28 	Wrote letters.
30	At Umvutcha

June 1940
1	Spent afternoon at Umguza dam
2	Spent day at Umguza dam
3	Painted at Hotel
4 	Painted at Hotel
5	Wrote to Sec. Dept of Agr & Lands. *
	Sundowners at Barkers. Went to Ricketts Sale.
6	painted at Hotel. With Masefield to Grand.
7	painted at Hotel. Spent afternoon at Harleys
8	painted at Khami Gorge
9	Morning at Hilside dam. Afternoon at Khami Gorge
10	Went to Golf Course *
11	Spent day at Umguza plots
12	14 Melbon Flats, Borrow St 6 o?clock (Siers)  3 pm Coghlan
13	 sketched at Jilati
14	painted at Hotel. Art Club Miss Bettensen life drawing.
	Bring paper etc at Miss Sinclair?s
15 	tea with Sonny Harley & Mrs/missvan Hoven.
	Painted at Manor afternoon
16	Sketched in Matopos on Antelope road. 
	Received letter from War Office.  
	Art Club at W. Waters ?
17	RA at Manor.  Colin & Mother in town
18	Saw Mrs Halford. Sketched at Khami Gorge
19	painted at hotel in morning. RA at hotel in morning.
20	Spent morning at Hulls?.  At Zimbele in afternoon.
21	went to Zimbele.  Went to see R.A. re cattle
22	R.A. interview at Hotel
23	R.A. at Hotel. Went to R.A. at Umvutcha.
	Joe Deetlefs took furniture from Agency Chambers.
	? What furniture? When did F&E give up A.C.?
	Picnic at Khami
24 	saw Gelman re feeding A.B.(?) Gelman, of the Cold Storage.Bio
25	Started collecting pumpkins
26*	Reaping finished	details
30	Painted on Sansom?s ? farm

July 1940
1	re started Mill   Mill 9/3
4	attended Road Council Meetng Balla Balla. Went to see 200 oxen at
	Balla Balla. Cattle at 10 miles past BB on left at 11 o?clock                                                                                                                                   
5	Gilchrists arrive in Byo
7	Painted at Silozi.  Madge & Star King
9	Went to Troy claims
11	8/- boys  food from Balla Balla with feeders. Took 4 boys to BB for feeders.
14	Painted at Silosi
15 	Sheep 125 total
19	started feeding 101 oxen
21	Painted Silosi    Colin re Chelo money
22	1 lamb born

August 1940
5	to Chelo. Saw Habit sp? re bricks. Sleep at Chelo
6	at Chelo.  Saw Perrins
9	6 donkeys sold to native 30/- , 4?20/-.  No receipt for latter.
12	To Chelo: meal, axe, pumpkins, note book, drum, pot, matches, 
	(26 & 	28? spades 6) paint, brush
13	?50 given to Ntandazo for buying cattle. Road council meeting
14 	3/- license on scotch cart. Finished ploughing W.L. =1.6 acres/per day
15	?2-14-0 Shop money handed me by Zishiri.  Start plough G.L.
20	Shot ox at Country Club & delivered to Cold Storage. ?25 cash to
	Ndududu for cattle buying
26	Went to Brebners. Got 212 feeders from Cold Storage.
27	?10 Tandazo, ?4 Ndududu money for cattle buying
29	Started ploughing Tabene's L. Winter ploughing; much of the land
	was black alluvial and easier? to plough than the harder red part.

September 1940
2	Cash from shop £.2-6-0. Cash to Dududu for cattle £.15
	3 oxen from Brad to Leo Robinson sold by weight (Zimbele cattle)
	all finished at Brad now
4	Wrote to Hubit re bricks. Hubert?
5	245 Cold Storage cattle from Zimbele to Bradford
	1 bull dead Jim (old.) 1 lamb born
6	113 cows from Wess to Zimbele.
	{Sold Scotch cart to Sithlupega for £.15-0-0 in exchange for
	3 oxen.} "hlupega" v. to suffer, be hard up, etc
	£.15 cattle buying money to Tandazo. £.2 commission to 
	Tandazo for 16 cattle to date.
	27 native cattle from Cala ? to Nrad (inc 4 from Inyankuni)
	12/- drivingt fees for cattle impounded.
	6 cows 1 ox 1 yearling from Inyozan to Zimbele Inyozan:
8	21 oxen from Longila to Ricketts sale. 11 cows to Ricketts sale
	from Zimbele (from Wess and Inyazan 6th) 6 native cows to Ricketts
	sale (paid out of cattle acc £.22-13-0)
9	£.1 for 4 donkeys sold to Sithlupeka
11	7/6 coil for prodder Home made electric prodder for cattle loading
12	Brad {native cattle 27. Leibegs cattle 245} Cattle from Leibegs Ranch
	in the Lowveld; probably Cold Storage cattle.PF's story about 
	AB Gelman etc. When did the actual Grazier Scheme come into being?
	£.25 cattle buying money given to Tandazo
14	{27 native cattle at Zimbele branded by Cold Storage. 25 native at 
	Brad dito. All at £.260
	Games ? today
17	771 cattle from Jim to Mak. Macua. In those days just one big paddock?
	{Above includes 485 cows and big heifers}
18	Short boy notici
	12 Leibeg stall fed oxen trucked to Cold Storage. 12 more Leibeg cattle
	put into pens.
20	589 cattle inc about 6 small calves from Goozy to Jim
21	£.25 given to Dududu for cattle buying
23	2 sheep sold to Leo R. (Price?)
	£.11 cattle buying money given to Dududu
	{8 oxen from OLongile to Cold Storage. 3 cows from Zimbelel to Cold St.
	all cattle acc.} 
24	2 bulls dead Mabetchu (Pr) = Private account? After the business with
	Ida & RA when PF went back to the farm, there have been (Pr) entries.
	70 bds bundles thatch. first load.

25	£.10 cash given to dududu for cattle buying
	109 bds thatch. 
	Started ploughing BlL. Black Land
26	5 cows dead Mab (Pr)
29	Pumpkins finished today. = 10lbs per day each (oxen too loose). Note
	5 or 6 lbs is enough. Pumpkins were too laxative
30	£.15 cattle buying money given to Dududu.
	1 lamb born
	23 Leibegs oxen sent to Cold St. 1 native fed ox " " "
	Sheep 116 total.

October 1940
1	£.25 cash given to Dududu for cattle buying
2	11 bags potatoes to Palte @ 8/6. Pd.
3	12/- to Matapi commission on 6 oxen bought by Dududu
	3 sheep dead
	173 bags P.P. mealies to shop Potchefstroom Pearl
	75 bags yellow "  "    "
5	started building in bathroom
	£.20 cash given to Dududu for cattle buying
	should have finished ploughing Bl L. x acres, by oxen
7	1 ox dead Brad (Leibeg)(?)
8	finished building up bathroom wall.
	A possible sequence: before this, the bathroom would likely
	have been just one room, with its door onto the verandah in
	the middle of that wall. Now a wall, for cupboards, was raised
	on the left as you walk in from the verandah. This wall did not
	go the whole way to the thatch, but was closed at the top against
	the "office" room with a cement slab. At the end furthest from
	the verandah there was no door into the cupboard space. This 
	space became accessed from doors now made on the office side.
 	One of these doors Peter made of heavy steel plate and it opened
	into a cement-lined wall safe. The base of the safe was about
	waist high. Below this there was a cupboard for various things.
	Returning to the bathroom: On the right of the door as you walk
	in from the verandah it is possible that at this time Peter also
	built the short linen cupboard. So there remained the rectangular
	space in the right hand corner as you view it from the verandah.
	The bath, with its length against the dining room wall and its
	taps at the end furthest from the verandah, left a space between
	itself and the linen cupboard. This space was filled at ? stage
	with submarine batteries, in long wooden crates, and a controller 
	in a glass box. The batteries were charged from a crude oil engine
	at the well in the vegetable garden. When kids splashed in the 
	bath water fell on the batteries there would be sparking in the 
	controller. It became a sort of a dare to make it happen.
	Madge now and then used bathtime as an opportunity to use the
	back of a clothes brush on kids suitably presented for it, and
	unable to escape. Then there were sparks of various sorts.
	When much later the bathroom became a laundry the bath was 
	moved against the end wall of the room, and the washing machine
	etc was put where the bath used to be.

9	£.11-14-0 paid to Matapi for 36 bgs maize. 36 bags fetched
	today wt 6967 lbs=34bagsx65 lbs
10	13/6 tube for Studebaker. 4 oxen dead. Feeders (Leibeg) (arsenic)
11	Jim 499 adults 90 short check 100 s
	181 bds thatch
12	£.1-19-0 to Matapi for 6 bags maize. 
	Started ploughing G.L. midday.
13	53 bds thatch
15	Wessels B.cows 104 bull 1, yearlings young bulls, heifers 113
	Inyozan cows 63 bulls 1, year. y bulls.heifers 122
16	35 Leibegs feeders to cold storage. 1 native c.s. branded ox
	to cold stoarge.
18	1 bull dead DW (acc)
	Road Council at 4.30pm
19 	1 cow dead Mab (Pr)
21	£.20 given to Dududu for cattle buying. 
	21 Leibeg oxen put on consentrate feeding.
	Native cattle 76 at Zimbele inc 3 cows (1 with MC)male calf?
23	bought 6 gilts from Fuller young female pigs {Fuller:
24	47 bags as under from Ntabasinduna Reserve - sellers' names etc
25	6 gilts arrived from Fuller. Weights 109lbs, 89,80,77,90,78
	523lbs@ 9d=     i.e. average £.3-5-2 each
26	Zimbele cattle in Lands. 90 inc 3 cows (from Wess), Working oxen
	& oxen from Mab.
	28 native oxen & 3 cows taken over by cold storage & advanced £.5 each.
28	Started ploughing Mill L.
29	£.3-9-9 from shop by Zishiri
	Paid{Mambulu, Dababbe, MHambi, Dife, Gangaza, Selas, Mjumi, Matapi, Falani
	for 15 bagsmaize? £.4.17.6. Presumably farm employees(?) who grew
	in their gardens around their houses maize surplus to their requirements
30	Caught 22 bags locusts.
	Longile burnt out.
	£.15 cash to Dududu for cattle buying.
	Fire at Magwagwa The small granite wooded outcrop in Jims near the 
	Fort Rixon Road. (An unsatisfactory spelling. gw-gw does not give the
	right sound. A sound not used in English except to mimic a reptile 
	sound,- but not a hiss. It is appoximately the sound of "g" in 
	Afrikaans. The Ndebele word means the fat (channel fat) around the
	internal organs of an animal)
31	Maize Board Returns. Maize was a controlled product, and details of
	production and usage had to be supplied to the government each year.

November 1940
1	80 bds thatch. 
	10/- tennon  saw see frames etc 14th. below	
2	93 bds thatch
	Details of payments for maize. cf 29th Nov

3	36 stall fed Leibeg oxen trucked to cold storage
5	£.1-12-6 for 5 bags mealies from Fingoe, paid & fetched
	City & Suburb 10.30
6	1 Leibegs ox dead in pens (gallsickness)
	35 Leibegs fed cattle to Cold St.
	1 Native fed C.S. ox to "  "
	Road Council today 2.30
7	19/3 repair to Studebaker
8	{26 oxen from Brad to Zimbele native Branded C.S.
11	£.5-7-6 from shop by Zishiri
13	Large White board arrived from Glyn Rorke at £.3-3-0 (46lbs)
	£.4-16-3 from shop by Zishiri
	Details sent to Maize Board 1047 maize reaped & kept
	2 bags lime (48g), 16 gallons water, 60 gallons sand
14	4/6 Seloplast for frames. 1/6 picture rings.
	Planted yellow mealies dry Junction L & 2 small lands
15	£.5-10-6 to native Silindukalo on Reserve for 17 bags maize
16	£.20 given to Wanke for Tandazo
19	Started planting potatoes
20	Started planting pumpkins
21	burnt by fire
22	Started ploughing Hatfield L
26	started planting Hickory King, maize FF Flat land
	1st load stock ? taken by Leo Robinson
27	Planted P.P. Potchefstroom Pearl Wet Land
	1/- boy with native cattle
28	Pig no.4 wt 97 lbs 77lbs at purchase;
	no.3 100 lbs 80 at purchase. See 25th Oct
	£.15 cash given to Tandazo for cattle buying. 6d. loan
	to Tandazo
	Planted Black Land P.P. 
29	2nd load stock? to Leo Robinson
	Inyozan 161  Wess 237
30	2 oxen sold to Wanke at £.6-16-0	
	Milling for Nov £.5-2-9

December 1940
2	£.8 cash given to Dududu for cattle buying
3	Planted Velvet Beans DWL 6"x30" {2 bags seed = 66lbs/ac}
	Planted Hickory King Walkers L 14"
	£.50 from Leo R for shop stock on acc. In all the years etc
	Zishiri/Mbizo were never a penny short etc story
	11/6 lock for safe see note 8th Oct.
4	1 cow native, 1 ox native to Leo Robinson sold by weight
	Paid £.3-10-0 & £.7-10-0
5	Planted Velvet Beans Dip L 
	40 bulls 1 ox from Mab to D.W.
6	Planted Murrays upright cowpeas at Mill .55 acre.
	30"x 4.5" up in 4 days.
	Planted P.P. Garden Land
	£.2-12-0 for 8 mealies from Samuel Kona of the Fingo?
7	Started ploughing Red L.
8	1 heifer from Joe Deetlefs to Goozy (lost during my absence)
9	£.2-10-0 from shop by Zishiri
10	125 traded cattle from Lands to Goozy
	Mafa notici  link to 1974/5 etc
	Jim 600 (inc 45 bulls)
11	Planted Kaffir Beans dry Old Station Road broadcast about
	370 lbs planted dry. 
12	started planting dry Kaffir Beans Fence Land 30"x 4.5" 2-3 seed
	per hole. dry. 2.5 bags. Kaffir Beans - see elsewhere re
13	Mabetchu Classified. Cows 723, heifers 154, calves 158, yearlings 356
	bulls 5, young bulls 10, oxen 63, Total 1311
14	2 oxen sent to Leo Robinson sold by weight Pd. £.11-7-6
	started to water potatoes
	DW 276 inc 117 oxen
	lime:water:sand mixture
16	Finished planting  Dip L with Kaffir Beans dry
	£.2-13-3 from shop by Zishiri
	Planted K beans & sunflower Tabene's Land dry
19	Mixed pig feed: 5x200 lbs meal, 60 lbs locusts, 30 lb meat meal,
	23 lbs Bonemeal, 11.5 lbs salt
20	71 traded oxen from Goozy to Cold Storage
	Send off oxen
22	oxen to arrive town the oxen apparently were walked the
	30 miles or so to the Cold Storage. Native cattle often had very
	long horns. Possibly this is why they might have been walked
	rather than railed in a truck.
23	Planted Fynn's mealie in garden. Seed from Bertie Fynn?
24	Planted sunn hemp Red L
27	£.13 cash given to Dududu for buying cattle.
	10/- Xmas to Dududu
30	Started stumping 1st Big Rock land. clearing a new land
31	Turned 1st two kraals of compost. The kraals where the 
	cattle had been fed. A lot of straw would become mixed
	with the cattle manure during the feeding period, and with
	the onset of the rainy season would start to rot. This layer
	was turned by hand, and eventually made into rows of low
	and narrow stacks, about 3 ft high, where the composting
	process continued.

Memoranda etc.

	Statistics 31 December 1940 - Rough

	Milk cows 			20   Africanders
	Other cows 			1080
	Heifers 1 year and over 	670
	calves				448
	Bulls used			65
	Other bulls			80
	W.O. working oxen		81
	oxen not W.O.			650
	yearling oxen			250

	"Other bulls": young replacement bulls,
	and bulls for sale.
	Working oxen: for ploughing, wagons etc.
	All acreages planted (see below) were
	prepared by oxen. It would not be for 
	eight years before a tractor capable of
	replacing oxen arrived at Zimbele.
	Oxen not working oxen: oxen (or steers,
	as they were later to be more commonly
	referred to) grown and fattened for 
	slaughter. At this time cattle were sent
	for slaughter "off the veld" whenever
	possible. And they were not reared on
	supplements. So they were only likely
	to be suitable for selling when they 
	were six tooth or full mouth. There
	was no "baby beef", (or "baby corn",
	for that matter). Cattle would be sold
	off the veld at the end of the rainy
	season, April, May, and even June. For
	the rest of the year cattle condition 
	would decline steadily, while prices
	would rise. To be able to sell when
	prices were high required expenditure
	on cropping.


	Cattle		Mab. 	Dis	Pr	Acc 	Sl 
	oxen 1 year  	11	29	17	8	4
	calves? 		7	11	3	3
	Sheep	122	3	33		5	8
	Cocks 15, hens 100, cockerels 75, pullets 50
	ducks 8, geese 7, turkeys 11
  			local		foreign
	cattle		14		7
	Agr		14		2
	Gen.		10		3
			----		----
	Total		38		12


	54 cattle bought. 135 cattle sold.
	390 doz eggs sold

	maize (not silage) 104 ac acres
	potatoes (Oct Feb)Early Crop, Late Crop 4 acres
	other 		    104 acres
	16400 on hand inc. unburnt
	4864 bricks in dairy. This might refer to the "new dairy",
	the thatched rondavel, at the west end of the row of store
	rooms, which in much later years Meja Nyoni used as a
	"kitchen". The "new dairy" was probably required because
	the Italian prisoners of war were housed in what became
	the "old dairy", the larger rondavel at the east end
	of the store rooms, near the fowl runs. See Italian POWs
	elsewhere xxxx. The dairy was simply a room where the
	milk separator was used. The cattle were milked in the
	old stone kraal, right up to the time of the building of
	the modern dairy parlour in 1956(check)See kraal etc..


	To do.

	Spray grapes & bark - spray roses - & oranges - xx? - 
	plant potatoes - car polish xx x- lights of Dodge - 
	----pig netting at Tabene's - paint Dodge number plates - 
	fetch standards at Fingo fence - dose & castrate sheep - 
	make ? zzz - get paid for bricks - watch in shop - nail
	seat - plant seeds - car polish - cheque check wages
	paid by P.F. after 10 Jan 1940. P.F.= Pat?. 10 Jan = see
	diary. Peter had left the farm. "my absence" - take photos
	of feeding pens - new bolt fasteners on belts - bathroom
	piping - ant heaps in Red Land - collect droppers at
	military camp - bud peaches etc - Table out of Old Mill -
	ladder of bamboo.

	Veld hay 42 tons. bean hay 54 tons. sun hemp 28 tons.
	Pumpkins 54 tons


	Car polish:- 2 egg cups boiled linseed oil, 1/2 egg cup turps, 
	1 1/2 egg cups thin lubricating oil, 1 pint petrol.

	I owe Madge.  Ring. cash £.10 + £.2-14-0
	Marriage expenses. Elwyn seems to recall a story by Madge
	that she got married with a curtain ring?

	Prices of Glass at Naake. sizes for picture framing
	Panatomic X film

	Inside back cover:
	Director General of Recruiting, War Office, Whitehall, London

	Lanegan O'Keefe, High Com for S. R., R. House, Strand WC2


* 	Slept at Gwelo.   This is almost certainly a trip to Salisbury
	to try to enlist.   See Ben?s letter re Peter?s poor chances of doing so.
	Ben?s letter was on Legislative Assemby writing paper and as I recall Ben
	said he had done what he could to get Peter enlisted, but that Peter
	should now give up hope from the Rhodesian end.
*	The reply from the War office turned him down officially ? it might
	even have been to say that they were not seeking enlistees at that time.
	The reply also said that even if Peter were to find his way to England
	under his own steam they could not even then guarantee that he would
	be accepted.
*	O?Keefe. Presumably Lanegan O?Keefe,  Rhodesian High Commissioner in 
	London.  He might not have been favourably inclined to help Peter in this 
	case ? see Pat?s letter.. Also Mrs Halfred?s painting of the old Ndebele woman.
*	Golf course.  With Madge??


1941		"My dad bought Makovani from Meikles in 1941" - Stan Schur

January 1941
1	Stumped near dip & near Big Rock Land
	7/6 for this diary
2	Ploughed Fig Tree Land below the house
4	boys Xmas
5	two pigs sick
6	Tandazo has £2-12-0 on hand
7	bought 6 Africander bulls from Fynn @ £17-10-0
	perhaps Bertie Fynn, Ida's cousin at Battlefields. 
	Check when he died./Clearance after he died. (See
	Craig Halsted re remembering his clearance sale?)
	13/- plough shares at Bembesi.
	1 ox dead Goozy (thin result of chasing? to Byo)
8	50 bags native mealies ground=51 bags + 34 lbs. All
	ground to date.
	Finished planting sun hemp in Red Land	
9	6 Aff. bulls arrive from Fynn 1925-1501-1915-1914-1909-1919
	finished planting Kaffir beans & sunflowers Tabene's L.
10	Planted Wess L yellows check rain recs. This is late for maize
	Started to break up near Big rock Land
11	Goozy 34 Zimbele oxen fit to sell
	Planted sun hemp small Garden Land ? land
	1 ox dead Goozy (boys Xmas)
13	Started planting new Big Rock Land sunfloweres &
	Kaffir beans
	2/- boys food with Cold Storage oxen from Bradford
	Fetched ox from Smith. 
	83 cattle from Inyozan to Zimbele
14	Started planting imported potatoes. Virus free potatoes
	were imported for planting. They came in wooden crates.
	One variety was Scotch Up-to Date. Much later (after UDI?)
	virus free seed potatoes were locally grown in Inyanga,
	where it was cold and there were less thrips - the vector
	of potato mosaic virus.
	Planted Boer Manna and Sudan grass dry. 1st rain 23 Jan.
	i.e first germinating rain after planting (1.12inches)
	Seems Sudan grass had been planted several years before
	it is elsewhere noted (1947/8? check)
15	21 stall-fed oxen to Cold St
16	£1-6-0 lucerne seed.
	2/6 boys pushing car
	£15 given to Dududu for cattle buying
17	£1 lent to Matapi
	6/- boys cycles to Brad
20	1 bull, 1 ox to Leo Robinson (1 from Smith 1 from Brad)
	Paid £13 for above
21	£25 to Dududu for catte buying
22	Load 5 trucks today
	36 oxen from Goozy to Cold Storage
	24 oxen from Bradford to Cold St (Leibegs)
	2/6 for Goods Shed boys Xmas beer
	1.5 to 2" fall in 200 yards
23	2/- boys cycle to Brad
24	3 bulls from DW to Cor. Smith Hartley Caruthers Smith???
25	Comm Dududu 15/- self. On hand £2-10-0 cash Dududu £25
	33 native branded & advanced £200 by C.S.
	started turning top 2 kraals compost. Started 2nd turning
	of others.	
	{38, 5, 32, with W.O. 1, found 1} native cattle. W.O.=working oxen
27	Finished 2nd turning of compost.
28	Stumped round feeding pens
29	Stumped below feed pens. Stumped= chop down, dig out roots of trees 
30	Planted remainder of Goozy Bush Land GB land =??
	Started ploughing Roberts Land

	Robert was one of the old Matabeles on Zimbele in the Early Days. 
	His kraal was on the first banded ironstone ridge not far from 
	Drummond boundary. His land was the large red soil one on the slope
	across the river from the dip. It extended to the top of the slope 
	along which the old internal road to Drummond ran. Later further 
	lands were ploughed on the southern side of this road. All these 
	lands became collectively referred to as "Salisbury" by the boys,
	because of their size; Salisbury being bigger than Bulawayo, and the
	capital. The old photo taken in 194? of N.F. and Lyn in flowering
	buckwheat is of Roberts land, looking towards the dip (ENE). Link:
	The photo of Charles Loxton on the Farmall with the forage harvester
	cutting maize silage is of a crop growing on one of the "Salisbury" 
	lands, taken near the SW corner of Roberts. A number of large marula
	trees dotted this area of lands. They were not cut down. Link:
	The photo of the MF75 and harrow, citamuzi trees, looking NE towards
	Salisbury lands. Link:

	Madge leaves. 

	3/9 phone calls for Jan

February 1941	
1	Madge arrives.
2	Send for bulls for Leo
3	Dududu has £3-12-6 on hand. Cash to Dududu £9
	2/- reward to native for finding hub cap of Studebaker
	Leo Robinson by wt 595, 520. £12-15-0
5	Went to Leibegs
	Started building bathroom cupboards 
6	lecture on Agriculture today Library Bds
7	95 bulls from Dw to Mabetchu
8	97 heifers 2 pedigree bulls from Zimbele to Wess Brick ktaal
9	Write Father ?
10 	Went to Criterion Sale
	Write Father
11	Visit from Irrigation Engineer
	Write Father
12	Went to Bradford. 
	Road Council 2.30
	Write Father
13	Planted sun hemp Roberts Land
14	Murrays? cow peas now in flower
	2 oxen from Goozy to (CA) Leo Robinson (sold by weight) 
	both broken legs £8-15-0. CA=Cattle Account?
	8 oxen from Longile to W.O. working oxen. About 20
	each native & Zimbele oxen fit for sale.
	Sun hemp Red Land first sign of flowers.
	Started cutting hay. By no means the end of the normal
	rainy season
17	203 Leibegs oxen from Bradford to Zimbele. 2 native pxen
	from Brad to Zimbele
21	202 Leibegs oxen from Zimbele to Cold Storage.
	28 native cattle from Zimbele to Cold Storage.
	{23 from Longile; 3 from W.O. 2 " Brad}	
	10/- boys food with cattle.
	£10 to Dududu for cattle buying
	4 bags lime, 15x5 g. lime, 6x5 g water
	Fetched Red Wood & band saw
	9 of dududu's cattle from Location
22	8 of Dududus cattle from Reserve
24	204 Liebegs cattle from Byo to Zimbele.
	start cutting sun hemp Red Land
25	263 Liebegs oxen from Strathmore to Bradford. 2/6 boys
	food with above cattle. 10/- for 2 extra drivers for
	above cattle.
	17 native cattle from Zimbele to Longile.
26	12 Zimbele oxen to Cold Storage
	Planted 10 rows Provence lucerne from Daves?
27	16 heifers sold to Nicolle @ £5 Nichole?
	Kaffir beans two far lands starting to flower. plants
	15/9 phone calls for Feb

March 1941
1	2 bulls from DW to Leo Robinson. sold by weight
	1 native bull to Leo R. £5-8-1 paid with CA cheque
	Drill Hall Monday
2	Drill Hall tomorrow
3	12 bags potatoes to Co-op
	At Drill Hall at 2pm. When did they get married?
4	Murrays cow peas - first pods ripening
	Sun hemp 1st planted bottom flowers opening. ..70 days..
5	Started cutting sun hemp.
	£50 to Dududu by cheque on Bembesi Store.
	Liebegs oxen at Zimbele 204 Mabetchu
6	Bradford 12 am
	Liebegs cattle at Bradford 235, 42 short, found
8	started reaping first dry beans from Murrays cow peas
11	Started women on reaping potatoes
	12 bags potatoes to Palte £8-2-0 (13/6)
	4 thatching boys working
12	28 cows from Goozy to Cold Storage
	Started cutting Kaffir beans old Station road Land
14	Started thatching new rooms ???
15	12 bags potatoes to Co-op (1855 lbs)
	Maize Returns to Maize Board. 110 acres 700 bags est 1941
	2/- reward to Induna for Liebegs oxen found on Glen Grey.
17	1 bag potatoes to Moffats
18	Fynns mealies ready for eating
	Deliveries of potatoes to Co-op etc not all entered here...
21	Ms Birthday Madge? check
24	Sold 2 young owen to Natini Jakot ? Fingoe 5482 for 
	£5-0-0 exchanged for big ox
25	Finished digging potatoes
26	17 native cattle with W.O. working oxen.
	37 hides, 784 lbs to Rhod. Hide & Produce Co.
27	Boar put to sows
	Finished reaping beans Station land
28	started reaping beans Fence land
30	28 cows from Goozy to Cold Storage. Load cattle before 1
	Goozy paddock was one of the closest to Bembesi; cattle 
	could be quickly found and walked to the station.
31	Started cutting Velvet Beans - some beans 3 ins. long & 
	in early stage
	170 maize used on labour. 72 maize @£36 used on Cattle Acc
	£12.10.1 petrol charged to Ca Acc

April 1941
1	Maize on hand
	Shop white 18, yellow 51
	Mill meal 3, crushed 2
	w seed 10, y seed 2.5
2	£4-11-0 to Fingoe Kono for 14 bags maize. Probably
	one of the Kona family. See elsewhere:  
	finished cattle trough
3	trucked 18 native oxen from Mab; 8 native cows from Goozy;
	to Cold Storage
	Sold 64 heifers for £4-13-9 each = £300 to
	J.A. Penman, Hartley.
	{12 trek chains @ 7/6; 9 trek chains @ 5/9} from shop.
	22/6 trek chains sold to Builder. Kona?
5	Matopos? Farmers' Day
	Samson started work. ?
7	Sold for £5-10-0 1 young native ox & 1 native
	heifer in exchange for ox
9	Started ploughing Old St. Rd. Land
11	Thatchers and Builder not at work
14	Started stooking Garden Land & making silage.
	1 maize: 1 sunflower. 5 crude oil silo fuel used?
	Started reaping new upright cow pea hay. quite green.
	Upright growth habit variety; not creeping, easier
	to cut for hay.
17	4 donkeys sold to natives on Victory for £1-5-0
	2 @ 7/6 2 @ 5/-
	Mr Gelman this afternoon. A.B. Gelman, of the Cold Storage
	Load heifers by 11 train at 12
	3 native cows from Goozy to Leo Robinson. 9 native oxen
	1 bull from Mabetchu to Leo Robinson, 16 old bulls from
	DW to Leo Robinson
	64 heifers from Zim to Hartley
21	Sunflowers in full flower & some loosing petals. Should
	be ready to reap at end of April
22	Started cutting Goozy Land and Wess for silage above in
	green mealie stage. Not yet hard dough stage?
	24 native oxen from Mab to Cold Storage


Diary for the year 1944
January 1944
March 1944
 27	 gori ret to victoria Gori was Italian P.O.W. at Zimbile. See: Link

September 1944
24	Leave for Inyanga  By train. Probably from Bembesi. The Studebaker had
	already been railed ahead of them.
25 	Arrive Inyanga
27 	Painted at Inyangombwe Falls  
28 	Went to Levi's farm. Peter had cattle dealings with him.  A relative
	of Sam, of supermarket, Beefmasters and shopping village fame,
	who told me in the 80's the families didn't get on.

October 1944
1 	 Picnic at bridge Pungwe?
2  	Went to Inyanga Down The Inyanga Downs painting was from ca.1970's
3 	Painted Pungwe Falls  Only two references made to painting on this trip.
4 	train leaves 10.51 am. truck car. The Studebaker had been  railed from Bembesi
	to Inyazura (? check)....
Diary for 1945
January 1945
August 1945
6 	 Dougal arrives. Leave for Inyanga. Vinci's birthday.
	 These were possibly only memo entries. 
	Dugald had been taken prisoner at Arnhem almost a year before, and
	was in Stalag 4B in Germany. It is hard to believe that Peter would have
	gone off on a trip knowing his brother was returning from the war on a 
	particular date.
	I have heard or seen somewhere that Duglad's cousin Ben (P.B. Fletcher)
	met him (at the station?) in Bulawayo. Rosalie Hull (Fletcher) told me she
	saw Dugald when he arrived in Bulawayo, and he was thin.
	Vinci was one of the Italian prisoners of war that was/had been at Zimbile.

13	to Inyangombwe falls. Painted on rd to Inyanga
16	Went to Pungwe with Simpsons.

	At Inyangombwe on this or the previous visit I remember a picnic,  and
	being bored while Peter was painting. A  woman (Mrs. Simpson?) with
	red painted toenails kept me amused by picking up pebbles with her toes
	and dropping them down into the waterfall.

Diary for the year 1947
January 1947
17  	George to hospital.
	G. Rhodes(?) (descendant of Arthur Rhodes?, the brother of Cecil).
	Coloured handyman at workshop. Used to drink -  causing Peter
	perpetual disappointment, particularly in comparison to Gori, the Italian.
	I spent a lot of my time with him. When Peter hauled him  over the coals
	for the way he was doing something, he just kept quiet. When Peter was
	finished George would wink at me and remark "There's more  than one
	 way to skin a cat, Mr Rabbit."

February 1947
6 	Jimmy Edwards starts.
	 I recall being at my "mine", The Sanxhawe, with Roger & Wilbet Ndhlamini
	and looking across to the sandveld and seeing an oxwagon descending
	the slope, bringing "Jimmy's things". Jimmy was from the neighbouring
	sandveld farm north of the Fort Rixon road.  I think he was  adopted. 
	Jimmy gave me his Roberts'  bird book, and it was inscribed with his name
	and the address of either the Sun Ace or Sun Yet Sen mine. 	My sister
	June wrote my name in the book, and Jimmy's was crossed out. I have
	always regretted  it was crossed out.
	If I am not mistaken, he went sometime after leaving Zimbile to one or
	more of the areas of conflict in the East, including Korea possibly. I am
	fairly sure he mentioned that he had been a paratrooper.
	Jimmy was very strong and broke spanners, bolts etc. A gently giant or
	overgrown puppy, always good humoured. Somewhat "rounded" from
	One day Peter asked him to go and set a work task for hoeing weeds in
	a particular stand of mealies. This involved timing himself over a certain
	distance of work, such as could reasonably be done by women workers.
	Jimmy started at a workrate near the limit of human endurance, keeping
	it up through the heat of the day and came back after dark to say he had
	completed the whole land.
	Whenever I see Brian Denehy, the actor, I think of Jimmy.    Link Taskwork
15 Flagged beacons on Triangle
17 Set out boundary of Triangle

	The Triangle, also called Mapinkili (sometimes Map in the diaries), was a part
	of The Remainder of Zimbile (along with the sandveld to the north, more or
	less, of what  was later the public Fletcher's Rd.) It was approx 3000 acres.?
	It should be remembered that Peter all these years had been looking after
	cattle on behalf of the R.A. Fletchers on the Bottom Farm (Zimbile B, later
	called Drummond by Hugh after the McDonald farm in the Eastern Cape.)
	This formal fencing of the boundary between what was owned by the two
	McDonald sisters...... when did Annie die?
28	 Neil starts school  But was this Fairbridge/corresp? see 17/5/49

March 1947
3   	new cook starts work
20 	started concrete of silo  Raising above ground level of the old brick-lined silo?
29 	child reported with small pox

April 1947
2  	Child died at Sitwala
	I recall medical personnel coming to the farm and vaccinating everybody; they
	were gathered under the jacarandas by the house. The doctor put a drop of
	vaccine on your arm, and using a syringe needle rapidly made a number of
	punctures into your skin. When it finally came to my turn I frowned and refused
	to be done.
	After much threats and coaxing they decided to take me to see the child with 
	smallpox. Its family lived in huts between the old mill and where the concrete
	drift was later built. The child's mother was sitting in the doorway, cradling in her
	arms the small child who was naked and covered in spots. I agreed to get done,
	with the stipulation that there was to be only one jab of the needle. The doctor
	agreed and we all went back to the house, where when it came to the point he
	managed to get in a goodly number of jabs, thank goodness. 
7 	finished pillars of silo
	The pillars were spaced round the circumference at the top. They were about
	three feet high, and were the outside support of the rafters of the conical
	thatched roof. There was therefore open ventilation at the top; and a place
	for owls to roost.

May 1947
13	Went with Steadall They farmed in Insiza? area to Perrins Major Perrins, a notable farmer 
	of the Fort Rixon area.
14 	Went to camp at Mapinkili.  	
	 My grandmother, Ida,  also came camping. One morning I took a walk near the
	campsite with the little .410 shotgun and saw in the tall grass, I supposed, a  male
	ostrich having a sandbath. Its white feathers turned out to be Ida's bloomers.
	Possibly Ida's camping with us on this occasion - (Pater was still alive; he died a
	year later. He must have remained at home with Jimmy Edwards as company) - 
	was an opportunity to see the fenced division of Zimbile.
 	Jimmy pitched up at the camp one day, scratched and bleeding. He had ridden
	down on a bicycle, and it probably did not have much in the way of brakes. He
	 might also have forgotten that there was now a fenced boundary and a gravelly 
	slope down to the new gate. 
	{insert GPS campsite. 
18	{insert check:?Lanes visited Map. on 18th. Mr Lane was the manager of
		Khodwayo Ranch, on the eastern boundary. 
20  	left camp
22 	Shot koodoo Map.    
29	kudu skin into solution. 
	As I recall gameskins, and especially small skins intended for soft chamois leather, 
	were not cured by proper tanning,  They were first put into milk, and after a few
	days the hair was scraped off. Some leather was made with the allum process.
	For the very soft leather, such as that from stembuck, the skins after the hair 
	was scraped off, were allowed to dry very slightly and then kneaded and rubbed
	together by hand as they fully dried  and became extremely soft and clothlike.
	The kneading process was called "chuka" (Ndebele). Rawhide rope for cattle
	harness etc. ("riems", Afrikaans), of thicker skins, underwent a more stressful
	process of softening, and rounding: to "brei", (Afrikaans).
	Link file, old fig tree etc.

June 1947
4  	breying riems
	It is possible the kudu skin above was just part of a winter riem and
	leather making job. It is unlikely the kudu skin would have been used
	for riems. More likely it was for the whips of the work oxen drivers.
	Their whips were attached to long canes of bamboo. The long piece
	of whip attached to the cane tapered to join a thinner piece of rawhide
	called the agterslag ("agter"= rear, behind; "slag"= hit, crack, kill. Afrikaans.)
	and this in turn was attached to the thin voorslag ("voor"= in front). 
	These whips were mainly for making a sharp crack in the air above the
	oxen. The drivers who wielded them were called mtshayiso ("tshaya"=
	to hit or beat, Ndebele). The team of up to sixteen oxen were "steered"
	or led by an mkokelo, who was often a youngster. He was subservient
	to the driver. In a later age politicians and other aspiring great leaders
	were often referred to in the media as mkokelos. Cattle followed them.)

July  1947
21  	arrived back from Falls

	Probably the trip on which he painted the Main Falls. The painting was 
	not finished on the spot. (insert bicycle solution story). I remember Peter
	finishing it at the desk in the office; in particular the small twigs and bits
	of grass in the foreground. 

July-Dec not done?

Diary for the year 1948   only partly entered
January 1948
1	Pegged Little Wonder
	The old mine of Dugald and Colin on Chelo. (See 1935/6). Perhaps
	the claim had been allowed to lapse by them, or by another party, and was now being repegged.

10 	Fetched Sister Williams. To nurse Pat, who had throat cancer. She was the sister of Benjie,
	Phil, and Chas (who was murdered by Yuta in the (Fifties?)
April 1948
?  	Father died
	Peter said his father had said to him "Send for Archie" (Dr. Standish White).
	 Dr. White came out and gave Pat morphine. I was at school at Fairbridge; a
	day or so after the funeral I was brought out to the farm and told about the
	death of "Dammon", with whom I had spent so much of my early childhood.
	I was told walking down the drive near the reservoir. I suppose it might not
	have been fully understood. Perhaps it was Peter who explained it to me. He
	said it was like a battery that goes dud. It is still the same, but it can't take a 
	charge. I was taken to see where the battery had been put; I was a little
	surprised to see what a mound of earth it had formed, covered in flowers.
	Dammon was the name I called him by. He was of a generation where it was
	normal to speak plainly, even brusquely. When he was asked a silly question,
	or when he was setting one right, anything he said was prefaced intolerantly
	with "Damn it, man, can't you see......", or something like that. Hence Dammon.
	The location of the graves was more or less chosen by Pat. In the Thirties and
	Forties the main centre of daily work was the dipping tank, and the hammermill
	and irrigation by the river, and the store. Peter walked back and forth between
	them and the farmhouse several times a day. Dammon and I walked a lot more
	slowly, and we often lay down in the tall grass and took a rest, at a place where
	a few granite rocks outcropped and there were a couple of shady marula trees.
	He is supposed to have said "This is where you can bury me". He was the first
	to be buried there, followed by Ida 7-8 years later, and subsequently by all their
	children. Ida suposedly said she did not want a formal graveyard; that it should
	be allowed to be overgrown and cattle to graze on it. The graves were on the
	east side of the granite rocks. 
	Pat's grave was the only one with a gravestone. Its inscription was not chiselled
	but set with copper letters:
	Patrick Fletcher  born 1867? died 1948?.  1893 Pioneer Column.
	A colony of bees had for decades found a space to build under the gravestone.
	In the late Nineties someone levered the stone aside and took out the honey.
	The copper letters were not a great success. They gradually fell out.
	The position of each grave, in relation to that of Pat, is as follows. His grave
	is at the southern end of a line approx N-S, in which all are buried facing east. 
	On his left is Ida , a couple of paces away, followed by Sheila and then Dugald
	at the northern end. A second line was then made when Peter died. This line 
	was parallel to but above (west) of the first line. To minimise the chance of digging
	into the previous graves, these graves were aligned to the spaces between the
	earlier graves. So Peter was put between Pat and Ida, and Colin between Ida
	and Sheila.
17 	Went to Babs	Colin and Dugald's(?) mine in the QueQue area.
18 	Went to Jombi store	 Colin's store?
20 	Farmall tractor arived.

	It was driven out from William Bain and Co, the local agents, in Bulawayo. 
	The famous Farmall "M", made by the International Harvester Company in the
	U.S.A. It was the petrol-power paraffin model. Its arrival marked the end of the
	era of ox power at Zimbile. The significance of this was perhaps not fully realised
	at the time, for Peter retained several span of oxen for a number of years. They
	gradually dwindled away, with less and less to do.
	It was possible to buy any sort of tractor one wished for. Some other makes that
	were less represented were Case; Allis-Chalmers; Mineapolis Moline.  John-Deere 
	did not have a local agent in Bulawayo. In Mashonaland however the agent was
	Smith and Bennett, and this tractor might perhaps been the most numerous, It
	survived to be the leading make in that part of the world right to the end of the
	I personally only knew of one John Deere in our part of the country. It was bought
	by Hugh Fletcher on Drummond (Zimbile B), and was a model about the same
	age as our Farmall. It also was petrol-paraffin, with two cylinders, horizontally
	opposed.(?)  An unusual feature was its hand operated clutch lever, which acted
	on an external  flat belt pulley system. One pushed a lever forward to begin a slip,
	and when sufficiently under way pushed the lever forward to a lock position. It
	also had a spring-loading self starting system, and decompression.
	Although the Farmall had a hydraulic pump for external use, such as for a front-end
	loader, the John Deere had hydraulic arms at the rear which could raise and lower
	mid-mounted cultivators etc. 
	The rear three point link system of Harry Ferguson had not yet arrived. When it did, 
	a few years later, it created an even greater revolution in 
24 	Fordson tractor bust. Cutting silage. 
 	The tractor was an old iron wheeled one. They were not good for much other than 
	driving a flat belt, which is what it probably was doing; the belt was to a stationary,
	hand fed Papec silage chopper/blower.
	(t is probably to this 	period that the incident of Dugald and the silage wagons
	belongs.See "recoll. d. Fletcher.") Insert Fordson/Papec photos

May 1948
June 1948
20  	Mother & Sheila to Colin
27 	Went to Ridge  also on 22 Aug
	Mr Ridge was operating the bulldozer making small dams in the area. This was
	a programme under the  The I.C.A.?/N.R.B.?/ Local Council?
	His beautiful daughter Lise married xx Rooken Smith, who was later in the office
	of (?) Iain Smith.
	Insert material, photo ex Lise  See address memoranda 1950
July 1948
11  	Dougal shot koodoo PF diary
	Prob. near the gate to the Bottom Farm. See recoll Dugald
31 	Taylor etc caught / seen poaching. see elsewhere re his daughter

October 1948
4	Store closed. Alson on  but what store?
	To Dec missing

Diary for the year 1949
January 1949
April 1949
3 	Started building dam midday. prob the little one on vlei above Dugald's furrow
11 	Finished with tractor on dam near Goozy Bush 
24 	Put out Inyozan Nauhoho line. Fixed Wess dip about 1/4 in Wess
25	ESC started on our line

May 1949
3 	Mater's cook John starts
7 	Started builder on Power House
9 	Bought Plymouth mileage at Zimbile 23582
11	ICA 2.30 Moffat.  The Moffats, of the missionary family, were at Shangani
12	Went to see Dougal We probably slept at the Moffats, and carried on to QueQue the next day.
17	Took Neil to school    This must have been to Fairbridge, School. Link 

June 1949
2 	Started wiring house. Marshall finished at transformer
5	Finished wiring house & pump & power house
12	Finished wiring cottage
14 	ESC power connected

July 1949
6 	Grangerbrook mine sale
22 	Fetched Neil must have been from Fairbridge
23	Pat Bland's party at J.R. Stewart 6.30
24	Went to Babs to fetch Dugald

August 1949
28 	To leave for Gonubie. Booked at Mountain Inn for all of us.

November 1949
9 	Ridge took Studebaker  1936 model. see photos etc

December 1949
14 	Went to Cinderella
17 	Sidoba returned

	Memoranda	Drawing for slipring motor(20HP) fluid starter./ To sell: wireless, fridge, clothes.


January 1950
1 	Water Registrar I.E.F. 20 acres irrigated 1949. I.E.F. are Ida's initials
12	Planted popcorn
24	Neils school starts Hillside?
29	Kenneth's sunflower 5% in flower

February 1950
2 	Bought 150 tollies from Union Cold Storage of SA Ltd for L1490. This company owned
	Khodwayo Ranch, on the eastern boundary of Zimbile. So the cattle might have  been 
	next door. Not to be confused with the C.S.C.
13	Fixed motor foundations
19	Went with Ben round farm. Patrick "Ben" Fletcher
20	Started tractor on dam. behind Timsons?  some trouble with scoops returned? Dug Tasmania potatoes.

March 1950
31	Meet train

April 1950
6 	Fetch Neil
7	Fetch Mrs Mollett
8	Sold Fordson to Bennie Israel? for L10. The old steel-wheel tractor. Bennie had the
	store at Bembesi, where he also had a small clothing factory. 
13	Bought Gamble incubator
15 	Finished concrete round pipe. pipe through wall of dam?
16	Started picking borehole site at Mapinkili
25	Mechanical unit arrived
27	Don Young to see bulls

May 1950 
4 	D6 bulldozer starts work
10 	Finished digging core on north bank of dam. 22 boys dam
12	Lang ? marked out contours  this might have been a basin survey of Goozi Dam?
17	Finished core of dam
20	Squep died Squep bio. elsewhere already?
25	Fetched cable & ? for Geldenhuis Who was in charge of the dam/machinery

June 1950
1 	Goozy dam to date. TD18 151 hrs @66/-.  D6  83 hrs @ 50/-.   Total L705-16-0
13	Irrig. Dept finished at Goozy Dam
14	Irrig Dept shifted camp to Mapinkili
17	? started on Mapinkili dam

	This little dam was in a pretty setting on a small watercourse next to which
	the dipping tank was built, to the east of the kopje. Its purpose was to help
	with a bit of seepage which could be pumped a short distance to the dip. 
23	1 baconer killed for house
24 	1 heifer shot DW for house
25	Hung 23 pieces of biltong
26	4668 lbs pumpkins to Co-op

July 1950
5 	Mapinkili dam finished
10	Started carting hay
13	To visit farms with Lang
20	Went to Chelo
22	McCrae's out.
	  McCrae had been the Member in Charge, BSAP, Bembesi.
	He had a daughter Jeannie, with long curls, who was well disciplined in a 
	Scottish way. Peter loved her, and said she had a Mona Lisa smile, a sort
	of inner strength, he persuaded himself, reflecting her patient endurance
	of the parental discipline. Peter hoped she would become a daughter-in-law.
	McCrae became interested in watercolour painting and asked Peter if he would
	just let him watch, to see how it was done. P. eventually gave in and they went
	to the small watercourse near DW dam, in Sifuba, just before the gate into DW,
	near Dyke Wright's place. Two singa trees formed an arch over the road where
	it dips to cross the stream. Link: D.W. story.	
	Peter, maliciously, began his sketch of this scene by blocking in all the  tree trunks
	with strong viridian green. Later he overpainted them with alizarin crimson, and
	various browns and greys were achieved. Or it might have been vice versa.
	McCrae soon realised his leg was being pulled, in a didactic Scottish sort of way.
	(They were both Scotsmen). Felicity Cope has the painting in Cape Town.
27	Went over Hilton  The farm in the Blue Hills area, Colin & Peter retained the rights
		to the lime until their death

August 1950
4 	Market out Mapinkili fence
15	Geophysical survey at Mapinkili Resistivity traverses 
16 	started re-thatching
20	Returns to Water Court.  10 acres pump plant.  30 acres DW dam
22	Bond ? arrives for drilling borehole.   Put fencing along Wessels boundary
28	Went to Mananda  Prob in connect. settlement of estates. RA died 1950?
	poss. resid. PF interest.
31	Finished at Mananda

September 1950
1 	arrived from Marula. 15/- Le Seur's boys at Marula. Surveyor, lived close
	 downstream of bridge over Umguza on Sby Rd. near Cement 
2	Put out strychnine Roberts
5	Drill starts work 3pm about 12 foot this was the shotdrill hole, see...
16 	McKays over fishing DW dam about six years old		
18	Returned 4 cement to Hugh
21	Front axle of Dodge broken
24	Went to Hillside dam with kids. prob an exeat day from Hillside (Sunday)
	 I can remember this
October 1950
4 	Went to Filabusi. Marked out Ayliff's furrow. Rietfontein? Bundy(?) Ayliff
	model. Owen sucking thumb?
5 	Poisoned round Lands and dam
7	Put out poison at Jims
11	Put in screen ? of Goozy dam
15	 Saw Dougal. Ben's visit  could this be re D's problems with the police
17	10 cement lent to Lloyd. Les and Ruth, sandveld farms near Twin Rivers.
	Put a lot of work into it, dairying etc. Went bust as they all did. He was
	later with CFU??, she has a plant nursery. She was related to General Walls?
	Later went south?
24	Nash slept at farm something to do with Dugald??
27	Children's mid term holiday

November 1950
2 	Took Dougal his cycle. see Memoranda. New Hudson, frame no K8465
12	Ben, Porters, Whites Standish at farm. Porters were Ida's good friends
	who lived in Suburbs. She often visited them. He had some connection
	with surveying???. They were elderly spiritualists, and had a little retreat in the 
	garden. I never heard that Ida was part of it.
15	13/6 diary and Biro pen
16	Took goods to Dougal
17	 fetched Mrs Cranswick Cathryn, wife of Rupert, the minister at Fairbridge,
	 with whom I boarded before Hillside. Had a son Phillip, who boxed, at
	 Plumtree, and a daughter. Rupert was also like a pig in
	the scrum, according to Peter. Rupert eventually stayed at the Manor Hotel
	and on a visit to him Madge scratched her leg on a bit of wire on the
	gate. Because of her ??? it never healed. Sandy Kirk (?) "Madge it's
	either cigarettes or your leg". She never smoked another one. 
December 1950
7 	Started planting grass on dam wall.  Started with oxen & scoops on dam near Timson.
	 NE of Keyi. "Little Muddy". I remember drivers (mtshayelo) cracking their whips and
	shouting  the oxens' names: - "Hagataan...Butterfly...Gentleman....etc". 
	This must have been one of the last things  oxen did on Zimbile
12	Pantomime
14 	DW dam full   Get rainfall details
16	Mapinkili dam filled
21	Planted mushroom spawn. in the compost compost under bamboos by the reservoir
	Fencing accs to Cole   Bob Cole, of law firm Webb.Low & Barry. 
29	Planted wintersome & Turiana cowpeas Walkers L  wintersome sorghum/grass?
30 	Planted Rhod. Sudan grass Granite River land.  Planted hybrid maize Brak lands
	I planted "Sudden" grass in the area near the car parking places and the old
	 tennis court. It reseeded itself and was possibly still there in the Eighties. The 
	finks (masked weavers) loved it
	Memoranda   Farmall M 32.8 HP
	Mr G Ridge 61 Heyman Rd.

1951  1952 Not here
January 1951
January 1952
January 1953
1	Details of fertiliser usage on Sandve. "D." S.ammonia.(sulphate of ..?) "B"
3	Finished turning compost
16	I.C.A. meeting Anchor House 
22	Material for Mapinkili dip
February 1953
1	Took children to Khami dam
9	Conservation officer
16	At Tarry's re Ransome Mower. Tarrys were agents for Case tractors, etc.
20	125 lbs buckwheat to Co-op
21	{G. Piper c/o I.G. Hilton Irrigation Dept.}
25	Hugh re R.A. cattle
26 	Ferguson arrived check #  paraffin?Work on Wessels Block dip

March 1953
1	Rudlands out fishing
2	Sorghum in Hatfields Land: Haakdoorn hald heads out, Plainsman ditto, Rustenberg
	some seeds formed.
4	Huggins meeting. Prime Minister?
8	Details of growth stages Sandveld crops. In future plant Rhod Sudan with
	cowpeas not Dolichos beans
11	Patrick McDonald
12	Sold 24 bulls to Gelman CSC@ £35
16	2 bags potatoes to Dodd.
	Dodd possibly had something to do with a store between Fairbridge and the
	Llewellyn Barracks turnoff. If so he might have been the father of a daughter
	Rochelle and a son Errol, with whom I was friendly while at Hillside boarding
	school. Errol was notable for his extraordinary liking, even at that young age,
	of Bob Hope, many of whose jokes and expressions he had off pat.
17	Van Niekerk today or tomorrow. Poultry?
18  	Started planting onion seed 
	Stockhill's meeting 8.15 Byo
20	Went to Filabusi
24 	Started cutting silage Opposite Mill.
25	4 bulls from Makuwa to Heller Nduba Farm. 
26	REceived £26 for 20 potatoes from Greenlands. (A. Vickers)Ongoing business

April 1953
7	Starting cutting Haakdoorn in seed & Dolichosbeans in flower & early pod
16	24 bulls from Makuwa to A. Gelman, Byo. Fetched Bedford B 23721.

May 1953
1	Poultney today. Mort P.? Conex?
5	Mchingwe ICA tomorrow.	
22	Started planting out onions.
27	Multi Benhex
30	1 bag potatoes to Loris. Fetched June from train?

June 1953
1	Heavy frost.
12	Exhibition Elizabeth Clarke 4.30 pm Naakes
24 	started on Plymouth
29	Very severe frost. Lineshaft & pulleys lent to Terblanche
30	52 oxen to C.S.

July 1953
2	Re-assembled Plymouth
6	Rijk Fischer due. P.F.'s schoolfriend from Headlands
	 {Joan Dawson, Heather Dawson}
8	Rudlands to ballet 6.15 at Cent. Exbibit?art exhibition 8-9-10 small city hall.
10	Fetch kids from school
14	Australian rugby team in Byo
18	Swan Lake Ballet matinee  Royal Ballet?
21	Started carting compost from the feedpens to the lands
22	Van REnsburg on fire lines through Drummond Has Drummond ever been used before?
23	Burnt fire guards on Mapinkili
24	Hugh in charge fire guards along Kodhwayo Road.
	Richard 11 with Whites. Royal Shakespear co? check. Guilgud?
	For the last three days a list of the people working on fireguard burning is given.
	Fireguard burning was done at night until it became difficult with the onset of dew etc
25	Minna riding at Leander. Minna horsewoman, daughter of Sheila. Leander (riding school)
26	Miss McPhillips, McGilp and Fitzsimons and boys out. Betty McPhillips, teacher at Hillside, later
	married Dick Fitzimons, quantity surveyor. The eventually lived in Nyasaland.See separate
	file. Janet?(betty?) Mcgilp, teacher at Hillside,out from Scotlan:a feared disciplinarian.
	 She didn't muck about. Nor did Betty Fitz. for that matter.
27	Burn Ben's boundary
30	7 bulls trucked to Mrs? Bill Castle. Mazabuka.Robinson relatives? 
	Tom & Ely today evening Bourdillon?

August 1953
5	Aida tonight.
7	Minna left for Umvuma??
8	152 bags from Kenneth
11	10 molasss drums to S.R. Byo sugar refinery. Find history of Kyle etc
12	To Wessells: dehorner & iron, brand iron, tin for fire, nose grips, riems,	
	straight poles, innoculating outfit, ear marker, Burdizzos castrators, fang stoks?
13	Night Club  at Exhib?
17	Marked out fence on Gwelo Rd. used 17 stds
19	Basil Walker today 
21	£2 Jobe for grass seed. Jobe was one of the boys at Bradford. The seed
	most likely was collected from the wild riverine area along the banks of the
	Insiza, later flooded by the Lake Cunningham. The grass might have been
	panicum maximum?
	Rijk Fischer in morning. Pater ex Beira, RBHS, photos, important farmer at etc
24	20 potatoes to J.C. Sales Balla Balla.

September 1953
1	Put in pump at Wess
4	Bought Aff bull. £1-17-6 railage on bull. check when were Prins & Albany bought
5	Margaret's?? wedding
8	2 pm Ft R. ICA 
10	Kay starts 12/6 Could this have been Keyi Dube??. 
19	Henry scraper to Reg Hart. bought road grader.
20	Heavy frost at house
21	22 second from imported potatoes to Lloyd.  Started re-thatching.
October 1953
3	Plymouth stolen.  Write re Mageti.  indeterminate sentence etc
4	Paid £7 to Kajembe for 4 bags maize @ 35/-  Kajembe was Keyi's stepfather
7	Took 4 arch? cultivators to Reg Hart
8	 £4 from Mr Wood for 2 bags seed potatoes. wood was on one of the sandveld farms?
10	Well water 54 feet below rails. bottom 81.5 feet. 27.5 feet water. Well at the house
18	Car stolen sic. second time 
19	 £2 reward to Roads Dept boys for Maget. Caught Maget.  Sheila's birthday.
21	Expect Extension Officer today. Check; when was Conex formed?
22	9 wintersome to Co-op. 1 Sudan grass to Cold Storage. the CSC to plant on one
	of their ranches?
29	Onions falling over & ready to reap.
31	Paid Makuwa by cheque 7 maize  £12-5-0  Bonus  £2-0-0
		Fetch Minna 7.45

November 1953
4	14 old W.O. working oxen to Cold Storage. 16 fed oxen to C.S. 
	1 cow, 1 yearling, 1 calf killed by lightning.
6	Jack Napier
7	Fertilised lawn
11 	11 am at East Masiele
13	20 bags onions to Co-op.  3.5 bags small potatoe seed to Smith of Co-op as present.
14	Started planting maize & velvet beans Timson's SE. on sandveld
24	De la Hunt due. Check for previous mentions of Tom de la Hunt.
26	Started planting imported potatoes Flat Land.
30	load 36 oxen. slaughter 2nd Dec

December 1953
12	Dougal up. from Chelo
14	White's drinks Standish Whites
15	Planted Bradford grass at Shop Land. The seed collectd by Jobe?
17	30 bags onions to Market.
18	30 onions to Co-op. Started turning compost.
19	Planted willows and poplars at DW dam. Below the wall? They never came
	to anything much.
27	Basil Frost

January end of 1953 diary		
	4	214 oxen from Wess to Makuwa

	Notes: 	5 lbs urea, 50 lbs molasses, 5 gals water, 100 lbs cobs.  The first?? mention bt P.F. of urea?
	Addresses etc: June d'Oliviera, 10 Rondebosch Mansions, Station Rd, Rondebosch.
		seed analyst Box 100 Causway. 3 samples 1 lb each, new bags, seed labels, & 2/6.
		Miss June d'Oliviera c/o Richards & Barlow, Box 4510, C.T.
		Bouganvilleas. Mrs Butt -  crimson lake quick. Pink Beauty, (natalie?), Ardenii, bright red
		cherry xxx Dick King orange red, orange King orange to pink, Killy Campbell orange to  pink
		McClain yellow to pink (gate)

	Opera: Rhodes Centennial Exhibition: Barbirroli, Gielgud, Royal Ballet etc etc
		Aida 9 performances?; Figaro 7? perf.La Boheme 8? perfs. Glorianna 7? perfs
		Prices, reserved, 37/6, 30/0, 20/-, 15/-. Unreserved 10/-, 5/-

Diary for the year 1954

	NOTES: Chev serial no 1/1069 SA53790 Engine no R476502 SAE HP 29.4

January 1954
8	30 onions to Co-op. As the sun moves out of the south it becomes difficult
	to prevent onions from sprouting at this time, without hot/cold storage facilites.

9	Prince sent to Goozy. Africander bull, Theronskop Prinz, bred in South Africa. 
	He had very strong Africander characteristics, but was not especially large in size.
	At this stage of things, particularly for a seller of bulls, it was not possible
	to ignore the market importance of breed characteristics. Economic biometrics	
	were very soon to become important however. Prince was a good natured animal
	who liked attention, and was always good to see in the veld. He had a herd of
	select females, and his progeny took after him.	Goozy= paddock named after the
	small isolated patch of gonde trees.(Shona: msasa). Maguswini/Gondeni
12	32 working oxen in Makuwa mentioned
13	235 oxen from Makuwa to Bradford(Jobe chipinga seed)Chipinga foxtail was a grass
	variety heard a lot of at the farm at this time.
	12/6 timber for Case elevator.The Case forage harvester was nodoubt being prepared
	for the season. It was a trailed implement. The chopper and blower had two attachments.
	The one was for row-crops such as maize or sorghums for silage. The other was for
	broadcast crops, grasses etc., and it had a wide  belt elevator with wooden slats
	 feeding material to the chopper and blower. At this time when P.F. was experimenting
	so much with grasses for silage, both attachments were used, as there was a lot of
	maize to be ensiled too.
	Gradually as PF disappointedly turned away from grasses only the row crop machinery
	was used. It did a lot of work, even though from a mechanical engineering point of
	view these things became a fraction of the size and ... It might have had more than
	60 (86?) grease nipples, which PF marked numerically with silver paint
	Also: Louis Bromfield. 

February 1954
8	Poultney tagged 19 bulls. 5550-5568.  Fred Duckworth 5553,  5559. D.L. Black 5552, 5564
13	Charles Loxton arrived.	Charles Loxton - Zimbili bio. material
	Potatoes badly attacked by blight
16	2.30 Innisfallen
18	Mater to dentist 9.30 Ida
22	30 cows from DW to CS. (1 shot & taken in by car). Two bulls from Jocks to
	F. Duckworth, Balla Balla.
26	Cut grass on Hugh's new road
27	Started concrete silo 

March 1954
3	Started carting hay
4 	Started irrigating Fl & DW L Flat and Dyke Wright's lands. Flood irrig.
8	2 bulls from Jocks to Marula (Black). Duvenhage at Essexvale. bio
9	8 bulls from Jocks to Fort Victoria (Conservation Dept)
	Madge leaves for C.T. check June's wedding etc??
11	Ploughed in Sunn Hemp DW L & near Mill. As green manure. Sunnhemp
	is a legume with the usual nitrogenous benefit.
12	Pluto died. A typically large and friendly Rhodesian ridgeback, that small
	kids could ride on.
16	Started building above ground on silo.
	Check elsewhere: The four silos were about 25 feet deep, and a similar 
	height above ground, 16 feet in internal diameter, and were in a line. The
	first old silo on the East end had been dug before PF , and had only a
	low wall above ground. PF made internal and external curved wooden 
	shuttering, giving a lift of about 2 feet, which was simply locked together 
	and moved as a semi slip-form, supported on the previous day's work,
	in which the reinforcing was fixed in place each day, and the cement
	poured, all done with initially unskilled farm labour.
	Below ground only the internal shuttering was required, held in place by
17	Started filling silo from sandveld. Not the new silo! One of the older ones
	near to it.  7 loads silage. 11 bags cement.
18	10 bulls from Jocks to Fort Victoria. 
	R.B.H.S. Palace 6.30pm Old Boys meeting, Palace Hotel.
23	9 a.m. at Matopos. Rhodes Matopos Research Station
24	Silage maize & velvet beans? Timson's East 430 (390)x300 yards
	12.10 pm tractor full to silo.  12.25 pm rtd. returned, having tipped at
	silo? 1.00 pm trailer full again 4.5 rows. Trailer 3463 lbs.
	So the trailer tipped at the silo every 50 minutes approx., not so? Get
	distances to Timson's East
30	24 eggs to Annett. Bennie out to Farmall. Benny? from William Bain? 
	check with Brian Q. Finished cutting silage on Sandveld. 95 loads? check
31	Started cutting Golden Beauty Roberts Lands.  10 am PBS. 2.30 pm Robinson.
	I.E.F. balance 479-17-4  Ida F.

April 1954
1	finish pillars of silo. The concrete roof pillars at the top.
3	Left for Salisbury. Zimbele mileage 37570.6 (10.30), Que Que 37691.6  7g. 24/2 (1.30)
	Kenneth 37700.0 (12.30)
4	Arrived Salisbury   saw Patrick.
5	Salisbury 37878.3 miles. 10 gallon. Saw McCleod and Basil W.  McLeod ex Shangani
	Dolly Napier relative? Basil Walker?
	finished filliing silo no 2   started filling silo no 3
	Water Court starts.
6	Rijk Fischer in Court. Dinner with B. Walkers. Tea with Ben & Dolly.
7 	Sundowners with Judge Hofman
9	Salisbury 37968.4  21/10.  Went to Henderson Research Station Met Ferdie? Fischer
10	indeterminate stuffAt Colin, visited May, ret to Colin
11	Gwelo. 
14	de la Hunt
15 	Collect children holidays
16 	Sonnie Papenfus turned up.
17	8 pm McCays
21	£2 MBizo  £2 Venarayi? reward for maize stolen
24	798 lbs pumpkins from Annette @ 2d. £6.12.8

May 1954
1	Started riding manure. carting dry cattle manure.
2	Basil Frost, Sid Longden and Benji Williams out.
3	396 lbs pumpkins from Annette @ 2d. £3.6.4
6	Built grid near silos used 18 pkts cement. The grid near
	the workshop rather than at the front drive?Insert Peters
	grid making setup.  Desmond copy also...
14	Built grid at front gate.
16	Picnicked at Mapinkili
17	Bought 4 pedigree Aff bulls on sale.
	Fitt?? wedding
19	Started collecting V Beans velvet beans, for seed PrPL Prickly Pear Land
	some pods green & some drying. Most leaves dead.
24	John Fletcher today. who was he??
25 	dug hole for grid on Fort Rixon Rd	Massey Harris demonstration.
26	Built grid on fort Rixon Rd
27	10.30 M.O.T.H.S Hall
31	30 doz eggs to H&S 

June 1954
1	15/- channel iron at Iversens for jet pump. At the well? Before the
	dairy?The iron would have been to make baseplate for pump
	and electric motor.
2	Finished reaping velvet beans for seed?   Tuli Breeding Station.
3 	Started planting onions. Lyn to dentist at 2. 
	Theatre Club Rudlands. 4pm at Dr Shea
4	Fire at Victory boundary. Ian Forbes and Schurmbrucker sp?
12	Young Farmers' Club. From Hillside School. Farm visit
19	Went to Major Sharpe. Farm, Nyamamdhlovu
20	Shot mad dog. Rabies
23	Started reaping Small Brak 1.4acres Went 39.46 bags cobs/acre.
26	Rabies innoculations before 11

July 1954
2	Built grid on Hugh's boundary Little Ben
5	52 cows, 2 bulls,1 ox from pens to Cold Storage
6	Two bags aarnveld seed to Schermbrucker and Smithwick?
11	Two oxen dead Mapinkili probably poison. veld poisoning: slangkop?
14	Built grid at Big Rock. At the tailend of the dam?
15	67 young bulls from Sifuba to pens. The use of "Sifuba" rather
	than "Jocks" is probably a reflection of Charles Loxton. He would
	only ever have heard it called Sifuba an old chief in that area?
	by the labour, who did not know "Jocks", and Peter came to use it
	too sometimes.See e.g. 14 Sept.
18	87 biltong. Sticks, hung to dry beneath the thatch in the pantry
20	52 oxen from Brad. to C.S. 49 oxen from Brad to pens.
	Expect de la Hunt.
23	Farmall engine to town
25	Six oxen dead Mapinkili poison
26	Went to Que Que
27	Mapinkili cattle to Roberts.
30	ICA Ft. Rixon 11 am. 
	12-1.15 Edward not at Co-op and women in car. Edward the driver.

August 1954
4	Expect Mr Hurrel. The Hurrels were a Gwelo family? See Sid Longden's
	memoires (link), and Pat's letter re surveying trip to Gwelo area (link).
	They were also associated with the Lowveld? Also: JP's GPS "Hurrel"
	fishing spot co-ordinates off Bazaruto north which he marked every time
	he saw Hurrel in the area.
8	Thomas today. Dr Thomas? visit to/from?
9	CharlesLoxton returns from Camp. Gwelo/Inkomo? Obligatory Army periodic
	service/retraining etc
	Cattle Management: weaning, branding, dehorning, castrating innoculating etc etc
18	3 bags seed maize to Smithwick NK, research
20	Burnt fire guard past Jims.
21	Went to Lyn's Sports Coghlan
22	Mike Barry, Cole, Ellman-Brown, McCays, Masefields out shooting guinea fowl, francolin etc
24	Burnt fire guard near magwahwa mahwahwa. kopje in Jim's paddock. The Ndebele word
	refers to the the fat aound the internal organs of animals. (channel fat?) 
25	Went to Lloyds
26	burnt fire guard Fingoe Goozy boundary
	11 oc' H&S v.d. Merwe.. 11.30 Mr Mills groundsman, Hillside School? 12. Collect kids.{hols
27	Finished stone wall in garden. 50 pks cement used. which wall was this? Above the figtree
	I think was much later??
	Burnt fireguard Khodlowayo Rd . Rudlands this evening.
29	spent day Mohem Mine, Masefields. Link Sal emails etc. write stuff.Plant gum seeds.
30	Built grid Station Rd on Fingo boundary Whites out shooting. Standish White link
31	Collected horse from Sid Longden At Blue Ridge, Essexvale. This was Puck?" Do Puck Bio.

September 1954
1	Started feeding urea and cob.
	Find these recipes. Esp. re req. sugar/soluble carbohydrate factor.
	 See previous/'53? entry re urea recipe. I have been surprised by these urea entries
	at this stage of things. I have always remembered/thought the use of urea was
	considerably later. Perhaps the use of urea in winter blocks is what came later.
	 Research the earliest use of urea in Rhodesia
2	burnt fire guard Mapinkili
3	Fetched Mrs Beerhoe Beerkoe?  Fitts this evening Fitts?}
5	Fetched Mother. from where?
8	52 oxen from pens to Cold Storage. Lyn's birhtday.
10	Show. 2.30 Official Opening. 3.10 Cattle Parade. 4.30 Bobby Salkinder. bioPuck
11	Bembesi Party. Show: 12.30 Bobby Salkinder, 4.00 Bobby Salkinder. 9.30 Show Ball.
13	10 am Cattle Sale, 12.00 Bobby Salkinder, 12.45 Model aircraft, 3,20 Grand Cattle Parade,
	4.00 Bobby Salkinder, 4.30 Tractor Parade, 5.15 Retreat.
16 	Expect de la Hunt
17	Girl starts working for Mater.
18	Started planting potatoes GrRL Granite river land. I don't think they were often planted
	there, though the soil is somewhat sandy and good for potato handling.
20	100 lbs urea lent to Lloyd.
22	Cheque £6-15-0 Reg for Arch cultivator
28	Put up bouganvillia trellis
29	Harry McCay & Joy over
30	Dr Maar's lecture at Rouxville. neighbouring farm I.C.A. at Rouxville 11 am
	First mention of Dr Maar??(check). With Conservation dept?.
	This might have marked the beginning of P.F.'s fish farming

October 1954		
1	Dr Maar netted  in D.W. dam
2	10 bulls sold to Robertson (Carlssen)? to be kept in pens till the rains.
	Dr Maar netted in Goozy dam & Harry McCay's. Battlefield Ranch
3	Jimmy Hull & Family out
7	Burnt Longile fire guard.
9	Dance at Fort Rxon.  Loris & Lionel Theatre Club
10	dragged net at DW dam
11	Started putting in jet pump. Well 82' below rails. Water 71' below rails.
12	shower over Bens & Jims paddocks. 
13	Expect de la Hunt.  Rita Budd to sleep. 
16	Prince's first calves should arrive
17	To McCays.
18	Paid Mrs. Beerke ? £15
19	Burnt grass Dip camp
20	Byo Art Club Exhibition
21	1 bull from pens to CL.? Samson? Mineral King Farm P.O. Matopos. 
	£4-18-8 for above bull.
22	Collect children
26	Carting cinders these days
30	Fireworks at Mohem.  This is probably the occasion about which Madge
	was forever teased. Towards sunset John Masefield and Peter had gone
	to the top of the mine dump to set up the display, and the rest of the people
	were to drive to the bottom of the dump when it got dark and wait for the 
	display to begin. But getting all the kids in a car, drinks and cooldrinks etc,
	took the usual long time, and as we were finally going down the drive the
	first rockets suddenly burst in the sky, and Madge, who was an unpractised
	driver, looking upwards and saying "Oh what a pretty show...." ran into one
	of the siringa trees along the drive.

November 1954
2	30/- B&N Bancroft & Neil Maxim planter parts. Insert: PF modified planting system
4	Burnt at Wess
11	Planted velvet beans on new land near Jim's gate. Sandveld
13	Planted Mill Land Hybrid 36"x12"
15	Planted Garden Land VB & GB velvet beans and Golden Beauty ICA Ft Rixon
16	Started planting VB & GB Red L with fowl manure.
	 2 bags Aanveld seed to Vaughan Evans at £3 per bag.
17	planted DW.L Hybrid 36"x14"
18	planted Flat L Hybrid 36"x14"  check this might have been the year the photo
	was taken of us kids & Brian Higgs in the mealies in Flat L,?
19	3 bulls to G.G. Stuhart at  £40 each. Farming in Rixon/Insiza area?
20	 £3 for bag Aanveld to van Rensberg. 3 bulls sold to D.C. Oldham @ £40
21	Innoculated horses.horsesickness?
23	Lent planter to Terblanche
24	Planted Roberts GB Golden Beauty and Turiana cowpeas
28	Went to Mr Loxton Kezi
29	Stock after 3 tomorrow Ernie Stock. when first mentioned?
30	2 bulls sold to J.A. van Rensburg at  £40 each

December 1954
1	de la Hunt tagged bulls. Planted imported potatoes.
2	ICA at Innisfallen 2.30
3	Took Mother to hospital
5	Went to Umvutcha.   no children Kids not allowed out last weekend of term?
6	30 bags onions to Co-op First onion sales of season?
7	10 bulls ...soldto Robertson? xxInyati?
	Lass marked out contours Big Rock land
	Fetched Mother from hospital.
9	Schools close. The end of Hillside School for NF?
14	Expect de la Hunt. 
17	3 bulls sold to Goldsmith  £115 Kenyane Farm. 2@ £40 1@ £35
18	Trailer arrived. Probably another 2-wheel tipping trailer for Fergusons etc
	Expect Edmundson
20	Expect Pompey's. Frans (Dorf) Pompe van Meerdervoort and parents from
	Nyamandhlovu. They were sawmilling and running cattle in Bulalima-Mangwe
	area, but later bought the Rochester Country Hotel near Nyamandhlovu. NF
	and Dorf were best of friends at school.
21	sulphate of ammonia topdressing at approx 90lbs / acre.
22	Catle inspection Wessels B
23	Bought side delivery rake pre spider/acrobat type
24	15/- cycle parts for Dougal. Too provisions to dougal.
	1 stag Jocks shot for Xmas. stag=incompletely castrated ox., downgraded
	at sale. Meat for the labour.
26	Early blight started on Gr R.L. potatoes. 
28 	started treating mill land for stalk borer. Possibly with DDT powder in the leaf funnel.

	Addresses etc;
		Eric Mosenthal Box 3800 Cape town Fish Hoek.    84641

		Tilapia Andersoni.  Kafue bream
		Haplochromus Moffati. Sandveld bream in the small streams?
		Serrano Momis? sp.
		Labeo sp.
		T. Melanopleura. Sabi bream. vegetarian.
		Anecdote. Once when I saw Hugh some time after he had left the farm and his
		country I asked him what he missed most. He said a plate of melanopleura for
		breakfast, straight out of his dam.
		Bob Kirkman   Bob Tredgold
		Farm Mechanisation   reversible disc & manure loader. PF subscribed to at
		least two magazines from overseas, "Farm Mechanisation" and "Power Farmer".
		In Bulawayo the agents for Ferguson was a firm called Farm Mechanisation. One
		of the leading lights there was Rusty Smith. In the workshops was Bob Toshak.
		This firm might have been the forerunner of what (during sanctions?) became
		Farm-Mech., who sold Massey Fergusons and also locally manufactured
		farm implements more suitable to Rhodesian conditions.

		Matabele Wilson c/o John Rolfe  27 Upper Orange Str., Gardens, C.T. If still alive
		he would have outlived Pat F. by six years.
		B.J. ffitch Box 117 Causeway} wt of silage
		Ronnie Ross, NEM House, 1st Str. opp OK Bazaars.Ross was RBHS schoolfriend of PF
		Joan Dawson, The Carse Farm, Shamva.
		N. Agnew Goodchild, 6 Noelle Court, Hawthorne Road, Heathfield, Cape. re Nancy Goodchild?
		Cicil Wheeler, N'tabeni, Rottingdean Rd Camps Bay.
		Grids require 20 pkts cement, 2 cu. yds sand, 2.5 cu.yds. stone.
		Grape cuttingws east Muscat H Hambro west, Raisin Blanc
		To do: repair drifts, shift raingauge,re-wire the house..... 50 years later it was
		still un-re-wired. About masking tape over switch buttons,bare feet, bathroom etc!

		5 lbs urea, 50 lbs molasses, 5 gal water, 100 lbs cobs} 5 lbs per 800 lbs liveweight

		second silo details: started digging 26 Jan, Finished digging 22 March, started concrete 
		12 April, ground level 28 April, finished pillars, 20 May. Used 316 pkts cement.
		Task for trenching acc Masefield 120 cu ft/day.Prospecting trenches?, since John M.
		was a miner.

January 1955
1	Masefields spent the day.
3	Jocks... W.O. 32 There were still some working oxen. I don't recall them
	Started spraying imported potatoes. blight		
5	7 7 bulls sold Sid Longden @ £30
8	Colin & Mary down from Que Que
11	Boyd's visit. first mention? farming sandveld????
	Saw Dr Shea & Jameson
13	1 ox dead Makuwa (killed by dogs)
18	Mapinkili 493 head of cattle. The sandveld on Mapinkili was poor early summer
	grazing because of phosphate deficiency. Perhaps this undiscovered
	 at this stage?

February 1955
6	Returned from Cape Town total 4945 miles 319 gallons petrol = 12.36 miles per gal	
	Total cost £54-2-7 for petrol. This was the trip to take NF to school at
	Rondebosch. Peter invited his cousin Lionel, who had never been to Cape Town.
	On the way we visited Lionel's brother Ronnie in Joburg, Annette's family in
	Graaf-Reinette, Madge's mother and sister in Hermanus (where we happened
	to meet Martin Melck from Kersfontein, and then we went to June and Desmond
	at Kruispad. We went in the Chev.
8	Velvet bean seed, maize seed £26-6-0 less sunnhemp seed £14.
	Cheque from Hugh £12-6-0.  Seed swapping transaction
11	Took Hugh to Hospital.
12	I bull from Goozy to CF Brownley Walker @£40
14	Spook died (Horse)  20 bags potatoes to Co-op etc etc
15	Lane's funeral 2.oc at Ch. Previously neighbour, manager at Khodhwayo.
16	Ferguson mower arrived. Prickly Pear Land Wood's cowpeas early flower stage.
21	1 bull lost Ben (Sailor Boy)This was a Friesland? at what stage of the dairy is this
22	Truck 80 cattle.
28	Paid Mrs Beebse ?? £15 for February. 
	Started dividing pantry.
	It had been a spacious room between the kitchen and the "office".
 	The division yielded two narrow rooms, the one nearest the kitchen
	 remaining a pantry, and the other one was an incubator room for
	 fowls' eggs for some time. A similar division of Pat's spacious
	 bedroom off the sitting room later yielded two narrow rooms. The
	 one off the sitting room was a kid's bedroom etc, and the one
	on the eastern wall was for the incubator at one time too. It used to
	be accessed through a door on the south verandah. This was later
	sealed with a window when the passage and new bathroom etc
	 were built in the Seventies(?)

March 1955
1	Dr Pepper out.
3	Mike Barry & Dr Pepper out. A lawyer and a doctor
4	Mater's pills 2x6 hr 1st day 2x8 hr after unclear
5	Lionel & Loris and Robinsons over
6	Dr Pepper out
7	8 bulls sold to E. Stock....£25 each. Went to Bradford with Lass.
8	Gave Mater vitamin injection
	From 10th-15th inclusive no farmwork entries. At the foot of these pages
	from 13th are entries of times and temperature changes - clearly Ida's.
16	Dr Pepper out.   Started cutting silage Red Land.  1st silo just below half
	full when we started.
17	Finished sides of second trailer. Corrugated iron panels increasing
	volume capacity of trailer several fold, for carting the bulky chopped
	silage. Eventually there were three or more tractors with their trailers
	running a shuttle, the forage harvester not stopping, and the drivers
	running shifts, sometimes through the nights.Link photo Charles, Kajembe
18-20	No diary entries.
21	Sides of 2nd trailer finished.
23	Turiana Roberts Land ready to cut very few pods ripe. other cowpeas		
	too old. these were planted 4" apart with maize 18". Next time plant 9"
24	Went over Bradford looking for dam site.
26	Went to Group ICA meeting at Greystone Hall with Lass.
27	Took Terblanches to Lloyds.
29	Colin down.
30	Mower taken by Sutton. Sandveld farmer Started filling silo no 3
31	Vaughn Evans to lunch

April 1955
2	Gave Mother xxx? injection
4	Farmers Day 9.30 Matopos
5	Train leaves Byo 10.15 am
6	Charles to Gwanda with Masefields John had a mine there
7	Fetched kids for Easter holidays. Lyn & Owen?
	 Train arrives C.T. 12 pm
9	Patrick & Esme McDonald, Ida's nephew
12	Gave Mother cylinine?? injection
13	Dr Pepper out. McPherson phoned re ox sick on Bradford.
15	statistics returns 41 acres maize expect 600 bags.
	 This would?only have referred to maize reaped as grain - 
	a controlled product - and not to maize reaped as silage.
	Mealie meal was the staple food in the country for the blacks
	and was part of the rations given to them and their families. 
	It was also eaten as a poridge at breakfast	every day by PF, 
	and family, occasionally varied by mabele (sorghum) or
	oats (an import). It was the same at boarding schools.

	ICA Innisfallen 2.30 pm
16	Went to Chelo to tell Dugald about his mother
17	Colin & Mary down.  Dugald up to farm. 
19	Marked out dam on Bradford. 2.30 McPherson Bradford neighbour.
21	RBHS Cecil 12.45 Old Boys event
22	Charles sick
23	Prince's herd from Dip Camp to xxx? 1 bull, 81 cows, 10,heifers, 47 calves.
24	Rudlands out.  took Charles to Hospital.
25	Rev. Coats out. minister of the church
28	Schools break up.

May 1955
1	Mother died.  Colin & I went to Dougal.
3	Funeral 3 pm.
8	House full of children.
11	Started cutting fire guards.
13	Started burning fire strips. 
	The new? use of the term "strips" suggests this might have
	been the introduction of a method by PF of burning fireguards.
	He made a "sitemela" [Ndebele: train] of corrugated iron sheets
	which coupled together like a length of train trucks, pulled by a
	small Ferguson. Two other Fergusons, with two wheel trailers
	carrying water in 44 gallon drums, and with pumps on the 
	tractor PTOs, feeding  adjustable sprayguns, hand held on
	lengths of rubber hose, followed close on the leeward side of
	the train, against which on the windward side paraffin flamethrows
	lit fires which burnt rapidly towards the train, and then quickly 
	died down against the sheeting, where the water spray mist
	put them out. Pensioners followed behind, knocking any lingering
	burning material (dry cow manure etc )back into the burnt strip.
	Variations of this method were also sometimes used when
	fighting fires. Once, decades later, when there was a sudden
	change of wind direction and the tractors were in danger of
	being engulfed by flames a worker got run over by a reversing
	trailer and killed.
16	Reg Hart out to value cattle. Ida's estate
17 	Took Reg Hart to xxxxx?
18	Circus.   Boswell's?. PF was very fond of the circus
21	ICA Farmers Day Insiza
22	Children to school.
23	Burnt fire srips Kodhwayo boundary.
	ICA unit moved on to Bradford dam building dozer, etc
24	Mr & Mrs Loxton slept at farm.
	7 horses arrived from Stock. Cirrus, Star, Smokey ????...
27	Fetch children. So they were weekly boarders....
28	Went to Bradford dam
29	ICA unit moved on to second dam Bradford.

June 1955
3	10 am Huntsman Farm  Ferguson demonstration. Williams, Inyati? 
5	Drawings of portable cattle feed troughs, using 44 gal drums cut in
	half, which became well known. Scan
6	52 oxen from Brad to C.S. Started trucking 10 o'c  finished 11.25. 
	Rail trucking at Bembesi. Shunted into siding. Move trucks with
	a  crowbar levered at the end. etc
12	horse dead
13	Marked out road through Mapinkili
14	two tractors to fix Mapinkili road
15	Farmall to Mapinkili
16	Charles working on Mapinkili Rd.  City Hall Everest? lecture
21	Started shelling mealies.
	 Demonstration at 9.15 Fountains farm, Shangani. Chimpy Good?
23	Neil arrives 8 pm train from Cape town
26	Trip to Colin, Kenneth Que Que. Mileage, fuel

July 1955
9	Went camping on Bradford  Photos
11	Rhodes & Founders
15	Vienna Boys Choir . meet 6.30
17	Neil back to school 10.15 am. train  Charles to Camp Army
21	Colin down to brand cattle. division of the cattleBranded Mapinkili, Longile
22	Branded Longile, Dududu, Hospital herd, Macua, W.O.working oxen
23	At this time there a number of entries concerning maize, meal, bags
	to/from Mike Barry. The farm at Nyamandhlovu, or the previous one?
25	Started straining Ben's fence. 10 boys fencing.
	On this page a pencil outline sketch of amanita death cup mushroom.
	showing cap shape, ring attached to stipe, and ragged torn veil of volva
28	Vaccination notices

August 1955
1 	Marked out Mapinkili fence.
2	Collected Jeniffer?
3	branded cows & bulls Wess. Wessels Block was inherited by Colin
5	bought Ferguson plough and Challenge pump Reg Hart
	Put Mrs Bahoe on train. She had looked after Ida?
6	Details of fencing material on hand.
7	Collected 34 rolls barbed wire from Syd Longden
8 	Cattle inspector to Zimbele.  Charles returned from Camp.
9	Had dinner with Rudlands.
10	Sorted brands at Wess. Cattle, previously branded alternately with
	Zimbile brand and Colin's brand, at the division of the herd.
11	222 oxen from Mapinkili to Bradford. Peter inherited Bradford
14	8 bulls, 273 cows & yearlings, 98 calves from Wess after division
	 to Zimbele land camp. It would have taken a few days for the
	divided females to have found their calves etc. before being walked
	xxx miles to Zimbile
17	77 yearlings ex Wess from Lands to weaning pens.
18	Brad new oxen 222. Put 66 oxen to Insiza river. The riverine camp
	with the best grazing. These would have held their condition best
	through the dry winter, and been in condition soonest for sale towards
	end of the summer rains.  PF did not like to keep females at Bradford
	because of the leopards killing the youngstock.
21	Longdens, McPhersons Ted?&Vera? check, & Masefields for day.
	The Longdens were at Essexvale, the Masefields at Mohem mine
	and the McPhersons near Bradford, Filabuzi.
22	Started ridging for potatoes.  
23	Started planting potatoes Flat land.
	Mrs? & Girlie Brebner called
24	Started watering potatoes.  Longile Zscissorheifers 128. Colin 132
25	Collect children for Holidays.
26	18 bags potatoes from Pieter Pullen = 15.75 bags = £55-2-6
27	Lyn to Dr. to stitch. Horse took her under barbed wire strainer at
	the feeding pens?
28	Expect Mike Barry & Bob Cole.  bird shooting
29	286 cows 4 yearlings 150 calves} C.F. from Jim to Wess
30	10.15	Sale of Mananda. Ida had?? interest in this family farm??
	Expect Philipson for bulls.
31	Makuwa C.F. Bulls 20, oxen 232=1=1-(224)  3 short  ???

September 1955
1	Went to Bradford
2	Started erecting Mapinkili fence
10	bought bull at Show. The bull called Albany, after the seller Albany Bickle.
	It was a slightly heavier Africander than Prince, with perhaps not such
	marked Africander show features. Its progeny similarly did not have such
	 strong saleable breed characteristic features. Later, growth performance
	statistics became more important in bull breeding.
11	Went to Ian Forbes
18 	Took children back to school
20	Captain Watt died. ?
21	Marked out fence at Bradford.
23	Planted Rompha grass first mention?
29	Drawings of Mapinkili dip features.

October 1955
3	Fire on Chilo
5	115 C.F. heifers trucked to Que Que. 
	8 bulls sold to Winson £35
6	90 CF heifers railed to Que Que. Marked out fence to Rietfontein boundary Bradford
8	Syd Longden
9	Patrick & Esme out McDonald Lionel & Loris etc out.
11	7.45 at Bembesi BSA Police first mention of Police Reserve? Hugh Beadle this evening.
12	Collected concrete mixer.    Out with Loris
13	Bob C.F.  bulls 8  cows 129, year 16,calves 63 9inc. 8 small)
14	17/6 strychnine 17/6 water bags canvas bags hung outside car?
	Inyozan C.F. bulls 11, cows 355, year 30, calves 208 (19 small) Inyozan. who did it
	belong to at this stage.? When Hapelt bought it?
16	spent day at Mohem.
18	Expect Mike Rorke
21	Charles put in strainers at Bradford.
22	Collected stallion from Terblanche
24	Louise covered mare  Took kit to Dougal.
25	Cut timber for silo roof.
26	Colin slept at farm
28	Sent Farmall to Bradford with poles
29	ICA meeting Ft Rixon
30 	Went to Mitchell's

 November 1955
1 	Prince put with cows. Started fixing Bradford dip.
2	Went to Ayliff's Bradford neighbour
3 	Collect children 12.50
4	Went to Parson's Farm.   Dairy officer what for?
7 	Finished putting in posts exit race Brad dip.
8	Went to Bill Elliot's.   Meet Mitchell 8.30
13	Fishing at McCays
14	Albany to Jocks cows
15 	Went to Shangani. Lass to Shangani
16	Finished small kraal at Brad.
19	Went to Alrick McCay. 
20	Went to Ken Norval.  Large dairy setup, Umguza.
21	Started planting GL dry without rain
22	11 W.O. working oxen from DW to Cold Storage.
	Went to Bradley's and Davies. Bradley dairy? near Cement?
23	Ronnie and Lionel out. Ronnie from Joburg
24	Concrete mixer to Syd Longden.
25	Put in poles Brad. big kraal.
26	Barry Wedding
28	Went to Jameson's. Bought bailer £50
30	Inyozan C,F, Bulls 8 cows 384 year 23 calves 255 (83 small)
	Innisfallen at 2.30
	Art Club Exhibition 5pm 70 Mavers Bds

December 1955
4	Went to Lloyds
5	Expect de la Hunt
6	Expect Milk Recorder. Neil leaves Rondebosch train
9	Reg Hart sale 10.30 Take pipe cutter & wrench, hack saws.
	70x3" piping at 3/- per foot. 6 bundles of 200 feet each. 
	5/- boys at sale help loading PF begins buying material
	for the new dairy stanchion barns etc
10	Went to Sharpe's, bought bull FrieslandBought 3 windows
	and timber on market
13	boiler arrived from town. 10/- help with above. 
	{Saw Rabson  re building at 12/6 per day.(xxx?) Sibula's kraal}
	Expect E.S.C engineer.
15	Schools break up.
16	Started subsoiling of dairy site
	Prior to the building of the dairy the old ox waggons used to
	be parked on this area. The ground was a broken contact gravel
	and a little irregular. A flat area of approx   xx x   yards was
	needed for the building. The subsoiler was adequate to loosen
	the ground for levelling.
17	xxxx? scoops on Dairy site.
18	Went with Louis? Marnewick to see cattle art Formona. exchange 14
	cows, 2 yearlings, 1 calf for 24 cows 2 yearlings 1 calf.
19	14 Jersey cows 2 heifers 2 calves 1 yearling arrived from Marnewick.
	Was this Louis M. who had the store at Bembesi?
20	Sent copy of Permit & letter to Hiemstra. Cattle dealer?/source
	of some of the dairy cattle in S.A.??
21	2 Friesland cows arrived from Inkuchini Enkuchene (sp?), the mental
	institution. They had a small farm there (?) in which inmates were able
	to work.  
24	Winborne (winburn?) Kingsley arrived. A Friesland bull bought from 
	Major Sharpe near Nyamandhlovu.
	Used ripper on quarry stone. At several places on the farm were
	superficial sheets of quartz gravel  outcropping on slopes. These
	sheets were scraped free of overburden, and the gravel loosened
	for loading by PF and, conveniently, the Roads Dept. also.  The 
	quarry mentioned here was likely that on the ridge along Fletcher's
	Road, north of the Goozy Bush.
27	£1 goods shed boys. Bembesi rail station. Tip for Xmas
	Went to Bradlys.
28	Visit by Bradley Bros. Dairy farming near Cement  Started turning compost
	Went to Bradford.
30	208 mixed head of cattle taken over from Colin. 
31	Late plantings of some maize, Sudan grass and Turiana cowpeas. check rainfall
		Forward Engagements etc
		27 Jan Col.? Everards  6.30

		Material, machinery etc lists for dairy building.  scan make drawings, plan etc.

January 1956
1	Went to John Fletcher. ??, don't know?
	Kingsley covered first jersey.  red and white shield on forehead No 11
	PF bought anything to start with
2	Silo thatcher arrived.  Gypsey covered (a good mare)
3	20/- boys food at Bradford.  Started stone pitching dam spillway at Bradford
	Kingsley covered Jersey heifer etc etc
4	Collected 2 Inkutchini calves from C.S. Cold Storage. A sale there?/with 
	mothers fro slaughter?? 4/- tip at Cold St. 
	Collect Lochard children. Prinsloo girls?. Colin here re MJos ?
6	Planted Old St. Rd. Land Sudan grass & Dr Saunders cowpea var.late
7	Went to Market & Umvutcha
9	Started digging potatoes. Started riding stone from Jim's. Probably refers
	to bringing stone in from old native kraal sites in Jim's paddock on the
	sandveld. These stones were not necessarily granites. There were also
	 small outcrops of gneisses/migmatites/quartz in fracture zones.
	Finished thatching silo.
10	2 young Affricander bulls to Marnewick. 20 bags table potatoes to Co-op
	12 dairyheifers trucked by Heimstra ex Winburg. Wineburg?These were
	from the Cape?
11	Licenses Bedford £16  Chev £10  drivers £1
	Visit from Miss Fitzsimons. Hillside teacher. m. Betty McPhillips - see xxx
12	Colin made copy of map of Wess. Discussed Inyozan.
13	Started washing stone for concrete, or for plums.
14	Alister's visit.
15	Madge & Lyn leave for Cape Town. br train? to take Lyn to Rustenberg School
16	1 Friesland heifer calf from Vet Dept. 
	started digging foundations of Dairy. size etc. stanchion barn, standing 112 cows
	at one time, feeding during milking. Alfa-Laval in-churn milking machine system.
17	1 H calf dead Vet Dept. 2 Fr calves from Vet Dept.
	Potatoes taken to Co-op daily this week...
22	Sold 3 Sussex bulls to W.H, Viljoen, Gunnanwater ? Farm, Somabhula @ £35 each.
	Sold 6 Sussex bulls to E. Stock at £35 and one at £30
23	4 Jersey calves to Goldsmidt butcher? 3 Fries calves from Vet Dept to Goldsmidt		
	2 Fries calves from Vet Dept to Zimbele.
24	Started concrete in Dairy foundation 1:4:8 cement : sand: aggregate
26	Visit from Van Allen ? & Beal
27	20 table potatoes to Co-op 20 compount potatoes to Co-op 2bags cabbages to Co-op
	20 table potatoes to to Co-op  3 bags cabbages to Co-op.
29	Sold 6 bulls to E Stock @ £30 ea. sold 10 heifers to E Stock @ £16.10-0 each
	Took Owen to School Hillside. Borrowed travelling builder. ?
30	Rtd Acc acetylene? cylinder. 20+20 table potatoes to Co-op.
	Measured 410 feet 2" piping at Bembesi & phoned Iversen & R.M.S. RMS = railways road
	motor service
31	£1 tractor drivers licence for N'Suku. 12 Friesland heifers arrived at Bembesi.from Cape?

February 1956
1	Finished foundations & gate? posts? of dairy. This might refer to the central main part
	of the stanchion barn, where the foundations referred to would likely have been a single
	level floor, upon which further concrete structuresfurrows, mangers etc would have later
	been formed. etc etc
	230 pks cement on hand.
2	6 Friesland heifrs sent to Hugh. was Hugh already dairying?
	Lifelt starts work 16/8 pd /day.
	 Lifelt was of a well known Fingo family  at Bembesi. He did a lot of bricklaying on
	Zimbile, over the years, for up to 3 decades after this work. His family name was Kona?
	A relative of Mabaso?
	Started building in stone. The outside walls of the dairy building were, for varying heights
	above ground, built as stone pointing: and good examples of it too.
3	Ben starts work. builder?
6	Jumas? starts work builder?
7	Posted receipt to Livestock Improvement Committee re Friesland heifers from SA?
8	Rabson starts 12/6 per day. 
9	TRain due 5.45	Madge returns from Cape Town?
10	Bradleys visit.
11	Two loads bricks from Mohem.  Burnt bricks, not cement breeze blocks?
15	Started brickwork on dairy  Which part.?
17 	Visit by Bradley Brothers
	4 loads bricks from Mohem. (2500 in 2 loads)
	M'Jos fetched from Wess.
18	Bought 63x7 ft corrugated iron roofing Knight Bros auctioneers?
	1x10ftx3ft window Reg Hart.  2 loads bricks from Mohem.
	Longdens at 7 o'c.
19	Hugh injected calf.
21	6 cows from Longile to Cold Storage. 26 oxen to C.S. (inc 1 of Jobe's)
	Jobe and his brother were, exceptionally, allowed to keep some of
	their own cattle at Bradford, where they worked. This eventually led
	to problems....
	Started brickwork between dairy & byre.   ??
	5th builder starts work
22	5 loads bricks from Mohem.    10.30 at Main Rd Sby. rd? Basil Frost.
23	3 loads bricks from Mohem
24	30/- Vet Dept. boys. ICA meeting Kia Lami . To Loris & Lionel.
28	Art meeting
29	Put in concrete above? windows in dairy. If by "dairy" he means the
	rooms on the east, as opposed to the central "byres" where the cattle
	stood, All the windows were on the outside (eastern wall), save the one
	long one on the western wall, in the milk receiving/office room, overlooking
	the byres. There were also windows in the store room at the NW end of the
	byres, on the outside, at the end of what was meant to be a calf shed.
	Other windows were in the large barn at the SE corner and its adjacent

March 1956
2	Little Wonder brand brick mould to Reg Hart for sale. Was this used?
5	£2-15-0 carpenter for making fowl crates.
6	Damage to Brad dam spillway.   Expect Mr Prinsloo
12	Started cutting hay Dududu
15	RBHS Braaivleis dinner 6 pm. 400 yds beyond Drive-in on Rt.
17	load 25 cattle CSC
20	Power out 2-5pm
23	Boswell's circus. PF bought seats for some of the farms workers.
25	Madge to Cape Town. ? Went to Country Club
26	had supper at Drummond.
27	Charles leaves for Durban. 
	End holes for foundation = 1.4' + 54" below topof? gate posts?.
	8 posts of 6" piping were put in at the four entrances to the byres,
	but no gates were ever made or put in. They would have been a
29	Collect Owen
31	Sent 2nd heifer to Hugh. Milk cattle: Winburg Frieslands 11, Inkutcheni 2,
	Jersey cows 14. Jersey heifers 2, Jersey yearling 1, Friesland bull 1
	Fries calves 9

April 1956
1	Went to Lloyds.
2	Ben E. (Kwangwari) cows 151, calves 40, bulls 10, year 9.
	Daily entries regarding the routine beef cattle work are omitted in
	this typescript except to note particular changes, new things etc.
	Kwangwari (Kangwari?)  was one of the main cattle foremen. At
	every dipping day the cattle were counted, either by PF or Charles
	or by a foreman. On this day they were counted by Kwangwari.
	Other cattle foremen at this time were Runameso and Macua
	(Makuwa). One of these men on retirement was given a substantial
	amount of money. He retired to his family area (in Fort Victoria?) and
	was, PF suspected, shortly after killed (by family who he had spent a
	considerable number of years away from) for his money.
3	To Masefields for supper.
4	Brad S. 142 + 6 (6 short)(self). Took provisions to Dougal. 
	Sale at Hamilton Rd off Dundee Drive, Famona, 5.15 timber etc
5	Sold 1 Sussex bull £40, 2 Sussex bulls £70 to E. Stock
9	Put cockerels in breeding pens
	Pump to reservoir 1950 C.ft. Cape feet =(2014 Eng. ft)
	Reservoir to crusher? 293 C.ft. crush to ESC pole in calf camp 667.
	total 2910 Cape feet = 3006 Eng feet. These distances would have
	been measured using PF's father's old survey equipment, hence the
	Cape feet.
	The jaw crusher for making concrete aggregate. It stood slightly
	South East of the ESC Power House, say 10 yards.The old road straight
	into the drive to the house was close between the crusher and the much
	later steel barn.

	The pump in question would have been the Mather & Platt centrifugal
	pump down at the river in the old mill building. It hitherto had lifted water
	from the pool  to a height of 14 feet or so above ground level, and 
	spilled water two ways into the overhead corrugated iron aquaduct feeding
	water on both sides of the river into brick-lined furrows for irrigating the adjacent
	lands. Prior to ESC power, this plant was run by a Crossley suction gas engine.
	With the advent of the dairy enterprise, where there would be 300 or more
	cattle concentrated near the farmyard, it was necessary to provide more
	water than could be supplied by the old well. The water was not only required
	for cattle drinking purposes, but also for washing the dairy each day. This
	was to be done hydraulicly by high pressure jets on hoses.
	The first stage of this work involved laying a 650 yard asbestos cement
	pipeline from the river to the old reservoir in the vegetable garden.
	The pipeline diameter at the river was 8" ? and it reduced finally,
	in stages, to about 3 or 4 inches. (About halfway along its length, on the
	hill near the graves, an offtake to a furrow was later made bringing
	Prickly Pear Land under flood irrigation. This was after "Little Kariba"
	weir with a concrete arch, was made in 1962? to catch water let down the
	adjacent Granite River from Goozi Dam. The purpose of this was to feed a pipeline,
	partly trenched and partly tunnelled, from the weir to the pumphouse at the
	mill, bringing Goozi Dam's water to established electricity and pumping plant.
	Up until now Goozi dam's water had not contributed anyhting except stockwatering
	and some good bream and barbel fishing. PF had layed out the levels for a furrow
	below the dam wall, bringing water right to the lands near Prickly Pear, and
	he had even started the digging of it. BUt he never finished it; probably for
	two reasons: he might have conceived the idea of Little Kariba and its more
	challenging engineering opportunities, and reasoned that letting water down a
	stream is less wastefull than letting it down an initially dry earth furrow.
	And letting it down to a Little Kariba also allowed the water ultimately
	to get to the dairy, if necessary.
	In ca. 1976 NF brought a powerline offtake from the transformer on the hill
	by the Pigs, from the low tension side, but made with HT specifications
	(3300 volts, "gnat" class aluminium cable)in case of future requirements,
	to the Graves pipeline offtake above PP Land. At 380 volts this was enough
	to bring PP land under sprinkler irrigation, and the first crop under
	sprinkler was winter wheat, possibly in that year. 
	It was intended eventually to carry this new line further, to the Mill
	and Little Kariba, at 3300 volts, but a number of factors caused it
	not to happen. So the Mill irrigation and pumping continued to operate
	at 380 volts on its original copper wire supply, and not enough voltage
	drop to prevent the operation of a 20 HP motor		
	cement. From the reservoir  the water was pumped, when necessary, to the
	dairy building, and a little past it to a calf paddock.foresight further water, goozy 
	dam little kariba.. the weirs.  rainbow peoject etc
	Old Mill etc
10	Charles returned.
12	Woods visit.  
14	Madge arrived 5.45  from C.T.?check when Lindsay born
16	 Started cutting silage
20 	cattle inspector    For whom all cattle on the farm would have had to be
	rounded up and held at various places, to be seen by the inspector. Cattle
	deemed to be tick infested, etc etc resulted in the farm being put in quarantine etc etc
21	McCay's party
24	bought 4 heifers from H. Goldsmith for £42.10-0 each
25	Bradley Bros to farm
26	Went to Bradleys.  Parson's turn-off 10 o'c for 4 heifers.

May 1956
1	Tabene to Robinsons 3.0 pm stopped by native in civvies. 9 am stopped allowed
	through sundown. commanding officer Llewellyn Barracks. 
2	Went to Bradford.
3 	First silo full.
16	Put in concrete of cooler.  Expand 
17	Charles shot koodoo cow
18	Charles shot koodoo bull. Plastered milk cooler Expand 
21	Put in compressor foundations.   Owen to school
23	Put in concrete of wash-up room floor. 20.5 cement x 50kg?
	Cattle inspector  8 am. Lectures on Frieslands start in Bulawayo
24	Finished floor of wash-up room. 
	Police patrol car stopped me. Expand 
25 	Put in floor of office. 7 cement
26	Car to Nigel Webb for speedometer test. Expand
28	Put floor in shower room 6 cement
29	Started floor of feed room.
30	Finished floor of feed room (20 cement).
31	Started floor of milk room 17 cement used.

June 1956
1	Gadget dead Horse sickness.  Finished floor of milk room
2	Potts out to see heifers. Provisionally 20 @ £20 & 80 @ £15
	Potts: The story on seeing things on the road at night. A hippo -
	he was "in his Potts"
6	Water level in cooler 3 3/8 from top
8	£2-10-0 to Shadrick for sheep. Finished shuttering for manger kerb  
11	Started kerb for manger
12	Milk cattle and Friesland heifers put into pens.
14	put in 1st manger.
	1 tablet twice a day.
15	plastered 1st manger. Finished 2nd truck of 320 cement. Railway truck
	3 rd truck of 370 cement started on 2nd manger
	start 3 times a day
16	129 oxen from Brad to Zimbele. 20/- drivers. 
	36 sheets corr iron exchanged for 16x8' & 12x10' with Collin.
	Standish Whites.
17	Ring Pepper 8.30-8.45 Dr Pepper
19	39 oxen ex Brad to CS. 3 bulls from DW to CS 8 cows from Dip to CS
	Put in 2nd manger
	90 oxen (ex Brad) to pens. 71 CS graziers from DW to pens.
	20 	plastered 2nd manger. Meeting at Essexvale Ranch
21	Exhibition 5.30 pm 70 Abercorn? Str. Children arrive on schooltrain
22	Life of Bliss 
23	Sale at 9 o.c C.M.E.D. Central Mechanical Engineers Dept
	John Fletchers 6.45 C.ountry Club not a relation
25	put in feed passage  
26	Started on cattle stands    
28	finished 1st row of cattle stands
	£19.12.0 childrens tickets Train, for two, to C.T.
	A Life of Bliss etc etc
30	car tested by Lucas S. Str.2nd Str? for speedometer.

July 1956
1	Longdens and Alister at farm
	Started floor of byres tractor way Details
	Took Chev to vehicle inspector. re the police court case
5	9 o'c court
6	2.15 court List of road distances for his argument
7	Went to Bradford
8 	Slept at Bradford. Climbed Jagatcha the kopje near the stream
	entering the Insiza downstream of the old low level bridge.
9	Rhodes & Founders Holiday. Was this when NF took photos of Dugald
	at the camp.?
10  	Cut horns and mouthed oxen
11	Put in drain in byres.
	The two central  tractorways, very slightly arched, drained both
	ways to the 4 drains, which ran the length of the byres, draining
	to the south. The cows walked down the tractorway to their
	respective positions, stepped over the drain and stood between the
	drain and the manger, with their heads in the stanchions. They were
	fed a measured amount of concentrate and milked with the Alfa Laval
	in-churn portable bucket milking system. 
17	Hugh Beadle
19	Put up wire from power house transformer, switchgear building to
21	Cows tested at Vet Dept.  Put in switch board in dairy.
25	House middle cottage bottom welding Top and Bot, workshop Top
	The various power cables on one of the poles by the power house?
26	Collect Rory. Rory Fletcher, Peter's uncle and the black sheep of
	the family. Owen recalls going with Peter to a neighbouring farm
	(Glen Grey?) to take Rory to Bulawayo, for whatever reason. Peter
	disapproved of his uncle. See xxxx for Rory stories

Auguat 1956
1	started putting on roof of dairy. Water on to byres. Keeping the
	new concrete work wet/the water reticulation through the structural
	roof support piping was now working?
11	Annette's baby being Christened
13	glazed dairy windows
16	Chev transmission broken.  1719 lbs pumpkins to Co-op
19	Mdubecko starts 15/- Could this be Mdubecki, Phineas Mpofu, Mbizo's
	son.? See separate bio.
20	Trucked 10 bulls to Lurie.  Public Health meeting dairy?
21	Finished ceiling of Milk Room. Explain...
	Sold 102 heifers to Max Greenspan @ £15
22	Started milking in byres.
25	25 oxen from pens to Cold Storage.
	Kingston to start milking machines 7 brought auto washer.?
26	Went to Lloyds.
27	Worked at Show. Agricultural Show
28	Worked at Show.
29	At Show judging. P.F. was not a Show enthusiast, perhaps thinking
	that much of it belonged to a past era. But he nevertheless always
	went to the show to meet farmers and hear about what they were doing.
	He never exhibited any cattle, and did not keep pedigree cattle.
30	5 calves to H. Golds midt. Rory to town. Aga boiler to town.
	Owen to Beira. Mozambique, with Lionel and Loris?

September 1956
1	Tom and Elie Ely? Bourdillon slept at farm.
	Rees Jones and Vaandrager ? to see dairy about 9.
3	Started on ....?
4	Bought 3 heifers from Smithwick ?  for £60 each. 
6	Expect Guthrie ? and Boiler Inspector.
7	Van der Strys out to make final adjusatment to cooler. dairy
	Meet Owen 7.25 pm backl from Beira? Wire to Lyn.
8	Bedford brakes failed in town.
9	----? & Bryan Mitchell out.
10	Took Aga boiler back to Nimr and Chapman.  Collected Bedford
12	50 oxen from pens to Cold Storage.
14	Heimstra's heifers fetched from Hugh's Drummond
	Stopped by police near Byo to examine truck
1956	"Ridge built two dams for my father in 1956" - Stan Schur
1960's not captured


G Henneberg-Zimmer, 	Gut Hohenholm, 2301 Post Revensdorf, Kiel.
Sir Patrick Fletcher, 	Senoia Citrus Estate, Box 37, Senoia. Sinoia
Neil Fletcher		c/o Basement Flat, 19 St Charles Square, London W10.
Neil Fletcher		28 Lansdowne Crescent London W11
Owen F.			c/o. Southern Oil Exploration Corp Pty Ltd, Box 3087 Jo'berg
Owen			Box 2317 Sydenham, P.E.
Brian Rooken-Smith	District Commissioner Filabusi. Who married Lise Ridge.
			He was private secretary to Ian Smith? Also one of the
			Tuesday afternoon Has Beens Club of Joe Stipinovitch
C. Bilang		24 Napier Ave.
Alan Fawcett 		49 Whitestone Way, Burnside
Barry Bain		8 White Cairns Rd. Take Napier, pass Beadle's 1 house
			turn left in Middlesex, 1st right W. Cairns, name on
			stone 4th on Right.
Hugh Forsyth		P.O. Gwanda. He was prospecting for an exploration company.
Edna McGrath		204 Kingsway Court Beach, East London. PF's sister-in-law
Peter Steyn		66 Circular Drive. Paddy Lloyd's old house.
Rhino Hotel
Lalapanzi Hotel
Joef? Broom 		74 Cecil av opp Police Station Geof?/Jeff
D.L. Robinson		Box 1546 Byo
Lion & Elephant Motel	Nuanetsi Exchange

January 1970
3	Lyn & I over Bradford
4	Longdens, Roberts, John Barry, Parsons, Frosts
5	Fuel on hand	Pet 40, Cross 70, Dies 60.
	petrol, cross power paraffin, diesel. (Some of
	the tractors were petrol-paraffin. Power paraffin was
	in drums marked with a cross, to distinguish it from
	illuminating paraffin.
	Taarup to Byo flail type forage harvester. Scandinavian.
	It was used for cutting sorghum/sunn hemp crop mixtures etc.
	for silage. No use for maize silage.
6	65 oxen from Brad to CSC. 10/- goods shed boy. A tip. All cattle
	were sent from Zimbile to the Cold Storage abattoir in Bulawayo
	by rail. They were loaded at Bembesi Station near the Goods Shed.
	Empty railtruck previously ordered for them were shunted into a
	sideline the day before by a passing train. The good shed boy 
	would take it upon himself to notifying the farm when trucks had
	arrived, and even give a hand moving each truck into position 
	at the loading ramp. The trucks were set in motion for pushing
	by hand by using a long crowbar with a short lever at its end.
	It was slid along the top of the rail against the wheel, levering
	the truck along. All this aspect of the job was the farmer's business.
11	30/- servants
	Helen Brown & husband for day. Art Club meetings at League Room
	ground floor, next door to Shangri-La Restaurant Abercorn street
	4th& 5th Avenue. Meetings 1sr & 3rd Tuesdays each month.
12	Fuel on hand Pet 190 Cross 450 Dies 460 gallons? This was during
	UDI sanctions fuel rationing
19	Veg seed planted. kitchen garden: Golden acre cabbage; Cape Spitskoel
	cabbage; Southern Cross cauliflower; purple top turnip; Webbs Wonderful
	lettuce; Nantes carrot
22	Veg seed planted: Cape freezer peas; styy green broad bean; Green Feast
	pea; Aquadulce broad bean
26	10/- petrol coupons. 30/- dog licences.
	Fuel on hand Pet 140, Cross 100, Dies 300
27	To Maleme dam Matopos check; the painting Owen has?
	Dot died. Pointer, sister of Jess, bred by Eric Smart in Essexvale,
	and got from him as a pup in the 1950's (check)
29	474.3 Cross delivered (26 gallons short)Power paraffin
	! ox dead Brad (shot)
30	Pleasance Johnson to Theatre she later(?) married Sir Hugh Beadle
	Mike Appel quoted &etc 163.88-10-0 new bearings - crank & cam, pistons
	& rebore etc complete.

February 1970
1	Lyn leaves 10.55 returns to Germany
2	26 cows to Cold Storage
5	Joseph killed 2 small pigs Wild pigs
9	1 cow, 1 calf killed by lightning Dududu. 1 Sussex Bull killed by
	lightning (Yorks)bred by the Yorks, Marula/Figtree?
10	Chev engine to Mike Appel
12	117 oxen from Dam Paddock to Insiza paddock on the river, Bradford
	300 cross into tank
17	A.I. meeting Cecil Hotel 9 am.
21	Went to Don Goddard  & Schur    
23	Fuel on hand Petrol nil, Cross 150, Diesel nil
25	Lithgow 8am	Dr L., the vet. Regular examination of the dairy cows
26	10/- loading Chev engine tip for helping..
27	Chev mileage 86330.2
28	Meat & m/m to Brad mealie meal to boys at...

March 1970
2	11 Fries cows 13 ranch cows to C.S.
	Dairy cattle would become referred to less and less as Fieslands, as A.I. 
	from American Holsteins replaced them. It is possible the A.I. meeting on 
	the 17 Feb. above might have been a promotion by a local agent of 
	ABC/Curtiss/Carnation, - some of the well known cattle A.I. Stations in 
	the USA. A.I. file
	Milk recording.
3	Fire near Longile Grass fire, in the summer (wet season)
6	100 heifers sold to C.S. for Mr Stiklen Hartley ?
	Sold to the CSC, for someone wishing to buy them on the CSC finance
	Grazier Scheme?
8	Power Line. av length of span over even ground 150 ft with 26 ft poles
	(max. 180 ft.)
	The valley line 
9	Lefelt starts work. Surname Kona?, of an old Fingo family. Bricklayer,
	who over the years worked on various buildings at the farm.
	6 pm Graham Kertis 2 Essex Rd. Hillside Rd left Cecil Ave - 1st on right
	after school.
	Barry Bain 61107 office
	Mr Jayes has 10th & 11th free. Mr Jays(? sp) possibly vice headmaster
	of RBHS on a visit to Old Boys branches in Rhodesia?
11	Chev. air in brakes-temperature-hooter-s.starter-running Bd.
13	Dennis Thompson 7pm
16	Exhibition at H&S to 25th H&S the old department store
17	Makuwa B 1 ward number? see 1 April.
19	Bernard? Pepper's funeral 3oc. tomorrow Dr Pepper?
20	M's birthday tomorrow. Madge's
25	Phone Ben Cousin, Patrick Fletcher
	Smith speaks Hotel Rio 8 pm Ian Smith, P.M.
26	21 silage loads. The beginning of silage cutting?

27	28 silage etc etc.
28	John Fletcher's wedding in Sinoia? check
29	Hugh's Birthday
31	634 fowls on hand

April 1970
1	&163.1	Makuwa Hospital
6	7.30	At Jack Parsons  the pigs and dairy farm, near
	Maxim Hill. Bio:
14	L1-17-6 McDonalds Motors repair carb. 10.30 Dr McGibbin
15	87 cows 44 calves from Goozy to Big Rock
	20 maize ground for Comp. 20x200lb mealie meal for rations
16	Mapinkili tollies 217 weaners Mixed dairy meal
18	mixed meal for Blocks = 49x200. Protein blocks for ranch cattle
	see: Protein blocks/urea file
	Supper with Meggin ?
20	Started reaping Spring Hare Land. 48 cobs=25.5 grain lbs?
	DW total 245. DW Bulls should be 80. Tollies 166
23	M. to Dr. Lunch at Mike
24	Lefelt reports hunting by Samuel-Nqeke-Poison
28	Ben East cows 343  calves 258. Patrick starts ploughing.
	Exhibition of Wild Life Art 1st to 9th May at Meikles

May 1970
1	1 Friesland cow shot.
2	Spring Hare land 21.6 acres yields 643 bags cobs=approx 15bpa
	About 272 corn & cob on hand. 
	Spring Hare land 335 bags shelled maize=15.5 bpa 
3	Dennis Thompson shoot
4	Milk Recorder. Cattle Inspector Bradford
7	Makuwa 8 am Mpilo Mpilo Hospital
9	Police Reserve opening night. Of the Club House built
	by the farmers at BSAP Bembesi.?? (It was opened? by
	P.F., whenever that took place. Check There were two
	tennis courts which could be played on at night.
12	M. to Dr
14	110 oxen from Brad to Zimbele tomorrow.
	L1 driving Brad driving cattle on foot, xx miles
17	Mike's shoot. 30/- for shoot to youngsters, for
	carrying the birds etc
20	78 oxen to CS CSC.. fattened "off the veld". 
21	11.30 Dr Shee
23	Longdens for supper. 4 adults 2 children
26	Parkin at Chelo. Parkin Airdrills?
28	168 oxen from Mapinkili to Bradford. 5 oxen
	from Zimbele to Brad. Where they will stay the 
	winter and fatten on the Insiza riverine grazing 
	at Bradford over summer, and be sold at the end 
	of the summer as the 78 sold above.
	Mrs Standish White check Archie alive?

June 1970
1	Borehole near Pig Land. Borehole lining to Big stone
	above Pig land 59 feet to stone under gamamasana
	tree 62.5 ft. Say 70+80 down=150 head. Add friction
	head say 10ft.
	"gamamasana": inkamamasane (Ndebele). Wild rubber,
	hornpod tree. Diplorhynchus condylocarpon.
	On Zimbili these trees only grew along the slightly 
	rocky north-eastern edge of the Basement schists and 
	banded ironstone where what was left of them overlay 
	the granites. They favoured that part of this ridge 
	close to a narrow strip admixed with serpentine soils.
	The Mbetchu Hills, above the homestead and irrigation
	on Drummond, with their olivine rocks, were scattered
	with these trees, growing not much higher than 6 metres.
	Like rubber trees they could be milked for a latex which
	was made into a flavourless chewing gum. The latex/gum
	was also said to have patched many an oldtimer home with 
	a radiator leak, etc. It could also be used as  birdlime
5	3.30 Ft. Rixon ICA meeting.
	S.F. sunflower cake meal 40% Protein. (Crude) $55 /tonne
	Cot cottonseed cake 36.38% crude protein $50
	Check: dollars and not pounds now being used. When was
8	27 oxen trucked to C.S.
10	1 Friesland cow shot
12	6pm at Gordons Gordon Mollett?,  Madge's cousin.
17	Terblanches fish netting. 
21	Weaned first calves into pens yesterday.
22	2nd batch weaners into pens.
	Sharron Lyn's daughter born. 
28	There was a gamebird shoot
30	Details of protein block distribution to paddocks
July 1970
1	Details of protein block mix on hand
	Mapinkili required: piping, bends, ball valve etc
2	5x250 blocks to Brad S. 9x200; 9x250 to Brad Dam paddock
	on west with small dam
	Changed dairy concentrate rations to old system.
	Made blocks 21 meal used 2 molasses. Made 23x250 bloaks
	now 48 drums molasses left
3	1x250 block to weaners.
4	Blocks distribution details.
	Mixed 51x200lb Block Mix used :
	36 germ maize?)germ meal
	4 mon cal ph monocalcium phosphate
	11 salt
	10 urea
	5 cotton seed meal
5	Dairy Cattle:
	cows 112 (11 heifers)
	big heifers 12
	small heifers 21
	calves big 13 (4 males)
	middle	24  6 males
	small	13 (1 male)
	Matopos bull 1
	Grade bull 1
	young bulls 3

	Check for first use of A.I.
	Memo: Early A.I. bulls used (USA); 
	Skokie Famous Duke 
	Tidy Burke Forty-Niner
	Paclamar Astronaut
	Pawnee Farm Arlinda Chief.
	Whittier Farms Apollo Rocket
	Round Oak Rag Apple Elevation (a single straw?
	produced a bullcalf out of an Arlinda Chief daughter

6	Mixed dairy meal; 80 germ, 17 cotton, 35 c&c corn & cob meal
	2 mon cal ph, 2 urea, 1 salt.
	141x125 lbs c&c milled to shed
7	5x250 blocks to Brad S. 
	148 c&c maize milled to shed. 29 maize milled for Compound. rations 
9	Bradford cattle, blocks etc
	Drad cattle trough drawing; dimesions
	Block mixing, milling, etc details not being entered ....
14	Fire on Frost's ground. Basil Frost. Blue Ridge Ranch
15	253 male weaners to Jocks. 213 heifer weaners to Big Rock
16	Keith Brian exhibition at Naake 6pm. Hugh Beadle.
20	Started 3.30 burning Kodhlawayo boundary. Burnt Ben W. &
	Ben E. line. firebreak
	Kefas to Mpilo hospital
21	Finished burning Kod. boundary
22	Burnt Longile fireguards
	Dairy Health Inspector
27	Burnt line through Jims. Burnt line Makua 2 & 3
28	Miss Michaelis' Exhibition at Naake till 1 Aug.
29	Burnt Drummond boundary

August 1970
1	Started thatching Amos' Hut
3	started erecting power poles for the valley 3300 volt line
7	1 foal born Female, to Gypsy.  A good grey mare. She 
	didn't twitch a muscle when I shot a reedbuck over her head 
	with the .303. But she didn't like it being hauled up over
	her back.
10	dose 2nd Botulism only weaners & Rift Valley fever?
	Fingos thatch: Katrina 24, Mess 20, Jane 20, Monica 20, 
	Silvia 40 and on 12th inst. Ivy 75, Elina 23, Ani 26,	
	Ana 40, Mess 20, Lina 13, Nevi 28, Essie 46, Sisi 39, Tensiwe 36
	Bundles of thatch grass cut on Zimbile. A third of them were
	given to the farm in exchange for permission to cut, and for
	transport to Bembesi.further entries omitted....
14	Field Day at Anglesea. N.R.B. The Patullo's well known
	dairy (Jersey) farm. N.R.B. =  Natural Resources Board?
16	Shoot at Battlefield Ranch, belonging to the Halsteds.
17	Makuwa troughs 26" wide
21	279 germ meal off loaded Bembesi Siding
25	21 weaners from Mak2 to Pens Q.E. & Bot Quarter Evil (Blackleg)
	& Botulism Further late weaners not entered ...
27	M.F.C. Chamber Commerce
	Fingo thatch total 2534 bundles.
28	Jan Haetink afternoon Dept Conservation & Extension. Jan
	a frequent visitor to the farm
31	Art Club Exhibition opens
	Borehole to centre trough 425 yards. Flange to reservoir 85 ft.
	W.? A.I. Ferguson P.O. BB. Fergusons at Beit Bridge?

September 1970
1	Inspect Ferguson Farm, Essexvale 8.00, Balla Balla 8.30 Gwanda 9.00
	? Perhaps to do with the N.R.B. farm judging award. Conservation
	works etc. Zimbile won it one year. 
2	Built water trough DWE & Salisbury. 12 bags 50kg cement used.
	The trough was on the fenceline of DW East and Salisbury paddock.
	It received water from the borehole near the small dam and Pig Land.
	After Independence the rise in rural theft made it impossible to
	have a stationary engine permanently there, and so I built a
	6m. dia. cement eggshell reservoir on the ridge above the trough,
	and the engine was taken away when the reservoir was full. It was
	also necessary to cast a cement baffle structure over the ballvalves
	to minimise their theft for the sale of the metal. 
3	Goozy borehole 105 ft deep water 18.5 feet down. Took off 20 ft piping
	now 72 feet down to strainer.Do not recall any b/h in Goozy
4	8-12.30 Dairy Symposium at Museum
6	A bird shoot
11	Salisbury borehole 104.5 ft below top lining. Water 35 ft below top
	lining about 69 ft water.
	Pump 23 strokes per min Engine 1500 r.p.m.
	Small pulley 730 rpm Pump pulley 150 rpm
	Trough diameter 12ft 2ft deep 1400 gallons
	At 23 strokes per min pump should do 4.5 gals per min = 270 gph
	Trough should take 5.25 hours. started 7.30
12	66 bulls from DWW to DWE
14	2 aluminium wire 3443 7/.80
	1 aluminium wire 4043 7/.80
	1 aluminium wire
	Top 1225 yds 7/087 {0.025 sq inches}
	Bottom 2177 yards ditto??

	39 Mozambika to big Reservoir tilapia mossambica
	192 maize shelled
15	207 maize shelled total 399 to date
	Derek Mulholland Sale 10.30. 106 Abercorn Str.
19	Hugh & Jenny's Wedding Hugh Roberts. Check details
	re dates he was on Zimbile
20	Went to Bradford with Paddy Lloyd Adv. Lloyd
	1 Sharalin F calf born am?30 ? kgs?Probably a calf
	born from A.I. to the Charolais bull Uranium. 
	Zimbile had the misfortune to have used this bull 
	which was notorious for the calving difficulties 
	of its progeny. Check Uranium. USA? This is the first?
	mention of imported AI progeny?. (A.I. with unfrozen semen
	had been used on Zimbile from the 1950s, mainly to stop 
	the spread of disease (epivaginitis?). The semen was
	collected at the dairy and slightly diluted with a buffer
	and kept in the fridge for several days. This was before
	the days of frozen diluted semen in mini straws. Here a
	considerable amount of diluted semen was placed against
	the cervix with the use of a sturdy glass tube. 
	File:  A.I. etc
21	Maize at dwala near tree    	218	
	Saturday			394
					612	55.6 MT
	22nd to Mill room		300
	balance into barn		312

	Further shelling/milling details not being entered

October 1970
2	Started thatching hut.
3	303 cotton meal offloaded into goods shed Bembesi	
6	Black soil 2.5 lbs/acre in 20 ggallons water
	250 M per acre has zinc
	250 L per acre has boron
	Irrigated			Dry
	300 am nitrate			250
	1st top dressing 3 weeks
	2nd  "     "      8  " 
	3rd  just before tassel
7	A diagram, probably related to fertiliser details
	above, possibly showing a simple scheme for releasing
	dissolved fertiliser/trace elements into furrow flow.
14	$2.65 visa to Beira. $2.45 wire George telegram to Germany?
19	G. & Lyn arrive 12.15. 5.15 pm plane to Beira to fetch 
	George's two American cars shipped from Germany?
22	Meeting BSAP Police
	Plane to Beira Byo 8.30 am. Estorial Hotel. 
	Salisbury leaves at 5 Beira 6.15
25	Plane to Beira 9 am 
26	Fertilizer truck No.62361 704{x50kg} bags compound M
	35.2 MT. Acc. to above M contained zinc. (Although
	later we used compound Z, with zinc)
28	Went to Beira
	9 am Hooper Sharp's Sale
29	At Beira
30	At Beira.
	2.30 Conex office. Farm Irrigation Fund. Department
	of Conservation & Extension. Possibly to do with the HT power
	line along the valley 
31	Arrived from Beira.

November 1970
2	Milk recorder. Animal Health Inspector - cattle & dogs rabies etc
7	Braaiflys & Hobo dance Bembesi. Braaivleis. Police Reserve Clubhouse
12	Matopos Field Day Matopos Research Station
14	1x125 fertiliser should do at 250 lbs per ac 1210 yds?
22	Colin Randalls 12 oc
27	Boiler inspector

December 1970
4	Art Gallery opens
12	James' Wedding 2.30 James Montgomery, who was on Zimbile 196x etc
31	GL Mono pulley 8.5 int V 10 ext V etc etc.. line shaft....
	concrete slab etc Details of Mono pump installation on Garden Land
	borehole. Is the powerline already up?
	Reservoir Mono pulley etc etc The borehole at the end of the line,
	feeding the big reservoir on the kopje side near Station Rd Land.

	Bare lines 380V over road 18ft. otherwise 16ft.
	3300V over road 19 ft. otherwise 17 ft
	180 ft span 80degF 2ft10" sag

	Milk Prices 
			To date		In future
	July-Nov	31.1c		31.6c
	Dec-Feb		26.8c		24.0c
	Mar-June 	28.6c		29.0c
	Page 5 Rhodesia Farmer 28 Aug.

	Details of photographs taken.
	Subject, f-stop, exposure, time of day, etc. Seven pages.
	These are mainly of subjects of interest from a painting
	point of view. (scan)

	E.S.C. farming tariffs quoted to John Barry who irrigated
	on the Nyamandhlovu aquifer next door to Rochester farm
	180 units per month @ 8.3 cents
	420 units per month @ 1.65 cents
	Balance   per month @ 0.875 cents 

January 1971
12	Joseph caught Joseph from Mfanyana line hunting in Jock's
	paddock with 4 dogs & 1 steenbuck - 2nd time caught
13	Lard for riems $1.80 File: riems
17	28 cows to Mulholland Sale. 
21	11 oc court Bembesi
29	1 stag from Brad Hill to DW. stag=imperfectly castrated ox,
	still showing male characteristics.
	10 oxen from Brad Hill+16 oxen from Brad DW.for C.S.
	Left at Hill 47, at South 88.
31	Loxtons & Lloyds out

February 1971
2	Beadles for Lunch 12.45 Sir Hugh Beadle
4	26 oxen trucked to C.S.
7	14 cows, 6 bulls, 1 ox, 2 stags to Derek Mulholland sale
	5 gal petrol to Ted Futter.
16	Budding under big avocado ferte Terblanche, 3 near apricot from
	our big one.
26	last day cattle bookings Contracts to supply cattle to Cold Storage
28	Lunch Cummings Maldon Farm?

March 1971
3	Brad Hill paddock 47 to Insiza river paddock
5	F.I.F. meeting 10 am.
6	Horses 17 (inc 3 foals)
7	Butterfly laid eggs on citrus
9	14 cows from Dip Camp to Charter Butchery c/o Mulholland
9	Lithgoe	8.30 am. Regular vet. inspection of dairy cows.
11	54 oxen from Brad (River) to Zimbile.
	Cats to Lithgow afternoon. The cats at the dairy? etc
	Stock pm. {Ernie Stock?
12	Eggs hatched on citrus (5 days)
13	Wild life Forum Ft. Rixon
14	Les Lloyd fishing?
15	Byo Art Club Exhibition H&S Haddon & Sly
16	52 oxen to Cold Storage
17	R.B.H.S. 6pm Old Boys dinner?
18	9 Fr cows 8 Fr bulls to Henock Ranching Ltd Ernie Stock
25	citrus caterpiller turned green (13 days black & white)
30	2.15 M I F meeting Mat. Irrig. Fund??
31	Matopos Field Day Matopos Research Station. 

April 1971	
1	Budded Punchman>? old Banana to Kitchen peach?
	citrus caterpillar prepared to Pupate
3	Spotted caterpillar pupated
6	small citrus caterpillar green
7	Meal & meat to Brad. Brad River 81 oxen
8	10.30 Dr Kirk Madge to? First mention of Sandy Kirk?
	The story that he told her "It's either cigarettes or your
	foot", upon which she stubbed out her cigarette and never 
	smoked another one.
13	12 o.c. Dr Kirk.
15	Thornlea $2.48 boys meat for Bradford.
	Finished extension to Crate. 13 old + 65 new pockets
	of cement. 13 cement putting in poles. The mealie crate,
	"dwala". Floor extension. See 19xx etc for early construction.
17	4pm Lynne Thompson wedding
20	citrus butterfly out
26	Duly's sheller 7ft to shaft 

May 1971
6	Byo Art Gallery Japanese Art.
15	Party at Futter's Clonmore Ranch?
17	Labour Seminar at Museum
18	1st frost (very heavy)
20	Fawcett & Friend afternoon Ray F., R.B.H.S. old boy. Fawcett Security.
25	52 oxen from Brad to C.S.
26	10.30 C.S. The time at which the oxen were being killed, and their
	carcasses seen being graded in the works. CSC File:
27	Mileage details : Zimbele, Falcon, Essex, Balla B, Filabusi, Shabani,
	Lundi R., Mashaba, Fort Vict, Rhino Hotel. (Map 249 miles speedometer
	167 = 67%)Something wrong with speedometer?
28	Rhino H to Tokwe River & return. mileage details
30	Return mileage details. Total mileage acc s/o =519.5 miles. Correction
	at 70% = 742 miles. used approx 34.5 gallons = 21mpg 1950 Chev sedan.
	6 cyclinder Blue Flame engine What was the trip for?

June 1971
3	10oc M.S. FIF meeting Farm Irrigation Fund
14	Art Exhibition Gallery
20	Les Lloyds
21	M. to Dr Previous doctor appointments are not all entered here
23	To Diana's Pool.A favourite area on the edge of the Matopos. File:
24	8pm Dynamics of Fashion. J. O'Farrell. Bulawayo painter and art
	teacher. Ref:
25	9.30 Municipal Scrap Sale.
26	$2.00 help Pullen's car. 4 pm BSAP meeting 
27	Dennis Thompson away for a month probably 2 away. 
29	Burnt fireguards Makuwa 2&3 & half 3&4
	8pm Founders Marionettes. Patrick Tuhy & Pupils
30	Burnt Longile fire guard

July 1971	
1	Burnt f/g Drummond and Kodhwayo boundaries
2	Burnt fg Kodhwayo & Ben
3	2 m to 7 Springboks. 1.45 Gifford v Durban H. School. 2.55 Milton v	
	Grey Col. P.E., 4.00 Rhodesia v Border.
6	Near Wet Land Borehole water 26.5ft down. Total depth 171 feet.
	The borehole at the end of the powerline.Is the powerline etc
	fully installed?. I recall hearing perhaps that the Mono pumps
	were initially drive by flat belt from the Farmall?
	8 pm Mathematics in Art. Deryck Sherwood.
9	started rethatching kitchen end. 2 boys on thatching. 25lbs meal
	to Thatcher. $1.20 meat to Thatcher. The thatcher was a Fingo.?
	11.15 Dutch Reform Church
10	Rhodes & Founders Weekend.
12	Details unclear whether the whole house was rethatched at this time
16	$1.80 Stewart Mutch. Point? finished thatching up to dining room
	10 am F.I.F meeting
19	started thatching pm over sitting room. $1 Kay at House while we were
	at Exhibition.
	5.30 Sanlam Art Collection at Gallery	
20	8 pm Style in Art. Josephine O'Farrell
221	3.30	Miss Stancomb's Exhibition
23	$130 thatchers for kitchen to dining room
26	$80.00 thatchers (Madala, John, Thlamini, Cain, Ben. 
	Thatchers.) M's, Sitting, & spare room.
	So a large part of the house, if not all, was rethatched. 
	The nursery and the bedroom are not mentioned.
27	8 pm Looking back & looking forward. Marshall Baron.
28	80 cents sludge from acetylene, Oxyco? For whitewash.
	Boswells Circus starts.

August 1971
3	8 pm How to paint a picture (Peter HOAL)
8	Power cut 8-12. Shoot Bilang's Cyril?
9	Put in Rochester? carburetter in Chev 97137 m full tank?
	5.30 Art of Youth
14	40 oxen from Brad.(River) to Zimbele
	Put paint tests in sun
15	LLoyds for day
16	Took delivery of Thames Trader truck. 3 ton?
	Load 34 cows 4 oxen to C.S.
19	9 am Co-op meeting. 12 am re lorry driver.
20	Carbureter-fuelpump-timing-tappets-shock absorbers- kingpins-
	front suspension - gears - steering - speedometer - D.M. solution
	in radiator- dust proofing - dip light - tighten bolts on block
	while hot - oil in gear box? - gearbox bearing - drive shaft bearing -
	spare wheel - spare speedometer cable - 
21	chev. Fuel pump from old chev - changed carburetter. mileage 8696.6 
	speedometer from old car. 
	These cars were about 21 years old by now, and had travelled mostly 
	on dirt roads and farm tracks. He had bought the second Chev from 
	Winifred Standish White. There had been a lot of cross-pirating of 
	parts over the years and finally perhaps even the workshop boys could 
	not decide which car was which.
27	3 oxen dead Brad Dam camp. Syd Longden's horse taken by Rodgers at 	
	Heany. Phil?

28	Zimbele 97255.2 Lupane 97392.7} 137.5 miles. 29.8L =6g 5 pts $3.87
	21.8 miles per gallon.
	Main Camp 97466.9. Lupani 97540.2 $4.10 31.6 litres (21.3 mpg)
	Returned to Zimbele 97676.2 Total 421 miles to Main Camp & return
	about $12.00 for petrol. Sanctions. Fuel rationing. 6th year of 
	sanctions so sanctions petrol was Rhodesia$ 13 cents/litre? 
30	18 empty molasses drums to Palte Harris by G. George was driving
	the Thames Trader?
31	18 empty drums to Palte Harris by John a new driver?

September 1971
3	1 ox dead accident Brad
5	Keyi, Major, Joseph, Sipendani, Bovi?, Rabson, Ziwa, Patrick,
	Kajembe Keyi's stepfather, Keni, Gibson, Douglas, Sifanki?,
	Abiot?, Near?, Ben, Razarus, Smart, Aynos, Kefas, Stan,Jefros 2,
	Johnson, Lot, Jefros 1, Mishek 2, Mishek 1, Jafet 2, Elijah
6	$0.80 bus fare Rodger
8	colour tests out of sun.
11	Mileages, fuel calculations. Selukwe.
12	Mileages, fuel calculations. Selukwe.
14	Mileages, fuel calculations. Que Que. Jack Francis?, Skipper Mine
15	Mileages, fuel calculations. Que Que. 5/- Q.Q. Metals repair car wheel
16	Mileages, fuel calculations. Gwelo.
16	colour tests back in sun. see 18th inst.
21	$1.26 Preece & McKenzie maps
25	Dance BSAP 8 pm $1.50 double
28	11 o.c. Dr Dodds 
29	10.45 M. to Dr Kirk

October 1971
7	7th 8th 9th art club exhibits to be handed to Art Gallery. 8 exhibits
	at $0.40 each.
8	Cattle Inspector.
11	Mike Barry's birthday
	1st Mono V pulley 2xC belt 3/4" wide top V 7/8" top. 12" diam. 
	Motor 1450 rpm requires 6 1/2" pulley. Motor shaft 1 3/4"
	Sketch of transformer linkages to lines on pole.
12	Mike Barry 10.30
	Sketch of transformer line linkages to insulators on brackets etc.
13	Diagrams of 3 phase layout
14	5" requires 9" pulley; 6" requires 10.8" pullet; 8 inch req 14.4" pulley
	Bull motor 1445 rpm 1 3/4" shaft.
	Old Mono 1 3/4" shaft 3 3/8" bush
	Lyn's Friends expected
	{speed 968 rpm Garden Land pump 10x4 BV. Garden Land motor 8 1/2"x4BV
	1 7/8" pump will turn 822 rpm}
	{Hatfield's Motor 1440 rpm 1 7/8" shaft. Pump pulley 6 1/2" internal
	with 6 belts.}
17	Monday Tapsin to Brad. firewood - mill feed - mix feed - stumping.
18	checked Timber Reserve 73 In the early days Peter or his father 
	were able to register certain parts of Zimbile as timber reserves,
	in which miners were prevented from cutting timber, etc. where
	otherwise they were allowed to by law. This special exception was
	called something like a Victoria Agreement/Convention. The farmer
	was obliged to erect and maintain notices, and check them.
23	26 male weaners collected near Liefelt the builder. On the Fingo.
	Overdraft to Oct 31
26	39 oxen to C.S.
27	Mileages: Zimbele, Lupani, Main Camp (Wankie Game Reserve). 
	Petrol 13 c/litre. 22.6 mpg
28	Main Camp fuel details 15.2 mpg. Slow driving round Reserve?
29	Arrived Sinamatella 2 pm
30	Sinamatella 15.0 mpg
	Alison Cooper Wedding 4pm.St Luje's Chuch Rhodesville. 
	Beverly Rocks Motel Umtali Rd. Ext Jameson Rd (5 miles)
	Moors? Sby Motel 10 miles this side Salisbury
31	Sinamatella

November 1971
1	Sinamatella
2	Halfway Hotel. Byo.
6	van der Linde exhibition
14	Chelo 10 o.c.
15	E.S.C Electricity Supply Commission. Possibly to do with an 
	inspection of the HT powerline? 
20	6.45	Whisky Walkers party 
23	Rainproof box. Switchcraft details Shackleton details
	Heinemann A.C.B. details

December 1971
1	Brad kraal to Zimbele 32.6 miles?
14	E.S.C switched on Power approved  3300 v. powerline
	Old pump 840 rpm 6.5 amps.
	3 pm 61.5 inches from Top. 8.45 pm 50 inches from top.
	Rate of filling of the big 120000 gallon reservoir from
	the borehole at the end of the powerline?.
	Welding primary ? 31-27 (380-440V)
	Mill pump 20 HP the slip-ring motor?
	Mixer & Mill? 25
	Milk cooler? 5	
	crate mealie crate/dwala? 5
	w. shop 3
	garden 3
	2 houses	
	H.T. line say 45
	Dairy lights
15	6 hrs 12" filling of reservoir?
31	Tractors to Chelo 2nd. Parkin's drilling machine airdrill
	leaves Bekkers Garage on 3rd for Chelo.

	Subject, exposure, film etc, details - approx 200 shots. 
	Steel piping for chairs. Details.
	Motor, pulleys etc details
	Hospital visiting times
	My pacing 104=100 yds. This detail is entered each year
	Titanium paints, adhesives etc
	Drawing for making a guillotine for cutting paper?

January 1972
3	To Chelo
5	to Chelo re borehole drilling?
7	G.L. Co to Falls
8	to dip & shift DW shift cattle
	Garden Land Pump 14 sprays 20 amps.
	This was direct on line pumping: the Mono pump
	lifted the water to ground level and delivered
	along the sprinkler lines at the required residual
	operating pressure/head. (Q say 6000 gph?, q=7.14 gpm)
	Dougals well water level 57.5 feet. b/h, Chelo
10	Sidoba Chelo Sidoba Dube, worked on the Alister's 
	jumper drill team at Zimbile.
19	Put in foundation Dougals pump.
	G's sister etc arrive Renata
20	Lorry accident at Cement. 00812 Essexvale. Larsen &
	Moresby. Car E.P. 2660 cream. Austin 1300 MkII (69-70)
	Peter Buckle. John Lali Phiri driver taken on 20th Aug.
	I signed Old Mutual form 16 Aug.
21	Put on Dougals pump. 80 ftx 2" piping, 2.5" valve. 
	Borehole 99 ft deep. Water 61.5 ft down.
	Dougald hitherto had to climb down/draw water from the 
	old Little Wonder mineshaft. He had cut branches and
	wedged them into the sides of the shaft, descending to
	water level and he climbed up and down on them. Peter put
	in this borehole and handpump to make life easier. The 
	story is that Dugald never used it.
24	Art Gallery Exhibition
26	52 cows to C.S.  Futters Farewell. Ted? leaving Clonmore?
27	to C.S. to see cattle grading
28	to Dennis Thompson
29	To Fort Rixon

February 1972
2	Went to Maleme Dam see? "Near Maleme Da," 1972?
3	65 cattle to C.S.
8	Hugh Beadles?
	American Art (Baron) Marshall Baron
9	Kyle View Chalets. Longile 314 cattle
	180 cotton cake offloaded Bembesi
11	Mare Dam Chalets
12	Lake View Inn Kariba ?
13	Lake View Inn Kariba ?
14	Stan Parsons S 43570
	Shot pig GL Garden Land John III $10 pig bounty?
21	52 cattle to C.S.
24	1st aural test Hayes? car failed
25	Boiler inspector.
	2nd aural test passed.

March 1972
3	Gave Hayes Driving School $35.00 driver learner?
6	Bedford returned 9854.3. Fred? passed test $2 by Hayes
7	Fred X16622 Nkai starts work
8	E.S.C. 100 KVA transformer & 100 amp switch connected.
12	Paddy Lloyd
13	Thames to Byo 1st load.
	Air to P.E. 1-10 days $122.20; 10-120 days $104.40
18	RBHS 6.30 Sibson 14 Beryl Drive, Beaconhill, Burnside
20	Nancy Goodchild Ref: Dugald etc
21	Patrick Tusky on Style & Interpretation.
	M's birthday. 
	Art Club Meeting Victoria League Clubroom. Kirrie Buildings
24	Mrs Fawcett
25	Stella Hull
April 1972
7	Nancy Goodchild
10	Kimberly Photo Exhibition
11	Bushman Art (Cran Cook. Bio:
14	2.30	Dennis Thompson
16	Mr Moresby ? starts with Milk recording?
19	enoculated poultry innoculated
20	Thames took our milk to town
21	2.10 Dennis Thompson
24	Harry Smith farmers say 2.30 ?
28	2.10 Dr Thompson
30	Senator Strong 3.45 16 Fitch Rd. Kumalo.

May 1972
5	2.25 Dennis Thompson.
	Piston rings - rubber cushions - gaskets - tappet oil seals
8	2 pm Maleme Dam
9	Mineral King Farm ?
10	Kezi
12	2.10 Dennis Thompson. 
	left Maleme Dam room 20
14	colour tests in sun
15	5.30 Art Gallery Exhibition. 
16	Mike Barry
18	Dr Dennis Thompson
19	Dr Evans Borrow St. 9th av.
23	Madge to Hospital 10.30. Dr Evans
24	Madge's operation. removed her big toe? 
25	Truck 52 oxen
27	cart milk
28	cart milk was PF the driver?
29	Truck 26 cows

June 1972
7	got wheel chair for M.
9	Art Club Exhibition 9th-19th at Haddon & Sly
18	Hugh re shoot Beadle?
	Dennis Thompson- Eugene Halsted - Bob Cole -
	Mike Barry - Steyn Peter? - David Tredgold -
	Bilang Cyril - Randall Colin- Gordon Mollett - 
	Kirk Sandy- Alrick McKay - Einhardt Erken.
	Beaters $3.50    Servants $6.00
	At Zimbile they only ever had walking shoots with 
	gun dogs, - no beaters. The beaters mentioned here
	were farm schoolkids who were always keen get a
	good meal at lunchtime and some pocket money for 
	helping to carry the birds. The shoots were always
	on a Sunday.
29	Pedigree Africander heifer calf No.6 dead. This is
	surprising. PF had no interest in pedigree breeding.
	This can only be explained by a likelihood that George
	had acquired some pedigree females. See 197x for details
	of changes he made to cattle breeding on the farm

July 1972
2	Colour tests out of the sun.
4	25c help Swift Transport with LN2 liquid nitrogen canister
8	CaO2+H2O  Ca(OH)
9	Dennis Thompson free for shoot. Kirk - Bob - Erken - Joe? Good   
10	Rhodes' Day.
	Nora Cunningham & xxxx?
11	Founders Day
14	Wankie Main Camp Lodge. Mileage, fuel details. 21 mpg
	Drove to Makwe Pan
15	Saw 12 wild dogs. {went to Inyantue Dam Madge & Robinsons}
	This was the trip Douglas Robinson saw the Falls for the
	first time?? story?
16	Sinamatella Lodge No.10
17	drove alone round Lukosi River
18	went alone down Dolido Road all day
19	M & I went up Mandana River morning
20	V. Falls Lodge
22	Zimbele Total mileage 1064 miles. Fuel and oil $31.41	
	= total fuel 52.44 gals = 20.3 mpg 1950 Chev 6 cylinder
27	Art Lecture at Gallery 7.45

August 1972
5	Lyn arrives from where?
6	Dr Strong after lunch Senator
7	10.45	 Dr Evans re eye
	Lyn starts work Museum. find etc Mrs Donnelly?? etc
	Lyn worked on constructing and painting the displays.
	She was still working at the Museum at the end(?) of
	1974? check
8	Truck 38 cattle
9	Mr Jays 10 o.c. M.F.C. Matabeleland Farmers Co-op. 
	Arthur? Jays was vice principal of RBHS when I was 
	there. Peter took him to the farm? when he was in 
	Rhodesia on Old Boys visit.
10	Jays returned
	Sent off Owens Pictures.
13	Colin Randal's shoot - Eugene Halsted- David Tredgold
	Peter Steyn - Erkin 
14	Invitation Exhibition 5.30 pm
27	Colour tests into sun
28	Lunch at Frosts Basil Frost, at Blue Ridge Ranch?. R.B.H.S.
	old boy. See xxxx son David killed in grassfire

September 1972
5	Milk Recorder.  
	12.15 Syd Longden
8	Ben II - Jim - Jongwe - Harry - on fire Big Rock. - Philip - 
	Thompson - Mark II - Tapson - Suringa - Juga - Keyi - Amos -
	Leonard - Jarod - Daniel - Kenneth - David - Rabson - Ziwa -
	Million - Zitshwa - Joseph II - Mark I - Joseph I - Morris -
	Kajembe - Wilson - Taymon - Ben  Staff that turned out to
	fight a fire, perhaps at night. In Rhodesia one was obliged
	by law to render help if called upon to fight fires.(? check).
	On Zimbile those who turned up were paid a bonus and given 
	day off on a Saturday half day, or some such arrangement.
	Fire fighting file: 
9	George & Family camping at
10	Turners - Lloyds - John Barry. Turner: head/vice head Falcon
14	11.30 Dr Kirk
16	Sale 35 Massy Ferg 9 am Reg Hart. The first? of the MF 35
	3 cylinder diesel tractors, which replaced the grey Fergusons?
17	Shoot. Spotted eagle owl. $2.10 boys on shoot.
	No names, but the mention of the eagle owl would suggest that
	Ron Hartley, master at Falcon College and well known breeder 
	of falcons in captivity, was present. The eagle owl would catch
	hares caught in the headlights of a vehicle. Falcons, working with
	Pointer dogs, were extremely effective in hunting francolin, guinea
	fowl etc.
26	Lecture & films Art Gallery
27	Went to Dhlodhlo Ruins File
28	Kirk 10 o'clock Madge

October 1972
1	Details mileage? Zimbele - Ft R. via 	club - Regina Ruins.
	Zimbele via PBS and Wessels Block. etc. 
4	7.15 at Mike Barry
5	3 pm Insiza ICA Ft R Club Intensive Conservation Area
16	Load 26 cattle C.S.
17	Art Club meeting 8 pm Kirrie. Lecture at Art Gallery 
	"Art in Britain today" I. Morgan-Davies
19	Sheila's Birthday
24	Colour tests out of sun
27	11 oc M. Butcher at Webb Low & Barry
28	6.30 G & L to Dennis Thompson & xxx

November 1972
3	3.30 pm Prouds Exhibition at H&S
6	Rain 1.35 "
7	Art Gallery "Travels in Middle East Tony Gane Jane?
11	5.15 pm Presbyterian Church Robert Lindsay's Reception
	Small. City Hall Moffat family
13	Load 26 cattle C.S.
21	Art Club Victoria League Club Room 214 Kirrie Bds 8 pm
	old koodoo kudu Bull skin. 3 alum, 3 salt, 1 copper
	sulphate on to skin & folded. A semi-tanning recipe.
	The leather was rubbed and twisted as it started to dry, 
	and it resulted in a soft leather, which did not like 
	to get wet again. If it did, it dried hard unless rubbed
	again etc. Photo: seat of tall painting stool etc
24	Lecture Wild Life Palace Hotel 8.00pm
	1.15 M's hairdresser H&S
25	Peters Play Peter Henneberg? school play?
28	Art Gallery symposium on art
	Young koodoo bull 3 alum  3 salt  1 copper sulphate into
	fertiliser bag.

December 1972
1	2.30 Essexvale Fritz Mayer re game birds
3	Paintings must be handed in to Mr Osborne by today.
5	Collect cockerels tomorrow.
	breyed 1st koodoo skin. brei. Afrikaans: curry (skins);
	knead; dress.File:
6	Collect chickens ? called cockerels yesterday?
8	Dennis' Party. ordinary dress  Thompsons
15	G. leaves for P. Reserve Valley returns 22nd.
	George Henneberg; PATU (Police anti terrorist unit);
	Zambezi valley
16	Big Rock oxen 54 etc. Peter resumes cattle etc, while
	George is away
17	Caught female redheaded quelea in House. Zoo Pretoria
	rings black & orange on left & metal no 2-57150 Z?
	INFTRY on right leg. 
xx-xx	Peter is taking the milk to town.

31	Shot pig in reeds at Mill

	Details of ~~ 190 photographs.
	10/1/72	M & Platt pump 1200 rpm valve open PP land.
	The old Mather & Platt centrifugal at the Millpool.
	It was primarily for pumping water for the dairy cattle
	etc, but PF also put in an offtake near the graves by
	Prickly Pear Land, feeding flood irrigation of PP land.
	See ca. 1976, NF sprinkler system, first crop winter wheat

January 1973
15	ordered boat ? approx 10ft fibreglass
16	Art Club discusses members work
29	13 Fingo oxen caught DWW
30 	Art Club drawing
31	Film at Art Club

February 1973
4	Paddy Lloyd
10	Mike for fishing
16	Boat back seat 46"
19	John Cumming funeral 3 pm John, brother of Elizabeth McKinney,
	of Maldon Farm, etc; electrocuted by electric welding short
	circut to earth.
20	Art Club AGM.
21	1st lecture by Society of Artists (third Wednesday of each month)
26	Freddy Holmes opp xx? citrus trees on right
	Mileages etc: Zimbele, Filabusi, Fort Vict, Kyle.
28	{Mrs Ross-Pohl-Wiemer all at Triangle Club}
	Check: Peter often spoke of a day when he was below the spillway(?)
	of Kyle Dam (?) and he spoke to a young man (who was swimming??) or
	somehow involved with the dam, who disappeared very shortly after
	Peter and Madge were speaking to him. They were the last people to 
	see him alive. They spoke to/wrote to his family, etc. Perhaps he
	was a German??? The incident was shortly before '73??/'74???
March 1973
2	Chiredzi, Birchenough Bridge.
3	Umtali
4	To arrive Mara Dam 2 pm
5	Inyanga
6	Inyanga
7	Troutbeck. Inyanga.
8	Juliasdale. Check re paintings
10	to leave Mara Dam 10.00 am. Rusape, Salisbury,
11	slept at Banket. 24.2 mpg
12	Peter Borchards RBHS schoolfriend 568 Bindura
	slept at Sinoia Cave Motel. 24.4 mpg
13	Saw Peter Borchards (Betty Taylor).
	photos school album
14	Mcilwaine - Que-Que - Zimbele
	Total petrol 96 gals 1923.4 miles = 20 gpm mpg
16	Colin Campbell 8 Kent Rd Hillside 6pm
20	Art Club Helen Browns
21	Madge's birthday
25	12.00 o.c. Colin Randals Umguza irrigation plots
30	Boiler inspection

April 1973
4	Fetched Alister's Boring machine. jumper drill
	Umvutcha-Nondweni-Queen's Rd.- Zimbele. 54.2 miles,
	towed by tractor.
7	2.30 Hillside School sports
	Boring machine to Makuwa III. 275 yds bore hole to
	fence. 90 yds to Buck reef (say 100 tank). 45 gals
	diesoline to Drill. "buck reef" was a gold mining term
	which Peter applied to any stretch of white, unmineralised
	surface quartz; said to be "hungry" quartz. These reefs of 
	quartz in the granites were generally thought to be indicative
	of fracture zones, and these were thought to provide collecting
	surfaces and conduits for water movement to a  borehole etc 
	Boys on Borehole:- Mdubecki - Sidoba - Amos - Tendikai -
	Andrew - Machine.
9	9.15 am started drilling. 4.45 pm 33 ft struck water 
	8 feet decomposed granite
10	54 feet changed colour and very little harder. pm 60ft.
11	Went to Dougal with Colin. 
	Borehole pm 79 ft. 73 ft hard. Lining sitting at 70.5 ft
	down. 6 inch steel lining
12	Went to Dougal with George. water level am 17ft. Borehole
	Makuwa III NW 80 feet deep water 17ft from ground level/
	55 ft perforated lining - 18 solid unperforated inc
	2.5 above ground.(Total lining 73 feet)Borehole in slight
	drainage depression, grassed. Not far from boundary on
	Salisbury Rd on the watershed. It had a Petter engine, which
	a decade later could no longer be left in the bush because
	of the increase in theft after Independence. Eventually I
	erected a three-legged(?) windmill tower and the first of 
	our homebuilt Chicago Airmotor clones, cast by ABJ Engineering
	from patterns made by Garry Greene, and machined in the
	Zimbile workshop on an old flatbelt lathe made in Durban
	and acquired by Bill McKinney from xxxx Ranch where it was
	lying around. GPS position
13	Machine to Makuwa IV borehole.
14	Harley wedding.  Borehole Makuwa IV 26 ft (1pm)
15	See Bester (Rietfontein) 38.5 miles to Rietfontein joining
	Bradford downstream
16	40 ft 1st water 47 ft a bit harder pm 53.5 ft. Tuesday am water
	25 ft down.
17	Borehole 64 ft much softer.
18	Makuwa IV borehole 64.5 ft lining perforated 2 ft above ground,
	total depth 69.5 ft.
19	9 am Bester's Store re Road.
20	Boring machine to Ben West. 45 gals diesoline to drill.
	Borehole Ben West struck water 33 ft. pm 49 ft
21	R.S.A. Exhibition 10 am
	Borehole water rose to 17 ft from ground level.
23	Bradford NW corner 18899. Bester 18906.9. 7.9 miles.
	Ben W borehole finished 64ft? on hard granite. 49 ft lining 
	44 perforated. water 17 ft down GPS. Photo from windmill
	George & I saw Dougal (See note 17 May)
24	Society of artists exhibition to 27 May
	Shifted boring machine to Ben E.
25	Started drilling Ben E.
	1st 11 ft struck rock & stopped. 2nd 10 ft dud. I do not
	recall the positions of these drills. Ben E. was a big
	area, and further exploration would have found likely
	spots. PF probably thought Ben E. was in any case reasonably
	safe from a water point of view as the various streams joined
	before the boundary, and although they might have been dry
	upstream there was a good chance that further down pools
	would hold out in a drought period.
	Shifted boring machine to DW West.
26	Bore hole 36ft at 5.30 pm. George saw Dougal.
27	Borehole 46 ft grey schist no yellow slime but still soft.
	At 49 ft hard. yellow schist Earlier attempts to find water
	(datexxx) in this area of the Greenstone schists had proven 
	a failure. Much later (80s?) I thought the best chance of
	finding water would be in the small area of the boundary
	corner, near the PTC relay tower, where from aerial and
	sat. imagery suggestions of underlying granite can be seen. 
	I did a few bulk conductivity traverses in the area, but 
	no drilling was ever done, for whatever reason. NF
28	DW borehole 59.5 ft hard and crooked - dud- & stopped.
	The borehole was crooked because of the inexperience of
	the boys doing the drilling. They were learners. Hitherto
	recently they had been drilling in granites, coarse and
	granular with no dipping schistosity to deflect the drill
	bit sideways, as had happened in these ancient Greenstones.
29	To Dougal.
30	Boring machine to Jocks

May 1873
1	Neil arrived from London
2	Aileen Papenfus died Papenfus file. Her photo to Sheila etc
	Jocks borehole 25 ft deep stem broken.
3	Milk REcorder.
	Neil & I to Dougal.  Borehole 31 ft.
4	9am Lower Gwelo Sale. Borehole 34.5 ft.
5	Colin sleeps at Chelo. Borehole 37 ft
6	Neil & I shooting. 
7	Borehole 5 pm 41 ft
8	Borehole 5 pm 44.5 ft. Dud.
9	10.30 Bradleys Sale near Cement?
	SHifted boring machine.
10	started 2nd borehole Jocks.
	Put in concrete block Makua III Ditto Makua IV
	Jocks borehole (no2) 5pm 28 ft.
11	Borehole 5 pm 40ft
	With Neil & children Hennebergs to Bradford
12	Went to Matopos Game Park 
14	put in tank bases Makuwa III & IV
15	Borehole 48 ft
16	Neil & Ian to Chelo. Ian was still at Ncema waterworks?
	Ian took me to Inyankuni dam and also concrete work of
	Lower Ncema dam wall?? check dates
	3 pm 59 ft water 57.
	Borehole into drive at about 52 ft to 59.5 ft water 
	57 ft down.
	A disappointing, though interesting, outcome. These 
	attempts to find water on the "red ground" were all
	within varying short distances from old shafts sunk 
	in "the early days" to find gold. The area called
	DW (Dyke Wright) was named after one of these old
	prospectors. LinkIn the neighbouring paddock called
	Jocks there was a shaft on the Greenstone/Banded Ironstone
	high ground called Dr. Vigne's Mine. Carcasses of cattle
	that died near the farmyard were thrown down it. It was
	the most notable of the shafts on that ridge, but was
	nevertheless in my childhood not much more than 60ft
	deep, if that. Most likely there were other shaft in that 
	vicinity, less memorable because of tumbling in etc.
	I recall hearing from the boys on the drilling rig that
	the stem had suddenly "dropped down a hole", and then 
	couldnt be kept drilling properly. Peter interpreted
	this as the drill having gone into a "drive" from a near
	mineshaft. If that was the case it would hae been very
	difficult if not impossible to continue drilling with 
	the stem and bit flopping and jumping around in the 
	floor of the drive. Peter might have known about a
	shaft nearby; my recollection is that I would have
	been surprised that grubstaked smallworkers had put 
	in drives of such lengths, whatever shaft this one 
	might have come from. But they did not lack energy 
	in those days. Regretably I can't reliably pinpoint 
	on Google the exact place of this borehole. But I do
	recall eating some sichwala and sichebo - the first
	for some thirteen years or so - with the boys on the 
	rig, which they cooked on a coal fire on the ground
	which was kept going to heat the 6" drill bits red hot 
	for hammering sharp and true.

17	Ben W. borehole 55 ft deep water 17 ft down (see 23 Apr.)
	Jocks borehole stopped.Total 3x45+10 dieseline 7.5x200 coal
18	Makua IV put in pump & engine depth 64 ft below top of
	lining. Water 26.5 ft below top of lining = 38.5 ft water
	see 18th April 
19	Loyds at 12 o'c
21	2.30 D.C. Inyati District Commissioner
	9.30 started pump Mak IV. 5.00 tank full. Circular
	galvanised iron tank.
23	4 pm sale commences Reg Hart. 2.30 filing cabinet
	Boring machine returned to Alister
24	9.45 started filling tank MakIII galvanised
25	Alister & Co to Zimbele & Colin & Mary
26	Dinner at Lorna & Gordon.
28	Send for Alisters Boring Machine
	Boys on borehole:- Mdubecki- Sidoba - Tendekai -
29	Dududu borehole started at 2 pm.
30	6.10 It's a Fact P.F. Radio programme. Peter was on it
	or quoted. Possibly the occasion where he said that
	Jack/Jill, one of the redwing starlings that nested
	on the verandah was xx years old. The anchorman of the
	programme had clearly disbelieved it.... etc. Or possibly
	also the disbelieved stuff about mopani "flies" and their
	honey in trees, and the similar bee that made their colony
	underground. Ngongotshani and Mbongolani.
	Peter's favourite definition: of an "expert", - "x is the 
	unknown quantity, spurt is a drip under pressure"
	Borehole 11 am dwala 26 ft. Stopped and dismantled. Dwala
	is solid granite, aka a "whaleback." This attempt was
	roughly equidistant between Keyi's house and Fletchers Rd.
	A decade or more later I sank a borehole near NE of Keyi and 
	Tapson's houses, in slightly gravelly ground, and struck 
	water, but .....? N.F.
31	10.0 at Mayfair Dam, Water Development.
	Borehole Jim's Dip started 2 pm.
	Story: water divining. The sick kudu etc

June 1973
1	G.L. & Neil to Wankie G.R.
	38 ft struck water 11 am. 57 ft at 4.30 pm
	{Longile 247 heifers. Lands E 142 oxen.
	Lands W 121 heifers} Mzondiwa. George is away.	
	cattle count according to Mzondiwa}
2	Mapinkili 152 oxen
	Borehole 72 ft & hard at 12 o'c.
4	Truck 12 dairy cows + 39 oxen before 10 o'c.
	! horse dead (2 year filly). $2.0 goods shed boy.
	Jim's Dip borehole 72 ft on dwala. 74 ft lining 33 ft 
	perforated. Water 28 below ground level.
5	Started Mapinkili NW borehole.
	To brak at Mchwili? tree? 240 yards. Started drilling
	2 pm. 12 ft 4 pm.
6	DWW Bulls 58.
7	Makuwa IV cows 220.
	Borehole pm 29 ft
8	S.A Orchestra today & tomorrow.
	Lands W heifers 116 Bulls 5. G.L.Garden Land oxen 144
	Borehole 33 ft at 4pm
9	Borehole not drilling on acc drills not correct & sticking.
	Drills not correct because they had not been forged accurately, 
	especially their width, for which there was a measuring gauge.
10	Mike, Gordon & Co shooting.
11	Borehole cable broke about 12.30. Because of the sticking. The
	heavy steel drill shafts are lost down the hole unless dug out
	manually, as if digging a well.
12	Ian say 8 o'c
15	6.45 Neil to meet Derek Hudson at Lloyds. for supper. D.H. the
	conductor of the Bulawayo Symphony Orchestra.
	Neil shot wild pig boar.
	Packed up at Mapinkili NW borehole. This borehole was on a brak
	a short way upstream of the spruit crossing below the boundary
	gate with Drummond. Near the little stockwatering dam that was
	always milky. So it was in granite on the granite-schist contact.
	If it had been sunk on the nearby schists, in a fracture zone, it
	might have gone down into decomposed granites below, and been 
	successful. See shotdrill BH sunk further downstream of this 
	contact spruit, which found water, in the 1950s?
17	picnic in Matopos. 8.20 at Strongs.
	Sen. John Strong and Marshall Baron. Walk to  xxx caves. Dr Strong
	had one of those Citroens with the pneumatic-feeling suspensions.
	Picnic under mangwe tree. (Anecdote: re effects of marijuana smoking etc.)
	(Marshall had two versions of Boehm/Schwartzkop Cosi fan Tutte!)
	Peter's joint exhibition with Marshall, link.
18	Big rock borehole started 11.20 4.30 pm 41 feet
19	12 am struck water 61 ft and got a bit harder. pm 68 feet
	(am 20th water 26 feet i.e. rose 19 ft.)
	1 short baler = 3.25 gals.
	Started digging at Mapinkili N borehole To dig the stems out.
20	Borehole water 42 ft down. Stems stuck down borehole 12 o'c
	Now there are two sets of stems stuck down boreholes.
21	Failed to pull at borehole with 10" pipe.
22	Lunch with Mike Barry
24	Dennis & Trish & Co to shoot?
26	Neil leaves 7.30 Byo. 8.30 Salisbury. 12.00 leaves S. 1 o'c Blantyre.

	  File:Old Mines.
	Dyke Wright article

July 1973
1	Saw Fays - Fred Goddard out
2	5.30 Israeli Exhibition.
	Put in engine & pump block Ben West
4	Put in Ben West tank foundation and troughs. photograph
5	Goddard & Bundock out re borehole (Big Rock) Goddard might
	have had rigs and more experience of the problem
6	stems etc out of borehole. Put in lining 16ft perforated +
	38 ft solid inc 2ft above ground. Total depth 70 ft water
	22.5 ft deep = 47.5 ft down. 
	Which bh is this? THe one on the brak near the corner on
	Fletcher's Rd?. Anecdote about the railway line and rope.
7	Ben West water 17 ft down. Depth= 54.5 ft. This was a
	reliable BH
8	Guinea fowl  Pheasant  Riverpheasant  Swempie  Hares	
	am 28		31	2		1	1
	pm 22		24	-		-	2
	   50		55      2		1	3
	pheasant=Swainson's francolin; river pheasant=Natal francolin;
	swempie=coqui francolin. 

9	Big Rock borehole 86 feet deep making about 150 gph.
10 	Went over Bradford Hills.
11	Mapinkili borehole 36.5 deep before restarting drilling.
	Brad trough 2x2" Tees. 1x2" union. 1x1.5 B. Valve. 
	1x1" socket welded to 1.5" nipple. Trough sides 1.5"x 24.75"
12	$3.00 boys meat (self)
	p.m. borehole 40ft.
14	Mapinkili borehole 54 
16	Notified Hugh - Terblanche - Faye re burning fireguards.
	Borehole 63ft pm
17	Fred Goddard took over boring machine at midday at 66ft.
	Burn fireguards Salisbury Rd. Western boundary
	Notified Mrs Kok - Brady Barracks - Greenspan - Longile Nyoni?
18	Borehole pm 80 ft. Burnty fireguards round Longile paddock	
19	Fire at Kodhlawayo
	Borehole stopped at 93 ft dud. If this is the bh near the 
	contact, seems likely the drilling was in schists all the way?
20	Milk Recorder. 
	4.15 Dr Kirk
24	Marked out line & beacon on Bradford for Dam. The ground that
	was being compulsorily acquired on the west bank of Mayfair Dam?
	P.F. retained primary rights for stockwatering however. See: File
25	on Bradford Hills line.
27	9.30 Bradley at Mayfair. Bradley was water bailiff?/government 
	officer re the land acquisition??
30	Saw Mike re Bradford Mike Barry, lawyer
31	Colin called in Nodoubt there was much Mayfair dam talk.

August 1973
3	Hugh Beadle Was he still Chief Justice?
4	Kopje 199 Female weaners
6	Art Club Exhibition to 31st.
	Truck 39 cattle to C.S.
7	Art Club Beal ? and Self 8 pm
8	suits Mike 11 am Mayfair. Not every lawyer is agreeable
	to go and look at a proposed boundary that distance from
	his office. Might this have been the occasion of the braai
	picnic photos?
11	Hugh Beadle? to shoot tomorrow.
12	2 Natal, 11 GF guinea fowl 17 SW Swainsons? 1 hare
14	Art donations to be handed in for exhibition 4-10 Sept
19	David Tredgold & Co to shoot
	Guineafowl 10+5; Swainsons 23+7, Natal 4+3, hare 1.
26	G to xx? George on call-up?
30	9.45 Ntabazinduna Council Hall
31	Fixed trough and ball valve Brad

September 1973
3	Truck 26 oxen CS.  Put in Brad tank foundation
6	Show starts
	Power off 9 to 1pm. Brick paddock 9 bulls, Junction paddock 20 bulls
	1 cow Ben E shot for for boys. Salisbury 79 oxen 1 Simmental bull
	Check: first? mention of Simmental cattle. Charolais via a bit of
	AI was tried during Hugh Roberts era? File: Cattle breeding etc
	418 dairy meal ex Rhod Milling
7	2 oxen dead Brad S scouring 191 - 303. But this might be early
	slangkop lily poisoning?
8	Shee Wedding 11 am R.C. Dr. Shee's x?. check
10	1 cow dead Ben E. 1 heifer dead Ben W calving. 
	George returned
	started thatching E wing. bedroom & nursery?
17	$9.20 scouring pads for eggs
18	Refrigeration engineer due.
	Paid $112 to Madala for Thatching
19	8.15 Derek? Sherwood. Ideas on Contemporary Painting
20	Milk Recorder.
	Figtree Sale 10 am 2 miles past Figtree on right
26	400 chickens arrive Heany Junction, railstation
27	10.30 Dr McGibbon
29	Randalls 3 pm. Colin & Ann, Umguza irrigation scheme
October 1973
2	Load 26 + 26 oxen C.S. two trucks
	Put in concrete roof of Cold Room. This was built
	inside the room where the dairy ice bank refrigerator
	equipment was housed; between the main milk room (later
	lab) and the feed room. That area later became the store.
	The Cold Room was for hanging cattle, game etc carcasses.
	The roof of the room was probably about 7ft high. It could
	hang six or more cattle carcasses, and was never really 
	used to any great extent.
3	Sale at Napier Farm 10.30. 
4	M to Dr Kirk 10.30
8	5/- Kezia to Mpilo hospital with child broken arm
10	Put in cold room floor
12	put kaylite on cold room walls
15	Lefelt Fingo starts work on cold room plastering
17	Power cut 8-6pm.
	8.15 Looking at Pictures.
19	Sheila's Birthday
	Finished plastering Cold Room
20	1 ox dead Brad. $1 Fairview farm phone
28	Waterworth ? out
29	Preview Archives Exhibition
30	9 ostrich chicks to Elsworth NB etc

November 1973
2	Braaivleis at Bembesi Police Reserve Club
	plant put in for cold room. 
	Power off 4 pm to 12 pm at this time of the year
	these outages were due to thunderstorms. The technicians
	going out into the bush at night were increasingly
	accompanied by Reservists for protection.
3	Ref. Eng to put in cold room unit. Willows' firm.
5	Power off 2 pm
6	Truck 26 oxen
8	Aluminium Industries $1.72 for Dairy Table
13	Jan Heitink's party Jan H. of Conex
14	Wilson collected 6 young ostriches. Viv Wilson, Chipangali.
16	10.30 Dr Kirk.
	Loris & Lionel Fletcher due pm link Bio
18	Police Reserve Exercises
19	power off 8 to 6
20	Tech College Exhibition 5.30
	10.30 	Dr McGibbon
21	8.15 Film at Art Gallery
22	Milk Recorder
24	Started Cold Tank 9 am
28	Put in floor for tank. Tank: think about...
	$1.05 Lefelt for goats sent to pound
29	4 calves to Grills Butchery. There was not a big local
	demand for veal - male dairy calves about 6 weeks old.
30	9.30 Inyati

December 1973
3	Art Gallery 5.30
	G & L & S. to Matetsi
	Collected heifer Wessels Block
10	Shift tank. It would seem this was a water/ice tank for
	the trickle down milk cooling, before the in-line plate
	cooling of the later herringbone parlour. The tank, about
	six foot square, was made in the workshop and moved to the
	milk room of the dairy. About 8 years later it was moved 
	again to the milk room of the new parlour. After going
	over the surface cooler the milk went into cans that were
	lowered into a floor level tank, about 9x12 ft?, which had
	an ice bank around its sides. At a later stage the cans
	was also moved into a collapsible cold room as the dairy
	milk production increased. Finally in the herringbone
	parlour era, a 10000 litre stainless steel tank with internal
	cooling was put in for the bulk milk collection scheme.
	See: below, tank details etc

15	$3 Amos & Mdubecki floor
16	To Bradford
25	$15 house servants
27	Truck 64 C.S.
30	6 g petrol to Andrew Taylor

Addresses & Telephones

	Refrigeration Engineering staff
	John Waterworth
	Alan Siger youngest
	Clive Willow - tanks 
	Tony Ryan- moved tank
	Paul Herst - foreman

	A.P. Knoesen Fil 237 Res Fil 23113
	Elwyn GoodmanLondon 019370469
	Ian 01412 Essexvale
	Mayfair Dam Bradley Balla Balla 00302
	Neil Fletcher 12 Blenheim Crescent W11
	Don & Silvia Rowland, 53 Windermere Rd, Morningside
	Mrs A.L. Lendrum Byo 88792 (4 Nairn Rd) wants picture
	Jeff Broom P/P 5946 Wankie
	R. Fawcett, Helen, 58 Park Rd
	Alrick McKay 23 Weir
	Owen Fletcher 51 6th Av Walmer PE
	Ted Futter 16 Windermere Lodge Mazoe Str. Fife av phone 24175
	Peter Steyn 888927 P.O Box 9199 Hillside 66 Circular Drive
	Sir Patrick Fletcher Box 37 Sinoia
	C. Bilang 24 Napier Av end Clare Rd
	Puckrin,  Clonmore F.

	Toffee: 1 tin condensed milk, 0.5lb molasses, 0.25lb butter,
	1.5 lb sugar, vanilla essence, boil half hour. / next time
	less molasses, boil 20 min.
	Petrol rationing - no petrol times: 2pm Sat to 6.30 am Mon.

	Inside back cover Spider, bee? butterfly?  drawings.

January 1974
8	12.30 Dr Shee  12.00 Dr Kirk
	60c Keyi for workshop
18	shot pig opp dip
22	Thames to Duly workshop
25	Milk Recorder
27	I took milk to town
29	8pm 214 Kirrie Bd. Art Club. 
	2.30 M. to Dr Shee
February 1974
8	$3 Amos & Petro septic tank
19	2.30 M. to Dr Shee
23	1 cow dead Jim. Jim's cows 444 calves 321+2 bulls 15+2+1(at Hugh)
25	DWW 121+1
26	12.30 Cattle Inspector Zimbele
27	11.00 Cattle Inspector Brad
	3.30 Fort Rixon. Savory paid $14.50 per acre. This detail is probably
	related to the pending acquisition of land by the government at Bradford.
	i.e. Alan (9?)Savory that amount for ground somewhere...

March 1974
1	Collect children
2	Meal Ann 50 Major 50 Majoni 25 Keni 25 Kezia Amos Keyi Tapsin Joseph.
3	Wallberg's Crowned, Brown & Black kestrel? snake?, Bateleur, Tawny,
	Martial, Hawk Eagle.
4	10.30 Mike Barry.  70c BP refill Parker ballpoint?
5	Went to Mayfair Dam
8	7.15 Dennis Thompson shooting?
12	5.30 Art Gallery
13	104 cattle to C.S.?
18	Milk Recorder (FINNIE)Finney? Check
	Mr. Finnie was the milk recorder for quite a long time. He lived
	in the Gwelo area (?) and would arrive late morning, have lunch 
	with us, set up his equipment, update the Scheme record sheets 
	for all the cows, record milk weight for each cow for the afternoon
	milking, and collect a milk sample for each cow. He would have supper 
	with the family and sleep in the hut, get up at and repeat the 
	afternoon procedure for weights and milk sample, etc. After milking 
	the milk samples for each cow were combined and put into individual 
	calibrated centrifuge tubes, with sulphuric acid and alcohol, put 
	in a hot water tank and then spun in a big centrifuge wheel, the 
	butterfat being spun into the calibrated stem, graduated in %.(The 
	Gerber procedure).
	With the combined milk weights for both milkings this data was entered
	in the cows' record sheets, as was any recent records of calving, 
	calf identification, sire, etc. All this was part of the voluntary 
	Milk Recording Scheme run by the Department of Agriculture. Annual 
	summaries were published of the performance of all participating 
26	Truck 46 cattle C.S.
28	3-4 pm Tim Bembridge Conex. Bio:
29	7 pm Bembesi Club.  Boiler Inspector
30	Pictures to Byo by 1pm
	10 at Inyati District Commissioner

April 1974
4	Bonsai at Gallery
5	Rogers Sale 10.30 Herefords?
9	8pm preview Gallery
12	RWS Royal Watercolour Socity 3x size 1:8 both faces
	1x R70 undiluted both faces. Too thick
16	110 cattle CS
17	12 Kirk
21	Lunch at Senator Strong
22	Fridge door handle today
23	Bricks on hand 5100
24	Passage 4x8ft corr iron. 5x6ft corr iron
25	Details of door hinges. New part behind cottage??
26	Rautenbach opp Palace Hotel
27	Dimensions of roofing??
29	Nancy Goodchild Link

May 1974
1	Robinsons trucking tomorrow
5	Dennis - Bob - MacAlister - Kirk - Good - Mike - Ron - Mark
	bird shooting
6	Children to School
7	8.45 Municipal bus for Matopos to REPS?
8	Posted letter to Neil
10	Collect pictures 10 am
16	Georg to Centenary  call-up
18	Frost
19	Frost
20	36 cattle truck to CS Byo
	7.45 photo competition. 
	Started concrete of cottage. 
21	Lefelt started stonework of cottage
22	L fly to JB
	Miss Nicholson afternoon from Ngwenya Mission?
25	G to return his car
26	Mike - Hugh - John - Rob - Bob Cole - Eugene - Benjie
29	G to JBurg 10 am
31	1.30 collect boys at City Hall Peter & Anthony, ex REPS?

June 1974	
1	G & L. return from JB 2pm
4	Amos starts $4 per day
8	Truck 52 cattle for CSC Gatooma
9	Shoot for Randals - Mike - Cyrikl - Benjy - Phil Williams
	56 GF 8 SWainsons 2 RW redwing?
13	5.30 Art Gallery preview
15	6.30 at Sebakwe Hotel xxxx? Wedding. Mileage details
16	Mileage details
	Madge sick
19	Posted application form for X Zimbile Brand. The old
	"scissor" brand
20	Paid for Neils trip.
21	Makuwa to Mpilo B3 1st floor
22	Sharon muti ? 5.05
28	Walls of cottage & half window sills put in.

July 1974
1	52 cattle truck to CS Byo
	5.30 Art Gallery Mzilikazi
	Ruth Lloyd out re garden
2	Put in floor of Lyn's studio
3	Put in floor of G Office
	Elwins letter posted
4	Put in floor of Boys' room
6	Reg Hart sale 9am
8	Started walls of new studio. By the bedroom of the old house
9	Expect Mike for day.
10	Received Elwin's letter
11	22 oxen 8 bulls to CS
	Put in floor of studio
15	11.30 Kirk
	posted letter to Elwyn
16	Tied down cottage roof timber
17	Mileages, fuel consumption, costs:Zimbele - Lupani - Main Camp.
18	Boyot? Reese Main Camp Warden
20	to arrive Sinamatella
22	to arrive Victoria Falls.
24	to leave Falls. .... V.F.-Zimbele 312.8m 14.8 gal= 21mpg
27	Makuwa died insert: Makuwa bio.
29	2.30 at Cplin Bickles Farm Mech Demonstration
30	$21.50 coffin for Makuwa

August 1974  
2	Flora Hull died. McDonald, wife of Teddy Hull, etc Insert bios.
5	Byo Art Club Exhibition to 31st
6	78 oxen to C.S.
10	Expect June & Des {Melck}
14	Hire-a-Van Main Motors 84-883N
27	Nancy Goodchild
29	Lecture at Gallery
31	Neil leaves London

September 1974
1	Neil arrives Byo SA233/B at 13.55
2	Load 52 cattle.  Milk Recorder due
3	5.30pm Gallery Schools' exhibit.
6	Notice on fence EPO 467 Exclusive Prospecting Order
14	To David Tredgold. ... 62 miles to de Beers Shangani
16	25 kg w.w. meal to Ann
23	65 cattle to C.S.
30	10.30 Dr McGibbon for Neil

October 1974
1	Art Gallery Exhib.
8	2.30 Gordon's Mother cremated Mollett
11	CHESA No 67 Farm Mafa
12	District Commissioner Maount Darwin MAFA 45011244 P
	old E8-15708 Darwin
	no RC 8/10/74 no 670086
	Insert: Mafa story
	To Benjie Williams. Account of visit
14	11.30 Dr Kirk
16	Details of amperages for appliances etc, cottage
	and main? house
30	Chickens to arrive

November 1974
10.30 	Neil to McGibbon ? dentist?
2	10.00 at Inyati (34.1 miles)
5	Milk Recorder
13	7.30 A.G.M. R.S. of Artists at gallery
	3" net catches 1/2lb bream. 3.5" net catches 3/4lb bream
14	7.30 pm McDonald's Club. Iris El;izabeth Bamford.
	20 bream=10lbs to Franks Fishery
16	Fish nets & size:
	2.5" 10 fish 4.5 lbs 
	3"   32 fish 13.5lbs
	3.5" 1	fish
	4"   2	1.5 lbs
17	Mike Barry out fishing
26	5.30 pm Tech's Exhibition Technical College
28	7.45 lecture Gallery

December 1974
1	Les Lloyds out
3	Exhibition at Naakes till 9th
5	$2 repair air gun
9	Nancy Goodchild for day
	Gallery Permanent Axxxx up
24	Glenice JB 12.00 pm. leaves JB 4.00 pm SA 032
	Salisbury 5.25pm. train 9.00pm.
	Heany Junction 6.36 am.
	Rly Requisition no 79294 Coach no 1117A. G.
	2nd class & bed.
	Ring Lionel 9.30 pm. Lionel Fletcher, Peter's cousin
	in Salisbury, to see if Glenice caught the train.
	Garrick, who she had met in London, picked her up at
	the airport, took her home for supper, and later put 
	her on the train.
31	Thames GVM 3955 kgs. Austin GVM 7112 kgs. 
	Full can milk 143lbs=65kg. Austin net 3210

Telephones & Addresses

	Dr Jimmy Thompson - Veterinary Dept
	Phil Jacques BSAP Bembesi Member in Charge
	Peter Kayhill "      "     2nd. 2 i/c
	Ratenbach Rautenbach? Auto Electro Techs
	Martin Gunning - Patterson's Pharmacy. Pattersons
	were perhaps the main veterinary supplier to farmers
	in Bulawayo. 

January 1975
2	5.50 pm Photos at Gallery
4	Georg to PATU call-up
5	7.0 am flight to Falls "Peter stood Glenice and I a trip
	to the Falls. We stayed at the Victoria Falls Hotel. There
	was shiny stuff around the plane's engines to stop heat
	seeking missiles." - Elwyn.
6	Milk Recorder.
	RH803 leaves V.F. 10.55 Byo 1.35
	Mapinkili South 129 cows 5 calves.
	Red ground paddock 43 cows 3 calves
	Peter resumes farmwork entries while George is away
7	320 bags ex Triangle. Offloaded at Bembesi Siding, from
	Triangle Sugar Estates in the Lowveld. Probably T32, a
	by-product of crops grown in the hot Lowveld. It contained
	sugarcane bagasse, the fibres of which were sticky from
	residual molasses (carbohydrate energy source) and cotton
	seed material (crude protein), and minerals etc. It was
	12% CP (check!). It was designed as a semi-complete ration 
	for cattle feedlots. At Zimbile it was used as a component
	of various rations for dairy and feedlot cattle based on 
	snapcorn (maize corn and cob meal), and the other by-products
	(soya/cottonseed/sunflowerseed/de-fatted residue meal etc).
	T32 had the virtues of being greatly liked by cattle (the
	molasses residue) and of having enough fibre to prevent
	problems associated with high intake. 
	This was relatively early in the use of urea and molasses 
	in stockfeeds. At Zimbile urea with molasses and maize
	and cottonseed meal had already been used for a number of
	years - as a licked protein supplement in the veld during the 
	dry winter. (PF blocks etc) An account of early use of
	urea and molasses for beef growth and fattening can be found 
	in "Intensive Beef Production" by Willis & Preston, who were
	involved in bull feedlotting with a liquid diet based on
	the sugar industry in Cuba. 
	At Zimbile T32 arrived at Bembesi on days ordered over a
	period of six months in advance.
	Bradford {S 158 cows 11 calves. Dam 151 cows}Peter kept
	steers/oxen at Bradford because of the leopards. George
	appears to have made a change
8	Meat for boys.
	Kopje 12 cows 2 bulls 2 calves. Big Rock 25 cows 1 bull 6 calves
9	D.W.W. 125 heifers. D.W. East 35 cows 29 calves
11	10 maize from barn to fowls
13	Chev to Capri Motors
14	Twins birthday
15	Peugeot GVM 2210kg. pickup
16	Collected truck engine
17	8.15 Lecture Colin? Bradshaw
	Brick paddock 25 Fr.iesland heifers
	Hill {12 Br cows, 2 Br calves, 2 Br bulls} This was the
	small herd of white Brahmans begun by George for the 
	triple cross scheme he envisaged: BrahmanxHerefordxSimmental
	Cattle breeds, Zimbile, history file
	Big Rock 25+1 cows 7 calves 1 Hereford bull. Ngezi Warspite Charles?
18	DWW 125 heifers. DWE 35 cows 29 calves
19	etc 19 miles excess. A Sunday. Comparison of mileages between 
	Zimbile and Model Dairy by Chev and by the Austin milk lorry. 
	There was a suspicion that the milk lorry was being used as a 
	taxi in town.?
24	99 tomatoes to Byo I. Market Crates to Bulawayo Independent Market.
	Zimbile had the only tomatoes available at that time....
	George: "PP Land is making more than the dairy...." file:
	Check our trip with Glenice...dates
26	Letter to Schweikickerdt {??}
	CobaltB- FrenchB- YO- RS- BS- Davy's Grey- Cad y deep - Cad or -
	Rose M - extras YO-BS-RM A artists material firm in Johnannesburg?
	List of watercolour pigments

February 1975
1	Glenice leaves 3.15 pm
2	Stella & ???
6	9 am Poultry Officer
9	24 cows trucked to CSC
10	Rabies Inspector 12 o'c Zimbele
	Concrete mixer engine flywheel 14.25". Running at 800 rpm.
	1" centrifugal? pump 3" pulley
13	{Saw new road through Bradford.Phone 2555 Shabani. Mr Wilkinson}
	old road to dam - double fence - fence near Bester - gates.
17	Roads Dept Gwelo 10.00 am. I seem to recall going with him. 
	It was a trip concerning the Bradford etc matter. N.F.
19	$2.10 egg stamp Philpot & Collins. For marking the fowl's
	eggs sold in town through Haddon & Sly.
24	$2 Daniel for Sludge. to buy acetylene process whitewash at 
	Oxyco. Daniel the driver?
27	Neil shot pig $10 to Joseph?
28	2pm Inyati

March 1975
3	$1.85 mosquito spray & pump
4	Post from Schweickerdt
5	8 pm RSA art discussion.
6	Salisbury Land MF75 - Dexter - MF35
7	2 families Scots taken to farm. A. Seager/J.Fisher
8	Closing date for art entries
9	Mr & Mrs Karoo,sp?? Townsend School.
10	Milk Recorder
15	Irrigating Big Brak land, ex Garden Land borehole nearby
	no sprays 13.5 amps. Probably flood irrigating down rows
16	Anthony's birthday.
18	At Lorna's at 1 o'c
19	Seager & wife collected car. Gave me 26 units coupons. To Chan. 
	Fuel coupons. PF gave them to Chan Machine, of Bembesi store.
21	M's birthday
23	Townsend School for day. senior pupils came for farm visit.
	Elwyn thinks Madge was rushed to hospital the day before.
25	Leave Byo 8.25 am Arrive JB 9.30. Leave JB 4.30 arrive PE 5.55.
	Sandy Kirk clearly thought that Madge might just as well make
	the flight to P.E. She probably said she wished to go. The families
	at Zimbile, as well as .... were at the airport to see her go.
	She was in a wheelchair;  seeing all the people brought on her 
	typical party-time twinkle. It was the last time we saw her.
26	Car at Inn 9am. 7584km Passat CA 244-596. Peter and Madge were
	staying at the Holiday Inn.
	Owen, Jennie & Father to Dinner.
	Went to Schoenmakers Kop (West of PE)
27	HI am 7622 km. went along Uitenhage Road back to SwaartKop River -
	went to St George's Strand (E of PE)
28	Good Friday Owen Amsterdam Hoek on SwaartKop River - Evening
	fished in SwaartKop River (E of PE). Ron Barnard fishing friend
	of Owen?Caught sea snake story?
29	Owen took us to SEa View & beach View & Maitlands River Mouth with
	big Sand Hills - (W of PE). Saw Art Gallery
30	am Inn 7707 km. Saw dolphins. Fished until 11.30pm Owen: details of..
31	Owen's & Jenny's birthday.
	Roll of the British Settlers in South Africa by E. Morse Jones.
	Took children to circus.

April 1975
1	102 cattle to CSC
	5 HC - 4 shirts- 5 socks - 1 UP
	Sardinia by the Sea (beach & rocks). Sea View (rocks only)(Village)
	Van Staden Mouth
2	PE 33.2 L pet R5.47 + R0.76 oil
3	{Phones on Sat & Sun
	Loris & Lionel - Lyn - Neil -June and Des - Colin & Mary - Ian & Chloris -
	Rob & Jeannie (Umtali)- Alister & Lorraine - Mike Barry - Gordon}
4	Friday Fished until 12.30-1.00
	{Dr B. Tucker, District Surgeon. PE 46671 Res 5 8av Summerstrand PE 8151
	Captain PJ Payne no 4 Potgieter Str Parsons Hill PE 33836.}
	Unclear entries. To do with death certificates etc??
5	SaturdayJack & Mimi Parsons, Sonny & Emily Terblanche, came 
	to the farm. 	
6	Went with Owen to Gamtoos mouth. Went to Uitenhage with Jenny's father.
7	$500 travellers cheques to Owen.
8	Left PE for JB
9	RSA discussion at Gallery.
10	Took Owen to Mayfair Dam. June & Des arrived.
11	Inspected borehole sites below dip with Owen?
13	Service 3.30
14	Owen, Des & June returned.
16	Went fishing DW & nets out evening.
17	Boys? return.
18	Mike Barry returns
19	219 pullets, 359 hens. Ducks 19.
21	Allegra to Sany Kirk. 11.30 Mike Barry
23	Colin slept at farm.
25	Sandy Kirk's wedding 7.00 Brady Barracks He was a Maj. in Army?
	Dinner at Club with Lloyds Adv.?
	1 heifer dead Insiza River (car)
26	Shirley Futter's Wedding. Mike Barry out for day.
27	Peter's birthday.  50c Fairview boy phone 
28	Brad Dam cows 110+10, calves 43. Insiza heifers 141

May 1975
5	About 527 bags ammonium nitrate on hand. 50kg each
6	Milk Recorder Mr. Finnie
7	Garden L. mono 14.5 A, 14 sprays far end HLand.
	Hatfield's Land was being pre-irrigated from the
	borehole at Garden Land. See 9th. inst.
8	8pm preview Gallery. - Thomas Bain
9	2pm Inyati. 
	Started planting Hatfield Land wheat. var:Tokwe
	The first wheat planted at Zimbile.
	Insert: Rhodesian wheat growing during sanctions etc
11	Went to Robinsons.
12	Load? 90 cattle for Salisbury CSC abbatoir at...
13	Parsons Sale. Their dairy herd clearance sale?
14	Georg to C.S. Salisbury
17	1st frost. 
20	Art Club meeting.
23	H&S egg statement 
	George to Patu
24	DWW 7 Brahman bulls, 10 Hereford bulls, 3 Africander bulls,
	1 yellow? bull
26	Dairy meal mix= 50 molasses, 50 corn & cob, 15 cotton not
	consistent units.
27	Mixed foor for CS oxen feedlot
	50 molasses, 50 corn & cob, 1 urea, 2 cotton.
	50 cents magnet for thermometer max/min data became of
	interest because of the first winter wheat crop. Cold 
	morning temperatures favoured plant tillering, but frost
	at flowering was not good.
28	Acc. Keyi heifer dead Insiza - wire round front foot.
	Mapinkili cows 123+1. calves 92. Cow 136 aborted.
29	11.5 crushed for fowls. "Crush" was cracked maize. It was
	granular, not a flour. It was cracked in an old Victorian
	machine driven with a flat belt from a tractor - essentially
	the same as old hand-cranked coffee grinders.
	173 cows, 13 calves from Dip Camp to MakuwaIII.
	113 bags cobs snap corn/corn & cob from GL to Dwala
	Garden Land was already being reaped. Dwala = stone floor
	and mesh sided crate, about 10ft hig, in which the maize 
	air dried. Normally maize would be reaped July-Aug, but
	because of the recent borehole irrigation maize was able
	to be planted before the rains.
30	Jims cows 322 calves 304+1=305. 13 heifers from MakuaI to
	GL 119 cobs to dwala.
31	Dududu 38+3 heiferscattle etc 108 corn & cob milled

June 1974
1	Car number plates before July.
2	Kopje, Big Rock, Longile cattle counts 88 c& cob milled
3	5.15 Art Gallery open Ex. 4pm Frank Lang
	Cattle counts
4	RSA discussion. Adele Walters.
	Brad Hill cows 47, calves 46; Insiza River heifers 145+3 to
	South; Dam male yearlings 74.
	363 c&c milled
5	Pens 1 Br bull, 8 Her bull; DWW 3 Affricander bulls, 	
	7 Br. bulls, 10 Her bulls, 1 yellow bull.
	360 c&c milled. 85 blocks made 27 c&c +23 Rumevite +9 salt.
6	Mapinkili cows 124, calves 92 +1 calved.
	10 maize milled for Compound.
7	Ben E. cows 75+1+1. Big Rock 94 oxen.
	40 old hens to Reg Hartauctions
14	Lunch at Longdens 11.45
	40 old hens to Reg Hart	
15	Elwyn's shoot. birthday?
16	C.S. bookings must be in
19	Finished floor Hatfields Land mono pump
22	Hugh to shoot Beadle.
	Sharon's birthday, June's,Flick's ditto birdays. Memos?
24	4pm RBHS Fawcett 58 Park Rd Old Boys
27	Burnt fire guard Salisbury Rd.
28	Rona Margarit Simpson, Gavin Cooper wedding Pres Ch
	Greencroft Sby 4 pm. Byo 8.30 Sby 6.10 pm flight times
	Gavin, son of Peter's cousin, Patricia Cooper, daughter
	of Rory Fletcher

July 1975
1	5.30 Art Gallery preview.  Milk Recorder.
4	Hatfield's borehole. water 10.5ft down bottom 127.5 ft.
	Valve 93 feet down. 7x12ftx3.5" piping Mono. 101 ft
	lining - 66 ft perforated.
6	10.30 Dennis Thompson.
7	11 o'c load combine. Arrived pm.
	An old Australian "Sunshine" combine, bought from the 
	Greaves at Nyamandhlovu. WE loaded it (somehow) on the
	5 tonne Thames lorry.? We needed it to reap the wheat
	at Zimbile, and also a (flood irrigated) wheat crop 
	Hugh had planted at Drummond. The machine had been unused
	for some time and required quite a lot of repair etc
	Sunshines: At Kruispad. Labour troubles in Aus caused
	the firm to collapse? The first in the world etc. Turn
	to the right, etc.
8	Bouiler inspector
9	Discussion RSA 8pm Salingers 27 Hall Rd Kumalo
	Put up power pole Hatfields Land. An offtake from
	the main HT line to the borehole. It would seem that this
	was the first time this borehole was used. The standing
	wheat crop in Hatfields land was still being irrigated
	from Garden Land borehole.
14	Georg shot wild pig Hat. L.
15	Load 91 cattle for Bulawayo. including xxx bought steers
	Neil to medical test 10.30 tomorrow Police Reserve?
16	$5.25 taxi and boys' food.
	No load 9-11 amps ABC 6 amps. load not turning 35 amps.
18	Hatfields Mono pump started 12 o'c using 11 amps. After
	24 hours still 11 amps & same water flow. Water clear
	at about 3-4 pm. 
	Transformer 15kva cost 1970 $283.50. Ditto 60kva $573.30.
20	Paddy Lloyds.
	Hatfield land 10.30 started water dirty 12 oc water clean
	14 sprays centre Hatfield L 15 amps. Approx 6000 gal/hr/.
	27m3/hr ? Check
22	Elwyn's friend airport 12.45pm. Mrs Young, Hilary Prendini's
	mother. ?. (I knew Hilary from Rondebosch/Rustenberg schooldays;
	Elwyn knew her independently from meeting in London days. N.F.)
	Film show at Gallery 8pm
23	10.30 Vic Friend's sale. Horseshoe farm?
24	Sibson Hall 8.15 Greenberg Talk. $1.0 near Showgrounds.
26	Byo airport 3.15 pm. To draw 10 units petrol coupons.
28	Two fires set alight near Terblanche's fence.
30	Neil, Elwyn & Twins slept at Pompey's.
	Frans Pompey van Meerdervoort, my schoolfriend from Hillside.
	They used to live in the Bulalima-Mangwe area, where his father
	had a sawmill and ran cattle. They later bought the Rochester
	Country Hotel on the aquifer, where we stayed on this visit.
	Photo YFC stuff etc
31	Load 103 for Bulawayo. 400 chickens arrive am. 200 each in 
	houses 7&8

August 1975
1	Circus 4 pm.
4	Start burning Mayfair dam area
6	RSA discussion 8pm 71 Burnside Rd.  See Mike Barry
7	10.30 Nervous Diseases Hospital.
	2.30 Les Lloyds,. 12 Mike
8	Nancy Goodchild 6.30
10	Jacksons.
	1 Fr cow dead (Mistake B) adhesions.
14	Collect Peter
17	Bradleys shoot $3+$4.50
27	George re 75 Marimba Rd. George gave six months' notice of
	leaving Zimbile, after which he went to live for a while at
	Marimba Rd, before going to Reigate Farm on the Umguza. So
	he would have given notice sometime towards the end? of Feb.
28	10.30 Mike Barry.
30	Bob Cole Wedding his ...?

September 1975
1	Finnie milk testing
3	M. Thomson Rds Dept Gwelo Wilkinson & Knoesen at Brad.
4	5.30  Gallery preview schools.
	Show starts Agricultural
6	Elwyn to JB To see Julie van Heerden (nee Stagg, who Elwyn
	left Australia with in 1963, stopping off in South Africa,
	and Rhodesias. Elwyn then sailed for England and Julie stayed
	on in Northern Rhodesia, later living in S.A.
7	Show last day. Mike & children
8	Keyi, Tapson 2 fowls
9	Lyn's birthday.
11	10 boys to Brad removed fencing Insiza R. The water of the
	dam was in effect to serve as the eastern boundary. Primary 
	rights for cattle drinking water were thereby retained.
12	Mapinkili cows 177 calves 27
	Removed fencing Rietfontein farm joining Bradford.
	3SP straining posts 770yds. 45 standards. ? droppers,
	1 GP gate post(left 3SP. 702g. 43 std. 1gate 1GP)
13	REmoved fencing Insiza River along Huckle's boundary
	(14 Sp. 1279 yds.wire x? 51 std. 1 gate. 1 GP ? droppers)
15	Marked out hill road Brad. ? against the western side of
	the hills along the side of the dam. Replacing the old council 
	road on the eastern side of the hills which was to be flooded
	by the dam. This new farm road began in the dipping tank area
	(which was to be flooded by a later stage of the dam) and went
	down towards Mjagatcha kopje and then south along the foothills.
16	Elwyn arrives 12.55 SA004
	Salisbury paddock of lands heifers 244+2. Hereford bulls 6	
17	Rail 50 cattle C.S.(17 oxen, 11 Fries.cows, 22 ranch cows)
	RSA discussion Mrs. P. Gordon 1 Lawley Rd
	1 Br bull broken leg shot Lands.
18	To Brad. Rd into hills cut
23	Put in pole at ESC transformer
24	9.45 Dr. to Dairy Labour Dairy workers' health test/inspection

October 1975
3	Closing date for entries RSA. 
	Railways Art Show Small City Hall closes Wednesday.
6	To Brad and Mayfair Dam.
7	Frost killed maize PP Land Prickly Pear
11	Went to Fifi, Silozwane and Mary's Valley. 
12	Went to Mary's Valley picnic at Fifi turn off
16	10.00 Mike Barry
	D.ESPACH 700596 Lands & Natural Resources, Compensation House?
20	3 Ivory black, 3 Daveys grey, 3 Indian Red, 3 B.S., 2 B.U., 
	1 Cobalt, 1 Ultra gauche
21	Art Club meeting.  Cattle Inspector Zimbele 12.30 am
22	Cattle Inspector Brad 10 am.
25	59 bream 14 barbel
26	Mike McCann left check: no entry for his arrival. E. says Mike
	came with Thelma. He was there in hot weather and they were in
	the pool at Marimba Rd.
28	Milk Recorder	
29	Wrote to Edna Madge's sister

November 1975
1	Write Edna
3	Collect pictures Gallery 8.30
4	2x2.5" net 13 bream 4.75 lbs
7	7.45 pm at Dennis Thompson. 2 pm Inyati
11	4.30 Preview gallery
14	Pension Scheme meeting 10am Holiday Inn Labour?
16	J. Strong to Mayfair Dam Senator John S. - a jaunt
18	Art Club Meeting
21	10.00 am Lady Gibbs xxxx?
22	Art Club Ex starts Naakes to 29th
23	12 o'c Pat Richardson - Tom Clark
24	422 maize truck No Z19820.  420 maize railed.
	Iris Elizabeth BAMFORD Exhibition, H&S & Naake.
	10.30 Elwyn to Xray five? months pregnant
30	Gordon Etc {Mollett}.

December 1975
1	Rob Tredgold after lunch, Margaret.
4	5.30 Commercial Art at gallery
7	12 o'c Colin Randal's
8	$2.24 d diaries P&C Philpot & Collins
12	Bought 5 ton Thames lorry 202952Z from J.H. Charsley. Jack.
	6 cylinder, Perkins diesel.
14	Neil's Birthday
17	359(?) bags wheat to G.M.B. Grain Marketing Board. A controlled
	Fixing the combine. Cementing the big stone barn floor, drying
	it, for the  wheat. etc etc
	Owen & family arrived P.M.
20	Vic Falls 20-22 for Owen & Jenny   leave Byo 12.45
21	10.5 am Byo airport Elwyn's friend. Stephen Mellor from
	S.A., husband of Ulrika from Germany. He was engineer in 
	field of structural strength of concrete measurement, etc.
	He spoke of detecting flaws in silos and other structures.
22	Leave V. Falls 11.30 Byo 12.35
29	To Hermits Peak Hotel. Mileage details to various places
	in Matopos
31	Return from Hermits Peak Hotel.

	Addresses etc

	Owen Fletcher 51  6th Av. Walmer Rd.
	Ernie Stock, 7 Percy Ave.
	Edna McGrath, 102 Kennaway Court, East London 5201
	Mr Basil Fogarty, Fogarty's Bookshop, Main Street, Port Elizabeth
	Edna & George Burns
	George & Lyn, 75 Marimba Rd, Matsheumhlope. Phone 889154
	Rev. Philip Leonard-Johnson. Madge's funeral service at the farm?

	Owen's transporter: Frame 8.5' x 10.75 x 2.5 pipe. Springs 1/8 steel
	3/4" twist 6" long 12" apart. canvas 7ftx5ft (PVC on canvas used on
	trucks - Holes on canmvass 6" apart use 5/16 nylon rope.

January 1976
2	Owen & Jenny return
3	Presentation to Phil Jaques BSAP. Member in Charge, on leaving Bembesi.
	Later shot in spine, paralysed??
5	3.45 Mr. Gasson
6	5.30 pm Gallery Womens Exhibition
8	Vet am
12	Milk Recorder. Finnie
	Nancy Goodchild
13	Saw Mike Barry
16	2 o.c. Inyati
18	Went round all farms re Inyati Meeting Police Field Reserve matters
19	Chev to Capri Motors
26	Elwyn in Hospital
27	Turk Mine Club 4pm
29	200 pullets due from Sykes. 
	2.30 D.C. Bembesi
	1 bag wheat to Lifeldt 90 kg. Fingo builder
February 1976
2	Diesel on hand 600 gals. Petrol " " 250 gals.
4	8pm RSA discussion at Gallery
6	2.30pm Sale 67 Pauling Rd. 25c. help at Sale
	Elwyn's baby born. Emma
7	16 poles to D.W. borehole rqd. The borehole/s
	at/towards the west end of D.W. Land. They had
	not been properly tested, and were close to the 
	contact with the schists. Peter was thinking of 
	extending the HT powerline to this area, which he
	later mistakenly did.
9	10 am Field Day at Thomas. Paddy Thomas, out at
	Truck 39 cattle to C.S.C.. $10 to goods shed boy.
11	3.30 pm opening Molly Gibbs Exhibition. File: Gibbs
	18'4" & 22ft1" x 3" piping to Mono
	Peter Huckle took from Bradford 50 stds. 3S.P. BW?
13	12.45 Mike at H&S.
16	Jet pump 9 amps. Centrifugal 3 amps. deep well 
	pump 2 amps
18	8.00 film Picasso Gallery
19	Art Club Meeting 8pm (Joan Price)
24	See Robert at Mater Dei Hospital
	Moses, Mbambela on mono foundation
25	Drawing at Gallery

March 1976
1	GEC motor 37kw (HP 50) sea level. Amps 75 RPM 1475
	$1 Lifeldt information re xxx Hut.
4	Mr Ball (Conex) due 5 pm. John Ball
5	3.30 Dr Henderson. Kibble. Lancet House
	3.30 Mike Barry
6	Sale Bernic Bros. 92 Mafeking Rd. 10 o'c. bought mower.
8	Diesoline 40 gals. Petrol 60 gals.
	Flat L. Mono Borehole 107.5ft below top lining. Water
	20-24 feet down Unclear. There was not Mono installed
	at any Flat Land BH. Check records of depths: he might
	have meant GL 
10	RSA discussion Eve Baron, 8 Forrester Crescent, Kumalo.
11	Jean arrives 3.25 pm Jean Vogt, who Elwyn met in London
	when they were both working on the Board of Trade Survey
	at the airport/ports. Allegra's godmother.
12	6pm RBHS Ray Fawcett 58 Park Road.
13	Gando trapping guineafowl.
14	Went to Figtree & Reps. Rhodes Estate Prep. School.
15	Milk Recorder
16	8pm Preview Gallery
17	Truck 38 cows
18	Art Club meeting 8pm (Jean Danks)
	2.15 appointment Dr Gasson
20	2 pm Reps sports Anthony and Peter still at Reps?
22	Fuel on hand Dies 200 g. Pet 250 g 
26	$40 cash Jean's trip to Falls.
28	Jean to Falls

April 1976		
6	Jean's plane leaves Byo 12.15
	Put in concrete GL pump. ? when were centrifugal boosters
	put in.? John Ball certainly suggested that we should do so.
7	Put in concrete for Hatfield pump. "Pump" as opposed to Mono
	certainly suggests the concrete was a slab for the centrifugals
	which were outside the original Mono sheds.
8	Put in concrete for far Pump the one at the end of the line.
	Corrugated iron buffer tanks were also put in at each of these
	boreholes. The mono delivered to the tanks, and the centrifugals
	had flooded suctions, drawing from the tanks. The outputs of
	the two pumps were manually equalised, helped by the buffer
	The reason for not using Mono : DOL positive pumps/extra
	load on the system caused by resid.head.req; wear and tear etc.
	The amps sued were increased however etc
9	Digging holes for Power poles below Figtree the big tree by
	the house.
	As a result of the first wheat crop I decided to increase
	the sprinkler irrigation area in stages. The first stage was
	further develop the old irrigation at the Old Mill. The 
	existing plant there was primarily for the dairy and dairy
	cattle, via the xxx metre buried asbestos pipeline. Halfway
	along this was an offtake near the Graves feeding into a
	furrow along the upper edge of Prickly Pear Land for its
	flood irrigation. (See previous veg. and earlier lucerne etc)
	At this offtake we built another corrugated iron buffer tank
	for centrifugal boosting into spraylines on Prickly Pear Land.
	But the old copper line from the main transformer to the Mill
	pumps could not handle the load of an extra pump. So I decided
	to put in an aluminium line from the HT transformer to the Graves,
	of HT specifications, but initially to be run as a 380V system.
	This was fed from the LT side of the HT transformer set-up feeding
	the Valley boreholes. It was envisaged that later the ..... etc.
	This new line went past below the house, close to the old figtree. 
11	Gordon-Lorna-Georg-Lyn Etc-Hugh-Annette & Co- Lionel & Loris & Co. ?
12	2.30 Inyati
13	Saw Garth Smith at Lewis Lumber Co. The Garth-Smiths? were at 
	the Kirtoncheck name Plots, Heany Junction when we were kids.N.F.
15	Art Club Meeting 8pm (Ossi)
16	RSA entries to be in tomorrow.
18	Sally Ann's Wedding. Sally Ann Machine, sister of Eric, children of
	Chan & Lai Chang, who had Bembesi store. Owen sold his Anglia hot rod
	to Eric, who was on the technical side of PTC. Last year Lyn and I 
	played quite a bit of tennis at the Police Reserve Club with them.
	But check also: Sally Ann(?) Brownlee-Walker?
22	8.15 Discussion on rejections at Gallery
26	Truck 66 cows to C.S. Byo
27	Truck 39 cows to C.S. Salisbury
30	At Robinson 8.30 Jimmy Robinson,butcher? 11 o'c Fair Star butchery
	for meat.
	Went to C. Whitman Whitmon? & Aston Redrup who married Jane Meikle.
	At the so-called Redrup Castle on the Falls Rd?Meikles bios:

May 1976
5	Ben W. heifers 186 (3 short acc Mzondiwa. Mapinkili Red 66 cows 58 calves
	Mzondiwa bio
6	N's plane leaves for Sby 3.30 am
7	N arrives from Sby 7.10 pm. Trip was(?) to speak to Geoff Calmeyer at 
	Glenara Estate about the bulls he was selling semen from at a small A.I.
	setup he had started. I also saw Hugh Forsyth in Salisbury
10	Milk recorder Finnie due.
	First frost of the season.
12	RSA Discussion Gillian Kaufman  15 Mattei Rd Burnside 8 pm Map 18
14	Pump at P.P.L. no load 8 open 20 amps
17	Load 104 cattle to Salisbury
18	Started irrigating PP land wheat. The second season of wheat at Zimbele.
	It was also planted in Garden Land etc. on the borehole scheme.
21	10.30 Mike Barry
22	George & Lyn to Zimbele
24	Georg  to Army to 11 June
25	Hooper Sharp's Sale
27	2.30 at Inyati
28	Hodge 8.30 66601
29	Figtree - Kezi Rd. 10 miles. Kezi Rd - Maleme 19 miles. 

June 1976	
1	$0.80 Engine gasket Chev (Capri Motors)
2	Went to Mananda. Sayers.
3	5.30 pm Paul (Robert/Robest?) preview
4	Collect Peter & Anthony
6	Figtree to pinic site at which? Falls 12.5 miles.
9	RSA discussion. Ruth Salinger 27 Hall Rd Kumalo
	George returned midnight
13	Bob - Mike - Kirk - Hugh Beadle - Dennis - Gordon -
	Pleasance & Son - Trish - John.
	56 GF  26 SWainsons 5 Natal francolin
	$5.50 on shoot
15	Elwyn's Birthday
	$2 driver & helper's food in town
18	10am Sale Unguza Estate
20	George. Lyn & Sharon, Sandy Kirk & Jane, Alvin &
	Flick Cope, Micky & Co.
	Sandy shot 2 koodoo
21	Neil to Police Reserve. $50 to Neil on Police Reserve
	Fuel on hand D 140+500 gal = 2905 L. P 100 gal=454 L
22	June & Sharon's Birthday
	Cut up 2 koodoo biltong. 
	Truck T32 unloaded ex Triangle.
23	Gallery 8pm lecture with slides.
	Mr Green DC Inyati 2.30pm
24	To Bradford. cows 229 small calf 1. male yearlings at Huckle 2
30	Fire on Kirton. Ben E. male yearlings 307 (2? short)

July 1976
1	Brad 9 cows short acc boys. Huckles cattle in Brad & N gate 
	Makuwa III cows 110 (Mzondiwa) +1 (at Homestead)
2	6.45 to BSAP Police
	Makuwa IV cows 136 22 cows from Mak IV to Jim
3	Dudu cows 20 big heifers 129 sm calves 4
	Lands female yearlings 335+2(at skit)
	Skit: etym.? One of several places where cattle
	could be detained/impounded, for whatever reason.
	It could be for medical reasons, or for thin cattle
	requiring special feeding or attention, or they
	could be detained for transfer to a different herd.
	They could be cattle trespassing etc...
	To Reigate Farm 82089. Ernie Stock's farm where
	George & Lyn were now living?
5	Goozy heifers first calvers? 141. calves 138.
	Heifer bulling/calving schemes vs cows etc
6	RSA Exhibition to 1 Aug (Sby)
	Jim cull cows 152. Bricks Br. bull 1, Br cows 12, calves 1
7	Neil returns by train. (From Vic Falls area?)
	$4 cash wireless licence. $4 tips Lorna's servants.
	Well 27 ft water. bottom 82 ft below rails.
	Salisbury weaners 552+6. Br. weaners 8. +bulls 5 skit 12
10	Hugh Forsyth due
12	Rhodes' Day  	3 in car with pointers hunting on Brad.
	No number on car.
13	Founders' Day Dennis, Bob, & Bob's son 7 am
	Samson to cut grass Big Rock, 4 women 4 days. Permission
	for Fingos(?) to cut thatching grass
14	Milk Recorder. 
	RSA discussion. Marshal Baron, Haywood Close Hillside.
17	Load 52 head to Gatooma.
	1 meal, meat, and wages to Brad. Brad dip 33 miles 1.5hrs
18	Went round Kirton Estate. Security?
19	Made biltong.
20	Went round farms S. & E. Security
23	2.30 Inyati local Security HQ
24	6 o'c to Chan Machine supper at Bembesi Store?
29	8.15 lecture at Gallery
31	40 CAN to Hugh x 50kg calcium ammonium nitrate

August 1976
3	Native fish poacher caught by Police on Bradford.
4	Sake at Marcedale cattle sale at Ernie Stock's farm
	at Figtree.
5	7.30 at Mrs Kinsey, Kirton
6	Fire Ben W & Dip Camp
7	Fire in Kopje
10	Collect pictures at Gallery. 
11	Angela Watson 7.30 at Chronicle.
	RSA discussion Rosemary Coley 3 Middlesex Rd Hillside.
	Nancy Goodchild due
13	10.30 Cooper & Lybrand (Walters)
15	3.30 M. Baron painting
	Police Reserve at Drummond. Shooting exercises etc.
	below dam wall and in the hills where rounds were
21	Hugh Forsyth due + 2 friends.
	Went to Matopos with Hugh & Tuckers Tucker from USA?
22	Lyn & Co out.
24	Telephone into passage. The party line telephone had
	always been on the verandah - where most time was spent,
	and where it could be heard by most people. But anybody
	standing by it at night, for whatever reason, was an
	easy target for someone shooting at them from the garden.
	So an extension phone was put in to a passageway that had 
	been built in the house not many years before. Alongside
	this phone was the AgricAlert radio on which scheduled
	responses had to be made each day, sitreps received, and
	alarms could be made in case of attack.
29	3.30 Adele Walters printing, drawing. Art Club
30	Neil due to Police Reserve
31	Salisbury 532+24-556. 1 heifer dead Ben W (scouring long time)
	Peter resumes entries for cattle etc.etc. Not being entered here.

September 1976
5	Jean Danks & family out
6	H&S Gallery  Eleanor Coffin ?
8	8 pm RSA Enid Bolze, Buffalo Place, Matsheumhlope
9	200 pullets due (1 dead)
12	David's shoot Tredgold? 19 Swainsons 20 guineas
14	18 dairy 21 ranch cattle rail to Byo.
	10.30 G. Kaufman clay modelling. 11.30 dogs to be vaccinated
16	Neil returned
18	A.L. Lendrum to Matopos 49 Nairn
19	Emma's christening
23	5.30 19th annual. Exhibition. 2.00 Inyati meeting
29	8pm Post Impressionists lecture at Gallery

October 1976
1	put nets into Drummond dam. 20 barbel, 200+ bream, about 12 yellow.
6	Meet Lyn H&S Sat at 12.30
9	Paddy & Moira Lloyd out afternoon.
	started irrigating Bobs land.
13	RSA discussion? Derek Sherwood 9A Holdengarde Ave, Hillside
	8.30 Mike Barry? due for Brad trip. 
15	Field Day Pattello
	started irrigating Wessels land. Was this for the maize that
	Hugh Forsyth photographed at Wessels land.check forward his visit?
17	Lyn, G & Family & Einhardts Erkens out for day.
18	started irrigating across drift LandBy the old Mill
19	Neil to Howat, Palmer House, 67 Pauling Rd. The Howat chiropractic
	place. The large house later became part of Girls College when it
	was formedN.F. back problems.
22	Boiler inspector due.  Neil's appointment 10.00 o'c
27	12.15 Neil due at Dr
29	Art Club pictures in by 5pm Naakes
31	Midday 3 terrorists at Dougals about 9 o'c 1 scout at Ians
	Link?: Recoll. Dugald

November 1976
1	Army Coloureds caught shooting in Bens paddock.
2	10 o'c Ian at Dougals at Little Wonder, Chelo 10 minutes
	about 10.30 Ian heard 1 shot & reported Army at Balla Balla
	and BSAP at Filabusi & Colin Army out all over Chelo
3	Saw BSAP Ft R Fort Rixon Ruck M in ch Member in charge
	Ian + 1 Police Reserve 2 African Police (1 s. major 1 constable)
6	Collect pictures Naake. Peter exhibited?
8	Milk Recorder
9	Started combining P.P. Land wheat grown under the new sprinkler
10	8 p.m. AGM Gallery
14	Started cutting combining wheat GL Garden Land. Insert photos
15	Renata arrives George's sister
16	Started cutting wheat Hatfield L. Grown under irrigation from
	the newly installed electrification
18	18-19-20 Lyn & Co Main Camp Wankie Game Reserve
19	Angela Watson exhibition H&S 3pm
	8am-1pm power off. $2.00 fish at Brad. 1 meal & meat to Brad
23	5.30 Tech. College Exhibition
24	8pm Cont. SA Art
25	Brad acc (Lizard) cows 231 calves ?
27	Rob Tredgold 10.30
28	G. Lyn & Co.
30	pm Jan Haetink Conex

December 1976
2	23 melanapleura from Brad to garden reservoir tilapia
3	Renata leaves returns to Germany
7	104 cows to CS Byo inc ? dairy cows
8	8pm Ex Collection at Gallery
9	9.30 Museum? & xx
10	To Dennis Thompson 3.30
13	Collect Julie van Heerden Julie Stagg; see earlier
17	2.30 D.C. at Inyati. 
	5.00 pm Peter Steyn wireless on radio programme
22	$2.00 Amos & Tapson collecting Austin 
23	Gordon leave till 6 Jan. 
	16 Sabi bream from Brad to Big Reservoir. All dead.
25	$5 Amos Xmas. $13 House Servants
26	$1 Meneshi Xmas. Was he still at Zimbile.? He went to
	work for the Parsons. He was very capable in the workshop.
	Maybe he left because Amos (who was mostly drunk in the 
	workshop) got more! Amos was called Mbuyisa by the others
28	Fishing to Bradford $1
29	Hugh Forsyth due

	12 Jan RSA Betsy Gordons, 1 Lawley Rd 8 pm
	26 Jan 8 pm "Light & Colour"
	5 Jan 13 cows to C>S by truck
	1st John Barry	
	52 cattle to CS 20 April1977

	Addresses etc. which might have changed since last year:

	Edna McGrath 102 Kennaway Court Esplanade E.L. 5201
	June Melck  , Kruispad P.O. Berg River Station 7356 
	George & Lyn Reigate 82089
	Wyns Engineering = Aldridge.
	MFC Farmers Co-op = Hayward
	Naakes = Mr Simister
	Swiss Jewellers = John Ireland
	Rowland Molony - Elizabeth Baxendale. Hamilton Boys School.
	3 Barbet Lane, Hillside.

	Hoare. BSAP Member in Charge
	Coopers & Lybrand - Walters
	Standard Bank - A.J. van Rooyen
	MFC manager Chatterton 

	Diary for the year 1977

	Elie Ely(sp? Bourdillon (b. Campbell Rodger,  Sheila's and
	family friend)Bio
	Sid Longden
	Judy Masefield- Dougal- Colin - Alister- Ben - 
	Dora Lazarus mother of Charles Lazarus, the lawyer who had
	an accident on an implement at Zimbile. Dora lived in Kumalo
	on King George, opposite the Observatory. Every time we 
	drove past their house Madge used to say "I wish I could grow
	the xxxxx like that". One grew in a pot outside the hut at 
	the farm, up electricity pole and wiring outside the door.
	Unity Moffat 
	Bobby m. Moffat
	Victor Bourdillon brother(?check) of Tom - manager(?)	of 
	de Beers, Shangani. (Ranch). Tom was a cricket enthusiast.
	Patty & Rosalie Fletcher sisters who married Hull brothers
	John & JimmyFamily Tree etc
	Mrs Locke of the Art Gallery
	Charles Whitmore
	Pat Richardson file:/diaries etc
	H.S. Dams Hillside
	Cliff Little
	Eric Scott Russell anecdote re Peter's teeth

	That I spent, I had
	That I gave, I have
	That I kept, I lost

January 1977
1	John Barry
	Fished with Gordon, Ben's paddock, on the sandveld river.
	This was one of Ida's fishing spots from before the time
	of dam building. She took a thermos, some sandwiches, a
	book to read and her rod and tackle and some worms. If
	the fish weren't biting she would read all day under a
	tree, and walk home arriving near sunset. It was a 
	distance as the crow flies of about xxkm. She was still
	fishing until she broke her hip when she was about 80(check)
	She had a split cane rod, and used trout fishing line -
	it was before the days of monofilaments. The river pools
	in Bens were not very big, not much more than six paces
	across at best, and not much more than six feet at their
	deepest. One perhaps did not realise at the time that they
	were not teeming with fish of any size. Sometimes the 
	family picnicked at these pools and kids caught tiddlers.
2	Fished with Gordon D.W. dam
5	13 cows to CS by truck
7	11.30 Elwyn to dentist
9	Lunch at Sid & Beth Longden Dr. Norman King & Hellen 
	Bennewith on? Plot on Ncema river?
10	Milk Recorder
12	RSA Betsi Gordons 8pm 1 Lawley Rd
13	Twins Birthday
18	Fish dead in reservoir
19	Fish 2.5"net= 19 Tilapia 4 Barbel. 3"=25T 4B
	3.5"=8T 2B. 4"=OT 1B. Total=52T 11B
20	8 o'c. Cattle Inspector
23	To Umvutcha
28	Went to Fort Rixon & saw Frosts at Blue Ridge, on the way?
31	Neil leaves for service.

February 1977
1	7.00 Friends preview Gallery
	Peter resumes farmwork entries.....
5	Terblanche Wedding
9	RSA at Adele Walters 8pm
	2.30 DC Meeting at Inyati
12	Cotton into Goods Shed. Cottonseed meal unloaded from
	railtruck. To be carted to farm by tractors and trailers.
	The boys only work a half day on Saturday.
17	Neil returns from P.R. 
	8-10 Graxxx? demonstration on Sam Gelman's farm
20	Mike & John Barry out fishing
21	2.30 Defence meeting BSAP Bembesi
23	Bradshaws Lecture
24	Mike Barry at 10 o'c re Drummond with Hugh
	Check: I met Hugh at Police Camp, Wankie, where he was
	awaiting Byo train after being on call-up on the River,
	and I said that if he was determined to sell Drummond
	we would more or less compelled to buy it, situated in 
	the middle of Zimbile as it was. It was clear he was 
	determined to sell, and there was no point in trying
	to dissuade him any further.
26	Dennis out to fish
27	Gordon & Co out fishing
28	9 am Agr Finance Corp. Finance to but Drummond. Mr Perret?

March 1977
2	Phone Mike
	Net sizes. Total: 77 bream  16 barbel
4	11.30 Mike title deeds at Bank
7	Milk Recorder
8	10.30 to Mike Barry 
9	RSA Adele Walters 23 Baxendale
10	2.30 Security meeting BSAP
11	8am Cattle Inspector Brad
12	Reps Sports am 
	40 fowls to Reg Hart auctioneers
16	5.30 Gallery Exhibition
	2.15 Mike Barry
17	9.00 am ESC to Zimbele Electricity Supply Commission. (In
	connection with electrification of Drummond?)
19	Lyn & Sue out
	40 fowls to Reg Hart
21	1-3 am Neil on Road Block
22	Mike 10.30
26	Colin & Mary due. 4.45 at St Johns. Colin & Mary spent night here
	40 fowls to Reg Hart
28	Neil to Police Reserve. 
	Resumes routine farmwork, cattle entries
	Started cutting silage 1 load into centre silo
29	20 loads silage
30	Wire to Owen. Carted cotton cake to barn. 7 silage
	Bradford cows 220 Bull 1 Brahman calves 217 (correct Keyi)
31	Dairy cows 132 big heifers 12, young bulls 6, big bull (Parsons) 1
	yearling heifers 62, female calves 46, male calves 19,
	male yearlings 19.
	17 silage

April 1977
1	20 silage
2	2pm Inter school sports at Hugh Beadle school
	DWE Female yearlings 282.
	27 silage
3	15 silage working on Sunday
5	silage 3
6	10 silage further silage entries discontinued
7	Agr. Finance Corp to view farm
10	to Mayfair dam Wall & old Bridge on Insiza & return 83 miles.
13	Keith Seaward 57 Burnside Rd.
14	Neil returns.  Routine farmwork entries stop
15	5pm RSA entries in
19	N sold 75 tollies long weaners @$90 to Georg Henock Ranching?
20	52 cattle to C.S. Gatooma
21	9.30 am New Royal Hotel. Dairy Producers.
22	4.05 Ian Smith on Radio
24	Glenis Glenys arrives pm. 12.10 am
26	Marion Arnolds 8 pm. 6.30 at Mike
27	Marion Arnold lecture at Gallery.
28	1.2 miles White's run to Main Rd. White's Run farm (Terblanche),
	along White's Run Rd. to main Salisbury road.?The distance to
	Terblanche's dairy where the Zimbile milk lorry picked up his
	milk each day.

May 1977
4	Select Committe Crit on Refuses on unselected paintings
6	Marshal Baron funeral 12 o'c Jewish Cemetery, Donovan St.
	Marshal committed suicide??
9	Rail 52 oxen to CSC Salisbury. Milk Recorder due.
11	8 pm RSA Party at Grand Hotel
	11.30 Elwin to Kirk. $10 reward for P.O. box keys.
15	Shoot Mike Barry. Rob Halsted. Sandy Kirk. Dennis Thompson.
	Bob Cole. John Barry?. Gordon Mollett. Hugh Beadle
	am. Guineafowl30 (4 young), 1 Natal 6 Swainson
	pm. G 15 (3 young) 4 Swainson
16	Battlefield for lunch. Battlefield Ranch, Halsted's farm
	other side the Fingo. (It used to belong to Bertie Fynn). It	
	was managed by Pat Wesson and June at this time.
17	5.30 Gallery
	my letter re cottage phone.
20	Opening of Mayfair Dam. check: what stage of construction?
21	Shoot kudu
22	Glenys returns to England
23	Collected 2 pups from Frosts Labradors, Mena and Lala - what
	the Twins called each other when they were little.
	Glenice returned to London.
25	New number plates must be on.
26	9.45 o'c at Mike Barry
28	Dennis Thompson shoot.
	Rugby at Harts Rhod. v Boland
	6 pictures to RSA. (Main Falls - Silozi West - Sunset D.S Pool -
	Figtree Hillside dam - Veld & Cloudy Sky - Inyangombwe Falls.)
	These were all Late Thirties-Forties paintings. (Sunset D.S.
	Pool {Sunset, Diana's Pool} was 1938?)Link hrefs
	1st frost on lawn

June 1977
3	12 bags manure to Gordon
4	David Frost's visit
6	Rail to CSC Salisbury
8	10.30 Figtree Sale   2.16 BSAP Bembesi
11	Alvin & Flick due from CT
	Made Biltong sausages
15	Elwyn's birthday
16	5.30 Gallery Art & Craft
	200 chickens due
17	10.15 Mayas? Room Tredgold Bds
18	Cao+H2O   Ca(HO)2+CO2  CaCHO4
20	Diesel in tanks Nil. 30 in drum? Petrol 110
22	Sharon's birthday
26	RSA Exhibition closes Salisbury
	Mike & Bolze to farm
29	Shot 2 rietbuck DWW
	Diesel 2 tanks say 1000g + 15g in drum
30	9am at Museum on Dairying

July 1977
1	Lyn's car accident
4	Rail 52 oxen to CSC Salisbury
6	Neil to Police Reserve
	resumes farm work entries
7	1 dairy cow dead Belinda
	Brad 212 cows (8 short) 215 calves? Lizzard.
	Brad dip 33.1 miles.
	Fishes Brad 523 poachers 4 women
8	Mary & Colin slept Zimbele
	Jocks 156 weaners. Ben W 90 cows 90 calves
10	George & Lyn & Co out
11	Diesel 2 full tanks+ 460 unfull tank+ 46in drum
	Petrol 345
	Longile 178 yearlings. Makuwa III 102 cows(1 short)
	89 calves (3 short)
	Sidoba hit by Andrew with stone. An assault resulting in
	skull damage. Sidobha came to the house with a patch of
	his skull hanging open by a flap of skin. His brain was
	visible and some material and liquid was running down his
	face. We took him to Mpilo and he returned to the farm
	after a day or two without any apparent ill effects. (I
	do not recall that it was Andrew however. N.F.{2017})
12	Drummond W. 171+1 cows 13 calves
13	Mr Finnie due.
	Sidoba Mpilo $1
14	Dine at Beadles
	Dip Camp 60 total
	$2.24 Parker pen ballpoint
	Mr Tucker from America shot hudu bull
	Brad cows 220 calves 217 bull 1 (Keyi)
15	9 o'c at Besters Store near Bradford
	Map - camera - pistol - torch. 
	8pm Byo Gallery lecture Andrew Verster.
	Dududu W 35 heifers  26 calves
	Mr Tucker shot rietbuck ram.
16	Kariba lands round small arch weir, Granite river. 108 total
	inc 25 heifers. DWW 276 female weaners. Dududu W 33 cows 7 calves
	Grass fire Khodhlawayo
18	Makuwa II 78 cows 48 calves.  Kopje 1 bull 10 cows 6 calves
19	1 cow dead Brad. Jim Total 106 (oxen & cows for sale)
	Big Rock heifers 18
20	10 am Bembesi BSAP operation Turkey
	Burnt fire guard Kodglawayo
21	2.30 BSAP.  Mapinkili 77 cows 72 calves
	Burnt fireguard Kodhlawayo Part of this farm closest to Zimbile
	was an Army training/firing/mortar/bombing etc. range.
22	Neil returns 4.00 pm
	Exhibition H7S. Jean Hay	
	Burnt fireguard Kodhlawayo
24	Shoot
25	Keyi's son died. 
	One of two fatal incidents on the farm involving a tractor
	and trailer. All staff and tractor drivers in particular were
	often told that it was illegal for passengers to sit on the
	tractor, or stand on the disselboom (drawbar) etc. But in spite
	of this it happened. The other incident, noted elsewhere, was
	perhaps less avoidable, as it involved someone handling a water
	gun while firebreaks were being burnt. A sudden change of wind 
	direction caused the flames to threaten the operators and in 
	the haste of reversing the tractor and two wheeled trailer one	
	of the workers fell and was run over by the trailer wheel.
31	Hugh & Co for day which Hugh?

August 1977
2	Fire on Kodhlawayo
	Hugh Fletcher shot 3 rietbuck (females)
3	Neil leaves on Police Reserve
4	Hugh shot 4 rietbuck (males)
5	8.30 C.S.C. with papers to sign to brand cattle.
	114 cows @ $70/96 @ $30.
	58 steers      inc 38 females
	(2 bulls from HEF to Zimbele not through CSC)
	Zimbile company bought whatever cattle Hugh had for sale 
	at this stage of things through the Cold Storage Commission's
	Grazier Finance Scheme. The CSC paid Hugh the price of the
	cattle, which had to be agreed by the three parties concerned,
	and branded the cattle with the CS brand, on the neck. These
	cattle belonged to the CS and could only be sold to them. When
	this eventually happened, Zimbile got paid their slaughter
	value minus the amount paid to Hugh, and the accrued interest.
	In the meantime some of them might have died, a loss to Zimbile,
	while some might have calved, a gain to Zimbile. (File: CSC)

	Hugh shot 2 rietbuck (males)
6	Allen Hull shot 3 rietbuck rams, 1 female. Allen was in the
	Selous Scouts. Their best mortarman, I think JPF used to say.
	Hugh gave Allen his International pickup (which had been 
	converted to petrol/paraffin), and also a tractor-run DC 
	arc welder. Allen got killed in a motorbike accident fairly
	soon after. (date)
	Insert: Reedbuck stuff
7	Gordon & Co out
8	rail 104 mixed to CSC Salisbury (22 heifers 82 steers)
	Made biltong from the reedbuck
11	Hugh shot 1 kudu cow (young), 1 old reedbuck ram, 1 young 
	reedbuck ram, 1 ewe)
19	Neil returns
24	1st nthlubu beans ndlubu; nyimoplanted first?....they are a
	summer crop. It has the growth habit of groundnuts. The best
	bean there is, esp. when new and boiled in their shells....
	They should have undergone selection to improve their yield.
	Their relatively low yield is probably the reason why they 
	remained a peasant rather than a commercial crop
25	1st sweetcorn planted in the garden 
	Cut up kudu biltong
26	Went to Bradford
29	5.30 RSA auction

September 1977
2	To Bradford with BSAP (about 6 ran). Caught 6 men 3 women
4	Gordon's trip to E Transvaal? to 15th tomorrow
	Judy & Jill Masefield out.
5	Dies 1 full + 200 g/ Pet 140 g
	Leave for E Transvaal. Tods 10 o'c 13790k BBridge 14115k.
	BB 32.9l $7-10. Mountain Inn Room 29.
6	Pietersburg - Lenz?
7	....Bl?yde River
8	Lydenburg (gum tree). Sabi
9	Nelspruit Barberton Pilgrims Resr Gras Kop Sabi
10	Bly River
11	Tip servants - washing car- laundry
12	Blyde River.  ... Middleburg....
13	Leave to Pat Mollet? 8.45
14	JB ......
15	Return from SA 
21	Finnie due
	Mrs Right 85373 ex Centenary Farm ?
23	Lizzard reports poachers at Bradford.
24	74 bream 10 barbel DW
25	Lyn & Georg out
28	5.30 20th Exhibition Gallery
	20H.P. starter Mather & Platt pump working 22 amps
	Main line. Working 17 amps liquid wires contact in
	solution 25V. No contact 150V. For whatever reason,
	operating details of the liquid starter P.F. had made
	years earlier for the slip-ring motor driving the
	pump by flat belt down a concrete silo near river 
	water level in 	the Old Mill house. The silo was about
	8ft. in diameter, and protected the pump when the river 
	came down in flood. The liquid starter and motor were
	on ground level in the old mill building. They replaced
	the Crossley ? suction gas engine that was used before
	ESC electrification in 194? A semi-conical fire-brick
	construction, used for making the charcoal from which suction
	gas was made, was built nearby into the bank of the river.
	It was filled with wood at its top from a wagon at ground 
	level, and lit at the bottom through a small opening through
	which the charcoal was extracted. The kiln remained hot for
	a considerable time after being opened and emptied of charcoal.
	One day one of the workers fell into the kiln from the top
	and sustained extensive burns to his skin and feet before he
	managed to escape out the opening at the bottom. He was put
	in the river to lessen the pain; his skin healed but it was 
	light in colour where it had burned.
29	RSA Auction sale at 5.30 Gavin Hart, auctioneers 

October 1977
7	25 HP motor - shaft 1.75" centrifugal pump pulley 6" ext 
	4 5/8" int. 4B shaft 27mm diam 1 1/8" long 3/4" int
11	Worthington Simpson pump 2100 RPM 3" delivery 4" suction
	4xBx6" pulley. Lineshaft 2" ^X'x4 flat pulley 11.5 x2 CV?
	25 HP x 1450 RPM 1 3/4" shaft.
12	2.30 Mr Reed at Mikes Webb, Low & Barry. Shares rather than
	loan acc.
19	8 pm RSA Discussion.
	Phone Loris Fletcher, in Salisbury?
20	Kok's boys set Jims alight midday. Kok, a neighbour other side
	the Fort Rixon Rd, had a business supplying dry grass to Clay Pipes,	
	used for padding when stacking the pipes for transport. Zimbile
	sometimes allowed Kok to cut dry grass on the Sandveld. There was
	always a risk of fires from the exhaust pipes of the tractors or
	from his labour cooking their midday meal, smoking etc.. 
21	1/2 bag meal and meat to Brad
22	Ballet starts 2.30
23	Gordon & Lorna out fishing.
24	Dies 2 full (450 gallons each) + 20/ Petrol New full 350
26	5.30 pm Schools Exhibition
27	8pm Lecture by Jean Danks
29	86 bream 5 barbel DW
31	Film to Boris Studios. Photography, equipment etc

November 1077
1	$1 dog vaccination
2	Posted letter to Sheila & wire
3	8 am dogs rabies vaccination
4	Dennis Thompson 7 pm
5	Les Lloyd & Ruth out to fish
7	E.S.C to see Drummond about electrification?
10	9.30 am Dairy Meeting at New Royal Hotel 6ht Av/Rhodes St.
11	Mr Finnie due. Meal & Delnav to Brad. Mealie meal & cattle dip
12	Gordon & Lorna to sleep
13	Fished at Drummond (nothing)
14	Angela Mary Watson exhibition at Naakes
17	Rietbuck shot at Brad poached
19	Fish nets
	2.5"=28/4, 3"=27/2, 3.5"=11, 4"=1/=/74 bream, 6 barbel
	2 mxxx friends fished at Drummond. Cyril Bilang fishing lots of
20	Les Lloyd fishing. BSAP Munrow fishing lots of fish
21	Expect Morris Eyton farmer from Fort Rixon
22	250 bass in Goozy dam. 500 bass in Drummond.
	American largemouth bass. Fingerlings? from where?
23	E.S.C. quote $5600 connection fee Drummond.
26	$10 Bradford boys for helping with ??? & shooting rietbuck
27	10 am BSAP Bembesi meeting

December 1977
1	2x50 kg meal to Brad
6	12 o'c CSC to see Drummond cattle.
	Inspect the CSC grazier agreement cattle
8	Lulu pointer dog had eye removed. Collected two
	pointer pups Donahue. the vet., Louis Gower's father
9	10.30 D.C. Meeting Bembesi
10	Nets 2.5"= 51 bream, 3"= 33 bream 7 barbel, 3.5"= 17 bream 7 barbel,
	4"= 1 bream. Total 102  14.
	Skeepers and 2 Africans fishing on Drummond. Les Lloyd & Mike 
	out fishing.
13	Tim Bembridge's sons out. Tim Bembridge/Conex file:
	Lizzard reports beakon beacon? in kraal. Probably a survey
	beacon in the cattle kraal by the dip, or by the houses. When
	the spillway of the dam was later to be raised as planned the
	dip tank etc would be under water.
15	Jean Danks about 9 o'c at the farm?
16	250 bass put in DW dam
18	Judy Masefield and Jill her daughter, out to the farm.
	Masefield file:
24	Lizard reported Smok & Mapofu living on Huckle
27	Cheque to Hugh installment on balance owing for farm/interest?
28	Drummond nets barbel 42, bream 39, yellowfish 8 (av 2.5 lbs)
29	Tim Bembridge at Byo Caravan Park 
	In diary for 1978. "Buried Lulu", the pointer. Etc: 
31	Sheila arrives Byo flight 014
	Sheila's last visit, etc etc....

	Addresses, names  etc.

	Edna McGrath, The Cottage, Stirling Lodge, Epsom Rd, East London.
	BSAP Bembesi. Richard Hoare. Ray Munrow.
	Dick Parson at Conex

January 1978
2	$4 to Lizard for Bradford.
	Picture Granite Boulders to Tim Bembridge
10	13 cattle to CSC 9 dairy cows 4 ranch cows
14	Twins Birthday Party
17	10.30 am Gr St. 7-8 Av. Reg Hart. 40HP motor
18	Mr Finnie due.
	Drummond 44 bream 49 barbel
19	Byo Art Club AGM at Gallery 8pm
	Sheila to Syd Longdens
21	Gordon out fishing DW
23	Gallery 81 Exhibition to 28th
25	AGM RSA Grand Hotel 8 pm

February 1978
1	8pm G Boys' course Grand Hotel what?
	Neil changed Austin truck for Mazda 1/2 ton vanette
2	Sale at Woodville
5	To Robinsons for lunch. $1 driver help Gordons car
8	2pm DC Bembesi. Machine gun $150 +$1 cartridges 
	45 @ $4.50. Unclear. At this stage there was a
	Uzi, and one or two locally-made equivalents, at
	the farm. "45"?. There was the old Kynoch .45 revolver
	at the farm which Elwyn carried around, but it had 
	nothing to do with issues or purchases from Government.
14	1.10 pm film Turner. 12 o'c Dr Kirk
15	ESC
16	about 20 black soldiers at Brad 8 am PC?
	(Edmos, Mika Zimbile boys at Brad told not to report. ?
17	Colin & Mary at Zimbele
18	Neil on call-up?
	Collect Pat Cooper
	10 am about 30 army men at Bradford compound. Short-Mika-
	Cowboy-Edmos - since 8th Names of the boys on rotation at
19	Les Llyod to fish with Mike Barry - xxxx
20	Brad cattle correct acc Keyi
21	Took Pat Cooper to town. Pat came to Bulawayo now and then
	from Salisbury to visit her daughter Pippa at Enkutscheni, 
	and sometimes bring her to the farm for the weekend.
22	Lunch with Mike
	Stella Hull for tea.
	Neil returned from call-up	
23	200 Sykes pullets
26	Ian Fletcher and family to Zimbele. to see his aunt Sheila
28	Boiler inspection

March 1978
1	Friends of Gallery 7 pm	
2	RSA at Erna Rickard 8 pm  61 Pauling Rd.
5	Lunch at Lloyds Adv. Paddy/Les?
	Mrs Mennel 4 pm
	Collect Nancy Goodchild.
	Sen. John Strong 10.00 am 
9	RSA Boys 17 Percy Ave. Hillside. Anna Walley
10	Mr Finnie due
11	Gordon & Butch fishing
15	Lunch with Boo Mavros. 11.45 Sandy Kirk
16	Went to Dougal S & C via Filabusi
17	Phone ESC re line position
19	Gordon caught 1 bass at DW.
20	Brad. checked beakons beacons B1 Dwala B4 Road B5 Dip
	Borehole 5 yards in dam area.
21	Brad Army warning boys on fencing ?
22	RSA pictures in last day.
	Nancy's slides?
23	Gordon out till Sunday
25	Patty, Stella & Jimmy out
26	G. Lyn & Co out. Gordon etc picnic at DW damPhoto?
27	Les Lloyd & friend due
28	cheque HEF $656.25 interest for 1/4 quarterHugh
	39 cattle booked for CSC Byo
29	Opening RSA 9th Annual 8 pm
	Keyi to Brad to check fencing
30	Sheila Byo to JB SA 013 14.30
	Neil saw military at Brad 

April 1078
3	Neil on call-up
	Hatfield borehole 99.5 feet to silt, water 8 ft down
	from concrete. 
	Brad (Keyi) cows 181 yearlings 101
4	Boo to collect picture
5	11.30 Dr Kirk
7	Neil returns from call-up
8	Patrick Mavros' Wedding plane 7.00pm in Salisbury
9	Elwyn arrives 8.15pm from Patrick's wedding
11	Put in T.V. the first TV on Zimbile. Black and white
	hired set, instigated by Sheila, etc
13	Boys Course Mrs R. Tatz 12 Baxendale Str. Art Club?
15	6.00 at Hughs he had moved to town?
17	RSA 8 pm at Gallery. Criss Till's critique
18	Rail 52 cattle cows Salisbury
20	TV not working.
21	2.5 2.75 inch nets missing. probably xxxxx xxxxx at
	P.B.S. 4574 Ft Rixon
22	Gordon out 
	TV & radio gram to town
23	Les Lloyd out fishing
24	TV returned?
25	Neil on call-up till 11th left
28	Silvesta son of Major, Eric of Amos, Tosti of Amos
29	Trade Fair starts.
	First frost. Dip camp bulls 86.
30	Frost along Valley

May 1978
4	2.30 pm Wheat meeting at Royal Hotel
5	Shot 3 Native dogs on white's Run
6	Drummond {13 yellow, 17 barbel, av wt 2.7 max 3 5/8 lbs?} 24 bream
	Not clear if weights are for yellowfish only, or barbel 
	(and bream? included
8	Amos told me re vice stolen from the workbench at the Old Mill
10	Mr Finnie due
11	Neil returns from call-up. 
	9.30 Dairy Farmers AGM, Royal Hotel.
	8pm Seawoods  57 Burnside Road (Boys)
13	Peter & Anthony out
15	Rugby Hartsfield
16	Saw Dougal & Doctor. Peanut butter - oranges. for Dougal?
22	Neil on call up. Taken by Hugh. We exchanged call-ups. N.F.
	Various names in connection with the theft of fish nets
23	$2 for boys fish Brad. Went to Bradford
25	Marshal Baron Gallery 5.30 pm. Marshall died xxxx? 
	Collected 2 pictures from gallery P.F. had exhibited?
27	Dennis & Trish Thompson
30	9.00 am Matopos Research? Station
	9.30 Turk Mine Club
31	10.30 Sale at Figtree

June 1978
3	Colin due Wessels Block
	1st heavy frost (on roof)
5	Marked Power line 
6	on Drummond power line
8	Boys' at Claire Ross ? 8 Bailey Rd Kumalo 8pm
	On Drummond power line.
9	C & I to Dougal Colin & Ian. D. still at Little Wonder
12	Marked out Drummond Rd. The shortcut from Ndududu through
	Dip camp into Drummond. Previously the road to Drummond, and
	Mapinkili (Triangle), was to the Four Gates, along Fletchers
	Road and then down to the river, between the lands, and along
	the side of the hill back towards Hughs houses. There was a 
	much older road from the house at Zimbile. It went through
	a natural drift a little downstream from the concrete drift
	by the Old Mill (and a little upstream of the Dip), back along
	the edge of Mill Drift Land, and then up and between the lands
	in Salisbury paddock and through a gate in the boundary fence.
	From here it went fairly straight towards Mbetchu hills, passing
	through a few drainage courses where it was difficult in wet
	spells. There were no buildings at the hills and the road went
	past Mbetchu hills and through the Triangle, joining White's Run
	Road at the far corner of the farm. It was used for going to 
	Bradford, visit the Robinsons, Bushtick, Essexvale etc. When
	Hugh got Zimbile B (Drummond) Peter eventually asked Hugh to make
	another road going from Fletchers Rd, so that there was less
	traffic through the farmyard at Zimbile. Fletchers Rd was along 
	the watershed on the sandveld, and was passable in any weather,
	unlike the one going through Zimbile A. There was an equal problem
	however in crossing the Nyesana river when it was in flood. Then
	the only way for Hugh to get on and off the farm was along a road
	he made towards White's Run, to the W. Peter helped towards the 
	construction of a low level concrete drift on the Nyezana. Only 
	in a short and very high spate was it uncrossable.
14	Slept at Lyns Reigate
15	Elwyn's Birthday.
	started on Sandy's muti pm muti: Ndebele; medicine of any kind,
	whether from doctors, witchdoctors or plants etc
16	Planted 9 Reigate figs
17	Taxi $2.35 to Shell yesterday
	$60 reward re nets.
18	Shot kudu bull DWE
19	Rail 39 cattle, cows, Salisbury
	Worked on Drummond drift
	Neil found animal pierced with spear at Longile
22	Cut down on Sandy's muti.
	Neil took family to town
27	E.S.C due this morning
28	cheque HEF $656.25 Int for 1/4 quarter.
	1st payment Land Bank $4571 (1July)
	Cattle into pens Drummond Repaired old dairy cattle
	pens, and used them as a beef feedlot.
29	Thames truck to Hillside? garage, gasket blown
30	1.5 ton Trader broke down Bradford
	Cut up kudu biltong

July 1978
1	Colin & Ian? to Dougal
2	Lyn & Goerg etc out. Elwyn & co to Wessons Battlefield Ranch
3	Start on malaria course
4	Vegs eggs 22 lbs. Suitcase 38 lbs. 16 overweight.
5	About 5.40 leave Byo for Sby. Chocolate in Sby $3 bus - 45c tip
	- D. tipped waiter $1.
6	about 8am leave Salisbury. $3 bus - 3 doz Lion beer $15-38.	
	Dennis caught 3 bream. Fished. Lake Kariba
7	Fished Ume river inlet & Musomba (?0 Saw one elephant bull
	Mgomagoma (nuts)
8	Fished Elephant point. Dennis caught about 10 bream. Hippos at
9	at Kariba. Caught lots of bream up Ume River.
10	Leave Kariba 4.45pm. Due Salisbury 6.15pm. 
	$5.00 tip Manoti, Tashinga Camp. $53.00 to Dennis for Expenses
11	Hugh Annette Flick Alvin & Co out
13	Boys final at Gallery
14	Mezenol 2 am 2 pm
16	Lyn G. S & P. out Lyn, Goerge, Sharon & Peter
	Shot 3 rietbuck.
17	{Adamson, Thomas, Richard} on Drummond South kraal. 30 Mozambika,
	5 melanopleura. Farmworkers that Zimbile took on when Hugh sold;
	tilapia fish varieties, they had presumably caught in the dam the
	day before.
18	To Drummond dam 6 am re netting fish
19	grass fire from hut Dududu.
21	ESC completed pegging out holes
23	Hugh's Beadle & Co for shoot 8 Guineafowl/3 Swainsons$3.20 tips
24	Load 39 cows for slaughter 27th. for Marandellas CSC abbatoir
	2pm at Bembesi. 9.30 Royal Hotel (Civil Defence)
28	3 pictures to Art Club (Naakes)
	Collected Thames engine Mike Appel engine rebores, assemblies etc 
29	Rail 39 oxen to Byo
	Dennis & Bob shoot ?130 birds
31	Art Club Ex at Naakes to 4 Aug.
	Boys re run 4&5 at Rhebe Tatz 12 Baxendale 5.15pm

August 1978
1	Collected gear box.
	Shot kudu bull DWW
2	Gear box into Thames
3	Re run Boys 4 & 5 at 12 Baxendale Art club thing, see earlier entries	
	Thames truck broke down White's Run turnoff.
	Installed Agric-Alert. Rural radio security system. Farmers, mines,
	rural stores, Police, etc. Static, and moving security force vehicles etc. 
	Sitreps and compulsory response to schedule roll calls.
4	Lala sick Pointer pup
	Ice tank 8.1 amps. Cold room. Milk room. Garden 4.6+3.9 + 3.7 +3.7= 15.9
	Garden= pumps at the well, for garden, dairy cattle drinking, dairy
	washing etc Spray 16.6 Sprinkler at PP Land?, River pump 30.0
5	 Cut up Lyn's rietbusk.
7	Rail 52 cattle to Salisbury.
	Boys 6&7 re-run 12 Baxendale 5.15pm
	ESC poles erected to Drummond House
9	RSA discussion Jean Danks, Burnside
11	Hugh Forsyth arrived
	Pat Richardson out
12	Hugh Forsyth here.
	Gordon & Co out pm
14	Boys re-run 8&9 Baxendale	
	Collect  pictures
15	Elwyn & Co leave at 8.25 am. 
	Power off 9 am to 1 pm
	244 male weaners to Brad
16	Cut biltong
17	Hung biltong
20	Pat Cooper at Conference
21	Collect Pat with Pippa, Palace Hotel 10 o'c
	Finished Sandy's pills.
22	Cattle feeding symposium, Willsgrove, Cement 9am. Cold Storage feedlot
	at Willsgrove. The CSC fed cattle from their ranches residual buyer etc,
	and would also custom-feed cattle for farmers.
23	Return Pat & Pippa to Bulawayo
	Mzitshwa netting Bradford
	Bexter? shooting
24	Pat R.ichardson to SA to 10th Sept
	Drummond 1st transformerby the old workshop/dairy 5'6" apart.
25	Gordon out fishing (nothing)
	Planted first sweet corn (yellow). in garden
26	Neil on call-up
	Drummond 12 nets 107 bream. 5 yellow 1 mudsucker 53 barbel 1 bass
	(inc 2 Sabi put in Reservoir)
27	2.00 pm BSAP testing Agric-Alert.
	Mike out for the day no fish. Shooting poaching on Brad.
29	1 roof iron stolen off Drummond shed Sunday night. BSAP to 
	Army back on Rietfontein.
30	5.30 Gallery Bushmen Art.
	Report re cattle trapped snared Brad. Saw Bester.

31	Drummond transformers put up. At the house, and at the dam
	wall against the hillside.
	Changed Chev carbureter

September 1978
2	Milk 1973
	Gordon out fishing. Lyn & G out
3	12 o'c to Longdens
	Jill Reeves Johnston - Dr & Mrs? King,  Mrs Edchin all unclear
	Frost along River

	Air Rhodesia Flight 825 - Wikipedia
	Air Rhodesia Flight 825 was a scheduled passenger flight that was shot down by the 
	Zimbabwe People's Revolutionary Army (ZIPRA) on 3 September 1978, during the 
	Rhodesian Bush War. The aircraft involved, a Vickers Viscount named the Hunyani, 
	was flying the last leg of Air Rhodesia's regular scheduled service from ...
	Flight origin?: ?Victoria Falls?, Rhodesia. Survivors?: ?8 Passengers?: ?52 Date?: ?3 September 1978

4	Frost at Dairy etc
5	Rail 39 cattle CSC Byo. 37 oxen 2 D cows
6	Frost at Dairy etc
	Cleaned out garden reservoir
7	Slight frost.
	Valve 0 Transformer 30 furrow 40 Tank 100 House feet? Tank to
	pump 1000 yards. ? but tank to pump might refer to the small
	reciprocating pump below the dam wall, pumping water to the
	tank on the hill above the house/orchard at Drummond. Check dist.
	Drummond netting  37 bream  - 10 yellow - 50? barbel
10	Pat Richardson returns
11	Neil returns
	Put in front shock absorbers Chev.
12	Gordon & friend fishing DW nothing
15	Art synposium 15th-17th. Sundowners at Selborne Hotel.
	Army on Kodhlawayo
16	Mayor opens symposium am. Braai lunch at Hillside Dam. Dinner
	in evening - dress. 7.30pm. 
	9.30 Derek Sherwood 11.00 Marion Arnold 4.30 ProfKarin Skawran
17	Joe Tucker returns from USA? - Mike Barry?/Jack? & Co out
	Colin & Mary out - Joe Good left.
18	Boy, Peter, killed by tractor on fireguard Kodhlawayo boundary.	
	See Kedyi's son, tractor accident, earlier this? year.
	Made 3.5" net, corks 15" apart.
19	Elwyn & Co arrive Byo 3.45 pm.
	Army on Kodhlwayo till 24th.
21	Boy bitten by jackal Drummond. He was walking to work and the jackal
	ran up to him and bit him. I took him to Central hospital where he was
	given hyperimmune serum injected into his stomach? (He was also given 
	a rabies vaccination? Rabies is fatal if unsuccessfully treated.
	The virus travels from the bite to the brain by along nerves. It can take
	up to 60 days(?) to reach the brain from an extremity such as the foot.?N.F.
	Finished 2nd 3.5" net
22	finished 3" net. Paid Sibonisa $2
26	Fish at Drummond. Bream 124, yellow 5, barbel 32
30	Fish at Drummond. 69 bream 14 yellow 43 barbel.
	Gordon & Butch fishing at DW about a dozen bream + 2 big barbel

October 1978 
4	5.30 Schools Exhibition open
	To Bradford etc 146.7 miles
6	Fire at Kodhlawayo. Fire on White's Run
8	About 3 g petrol to Geof Jackson
9	Fire on Mapinkili.
	12 ox I cow to C.S.C.
11	8 pm Betsi Gordon. 1 Lawley Rd, discussion Elizabeth Maloney/
	Peggy Lendrum
	$2 help with Chev on fire
14	Drummond.
	Bream 160 (inc 5 Sabi) 1.25 lb. - Yellow 4 (3.25lb) - bass 2 (1.5lb)- barbel 10
17	68 bream - 8 bass 1.25 lbs each & 1.5 lbs - 7 barbel.
18	Marked out road Drummond
21	Lyn brought children out
22	Sibson 12 am 14 Beryl Drive
	Mike & Les Lloyd fishing
25	8 pm Adele Walters at Gallery on Cezanne
27	Phone appointment Dr Ferguson
28	7.30 Sibson Hall starts. Sibson Hall - music hall at Academy of Music
30	Xray Dr Watson
31	Drummond drawings, angle iron measurements. Hut diameters. ??

1	Gibbs Sir Humphrey?, Governor opening Gallery 21st. Gibbs bio":
6	Collected 10.5ft boat.
8	RSA discussion at Adele Walters.
	Neil to Boyd Clarke, Rusape. Neil 100 litres to Rusape.
	I went with Don Rigby in his car, leaving very early. We saw xxxxx 
	at Headlands?,formerly i/c BSAP, Bembesi, who told us the road to 
	the Boyd Clarke's farm near Mount Zonga was prone to ambushes in 
	the late afternoons and it was already late in the day. We drove 
	to the farm and had a very quick look at the Hostein heifers,agreed 
	to purchase, and drove back to Salisbury, had supper with somebody 
	we knew (?), and drove back to Clonmore, arriving after midnight.
	Link dairy stuff
12	Farewll party for Hugh & Annette at Mick? ...
14	To town with Milk on the milk lorry
15	Hugh leaves for SA link Hugh bio. etc
17	Drummond  1x3" net missing.
	128 bream (inc 3 Sabi)- 6 yellow - 14 barbel.
	To Chelo with Colin/ slept Ian's
19	Gordon & Butch fishing DW about 2 doz bream 8 barbel 
20	Mill pipe 13degree slope. 
	Drummond S. kraal Richard. Thomas 2 wives - 3 children of Thomas
	Fani - wife - 2 children - 7 grandchildren.
21	Rail 26 cattle to CSC Byo.
22	Old Mill pump. water Flange top of bend to Internal Flange 29ft
24	Art Club entries close today.
	Power trouble at Wetland transformer
25	Drummond 75 bream (2 melanopleura)4 yellow 12 barbel
26	Lyn & Georg out fishing.
27	Lyn delivered Blyde River Canyon to Gavin Hart auctioneer. The
	painting was donated to raise funds for war???... Is this the
	painting, largely red ochres, photographed by Peter in glass frame
	with reflections? Peter must have taken a photograph of it before
	giving it away
30	see Sandy Kirk
December 1978
1	Sabi bream from Reservoir to DW. Dam & Reservoir big reservoir
4	13 cattle to CSC 6 oxen 7 cows
5	Annette leaves for SA 11 am
6 	26 cattle to CSC Byo
12	$4.26 fish hooks
13	Hart's sale to which P. gave the painting
16	DW 80 bream 19 barbel
19	Rail 52 cattle to CSC Salisbury
21	Midday started Denol ?.  Pickled fish	
24	Gordon & Butch fishing about 15 bream
25	Fishing at DW nothing
28	cheque $656.25 HEF Int for 1/4 quarter
29	Fished at Drummond with Mike tiddlers only
	Owen phoned.
30	Drummond bream 145 yellow 7 barbel 24 notes re placing of
	nets, deep, near reeds etc a bit unclear

	Addresses etc
	David richardson c/o Stanfield & Ratcliff.
	Frank Stephens Motors = Hill
	ESC Turk Mine substation= Nichol/Smith
	ESC Wild district manager
	H.E. Fletcher Inverdoorn P/B3, Ceres
	Radio station details: MW Botswana , R. Jacaranda, Malawi, General,
	SW1, RBC etc

January 1979
5	Nets out Drummond Anthony & Peter
6	Drummond 118 Bream (3Mossanbica?) 1 silver, 1 mud sucker,
	1 yellow (5lbs), 9 barbel. 
	50c Sibonisa on nets
8	Drummond 199 bream, 18 barbel , 4 yellow, 4 silver, 2 mudsuckers, 
	1 bass (2lbs) 12 big milaniplura to Big Reservoir.
10	Drummond 87 bream, 14 barbel, 6 yellow 2 silver
11	Meal & dip to Bradford
13	Spent day fishing with Gordon. D.W. 3 bream 1 barbel Rain
14	Fished at Drummond with Gordon (nothing) Rain
15	Twins to school. $20 to Neil
18	Mr Finnie due
22	Army on Brad to 28th.
	11.30 Dr Kirk	
	caught in rain at Drummond dam
26	91c oil for boat Gordon lent a 5HP? outboard?
	Collected children
28	Drummond 102 bream (inc 2 Sabi), 45 barbel (1x6lb 9.5oz), 
	16 yellow, 8 silver.
29	Children back to school. 
	Cough mixture $2.76 for the workers
31	RSA a.g.m. 8 pm Gallery

February 1979
3	5pm Church of Ascension Hillside  Bridget Bilang
	Drummond 139 bream (inc 1 Sabi) 7 barbel, 5 yellow (1x4 lb 6 oz)
	10 silver
6	started foundation of Milk Parlour 1:4:8 cement:sand:aggregate
	The double herringbone milking parlour. Future of labour etc etc
7	7 pm Gallery Friends evening - hate meat ?
10	Put in shuttering for above ground foundation.
11	Sandy Kirk out.
	Jimmy Hull back to town. Jimmy would often spend a week or more
	at the farm. Part of the weekend school run.
12	Neil on call-up till 18th.
	Air Rhodesia Flight 827 - Wikipedia
	Air Rhodesia Flight 827, the Umniati, was a scheduled flight between Kariba and Salisbury 
	that was shot down on 12 February 1979 by Zimbabwe People's Revolutionary Army (ZIPRA) 
	guerrillas using a Strela 2 missile soon after take-off. The circumstances were very 
	similar to that of Air Rhodesia Flight 825 five months earlier......
	Flight origin: Salisbury  Date: 12 February 1979  Passengers: 55  Survivors: 0	

14	RSA Rhebe Tatz 12 Baxendale. Ruth Salinger 27 Hall Rd

	finished foundation walls of parlour
	Description of parlour design etc.
15	Started tamping milk room floor rocks, backfill etc.
18	2 tablets pm no food or liquid
19	11 am IVP Dr Watson 11 Med Centre
	$2 to Shadreck 2 i.c. dairy worker to Hospital
	started cutting silage Mbizo Land silo III 10 loads
20	SIII 11 loads Hatfield} Land.
21	SIII 20 loads Hat Land
22	11.30 Dennis Thompson.  
	Silo III 21 Hatfields
23 	2.15 pm Mr Houston at Out Patients, Mater Dei Hospital.
	SIII 14 Hat L.  SI 11 Dududu
	$5 to Mrs Chilten
24	SI 5 Dududu
25	Silo I 7 loads
26	Neil on call-up 5 days. 
	Mike Barry 3.30 o'c
	Gave Keyi $75 + Major $75 Brad
	Silo I 16 loads	
27	Silo I 14 loads

March 1979
1	Collect registration certificate
4	Provisional to SAlisbury (Houston). Phone 703050 Salisbury 838T
	Andrew Flemming Hospital north av 2nd str. Ward A1 Bed 16
	Flight 838T 7.30am
5	Roy Owen Exhibition Naakes
	Operation today 5.30 pm
	W. Wynne, C. Bowen 17 Herbert Rd, W. Sticklen
11	Flight RH 133 7.15 pm. Slept at G & Lyns Reigate, airport road
12	Silo II 26 loads
13	SII 15 loads.
14	Started on parlour sump. Ken Marais 39". width of Marais' sump at
	Maxim Hill farm. The long sump was where the operators moved up
	and down between the two rows of cows, attaching the suction
	clusters etc. The equipment for these parlours were from Stakold
	Refrigeration, Salisbury. Their salesman was Paul Bowel.
15	Trench silo 11 loads This silo could have been one of two
	trenches that were bulldozed through the crest of the hillside 
	NW of the dairy. They were unlined. The tractors and tippers could
	drive through from ground level at each end, tipping as they went,
	and in the process compressing the material already tipped from
	previous loads. The depth of the trenches at the crest was maybe
	12 feet. They were about 10ft wide. When filled they were covered
	with empty plastic fertiliser bags, old hessian bags, chopped straw,
	soil etc, sprinkled with water to increase settlement, etc. Over
	time they became less used because naturally occuring similar
	structures (dongas, dry waterways etc) close to the lands being
	reaped, were used instead. This was better for the machinery (shorter
	distances to tipping, less speed and stress) and a greater number 
	of loads could be cut per day. While cutting was done in haste,
	the eventual feeding was more leisurely. The advent of wide plastic
	sheeting made it possible to keep air out of larger surface areas
	of silage. Peter earlier on made an electric heat sealer to join 
	fertiliser bags into big sheets. It was a lot of work.
16	Mr Finnie due
17	Finished cutting Monkey Land. Trench 11 loads.
18	Trench 8 loads Walkers Dry Dry= unirrigated under the old furrow
	irrigation. By this stage? it had been brought under sprinkler from
	Hatfields borehole. It later came under sprinkler from the Rainbow
	project system which joined all the sources of water.
19	Trench 14 loads
20	Finished walls of parlour sump Link: photos of work. 
	1 ox dead Bradford. Trench 16 loads
22	Trench 13 loads. Finished Walkers Dry.
	Builder back on work. i.e. bricklaying parlour walls, not concrete 
	work. Probably Lefelt?
23	plastered walls of sump. The sump was cast in concrete. The rough
	walls were then plastered with cement.
	Trench 13 loads start Wessels land
24	Trench 12 loads Wess
26	cows in garden.
	Finished floor of sump plastering
27	Trench 13 loads Wess
28	Trench 11 loads Wess. Trench 9 loads OSRd L Old Station Rd land
29	Trench 11 loads OSRdL
30	12.50 Collect Twins for the weekend
	Trench 12 loads OSRdL. Trench 2 loads DW Dyke Wright's Land
31	Trench 13 DWL

April 1979
1	Trench 7 DWL
2	Jimmy Hull out. E. brought Jimmy out after taking Twins to school
3	26 cattle to CSC at 10.00 am Gatooma
7	D.W. (NW) dam 89 bream 12 barbel
8	Mike out fishing
10	D.W. (W) 96 bream (inc. 1 Sabi) 24 barbel, 1 bass (2,25lbs)
11	D.W. (E) 37 bream (2 Sabi) 20 barbel
12	Collected children & Sharon & Co. for Easter Weekend
13	Gordon out fishing. Les Lloyd out fishing (a few fish)
14	Les Lloyd out fishing (a few fish)
17	Drummond 83 bream (7 Sabi) 5 barbel 1 yellow
18 	RSA Opening.
21	DW 136 bream 33 barbel 3 bass (2x 2lbs 6oz)
24	Drummond 124 bream 17barbel
25	Goozy Dam 178 bream 150 barbel 3 silver
26	Goozy dam 129 bream 63 barbel
28	Gordon out fishing (a few)

May 1979
2	DW 61 bream 14 barbel 1 bass (2.5lb)
	Sprayed 1952 Chev limestone
3	DW 119 bream (2 Sabi) 17 barbel 1 bass (2lbs)
9	8 pm RSA at Clyde Hannan 58 Percy Ave.
13	1st frost along river
14	Mr Finnie due
	Frost at dairy etc
	Shot young kudu bull on river where ESC line crosses The
	new line to Drummond
18	stantions put into parlour. the tubular herringbone 
	stanchions on each side of the sump (pit), set in the 
	concrete floor. Their zigzag pattern forced the cows to
	have to stand with their rear ends closest to the pit,
	and their teats at a convenient height for the milking
	machine operators standing in the pit. There were 12
	cows on each side of the pit, and 12 teat cup clusters
	which could be moved to either side. The cows moved 
	through in batches of twelve without a break in the 
	process; the cows on one side having been the first to 
	start milking, were the first to leave, and their places 
	were taken by twelve more while the cows on the other 
	side were being milked.
19	52 cattle rail to Sby.
	Trade Fair starts to 27th.
	Put in floor in parlour
20	G. Lyn & Family out
21	Critique by Tillo
24	Fixed Chev gearbox.
25	Chev back wheel off Ben E. camp. 
	put in 1.25" conduit eletric wiring of parlour.?
26	Made biltong
	put in wires in conduit
	E18-16-14-19-15 \W 11\N 12 ?
27	Water colour tests on roof paper swatches exposed to 
	sun to test pigment lightfastness
28	Fingo seen with snared rietbuck
31	work ??? started on parlour

June 1979
1	Stopped ice motor compressor.
3	Shot bushbaby Peter had a firm dislike of them. Apart
	from their terrible call at night, he sometimes shot 
	them because they were night time predators of bird
	nests etc. Mpukunyonis on the other hand he had an
	affection for, often referring to their "favourite stunt" 
	of running along at night on the corrugated iron aquaduct 
	by the Old Mill.
5	To Town by truck. On the milk lorry
	Saw Ben & Dolly at Boo's. Boo had not yet moved to Salisbury
7	AGM RNFU Royal Hotel 9 am Rhodesia National Farmers Union
	Shot kudu cow Jocks
	Fire at Jims from kodhlawayo
8	3 HP 945 RPM 5 HP 1440 RPM
	Started milking with machines.
	History of milking methods in the past. Cutting down on labour.
	Was Muzorewa already established. etc etc
11	Diesel empty. Petrol 1125
12	2 pm Man from AFC due.
	Cold Room & Ice Tank working at Dairy.
	Neil got new Lorry. Nissan CK10?? 7 tonnes
13	5.30 T. Hepburn opens photos exhibition at Gallery. 
	Tommy Hepburn, farmer at Kezi and old friend of the
	GRass fire on Kodhlawayo on White's Run road.
14	produce dogs 8 am for rabies vaccination
15	Elwyn's birthday.
17	Gordon & Lorna out for day.
18	Dies 2 full + 450gals. Pet 1025
20	Neil on call-up Nkai
	Hung kudu cow biltong
21	Door 78.5x63.5
	Went to Fort Rixon re truck
	Army on Drummond and took wood.
	Fingoes hunting Jims paddock 
24	Sandy, Dennis out to shoot
25	6 weaners dead QE Lands camp. Somehow I got to hear about 
	this while in Nkai area.! Maybe through Police radio?
	1 young bull dead Drummond QE. 
	QE etc
26	innoculated QE Lands and Drummond bulls.
27	Innoculated QE heifers Drummond E.
	DC Inyati to see fence. 
	Heifers Makuwa III innoculated QE
29	Alvin & Flick out

July 1979
2	26 cattle to CSC Byo
4	Grass fire on Army ground we controlling at rivers
5	Grass fire at magwagwa Jims Makuwa III & IV to 
	Salisbury Rd. 4000 acres burnt.
	sp??!. The little granite kopje in Jims. The word
	means channel fat
7	Accident to Elwyns (Neils) car
8	Hugh, Pleasance Beadles & Co out, Mike, Bob & son.
	shoot? No details
9	Gordon & Lorna out
10	6 months $6 per year per animal ??
11	Dairy thermostat blew fuses
13	5.30 pm Exhibition birds.
	Grass fire started at Grand View     by Army
14	Colin & Mary here p.m.
15	Colin & Mary for lunch. Les & Ruth pm
17	26 cattle rail to Sby.
	RSA discussion at Francisco Stoki 118 Marimba Rd
19	Mr Finnie due
	Dave? Theron to see about dairy bull
21	Poisoned calf & Ostrich DWW
25	Fire at Bradford. 
29	Dennis & Trish out

August 1979
3	Accs to Coopers & Lybrand.
	Collected Twins
10	Made a drift above DW dam.
11	Started fixing drift above Drummond dam
13	52 + 26 cattle to CSC Byo.
15	75 l on hand. 1575 litresd when filled
19	Slement (Bembesi Police) & wife for the day
20	52 cattle to CSC Byo
	Neil on call up
22	DW dam 41 bream 10 barbel 1 bass
23	Drummond cottage 25 windows bust. House 3. 34 cartridges.
	Pay income tax before 31st
25	Robinson Wedding (12 noon) ?
27 	11 am at Coopers & Lybrand
28	Tony Taylor & family out
30	Goozy Dam 208 bream 58 barbel 5 silver.

September 1979
1	1 sheep to Byo Golf club.
	How we came to have these sheep.....
2	With Gordon & Butch to Drummond Dam
	G. Lyn & Co out 
3	52 cattle to CSC. {7 CSC oxen, 1 Z cow, 41 Z oxen, 3 HEF oxen.
4	E to Hospital
	Planted 1st row Golden Bantam sweetcorn, in garden
	{Picture near Indaba site to Danae Lambert Porter}
6	E's operation Daughter Clara
	started on roof vaccuum pumps. The pumps were outside the
	milking parlour wall.
8	26 oxen to CSC Byo
9	5t coffee, milk + Ice Post maternity ward recipe?
10	Shot dog Salisbury paddock
12	5.30 Discussion Granada Gallery
13	Elwyn returns from Rodwell Lady Rodwell Maternity Hospital
15	15th & 16th RSA Symposium at Jameson Hotel  Salisbury
16	Colin & Mary here
21	Milk Recorder due
22	Goozy Dam 310 bream 33 barbel 1 silver fish
	Collected pup from Boo Mavros
24	Exhibits for Salisbury to Byo today
	2.10 Dr Ferguson
25	Pay HEF Sept
26	N.S.A. Hillside dam 9am Neil Serena Allegra?
27	National Foods Aiselby Farm 9 am. Aiselby was the Municipal
	farm where Bulawayo's treated sewerage water was irrigated
	onto Kikuyu grass pastures, which were grazed by Hereford cattle
	Drummond 127 bream 24 barbel 10 yellow (2x4lbs) 4 mud suckers
29	Drummond 199 bream 23 barbel 3 yellow 1 bass 2 silver
30	Lyn & Goerge & Sharon out

October 1979
2	Collected Jimmy Hull
3	with Colin to Chelo
6	Gordon out fishing at DW & tomorrow
8	Neil on call up	
10	Veg & nappies to Lornas by Tapson lorry driver
	Stakold arrived re new units in dairy parlour
13	26 cattle to CSC Byo. 
	Ballet 3 pm
20	planted in Dududu lands R201
	On the Sandveld. Short season maize hybrid
21	Planted Junction Land SR52 Heavy alluvial soil,
	long season maize single hybrid. Southern Rhodesia's
	heaviest yielding maize in the world at that time... etc
22	Planted Bob's Land lucerne.
	52 cattle trucked to CSC.
	Planted Big Brak SR52
23	Planted bottom Hatfields SR52, bottom Garden land SR52
24	10.30 to Mike Barry
25	Expect Les Lloyds
27	Lyn, Peter & L's friend out
28	Sandy & Dennis out. Les Lloyd fishing
31	11.30 Mike Barry. 9.40 Kirk

November 1979
2	Planted PPL SR 52. Hatfield SR52 Walkers Dry SR52
3	Planted DW Red upper half
	Mike Barry due.
	Planted at Drummond SR52. Walkers Irrigated SR52. Jocks SR52
	Monkey Land SR52. Opp. dip irr SR52
8	Maldon farm McKinneys due. 
9	Twins out
10	Patty & Stella due
11	Les Lloyd fishing
12	Hippo in Drummond Dam. Hipo
14	26 cattle to CSC.
	Planted Old S.R. land SR215
17	2 African men caught fishing DW.
	Hippo in DW dam
20	10.50 Dr Kirk
	Took Jimmy back to Byo
21	5.30 Art Gallery.
	Mr Finnie due
23	Geoff Jackson, Pat Richardson, Margie Tredgold exhibition
	to 14 Dec from 30 Nov. 48 Park Rd
	Goozy Dam 216 bream 24 barbel 5 silver
24	Dr Taylor & Friend caught 7 bass 2.5-3lbs

December 1979
2	Les Lloyd, Gordon, Lyn & George out
3	52 cattle to CSC Byo
11	P.R. 11th to 15th Police Reserve?
14	Presents to Neil. 
	Pay HEF
16	Gordon & Les Lloyd out fishing DW
17	9.30 Mike Barry. 10.00 Coopers & Lybrand
19	Cattle Inspector due 8 am
20	Cattle Inspector due 8 am
26	Owen arrives 5 pm
30	Taylors & Gordon fishing DW


 1980's	"Climate change". Finks, (yellow masked weavers) like to build their hanging nests near
	the extremities of thin sapling wood of branches, overhanging water in streams; for safety
	from various predators.  At the kitchen end of the verandah at Zimbile, entwining the
	pillars and occasionally trimmed back from the floor, spread a Bankshire rose. Its wilder
	shoots would occasionally overhang by a few feet the  large enamel handbasins used
	as dogs' bowls. As things rapidly got drier on the farm after Independence the finks would
	build each year several nests overhanging the dogs' water, hardly higher than the dogs' backs.

5	Neil & Owen caught 3 & 3.25 lb bass. DW dam, up the West fork 
	at the island, both visible, swimming together in narrow shallows,
	on a brown plastic Sluggo type lure. Owen had a cast, and then I
	had a cast. Only two casts were had. N.F.
	{Peter borrowed SA Game Sanctuaries} Peter H. A book?

	Addresses etc

	Mr Curry, Belmont Engineering , 9 Chatham Road, re gas producer
	for car.
	Lyn  18A Brentwood Rd 
	Simms diese = MacMurray
	ESC Turk = Nichols & Smith
	Tyre Treads = Buchhals {sp?} 
	Botton Armature Winding = McNamara
	Main Motors = M Thal
	Zambesi Coach Works = Mr Martin, Mr Deeney
	M.F.C. buying out dept Mrs Greig, Mrs Boswell 
	M.F.C. hardware D.J. Nunau ? sp
	Dulys = Mr Stuart
	Refrigeration Engineering = Willow Clive, mechanic Kruger
	Theron - dairy at Llewellin turnoff
	Bembesi Police  Alister Grey
	(2nd in ch.) Ian Slement
	Cliff Freeman (?) National Parks & Wildlife, 140a Fife St
	Windmill = Ken Gerrard

	15 fishing nets specs: Alphabet letter designation, sizes
	ZANU Sitoli
	UANC Muzarewa
	ZAPU Joshua NKomo
	ZANLA terrorists on East
	  File:Old Mines.
	Dyke Wright article

January 1980
5	Neil & Owen caught 3 & 3.25 lb bass. DW dam, up the West fork 
	at the island, both visible, swimming together in narrow shallows,
	on a brown plastic Sluggo type lure. Owen had a cast, and then I
	had a cast. Only two casts were had. N.F.
	{Peter borrowed SA Game Sanctuaries} Peter H. A book?
11	Dr Taylor & family slept here
12 	Twins birthday party. Gordon & Co out fishing
	Twins fished from island. 37 bream. Gordon
	collected poachers' rods etc.
19	Three fish poachers at DW dam
21	Twins back to school
29	Goozy dam 94 Br(eam) 22 Barb(el)
30	Goozy Dam 128 bream 12 Barb
31	Drummond 147 bream 16 Barbel

February 1980 
5	Goozy Dam 56 bream 8 barbel 9 silver
8	Goozy Dam 59 bream 5 Barbel 2 silver
9	Pup enoculated for Billiary. Gordon & Co 
	Les L(loyd) out fishing. I caught 3 lb bass DW
12	Started cutting silage Dududu lands
13	8pm AGM  NSA at Granada restaurant?
14 	Voting at Hotel Rio no 1136
19	Shot kudu cow Drummond. Drummond 147 bream
	4 barbel 2 yellow (4lb) 3 silver 1 M.S.?
25	Mike McCann & Patrick Lawrence arrived
26	Keyi caught Green fishing at DW (to Police)
28	Milk lorry broke down near W.R. turnoff. Water
	plug, White's Run. Near Terblanche.

March 1980
2	Expect Dennis and Trish Thompson & Mike Barry
3	Sent picture of Zambezi to Boo Mavros for Margaret King
8	Drummond dam 134 bream 3 barbel 6 yellow (4.75lbs). Shot
	kudu bull in Drummond oranges. 2 Sabi bream in 
	reservoir (now 3)
9	Lyn & ? out for day. Elwyn & Co to John Barry
14	A.G.M Dairy 9.30 Royal Hotel. Pat & Pippa out Cooper	
	Collected twins
17	Collect Jenny??
22 	Twins sports.  Twins & friend out. E.& N & E to Wessons	
	Altas father died. (Alta Happelt?)
30	Les LLoyd out fishing. G. L. & Pillosof out. George, Lyn. Reuben

April 1980
2	Drummond 94 bream 13 barbel 2 yellow (4 lbs) 2 silver. 
	Shot kudu male calf on Drummond
4	Good Friday Lorna & Butch to DW. Gordon to & ?????
	Anne & Mike Jack arrived.
5	Gordon Dunbar & 3 cars at DW fishing with boat 
6	12 o'c at Mavros'. Bookhals's friend Bucholtz? of Tyre Treads?
	fishing Goozy. Ann & Mike to Jo'burg
11	Duggi and Einhard Erkentoday & tomorrow leave Sunday
13	Lyn & Co out. Peter borrowed book on elephants Colin & Mary here.
14	Colin to hospital. Was this occasion when George rushed him to
	hospital with prostate problem?
16	Colins trucking on Wessels Block morning about 35. Shot
	kudu bull D.W.W.
17	Pictures handed in Gallery
19	Gordon & Co fishing
26	Kruispad Wedding. (Lindsay). Noel Fitchet
29	Paid Colin's boys Wess
30	430 steers to Colin Bickle wt av 330kg @42cents=$59598-00

May 1980
2	Permit for Colin cattle. Made one kudu bull leg into
	biltong (77 pieces)
3	Dennis Thompson- Bob Cole- Good - Mike Barry
	GF guineafowl 26 (10 young), 8 pheasants francolin
5	Drummond Dam 78 bream 9 barbel 3 yellowfish
6	35 head RMS Road Motor Service 23 cows 12 oxen CCF Colin
	to Byo. Colin still sick?
12	Stop order $424.00 on milk cheque Ag. F. Corp. for what?
13	35 Wessels to Lochard. Colins cattle to siding for loading
	frost in valley
14	37 cattle Wessels to load Lochard 14th Gatooma. 9 o.c to 10 o.c
	11 bulls, 5 oxen, 19 cows. to go to CSC abattoir, Gatooma
	Frost in cattle pens. where they had spent the night
15	Shot MPala ram DWE Dyke Wright East
16	Shot ostrich cock Mak 3 Macua 3. 
	D.W.dam 16 Bream 20 barbel (1x6lb) 1 Bass 2.25lb
19	Mr Finnie due. Recorder, Milk Recording Scheme. Twins back 
	to school.
20	Joe Tucker & friend arrived.
21	9.10 am E.C.E. to Sby. Collect Jimmy Hull
23	12.50 collect twins 2pm ballet and form for piano lessons
24	Ann's Wedding ..... N.A.S. to Salisbury by Pat Wesson in
	his Cherokee Six? {E.C.E. arrive about 6pm Neil to collect}
27	Fire on Kodhwayo army setting off missfires
28 	Hung MPala biltong. Went round Drummond & Mapinkili

June 1980
2	Mr Tucker & friend shooting. Shot 3 Rietbuck rams.
	Joe Tucker's friend, also an American, did the
	shooting. He knew what he was doing. He also
	skinned the buck with a small pocket knife
	and prepared their heads etc for shipping for
	trophy mounting in USA. He said he had a company
	which built towns(?) in the Caribean(?). He said
	he got around in a King Air which he flew himself(?)
	He was modest in manner. After this trip Joe sent me
	grass seeds, alfalfa, etc.from agricultural suppliers
	in USA.
	Bradforddip borehole 75 ft. 
4	149 cows to Bradford
8	Collected 4 pockets lemons Drummond. After Hugh left
	the orchard near the house succumbed to the wildlife
10	To Bradford & Rietfontein next door Inspected Brad
12	to Matopos with Com Bill Jack and Betine and Emma (saw
	scaly anteater)	The Jacks were Anne's in-laws from UK.
	Anteaters though not very rare, were not a common sight.
13	9.30 oc Dairy Farmers meeting
15	Elwyn's Birthday. Lyn G & Sharon out. Douglas & Olive 
	Mary's visit.
17	To Bradford over hills from pump into Rietfontein. 
	Inspected Army tracks in Brad.
19	Saw 6 kudu 10 pigs on Drummond. Saw 11 kudu compound 
20	5.30 Art Gallery.
	Shot kudu cow & young bull with wire round ankle. Found
	wire snares in fence through DWW Dyke Wright West
22	Sharrons & June Wessons birthdays.
23	Saw Alister. Lyn & G. Alvin & children out
24	Alvin Cope shot kudu bull DW.
25	119 kudu biltong hung
26	Alvin & children returned
27 	Twins out
29	Les & Ruth out Lloyd.
	Neils X Zimbile  cheque to Director Refugee Resettlement

July 1980
2	To Brad via Majakaja kopje on Bradford near Insiza river
	to spunge & return 74 miles/2=37. The spunge was a place
	in the granites on Bradford where various grasses,sedges, 
	etc. had accumulated dead material to a considerable depth?
	It once caught fire and burning downwards for months was 
	practically impossbible to put out.Link:Mjagacha; spunge.
6	Mike Barry, Hugh Beadle & Co to shoot.
17	Pictures ex Sby arrive today. Went round DW no kudu. 
	Hung biltong (Alvins)
21	Shot strange dog in garden. Rabies Overhauled Aga boiler
22	Neil & George to Zietsman. To see his Lasater Beefmaster
	cattle bred from A.I.
29	Shot kudu bull Jocks paddock
30	Shot 2 kudu bulls Drummond

August 1980
2	Lyn out to collect kudu. Swiss friends of McCans? arrived
3	Gordon, Lorna & Butch out
6	Fixed gearbox of Chev.
	4000 litres dieselfrom Shell C. Tank 1 2200, 2 1800
7	shot pig Dududu paddock with wire round nose.  
	Cut up biltong
8	Elwyn to Dr. Jimmy back to town. Collected Butch 
9	Gordon & Lorna leave for SA. Hung biltong. Put strychnine
	poison from Jockspaddock to Terblanche along fence.
	i.e. a third of the western boundary of Zimbile with the
	Fingo and Ntabazinduna Reserve.
	Fixed Aga fire box 
11	Pruned grapes near Cottage.
12	Planted grape cuttings. 23 Alfonsa Laval, 21 Hugh's small
	muscat, 10 white musketel, 14 muscat hambro.
14	Sle of Basil Schermbrucker's farms. 1 oc cattle inspection
15	To Lyn - extra petrol
16	G & Lyn & Co leave for Wankie game reserve
	Took Jimmy & Patty to Cons Con, their daughter
17	Saw Unity & Bobby Moffats. Saw Chan & Lychan Machine
18	$4 fine for hooter. Saw Judy Masefield?
19	G & Lyn return from Wankie. Jimmy to farm.
21	Lyn & children out. Check photos of this camp?
22	fixed campsite, Bradford
25	Leave for Brad camp 9.20. $2 to Brad boys for firewood.
27	Returned from Bradford.
30	DW dam 54 bream 75 barbel, 1 silver 1 mudsucker.
	12 oc community half hour (radio/TV?). Shot stray dog
	on verandah.

September 1980
2	Got strychine from Jimmy?
3	Marked out & cut road to Jagacha Bradford. Mjagatcha kopje.
4	Shot kudu cow Jocks
5	Put out poison Makuwa 3 & 4 and Longile
6	Wesson wedding. Clara's birthday. J.E. Rance to fish Goozy dam.
8	children return to school?  Betty Fitzsimon due. Link
	Lyn's birthday.
	Reported 4 dogs dead MakIV. Longile 1, MakuaIII 3 
12	Shot kudu cow Blue Dump old gold mine DWE. Put strychnine
	Drummond dam to fence DWE & W.
13	Gordon & Butch fishing. Shot stray dog in yard.
14	Shot stray dog in yard. A double entry?
15	Joe Tucker & Co? shot 10 10 ducks DW?
	Joe " Friend shot kudu 2 cows Kopje paddock
16	Put shrychnine between Kopje and Fingoe
17	Went to Brad with Joe Tucker & Pat?
19	1 Fingoe dof poisoned Compoundg paddock
20	Neil to Salisbury

October 1980
1	Charles Murray called in. Research. Rel of Ida.? Dept of
	Agric?/ Water Court?

2	Drummond  Dam Spillway. Drawing two arches
	40 yds 40 yds. i.e. two chords?
	Total wall 87 yds. i.e. two arcs?
	wall 1.5 ft wide. 2 ft deep. On hand 15 gravel,
	15 stone. Foundation 750 cu yds= 1350 cu ft each.
	Background, links, aerial etc.
5	Lyn & Co out in morning
6	Pointer Dilly died
7	Drummond dam spillway 1 load sand = 28 cu ft.
	Sand delivered 2+. Stone delivered 
12	Mr Bucholtz out fishing Drummond
13	To town with truck. Milk lorry. Passenger}
15	G. & Lyn out
17	SIGWAKWA lizard Man?
19	Mike McCann leaves for JB
22	Athol Evans open Natural Exhibition. 
	Slept at Lyns
23	 Gordon & friend caught 3 bass
26	Lyn & Co and June Wesson?out
27	Karen Wittaker exhibition at Grenada till 31st.
	Started on Drummond spillway. 14 boys.
	15x11ft x5.5ins. asbestos piping 55 yards below dam,
	+? large clay pipes. 29x50kg cement in foundation
28	12 cement in foundation. Put up shuttering for half
	of Drummond weir on spillway.
29	Completed 1st spillway arch used 23 cement
30	2nd arch 20 cement
31	1.10 film on colour at Gallery.
	put in bloacks at end of spillway walls

November 1980
3	put in sill behind Drummond dam spillway wall
	started assembling Chev engine
5	Judy Masefield called in
6	$154 for bolts for Colin's truck
7	Completed overhaul of Chev
8	Started 5 Tagament
9	Boo and daughter out
10	Drove Chev to Drummond
11	Goozy Dam 171 Bream 48 barbel
12	12.30 Judges Library, Byo High Court
13	Collect Lady Margaret Tredgold
14	2.15 Dr Ferguson
15	Sick in bed
16	to Hospital  opperation

December 1980
13	Returned home wt 186 lbs pencil entry
	Home from Hospital usual ballpoint
20	Owen & Co due
23	Hugh Forsyth arrives stays till 28th
24	Ann & Mike due

Addresses etc:
	Bill & Unity Lindsay 15 Derby Rd P.O. Bellview
	Chan Machine 9 Donegal Rd
Rainfall for the season 1980-1981 = 33.73 inches


Notes. 	Rhotan. Marandellas. Kudu skin tanning into
	leather 70 cents per sq. ft.

January 1981
6	Owen left for P.E.
7	Keyi shot pig (Pig Land. Ref:
9	Saw Maclean & Jacobson physician
10	weight 190.5lbs
12	Pigs in garden These are wild African 
	bush pigs. They came into the vegetable
	garden at night. The pig shot by Keyi,
	above, would have been during the day,
	when the herd were in maize. See:
13	Pigs in garden. Keyi shot white pig
14	Pigs in garden
15	Jenny & children to PE. Pigs in garden
17	Wt 193.5lbs
19	Twins return to school
22	Caught 2 boys from Reserve fishing DW dam
23	Wt 193.5lb. Went to town with Elwyn
26	Went to Ft Rixon for licences. Rural Council
27	Goozy dam 79 bream 47 barbel

February 1981
3	Pigs in garden
7	Wt 195 lbs
12	Slept at Lorna's
13	Slept at Lyn
15	ZANLA to Kodhlawayo
	Zimbabwe African National Liberation Army. 
	Mugabe's forces. Kodhlawayo the area on the
	eastern boundary of Zimbile, formerly a ranch
	owned by Union Cold Storage. etc. After the
	ceasefire these former combatants were dumped
	in the open on Kodhlawayo, during the rainy
	season. Many absconded, leaving weapons to
	rust in the veld. etc
18	Slept at Lyns.
	Trespasses from Khodlawayo in Zimbile & Drummond
20	Goozy dam 141 bream 64 barbel.
	9 Kod men at Zimbile
21	Met 9 Kodhlwayo men on road to Bembesi
22	3 Kodhlawayo men at Tapsons. 5 ditto Drummond 
27	Lorna at Zimbele
28	11 am at Bembesi Police

March 1981
1	Tony Taylor & Co out
3	Collected Jimmy Hull
13	1.10 pm film on Turner. Weight 196.5 lbs
15	Les Lloyd & friend out fishing
17	Goozy dam 149 bream 43 barbel 1 mud sucker
25	Mining peg Jocks paddock near Fingo fence
	KNICKERS 4 Nickel Peg no. 10790BM 2/8/80
	APEX MINS Minerals
April 1981

3	To Hillside sports School. Ref: etc 
	Weight 200 lbs
5	Lyn G & Sharron out
6	Mike Barry out today
7	Weight 200
10	Goozy dam 40 bream 22 barbel. Very windy & cloudy
11	Les Lloyd out fishing
15	Goozy Dam 89 bream. 13 barbel. very windy
	(32 bream stolen)
	Alister died 7 pm. Peter's double cousinLinks
17	Alister's funeral 4.30 bt there 3.30 Snake anecdote etc
21	Goozy dam 78 bream 18 barbel 1 mud sucker
23	4 p.m. Alister's Memorial Service, Riverside Church
	Drummond 146 bream 16 barbel 4 yellow

	Check: all this netting was been done by the boys?
25	Drummond 101 bream 29 barbel 3 silver (very still)water
27	Put in new clutch plate Chev

May 1981
2	Micky & Sue collected children
5	200 pullets arrive from Sykes
6	Took children to Chipangali game park
7	Put colour test on roof am. Pigment
	swatches for lightfast testing
9	Sheila arrives 7.30 pm  Peter's older
	(b. Byo 1900) sister from Eire
12	Shot kudu cow Drummond west of Hills (1st)
15	weight 204 lbs
19 	Cut up kudu cow for biltong
20	Hung 18 biltong
24	Mike & his cousin out. Lyn G & Sharon out

June 1981
2	Zimbele Cattle Sale At the Four Gates. Links:
3	Went to Bradford with Jimmy. enoculated sick cow.
4	Put out nets Goozy Dam
5	Goozy Dam 40 bream 28 barbel
10	Heavy frost on lawn & roof
	Bens borehole 45 ft deep water 6.5 ft from top
	concrete Ben's = paddock
11	Shot kudu cow & mpala ram Jocks camp
15	Elwyn's birthday.
	Saw Unity & BillLindsay(Moffat) - Judy Masefield
	and Sally & her husband J.John Fletcher.
17 	Hung biltong (40)
21	Bob Cole to shoot and James (son), Dr. Davie - 
	J. Good. 4 guns. 10 GF 5 Sw. 2 Nat. 2 Shelley partridges
	p.m. 3 GF 4 Sw. guineafowl, Swainsons francolin, Natal
	francolin, Shelley's partridges.
23	Cleaned out studio & polished old table
27	Don Rigby & 2 boys boating DW
28	Lyn, G. & Co for day. Loraine, Flick & Co for day & night
29	$4 to twins for spelling

July 1981
1	Rochelle Sutherland arrives from Australia 10.25 am
2	Gallery at 5.30 Eistedford Society
4	Mike 2 grandsons Dennis Thompson & Ron & Lyn to shoot
	+ Judy. - am 6GF 4 swainson, 3 swempy.PM 6 GF +1 swainsons
	Zimbele 52754.6 return from Matopos 52921.4 Total 166.8 miles
8	Mrs Williams, Milk Recording
10	11.25 Elwyn & Co to Falls
16	Alvin shot 2 kudu bulls Jocks paddock
18	Clara to be Christened 12 o'c
22	Lala pupped Labrador
23	Spot pupped Pointer?. weight net 206.8 lbs
24	See Dr Naik 11 o'c
25	Took colour tests off roof
28	Cut up biltong 
29	1 fowl killed by simba genet
31	Planted 10 rooted grape cuttings from garden near
	well yesterday. Planted past the woodpile, east
	of the house. Two? rows.
	Saw Mr Howat re back chiropracter

August 1981
2	Pleasance's shoot 7.30 Pleasance Beadle
	John Barry 7+48+34 (51? to Byo?) Shot kudu
	bull at Big Brak Land?. 12 GF,9S,2N,1 black duck
7	School holidays start. weight 209 lbs
11	Sprinboks play at Duneden
13	Guy and Pat Cooper to sleep
14	Fire from Dip through Jocks paddock. Fire at 
	Kodhlawayo boys on job
16	Grass fire at Kodhlawayo
17	Planted grape cuttings
	No 45 12 Muscat Hambro North
	No 27 11 Katawba centre NW
	No 36 11 Hugh's muscat cottage W
	No 8 9 Raisin blanc E
	No 12 9	White muskatel near Black Hamburg SE
	No 33 10 Queen of the Vineyard S
18	Pruning fruit trees
23	to Pat Richardson?
24	Started on thatching bedroom & nursery
27	weight 205 lbs
31	Ben died. Sir Patrick Fletcher, Peter's double cousin

September 1981
3	Plane leaves Byo 8.45 RH 9842. Plane leaves Sby 6.45
	P.F. & N.F. to Ben's funeral
11	Goozy Dam 57 bream 13 barbel
16	Old thatch S of house off. Planted Clonmore pawpaw
	seed W wet E dry
18	Planted onions close for pickling veg garden
19	Chan and Li Chan Machine due pm. They were no
	longer at Bembesi? Had sold store to Maplanka?
	Fire on Drummond
20	Fire Rouxville & Longile from F.R. Fort Rixon
	dam. David Frost burnt & died. Refs
22	Finished thatching childrens room to 1/2 drawing room.
	Elwyns & nursery 56 sq yd
	Laundry & spare room 48 sq yds
	Twin's to 1/2 sitting 50 sq yds Total 154 sq yds
23	To Stella Hull in morning. Collected youngberries
	from Lyn.
25	2.30 service Abercorn 3rd Av. Funeral David Frost
26	Mike shot kudu cow DW
28	Wet compost (1st)
29	Drummond 172 bream 26 barbel 4 yellow (3x4.25)

October 1981
1	Neville Bucholtz out fishing DW. 6.05 pm power off
2	Lunch with Mike Barry
3	Photos taken Pissaro trees - Monet... ??
6	200 broiler chickens, 600 Z98 pullets, due Byo
	planted veg seed N of rhubarb
8	Drummond 191 bream 13 barbel 3 yellow 3 silver
10	Elwyn to Salisbury. Mike Barry's birthday?
12	9.30 Royal Hotel. Tim Gibbs re Bulk Milk Transport
	Scheme. Pawpaw planted 16 Sept start coming up
16	Sarah Lumley-Smith arrives 7.45 am
	Drummond 267 bream 14 barbel 4 yellow 1 silver
17	Lyn, G & Sharron out for lunch
19	Sheila's birthday
20	New shed uprights in. Steel pillars on pre-set
	baseplates on concrete. A crane from Byo hoisted
	them File:
23	Drummond 266 bream 23 barbel 2 yellows.
	New shed roof frame beams complete. started on
	Steel frame. Open Dutch barn. Approx 27x18 m.
24	Planted garlic N near rhubarb N
	Roof all on shed.
	Lyn & children out
26	Shot Impala Dr Vigne's Mine Jock's paddock
	Started digging onions. Commercial crop
27	Shot kudu bull near DWE South corner Drummond river
29	Drummond 199 bream 66 barbel
30	Sale at La Rochelle, Essexvale at 10.30. Brahman
	Lindela Justici cutting wood at DW land

October 1981
November ? 1981
1	Pat & June Wesson for day
3	weight 204 lbs
4	Planted Walkers Irrigated land. Early maize?
5	Adrian ( Mike's grand-son) and friend out to
	shoot kudu
9	8 rows in-flower mealies top dressed with
	ammonium nitrate. Peter's early sweetcorn in
12	Milk Recorder A.M. Williams.
	89 pkts onions to MP Auct Matabeleland Produce
13	500 pkts onion (10kg) to Gwelo. Through
	Abe Smit/FRAME, the Assembly Points feeding
16	120 x(10kg pkts) onions to MPA. 250 Pick & Pay
	near Wards Transport?
19	Bradforn Jagatcha via main road 36 miles from
	Zimbile. Total return via Drummond and Brad 
	dip 71.3
20	Honeywells for supper
	900 pkts onions to Aristopolis. {Ref. He put
	them in cold storage.
21	Lyn & Co out.
23	Planting at Drummond
24	Maize planting at Drummond
26	planted sparkler radish with cabbages. ???
	LUDE ex Sidoba Radish? bed near rhubarb.
	Unclear, but lude was one of the common
	wild greens. It had a creeping growth
	habit, close to the ground. Not so good
	as another green, mbuya, () planted by
	Peter in the garden. The best mbuya 
	variety had small brown speckles on the
	leaves, a bit like the speckles on small
	birds' eggshells.
	Sidoba was "Malobola" Dube. See:

December 1981
4	Drummond 190 bream 29 barbel 1 mud sucker
5	Shot 2 kudu cows. 1 river fence, 1 near
	Red Land George's L aka Pig Land
	Stella - Patty-Jimmy for day Hulls
11	Full Moon. To Hospital.  Butch at Zimbile
14	Neil's Birthday
15	returned from hospital  Lyn & children out
17	pigs in sweetcorn in garden. Set gun.Anecdote
19	1 pig in garden
21	Pig in garden. Collected Sheila from Stella
23	Pig in garden
24	weight 195 lbs
26	8 Africans fishing. Cars at DW Dam 300-675V
	yellow green Datsun 41-072S Datsun white 98-124F
	green Citroen white roof
28	Planted radish with potatoes
	Rainfall for the season 1981-1982 = 10.57 inches 

January 1982
1	At DW dam bright blue station waggon 105-598E.
	Amm?? & I fished at DW
2	Transplanted peppers. put out poison for pigs
6	Lyn's family returns home. Put some small Sabi fish
	to Goozy D Sabi bream
8	Sheila returns from hospital
12	Saw Dougal
13 	Butch returned. Keyi reported netting at Brad
14	Twins birthday
15	Dw dam 235 bream 42 barbel
16	Visited Robinsons
17	Colin looked in. Les & Police fishing DW
20	Pigs in garden
	Dougal bitten by puffadder  Ref:
21	Pigs in garden
23	Clonmore A.I. Clonmore Ranch, belonging to Mrs
	Thompson (Meikle), managed by Don Rigby

	We (N.F. and Meja Nyoni)synchronised (Estrumate)
	a group of heifer recipients and embryo donor 
	cows (Weebollabolla shorthorns from Australia)
	for the first embryo transplant in Matabeleland. 
	The donor cattle were superovulated with PMSG 
	and later artificially inseminated. A number
	of embryos were sucessfully recovered by xxxx from
	the UK, and xxx Francis. and trasplanted to some of
	the recipients, and calves from this were subsequently
24	Colin here
25	Sheila to hospital
26	To town with milk truck
30	Clonmore transplant

February 1982
1	 Repaired road grader Details:
2	N.E.& Sarah to Salisbury. George's 50th birthday
4	E returns from Sby
7	Sarah to S.A & E to Australia. 11 am
8	Sheila not well
9	Sheila died 10.35 am
11	10 o'c cable from Elwyn
12	Funeral 12 oc Father Kevin File: Funeral farm
16	Drummond 266 bream 11 barbel 5 yellow 8 silver (4.75lb)
17	transplanted Swiss chard bed no 5
18	Rosella first flowers. Broad beans planted 
	Drummond     bream 11 barbel
19 	5.30 pm Service for Sheila
	church Cecil Ave Matopos Rd. All Saints Church
24	Sarah Lumley Smith returns from S.A. 2.15 pm
25	Bucholz at DW dam bass 1x4.75 1x4.25 1x3.75 3x3lb
27	Sarah for England pm
28	Taylors at DW dam. Les LLoyd & Bucholz at DW
	1x4.5 x 4.25 x 3

March 1982
1	Fire arms registration
6	Les Lyod fishing DW
7	Bucholtz caught 5 bass 3-4 lbs
10	DW dam 1 bass 3.5lbs 75 bream 3 barbel drag netting
11	DW nets in 2 hours 337 bream 36 barbel
12	DW nets in 4.5 hours 296 bream 57 barbel 4 bass (1x6.5lbs)
14	Onion seed out on test
15	87 Fingoe cattle from Ben E to pound.
17	7 pm at gallery $20-0 to gallery Met Max Logan chairman
18	Elwyn returns 2.15 pm on RH 116
22	DW dam 4 hours 236 bream 56 barbel 1 bass
24	8 pks bream to Dundee Butchery. (5-6 lbs each)fillets?
	DW dam 130 bream 24 barbel 4 bass nets in 5 hours 50
	minutes to return
26	9xapprox 5.5lb fish to Dundee.
	3x5.5 + 2x2.25 ditto to Market $16.00
31	Fish poachers netting DW spoor diagram
	shot ostrich Makue IV
	DW dam 5 hours 301 bream 28 barbel 5 bass

April 1982
2	60 lbs fish to Market. 
	9 large 5 small $0.61/lb. DW 4 hours 344 bream 21 barbel
5	71.24 lbs fish to M.P. Auctions. 68c/lb
	DW dam 177 bream 4 barbel
	5 bass (4 hours,  water 18" to 2ft.
6	Dairy Field Day Kirton Farm
7	To town with Milk Truck
8	126 fish to Mat Pr. Auctions. DW dam 181 bream 3 barbel
10	Fish sold Meja $5.00  Ann $1.40.
	My letter to Registrar of Deaths re Sheila posted.
12	41.5lb fish to M.P.Auctions. Jestina for fish $2.40
	Amos $2.70 av 62c/lb
14	DW dam 4 hours 122 bream 17 barbel 2 bass.
	Jestina $2.85 for fish
	Were these fish purchases or bonuses paid fish work?
15	Sheila's Death Certificate dated 15 April
19	DW dam (6 hours) 215 bream 15 barbel
20	Shot kudu bull DWE near Blue Dump old smallworking shaft
21	Shot MPala ewe DWE
22	DW dam 5 hours 263 bream 11 barbel 3 bass
23	Keselina i.e. Kestina?$2.00 fish, Danisa $1.00 Amos $0.60
24	Power cut 8.00 am to 14.30pm.   Joseph 50c fish
25	Mike Jack shot rietbuck ram Jocks paddock
26	Maja $1.80 fish
27	Shot Impala ram near Blue Dump stream. 
	74.25lb fish to M.P. Auctions
	DW dam 5 hours 242 bream 11 barbel 3 bass
28	Cut up kudu biltong & impala to deep freeze.
29	88 lbs fish to MP Auctions. 
	DW dam 5 hrs 146 bream 7 barbel 4 bass
30	$1.03 register letter to Eire

May 1982  
1	$3.20 Amos fish
4	$4.00 Jestina on nets. Jestina was the girl in the veg garden,
	which was run by Peter. Perhaps she was paid for helping fishing
	11 pks total $31.05 to Deep Freeze No IV
5	5.30pm Gallery 1972-77 British prints
	3 Sabi bream in garden reservoir. DW 177 bream 4 barbel 2 bass
6	Neil shot dog after kudu near compound. chasing kudu. Don't recall
8	Power off 7 to 14.30pm Must have been working on line	
	114 biltong hanging
12	(1st) Keyi shot rietbuck Big Brak land
13	Taxi $4.90 PF went to town with milk lorry?
	Keyi shot 3 duiker Big Brak. Keyi shot 2 rietbuck 2 duiker Drummond
14	Keyi shot 2 duiker Big Brak
18	Keyi shot RB male Big Brak
	Insert: Photo onion seedbeds Big Brak land
	This shooting is unusual. Perhaps it was to do with the buck
	eating onion seedlings before transplanting, or shortly after.
	Buck liked to eat onion tops. One winter Tony Taylor shot a kudu
	(the first he had ever shot, so he told me) in DWE and when we
	cut it open and took out its stomach etc to lighten the task of
	lifting it into the back of the pickup, the stomach was very full
	and bloated, and when punctured memorably smelled of fermenting
	onion tops.
20	Poachers at DW dam
21	Poachers at DW dam.
22	Barbel 22kg=48.5 lbs
23	12 oc to Pat Richardson - Map petrol - tools to Pat's xxx38.2 miles ?
24	BSAP gave me summons
29	Shot Impala ram Drummond E
31	Shot kudu cow Drummond Dam Rd. Sprayed cabbages, Brussel sprouts etc
	for aphis
June 1982
1	Court at 0845 Don't recall this
3	To Mapinkili old windmill borehole 108 ft deep.
	Insert: Old windmill (Fairbanks Morse) history etc; broken; borehole
	went dry. Rebuilt windmill gearbox; put it on bh in Big Rock paddock
4	Shot 2 kudu bulls, Drummond paddock near Salisbury name of lands near
	Drummond/Zimbile boundary fence.
5	Shot kudu bull Walkers Land. Drummond ESC to crate? 60 yds. ESC to
	House 190 yds. ESC= Electricity Supply Commission. Check date of power
	line extension to Drummond
6	Mpala & half kudu to Lyn
7	Flick & Lorain in Byo. 2 FN automatic pistols to Police Bembesi
	Bbezo died Mbizo Mpofu. Insert bio:
8	180 kudu biltong hung (See 28 April)
10	Received note re FN's to return.
11	Elwyns birthday
16	Neil shot 2 kudu cows & 1 duiker at Drummond Dont recall. Check when
	lucerne was established
19	Miriam-Sheila-Esta-Evi-Rebecca,-Mavis-Pand???-Pelena?
	collecting wood DWW. Hunting near Drummond Dam
22	Neil shot 5 kudu DW lands 1 cow 4 bulls checl lucerne?
27	Lyn & co - Taylors - Flick & Co out for day
30	Put out poison DW & Jocks paddocks. 7 dogs dead Jocks.

July 1982
1	To Bradford
2	100 native cattle from Longile
3	Power off 0800 to 14.00 (2pm)
8	5.30 Eisteddfod opening
10	Put out poison Makuwa III & IV. Wild pig in veg garden
	Lala Labrador died from poison.
	Reported hunting Mapinkili
	1 dog dead Jims near gate. 1 dog dead Longile near Longile hill
	1 jackal IV 1 dog IV  2 dogs III Macua paddocks
12	Milk Recorder ( Williams) due
13	8.30 Court no 4. $100 cash to court.
16	Shot 2 ostriches Makua IV and Fingo dog.
	Shot kudu cow Makua IV
20	Mdubeki saw fingoes hunting Big Rock Road
21	Mike & Ann due
24	Put strychnine Mapinkili & Drummond. Shot kudu cow Ben W
	2 jackals 2 dogs died
26	Anns granddaughter died. Ann Nyoni?
	Ann & Mike Jack left
27	2 oc to court 4
28	Made biltong.
30	To Chelo with Colin. Slept at Chelo

August 1982
2	Shot 2 m.male ostriches Makua III
6	Patrolers caught 13 Fingoe women cutting trees DWW
7 	Put out poison Jim & Longile. Shot 2 dogs MakuaIV
	shot 3 ostriches 2 dogs dead
8	Lyn & Co out. Pat Richardson slept here. She now lived
	Fort Rixon/Mchingwe area? check
13	Edward Santini in DWW going to Glen Grey. Poisoned DWW
	Drummond, Mapinkili. 1 dog dead Dr. dam
16	Expect Pat Cooper Peter's cousin, daughter of Rory
	7 rietbuck shot
17	13 rietbuck shot + 1 duiker. NF. In lucerne, Drummond
20	Went to Bradford. 
	2 poachers caught with nets & fish 1 ran away 1 taken
	to BSAP Bembesi
21	N shot at Drummond 3 kudu 2 impala 1 rietbuck 1 pig
22	Dennis Thompson
23	Neil shot 2 kudu Zimbele lands
24	Planted 1st yellow sweet corn
26	Drummond 69 bream 26 barbel 2 bass
27	picnicked at Mapinkili & river Drummond
28	Breakfast with children on River on Drummond.

September 1982
1	Drummond Dam 101 bream 13 barbel 1 yellow 1 silver
2	Put up posts of youngberry trellis
4	Poison put out Longile Mak II & III
6	Planted granadilla.... Planted Robinson's pawpaw
9	Milk Recorder. To Bradford with Hugh
10	Saw 2300 yards fencing stolen at Mapinkili Drummond
	Wired up young berry trellis
12	Lyn & G & Sharon out. Les & Ruth Lloyd pm here
13	Tied youngberries on trellis
14	Went with Police through Glen Grey Neighbouring 
	farm. It was? where PF's uncle Rory was found dead
	in his bed decades before.
17	Collected bird lime at Bradford. $6.00 paid boys
	for above.
	This was an interesting episode. The bird lime here
	was not the usual one made from parasitic xxxx in acacia
	type trees, but the poisonous white milk from euphorbia,
	which did not grow on Zimbile but were common in the 
	granites of Bradford. Peter and Anthony Dungeni heated
	the milky sap at the workshop to make it into a sticky
	latex, but the fumes from the process were very tough
	on the eyes. Both Peter and Anthony went around for a 
	week with very red and painfull, weeping eyes. But they
	did use it to catch a few birds (in the orchard?).
	Euphorbia is well known as a fish poison. Its branches
	are put in pools.
	 When we were young Peter taught us to catch birds with the
	berries of ..... This parasite is spread from tree to tree by
	birds. The red ripe berries have a sticky gel covering a
	single pip, and when a pip gets stuck to a bird's beak the
	bird, perhaps having flown to another tree, wipes its beak
	against the branch on which it is standing, and the berry 
	gets stuck to the branch and is able to put out parasitic
	attachments to the tree.
	 To make bird lime from these berries one pops the sticky 
	pips into one's mouth where, because of saliva, they are
	unable to stick to anything. When one has a mouthful of 
	them, one gets a piece of grass stem (such as one finds 
	in Africa) and without wetting it with saliva, inserts 
	it into the mass of berries in one's mouth, holding it 
	steady between one's lips, and revolves the free end 
	between the palms of one's hands. A bit like the making 
	a fire with two pieces of wood trick. The sticky gel
	sticks to the grass, and then one spreads it along the 
	length of the grass and puts the piece of grass as a
	perch near ripe fruit, such as peaches or apricots, and
	catches a few unfortunate tiptols etc.m

18	Joyce's (Ian Fletcher) wedding 3 pm Gweru. 
	Ian's daughter Joyce married Alec du Ploy. Reception
	was at the Hall at Somabhula. (Where the kid's were
	shot during the war). Peter uses new spelling of Gwelo
29	Drummond Dam 138 bream 11 barbel 3 bass 1 silver
30	Taxi $4.08

October 1982
1	Made Elwyn's Braai. The barbeque on legs, truck rims
	Ben W 38 ft deep. The borehole. depth to water/total?
2	Granadillas coming up. Pawpaw, xxx, carrots ditto
4	Started fire in Braai. 1.4 gallon buckets chips - 20 minutes
	smoke finished & plenty flames. 25 minutes few flames
	30 mins flames finished 50 mins still hot.
6	To Hospital
8	M.? Strickland. V. Falls. xxxx Styn xxx }in Fxxter? ward/
9	Left Hospital
10	Braai at Fig Tree. 1.10 oc lit fire - meat in too soon in
	30 mins - 1 hour still putting meat on. Under the old
	figtree at the house. Link photos. Link Mike Clarke paintings.
11	 CSC book 80 head
12	Plantings: Brinjal - Lyn's chillies butter nut - 
	pumpkin Queensland Blue
13 Dr Gelman physician
14	potatoes & peppers - garlic out of season?
17	44343 Sandra Jackson. ? pm 16 Manfield & Kipling Drive. 
	Slept at Jeff? Jacksons.
18	$22.00 services? lodge. Lodge 17 Cottage 16A
	At Maleme Dam
19	At Maleme Dam
20	Tip at Maleme $2. Lodge 17 extra time $5.
	Returned from Maleme Dam
??	Peter said the Jackson kids were very engaging and
	took a lot of interest in the klipspringers.
	Sometime after returning from this trip he painted a
	small picture with klipspringers which he gave to
	them. Veronica Mae might have been about three years
	old at Maleme. She had the painting ca. 2012. Link:
24	Braai lit 12 oc - 2 tier - top on, chips bottom tier
	only - 12.30 still little smoke & flames. 12.35 started
	frying - 1.10 still hot - 1.30 still hot
31	12.15 lit braai 2 tier 4 galls chips. To disc cover
	Plough disc). Started cooking 12.45 (far too hot)
	next time no cover until flames over.

November 1982
1	Cooper & Lybrand move to Derry House
3	10 oc. Dr Gelman
5	Goozy dam 174 bream 60 barbel 13 bream into DW dam
	Check. DW was dry/when did it refill??.
10	Goozy Dam 172 bream 12 barbel. 22 bream to DW Dam
11	Shot 2 kudu cows DWE
13	SWimming at Hillside School
16	5.30 Art Gallery
17	All cattle at Zimbele 9 am
18 	18 cattle caught DW fence down
19	Drummond 243 bream 53 barbel (12 nets)
20	Pigs in sweetcorn during last night
21	Dennis & Trish Thompson for lunch & 
	Lyn & G out.
22	Cut up 2 kudu cows
24	Security fence to corner 85 yds.
	corner to gate 23 yds
	gate to east corner 125
	E corner to loquot 85	
	Loquot to N corner 90
	N corner to sec fence
	484 Total See 2 Dec
26	Keyi at 8.45 Traffic Court Drill Hall grounds
28	Pigs in sweet corn last night
29	Pigs in security fence on Kopje?

December 1982
2	Details of staples required
3	48 bream from Goozy to DW dam (to date 83)
6	Started cement work round veg garden & orchard
7	Drumhead. Cauliflower
8	Twins leave for P.E. Finished concrete garden fence
14	10.30 Charles and Rose Loxton. Charles lived
	on Zimbile for six years. He went to Cedara and worked
	for a while for De Beers Shangani, and then came to
	Zimbile. He was there for the building of the dairy.
	He married Rose Strachan while at Zimbile, and they
	lived for a while in the cottage, during which time
	their son Garry was born. Later he went to their 
	family farm at 	Kezi. Over Christmas 1983(?) he and
	Rose and their daughter were murdered by so-called 
	dissidents at their house. His brother Tony was 
	killed in an ambush the same evening when responding 
	to the Agric Alert. Rugby 8th man Old Miltonians,
	high jump 6ft 2"?. Jumping in his workboots on the
	lawn at Zimbile. etc. Write bio.
17	5.15 film at Gallery
	Drummond Dam 206 bream 14 barbel 2 yellow
18	Chan Machine & Co
21	Twins return from PE.
22	Christmas tree to collect Write;
23	Gordon & Lorna arrive. They had already moved
	to SA?
31	Seed tests

	Rainfall for thwe Season 1982-1983 = 17.27 inches

January 1983
3	Owen arrives.             
5	Benji's funeral Benji Williams, murdered with his grandson etc
15	Bird lime preparation details
16	Patty & Co out for day. Hulls
19	Opened bag of anthracite. $6.00 bird lime Brad payment for
	collecting euphorbia sap
21	42 bream to D.W. dam
	From rainfall record book Jan 18th. 2.6 inches rainfall.
	"D.W. dam was almost filled from empty by rain measured as
	4 inches by Terblanche and Fay." (Neighbours on upper catchment
	of the dam). So these bream were a re-stocking from scratch?
26	Bird lime Brad $6.00
27	Drummond 210 bream 17 barbel Drummond dam would most likely
	have picked up a big inflow from the rain mentioned above

February 1983
11	Took Keyi to Dallas Farm to drilling machine. To see Alister's
	borehole drilling machine somewhat derelict.
15	Sent for boring machine. tyres 700 or 750x20. 9.45 tyre burst.
	It was towed to Zimbile by tractor
21	USA Paper 3 pm in water in basin bottom paper already 12 hours, in
	again 4.30pm. So far PF has made almost no records of things 
	concerning watercolour materials, painting, etc.
24	Ordered anthracite
25	6.15 pm USA paper in water
27	Paddy Lloyd due {Advocate Lloyd}

March 1983
4	Goozy DAm 63 bream 11 barbel.
5	Put out poison (Lennon?) strychnine Jocks, Lands & Big Rock
7	Keyi put Bontox poison DWW Toxaphene cattle dip?
9	3 dogs died Kopje reported by children, Sidobha reported
	2 DW. 1 dog dead Big Rock.
21	Finished legs of table & picture shelf. He made in his studio.
	The table was too long to be removed eventually in 2002/3?
	Loraine out to Zimbile
22	70 cattle booked to CSC
24	Finished picture rack
27	Fingoes poaching on Drummond
28	Garden Reservoir pumped from Pool. The reservoir was originally
	pumped into from the well at the house. Later it was pumped from
	the millpool in the long asbestos pipeline. This entry is obscure.
	Further entries might explain
	Collected marulas for jelly. Fruit from a wild tree. Jelly for
	eating with venison etc., as with Rosella jelly
29	70 cattle booked CSC. 
	Drummond 30 bream 2 barbel 1 bass. Hippo took 2 nets Nos. C&D
31	Owen's birthday. Put out poison Goozy, Makua 1,2,3 and 4 paddocks

 April 1983
1	 Owen shot 3 ostriches 2M 1FM
2	Put in shelf behind door studio
4	Poisoned with Bontox Ben to Crows Nest Ft R. Road, Makue 4 & 3 to
	Sby Rd.
5	Perkins engine for Drill arrived - drills etc arrived from Umvutcha
9	Old engine 6.5 & 8.5 inches
	New engine Housing 10.5 wide hole 2.75 deep.
12	Goozy 66 bream 18 barbel. 
	According to  Keyi 211(Mak 4) + 54 (Salisbury paddock) sold.
	Acc Owen 250 oxen $142 each?
14	Put out poison Jocks & DWW
15	Owen leaves for P.E. Arrived 3rd January
18	Thompsons and Exelbys due. Independence Day tech drawing
19	Tech drawing
20	Wyns Engineering fit SKF bearing. fulcrum bolt for lever
	pressure plate, fly wheel. fit pressure plate bearing to shaft
22	Dr Naike 11 o'c. insert 1 pill.. after no result
	after 1 hour another pill - no result. In evening by mouth
23	Elwyn made rosella jelly
27	5.30 Gallery Bulgarians?
	Goozy Dam 38 bream 3 barbel (1 barbel 11 lbs 10oz)
29	Drummond 96 bream 29 barbel 9 yellow (4 lb 11oz)
	1 Bass 5lb 11 oz. 1 mud sucker

May 1983
2	Mike McCann left for JB
4	10am to 1pm F. Mech invitation to Trade Fair FarmMech
5	Elizabeth Maloney out. Baxendale
7	Arthur Melk's wedding
	Put strychnine Makuwa 3, 4 & Goozy. Took axe from Fingoe
	in Mak3. Elizabeth Maloney left
16	Shot kudu bull & impala ram at Drummond. Put out
	strychnine at Drummond
17	My troubles again
18	Expect Jacksons for lunch yesterday. Cut up kudu bull biltong
23	Planted bed 20 EJW Early Jersey Wakefield cabbage?
24	Planted bed 10 EJW Planted bed 9 cos lettuce.	
	First frost in garden killed makomani type of squash
	slightly nipped tomatoes
25	Acc Sandra 650 km to Mana. Acc map I make 650 miles to Mana
26	Hung up biltong

June 1983
4	10 am pictures tyo gallery Ossi Osborn. 
5	4.30 pm took first Tagamet. 6.00 pm 2nd Tagamet
6	Shot kudu bull Big Rock. Put poison Lands & Big R. camps
7	Old engine flywheel 394 mm. Went to town acc Elwyn
8	5.30 pm Art Gallery
9	Letter re firearms to Sby.
10	REgistered letter re firearms to Sby No 20890
14	Took engine to Wyns Engineering
15	Elwyns Birthday
20	Mzilikazi Craft Show. (?)City Gallery at Naakes
	Wrote to June
21	Hung biltong. Shot kudui cow DWE
22	Junes Birthday
23	Put shrychnine in Mapinkili camp
24	Neil started concrete of Ox Pool dam. Cut-off trench
	in foundation?. Concrete gravity section wall for an
	irrigation control weir, water depth 19ft. It was a
	buffer for water let downstream from DW dam which
	often flowed to waste during powercuts etc.
	PF said it was called Ox Pool because when someone
	was walking along the bank in tall grass they gave
	an ox a fright and it jumped from the high bank into
	the pool. When we drained the pool with a centrifugal
	pump to prepare the foundations we expected to find
	a lot of fish. There was only one, a large bream. The
	pool had to be pumped each day. The cutoff trench was
	about 2-3 ft wide and was hung with plastic sheeting	
	into which the concrete was poured, displacing the
	water that had already seeped into the trench, until
	the trench was full. The pump worked on and off all
	night, and then for a few days the foundations were
	allowed to flood. etc
	A hundred yards or so upstream of Ox Pool was Tortoise
	Pool, with a concrete/rock drift and a low sill
	on the upstream side, making it a larger and deeper pool. 
	It was from here that for a while we pumped into irrigation
	lines. When Rainbow was finished the plant was relocated
	to higher ground.
	Enter: "stabbing the earth" stuff while Owen was here.
	Also the further plan of joining the rivers by a furrow
	from Garden Pool. These plans were shelved: Fifth Brigade
	beating the boys on the spillway. Shooting 26 at Bembesi?.

29	9.00 M.F.C. Meeting Matabeleland Farmers Co-op
30	Main Motors phoned. Mazda B1600 $3750 canopy
	L. Rover series 3 $3250 Second hand cars. We bought
	the Mazda. Keyi used it mostly.

July 1983
3	Put strychnine from W.R. Rd to Drummond & Mapinkili.
	White's Run
6	Shot 2 kudu bulls Drummon in bush SE of drift
8	Gauche deposit on bags $15.31
10	Mike Barry's family due
16	Bob Cole, Dennis, Ron, due 7.30 {bird shootingi}
17	Van Wyk's due Chris v.W? Gwaai?
18	26 head CSC tell Neil
19	Hung biltong
21	Eisteddfod opens
22	John Fletcher & Co here
25	10 am H&S Stella Haddons and Sly. Stella Coulson?
	Peter met Stella, of Essexvale, in Bulawayo and 
	brought her to Zimbile?? They then met Pat(ricia) 
	Richardson in Gwelo and went in her?) Peugeot to
	Mana? Check.
27	Charge razor battery
28	Bembesi to Mana Pools 450 m=720 km/ Gwelo 14477km
	xxx? 14041 obscure. Gwelo Selukwe say 25m
	Sleep at Sensia?Sinoia Hotel Independence way.
	2.00 pm Meet Pat at Gwelo
29	arrive at 2 pm Mana Pools  Sinoia $16.90
30	Walked to Mana Junction. Elephants visited our camp.
	Photo of elephant tomatoe.
31	Walked on to elephant calves and big cow. Story
	Elephant at mouth of Mana R.

August 1983
1	Sun rises 6.25 sets 5.41
	a.m. Photoed  below Mana Mouth. Went to Mana Pool
	3 elephants about 20 yards from our camp
2	Spent day at Rukomeshe River. Threatened by elephant
	six yards from me where I was snoozing.
3	40 cents African VUNDU. Lion spoor 12" across.
4	Take Pill malarial?. Tom caught 3 bream 1 barbel
	downstream 15 km.
5	Leave Mana 10 am
6	12.30 Jameson Hotel. Stella slept at Zimbile
	Hugh Forsyth at Zimbile
9	Hugh left for JB
12	Elwyn & Co for JB. Mike's grandson to shoot. Mike Barry
14	Pat Richardson due from Ft R. Fort Rixon
25	Dr Naik
26	Pigs in garden. To hospital.
30	Left Hospital 12 oc

September 1983
2	3.00 to hospital for inspection of ulcer
3	Out of hospital.
5	DR Jackobson 33.30 pm
7	5 pigs in garden
8	10.30 Dr Jackobson
9	Set Jimmy's trap in garden A big jaw trap??
12	Chev to Doman {Ed Doman}
17	Sue Fletcher arrived. from Australia. Took photo of
	concrete wall works
19	African Exhibition starts at Naakes Gallery
	Sue Fletcher left
20	Colin supper here
21	Saw Sally & Jill Masefields
	Collected Chev. Jill leaves 18 days time.
	Petrol for Chev return $20
26	Ronnie arrives 8.45 am Lionel  thFletcher's brother, from JB
29	Caught 1st pig in garden
30	Ronnie returns 8.00pm

October 1983
1	Charles Murray slept here. Bio
	Taylor shot? rietbuck Flat L.
5	See Jackobson soon
6	8 am dairy cattle inspector. 
	Unity & daughter Miss Lang out check
11	Mike Barry's birthday
14	10.45 Dr Jackobson 
	1 tagament?, 1x3 librax? before meals, 1x3 Mag
22	To Norval's. Already sold to ARDA?
	Lyn & George running ARDA dairy? etc 
	Son? Norval still there also?

November 1983
5	Five Brigade beat up our labour. Story
7	To Mike Barry 11 am LLoyds Les/Adv?
15	Phillipa & John Fletcher due
16	Art Gallery 5.30
21	Pay Income Tax
24	Goozy Dam 143 bream  27 barbel
30	5.30 Exhibition Gallery

December 1983
1	Twins here for holidays
4	Dingy arrives Erken
5	2 pm Meeting at BSAP. The police invited the local
	farmers to meet Perence Shiri, commander of local 
	Fifth Brigade members who had beaten up our labour and 
	allegedly eliminated 26 Nkomo supporters in the Fingo
	area, neighbouring Zimbile. Shiri was smoothly spoken 
	and put a gloss on the Matabeleland security situation. 
	He went on to greater things in the Party
23	Mike & friend arrived.
28	Mike & Ann leave Jacks
31	John & Co arrive
End pages....

January 1984
1 	New Years Day.
	Mike leaves tomorrow Don Rigby & Mike supper here
2	?
3	John Phillipa Elwyn & Co to Lyn
5	Wild Life men shot impala on Brad acc Ian saw them 7am
	white Toyota vanette 366-39-OZ. Hidden in thick bush near
	spillway on Chelo - wild life fishing Dept. Dube owns
	the farm - Ncube the bailif.Mayfair Dam
12	pigs in garden
13	5.30 Art Gallery
16	Ant bear dug poachers dug up....
17	Drummond 65 bream 10 barbel 1 mud sucker
18	Polici shot 4 dogs arrested fice Fingoes with antbear. 
	I shot Fingoe dog near Terblanche. Ditto second Fingoe dog
	and took owner & stembnuck to Police.
19	Drummond 105 bream 4 barbel 1 mud sucker
20	Saw 4 antbear holes dug by Fingoes all near Junction perhaps
	downstream of dam in the sandy soils near junction of the
	Nyezan/Nyezana streams
20	Colin's visit
22	Children to school
23	10.15 Dr Jacobson 
29	Dennis & Trish Thompson due 11.30
31	Bradford, mopani dam nearly full - saw Mrs Dube 
	re gate- warned squatters fences inspected.

February 1984
1	George's birthday
6	Emma's birthday
7	To Polici Bembesi
8	Removed gate at Brad-Rietfontein boundary, put 
	no entry notice at Brad Mrs Dube at Rietfontein?
10	Keyi shot 2 pigs Drummond
14	9.00 Court Bembesi
16	5.30 Art Gallery exhibition. Slept at Paddy LLoyds

March 1984
11	Jacksons at Zimbile supper
14	transplanted celery
20	REceipts from Tumner 114 steers $17869.50 Average &156.75
	Bens W borehole
21	10 am thatched chapel church Ascension Hillside what?
22	Ben West valve 22 ft below concrete block for engine
	Mud 35 ft from top - water 15.5 ft down. 19.5 ft water.
	We had not yet erected a windmill here?
25	Jill & Dave called in Jill nee Masefield?

April 1984
4	Ben West borehole 67 feet.
	Kenani found boat broken Drummond.
6	Slept at Chelo with Colin. Went over Wessels Block
10	Shot kudu cow DWW
12	Shot 2 dogs on Drummond. 
13	Caught Fingoes in Sifuba Jocks with Scotch cart 14
	dogs. Shot 3 dogs
14	Shot 2 kudu bulls DW House?
19	Put out ostrich poison Drummond poisoned ostrich carcass etc
	Mike Jack & Co arrived.
20	Shot kudu bull DWW put out strychnine DW. One kudu carcass
	to Lyn
24	Slept at Jacksons
25	From Jacksons for Falls early morning. Hung biltong
28	Went to Pippa's Service Pippa Cooper?
29	sleep at Gwaai Hiatus here
30	Byo from Falls. Transplanted cauilflours
May 1984
3	Took 11 paintings to Trade Fair	
5	Shot young kudu bull D.W. Put out strychnine DW
7	Put out poison Mapinkili and Drummond
9	1. am XXX
11	Shot ostrich Makuwa4. Shot 3 or 4 ostrich Ben E
14	10.45	See Jacobson
15	Put out poison Goozy camp Makuwa2, 3, 4, Jims & Ben E.
16	Hung up half kudu bull for biltong
19	Went to KweKwe with Colin
21	Met Harry Elsworth at Colins
22 	Went to Sherwood Block. Went to Colins dip near
	Skipper Mine
23	Went to Sherwood Block. To Bailer?
	Dryford 2000 cattle 6 16? boys
	Wessels Block 2500 cattle 5 boys
	Chelo 500 cattle 4 boys.
24	Went to Jericho farm near Skipper Mine
26	Colin to Byo to Wedding
30	Shot Brahman bull Bradford
June 1984
4	Colin's cattle bookings at Wessels Perhaps
	Colin was unable to attend to the loading etc
	of his cattle for some reason.
12	Went round Longile Camp - warned re paths & 
	digging worms & kraal against fence
15	Elwyn's birthday. put "no entry" notices on
	Rouxville boundary.Longile south boundary.
	This farm had already become a Settlement?
22	Put strychnine Drummond & Mapinkili. Shot
	kudu heifer Drummond.
25	Shot kudu cow      drummond. Marked out road
	Drummond W. Chev clutch out order
26	Took Chev clutch out.
27	Ed Doman fixed clutch of Chev & Neils vanette.
	Mazda? Insert: PF buckboards etc and clutch
	vs gear change etc. 
28	Jenny arrived. Not with Owen. Insert: re them
	coming to the farm etc Children out long weekend

July 1984
3	Hung biltong
4	Marked out south boundary removed Drummond gate 
	at White's Run Road.
6	Family to Salisbury
7	Marked out road between windmills at Mapinkili
10	Graded road between windmills  Mapinkili
11	Shot kudu bull Salisbury Lands. Put poison from
	Terblanche to Jocks land on new Rd.
12	Went to Robinsons.
13	grading triangle shape fixed.
14	Triangle grader to Longile. 
	This device was made of three lengths of railway
	line bolted together at the corners. It was pulled
	from one of its corners by a chain from behind a
	light tractor. The cross-sectional base of the 
	railway line gave a light grading effect, mainly
	by removing grass and pushing small stones to two
	sides. It was used to keep track clearances open,
	without making an road which could easily erode.
	It was also used a lot on the grass sandveld in 
	the preparation of fireguards for burning. Link:
	Triangle called "sporo" by the blacks. (Afrikaans:
	"spoor" = a track. "spoorweg"=railway/trackway
16	Jenny returns to P.E.
21	Goozy dam 3 nets 8 bream 5 barbel
22	Shot 2 kudu cows & wounded 1 bull badly.
	Put strychnine out road Drummond.
24	Made biltong.
	Paul Goodwin & wife Elsbeth to see dairy. They
	had decided to start dairy farming at Crocodile
	Valley?, Essexvale
27	Fani etc brought wood & axes from Fingoes Makuwa3
	Fani=Lupahla, one of the three game scouts. 
	Axes confiscated.
31	Sprayed peas for mildew

August 1984
21	To town with Elwyn
29	Planted 1st two rows sweetcorn (ex MFC)
30	Planted 4x7 Dougal's Beans.
	A semi-perennial runner bean, with white seeds
	with a purple patch. Peter's brother Dugald, the
	hermit, grew them at Chelo, from where Peter got
	the seed. They were one of the nicest seed beans
	to eat. The Rigbys at Clonmore later grew them 
	from seed from Zimbile, and after Peter died 
	Phillipa took seed to Chingoma. When we came to 
	Australia in 2003 Phillipa sent us a few seeds 
	and they were planted in Nannup, and they grew 
	and seed was kept from them. But their growth 
	was poor in  Nannup, perhaps from lack of proper 
	They are called? Seven Year Beans in Australia.

September 1984
2	Sarah Lumley Smith arrives from London
9	Children to school
24	Went to Brad re heifer shot and wounded on Huckle's.
26	Put out poison near DW mines old smallworkings
	& Fingoes

October 1984
1	Sarah leaves 9.15 am
3	Cows dairy in garden ate all the sweet corn
6	am Woman with Ed Doman to see painting
7	Rix Lamb Weld Well to Drummond fishing 
11	Rosella bed 22. OKRA bed 21
18	Children out long weekend
23	Chief Ludidi from Location to Kodhlawayo on 
	Fletchers Rd to dip  Location on Ft R. Rd,
	to Dip Location on Tuesdays?. About 100 cattle
	The Army range on Kodhlawayo became open to
	grazing by Fingo cattle. They had to be driven
	each week through Zimbile on public roads to a
	dipping tank on the Fingo Location..
29	Trouble with Chev 1950 at Dunbar Service Station
	also long ago (1948 etc) called Glasby's Garage,
	opposite Fairbridge School on the old airforce
	training base. See: etc
	Chev to Hillcrest Garage Ed Doman?

November 1984
2	See Bob Cole
8	Clarendon Rd off Camp Ground Rd, Rondebosch
10	Art Club Exhibition.
11 	Leave for Cape Town 10.40 JB at 12 leave for 
	CT 1.25 at CT 4.20 June took us to Langebaan
12	To Kruispad all day.
13	At Langebaan. R20 from Elwyn at Junes. Went over
	Saldanha Bay
14	At Langebaan. Morning at beach & rocks N of 
	Langebaan. Drove rouns Saldanha Lagoon.
15	Arrived at June's house at Green Point
	Three Anchor Bay. Slept at June's
16	June took us to Flick
17	At Flicks & Alvin all day.
	Travellers cheques ....R3720
	To Hout Bay Ref: the painting with Owen
	3.30 To Peter Steyn. 18 Esme Rd, Newlands.
19	With Des & June.
	Sea blue green in distance greener and yellow 
	forward Wet sand reflecting hills - ? & white
	houses in distance - distance hazy
20	7pm Supper at Junes. To Gallery
221	With Loraine? to CT Art Gallery.
22	To Sea Point with Flick
23	leave CT 8.00 am Arrive JB 9.55
	leave 1.00 Byo 2.25
30	Twins out for Holidays from Aus?

December 1984	
4	Art Club Annual Lunch
7	Emma out for holidays from Aus?
28	10 oc to BSAP Byo for court? ??
	Twins leave 3.15 for P.E.
	E leaves Zimbele 1 oc. 3.45 H&S Haddons
30	Bilangs out fishing. Story

	Various oldies addresses in the Cape etc.
Jan 1 1984 Twins return on 14th their birthday from P.E.?

January 1985
7	Margaret Tredgold spent day here. 
	Elwyn & Co went to Lyn
11	June Wesson out
14	Twins return from P.E. 2.25pm
15 	Clara starts school Whitestones
19	Jean Franklin to spend night. P's niece
20	Twins & Emma to school
27	Pat Richardson due for day
31	8.30 to court Drill Hall. Fined $20 at court
	In 190? PF went to the Drill Hall dressed as
	Robinson Crusoe?
	Domans account

February 1985
6	Lyn & Co out
21	Planted seed.
	Treated termites dining & sitting room. Negative result
24	Michael Nest 6.10 pm Harare Elwyns cousin's son
25	Put Neil's capsules in ants nest dining room Phostoxin?
28	Went round DW paddock

March 1985	
6	Went to Chipangali Viv Wilson. Game Park outside Bulawayo
10	Mike Nest slept at Robinsons on way to Zimbabwe Ruins
15	Mike Nest to Lyn
16	Family to Emmas sports
19	Put carbon bisulphide in ants nest dining room.
20	Removed film from camera on negative no. 15
27	29 pumpkins stacked behind studio
28	Army from Balla Balla to Kodh;awayo want to exercise
	without shooting until 1st April
29	6pm Friends evening Gallery
April 1985 
7	Neil & Co to Salisbury Margeurite Mavros' Wedding
8	Put 3 pills ino ant's nest in dining room & my room
9	Emma & Clara to Dr in Harare Consultation
12	 Art Club meeting
17 	Twins return from Salisbury. ?
25	Take pictures to Gallery. $0.60 Anthony Dungeni in Byo
May 1985
4	Ron & Lyn Exelby due 11 oc.
5	Collected pictures Trade Fair
8 	Lyn Georg & Peter out
17	To town with truck
19	After BBC news 1oc Interview with Pik Botha
	Emma & Clara to Hospital
20	Emma & Clara operaton tonsils
21	12x .300 Magnum cartridges from Bob Toshak
	For Remington rifle. H&H chambered
24	Twins home.
	Took police to see wood stolen on W.R. road
	& Fay's.
28	Shot kudu bull DWE near old ox kraal. Shot
	Mpala ram DWW.
29	Cut up kudu & Impala
30	Elwyn due back today or tomorrow.
31	Elwyn 1.30 Bembesi Express or City Hall Byo

June 1985
1	Dennis Thompson & daughter from Bechuanaland 
	due today or tomorrow.
5	Shot 4 guinea fowls at Drummond. Shot impala
	ram DWE
11	Shot 1 kudu bull ! cow at Drummond (3)
14	Hung up biltong
15	Elwyns Birthday
19	Kudu in veg garden
21	Shot kudu cow Drummond for Lyn (4)
27	McKinney's to lunch
28	Anthony Hennerberg? due end of month
29	10.30 to Dr Naik.
July 1985
1	Mixed YO yellow ochre mountings 1/2 pint
	thick? PVA 3/4 pint water 1 teaspoon YO.
8	children back to school after a week holiday
10	Mike McCann due soon. Shot 3 kudu cows (7)
	Salisbury paddock (from garden)i.e. they
	had been eating in the garden
11	Made biltong
15	11.45 Dr Naik 12.00 Dr Jackobson
21	Mrs Lock & 2 friends.
27	Mike Nest due soon
29	Mike MCann arrived

August 1985
2	Mike Nest arrived
13	kudu in garden every night recently
14	Dingy Erken due
	Kudu in garden
15	Lucy Glazebrook due from England
	Shot kudu yearling DWE (8)
16	Shot 5 kudu cows 1 young bull Salisbury camp (14)
17	Hung biltong
18	To Maleme dam. 68.1 miles
19	Mopani at best. BS burnt sienna colour + cadmium
	orange. Went through game reserve
20	Erkens return here from Kariba?
21	Booked out Maleme 10am
22	Shot 3 kudu cows 1 kudu bull Salisbury camp(18)
23	Erkens to arrive with Lyn & Co. Mike's friend 
	Gwynneth van Heerden, (later Tuchten)arrives
24	Gwynneth arrives JB
25	Erkens leave for JB
26	Lyn & G to Harare Show?
	Sharon & Cyril Bilang & Keith & Bridget due shortly
28	Michael Nest leaves. ikudu bull 1 kudu cow shot
	Salisbury camp (20)
29	Fire Ben W & Dip Camp. Shot 14 guinea fowls
30	Saw hunters-goats-and fence down DWW.
	Grass fire Land Paddock. Transformer burnt
	Wessels Land.
	Serena, Allegra, Lucy to V. Falls
31	Kudu in garden

September 1985
1	Lyn & Co to Main Camp. Bob Cole & Co to shoot.
	Gwynneth leaves evening
3	Serena Allegra & Lucy to return from V. Falls
4	Lyn & Co to Sinamatella Camp 4th& 5th
7	Kudu fence now round veg garden.
8	Children to school
12	Lucy leaves for England & Mike Jack Ann to leave
18	Started recharging razor battery after 7.5 weeks
October 1985
2	Went to Bradford. Luka in charge.2 boys (and their
	families if they wished) were always on long rotation
	at Bradford, to keep an eye on things, etc
3	Art Gallery. Afro-American quilts.
5	started charging razor battery after just under 7 weeks.
	Link: the Allegro razor blade sharpening machine

November 1985
8	11 am meeting at Ft Rixon re Fingo land
9	Elizabeth Maloney due Baxendale
13	2.30 at Insiza Rural Council. Sprayed cucumbers & figs
14	Bird lime - 2 sweet tins full from Brad + 4 teaspoons
	oil SAE 20 in pot stirring all time (2 thick) added
	8 tea spoons oil. Planted out brinjal.
26	5.30 Mrs Jillian Kaufman at Gallery

December 1985
5	Photo exhibition at  Gallery. Twins came home & Emma
6	Twins go to J.B. Johannesburg
7	Art gatheringat Margaret Duly 26 Sable Rd 3rd on left
	Saw Emma's ballet
9	Twins to JB
10	Art Club dinner at Selborne Hotel 1 o'clock
	Mike McCann due
15	Lyn & Co due. Dennis Thompson due. Twins return from JB
20	Jennie & Owen due today & leaving on 2nd Jan.
	Mike McCann's friend due?
26	Mike leaves for JB
28	Douglas & Olive Mary out
29	Mickey Sue & children out. Anthony, Les Lloyd & Ruth out
30 Dec	Last sweet corn planted

January 1986
2	Owen &Co to PE
20	8.00 pm Art Gallery. John Fletcher arrive
21	Children to school Inc. John's to Falcon?
22	John Fletcher & Co leave for home.
23	Opening at Gallery 5.30 pm.
27	Took Sue & Co to Drummond. Which Sue?

February 1986
6	Emas birthday
11	Art Club gathering
17	Bob Cole 11oc
18	Went to Brad.

March 1986
10	New Moon
13	Halley's comet. 13th to 21 March watch before
	4 am Peter could remember, and often spoke 
	about, seeing Halley's comet as a child, at 
	the coast (The Wilderness? or somewhere like 
	that), and how spectacular it was then. He 
	said the present one was a bit of a washout.
19	McKinneys due p.m.
21	John & Phillipa arrive p.m. Dr Naik 12 oc.
	Mike leaves.
22	10 am Tattersfield to see(?) paintings
30	Robinsons & families braai at under Fig Tree.
31	Collect at Main Rd. What?

April 1983
9	New Moon
11	Halley's comet closest
16	Halley's comet rises in East at sunset & setting
	in SW at dawn - face due south
17	??? comet say midnight
18	1910 19th May Halley's comet tail is 19 million
	miles. Earth went through the tail?
28	June Wesson out.
29	Mike Barry died. Mike's son John was the last 
	person as family or friend to see Peter the night
	he died 1994
30	Ron Hartley & Co out with falcons. Teacher from
	Falcon College, Essexvale, with students. They
	hunted francolin, guinea fowl, doves etc. using
	Pointer dogs as well. He also had an eagle owl
	which killed hares at night. Ron was well known
	overseas in the falcon fraternity.

May 1986
4	Patrick & Katja Mavros due
8	First frost
9	12 oc St Johns. Mike Barry.
	{Zemco 51 Dunlop Rd, Donnington.} Caterpillar agents?
20	Shot impala ewe with .22 Salisbury camp. Shot old kudu
	bull near Drummond dam
21	Made biltong 2 hind legs and back bone.
	1 Tablespoon coriander ground
	12 Tablespoons salt (used 4.5 pepper pots of mixture
22	Hung biltong
29	Mrs Lock &   Williams out to select pictures.

June 1986
6	Pay Old Mutual by 1st July.
	Mr Dodds United Spring & Forging
8	Family lunch at Robinsons
15	Elwyn's birthday
20	Planted spinach from Amos's wife. mbuya. out of
22	Bob Cole & Co to shoot 7am
25	Shot 4 kudus 1 cow Drummond NW camp. Drummond N
	camp 1 bull 1 cow 1 heifer (9)
27	To Sybil & Stella lunch Hulls
29	Lyn to Loris until Wednesday

July 1986
8	McKinneys for lunch
9	Dr Naik 3.45
16	Shot kudu bull DWE S end (10)
18	Lorriane out till 21st
24	Shot kudu 2 cows Mabetchu and Drift
	1 kudu heifer Dip camp (13)
29	Lorraine leaves for C.T.

August 1086	
7	shot 15 guinea fowl. Children home for holidays
11	shot 1 big 1 small kudu bull near DW dam (15)
12	Dudley White died. He was esp. a friend of Dugald
	and Boss Lilford at Plumtree?
	Guy Cooper died. Husband of Patricia daughter of
	Rory Fletcher, Peter's uncle.
13	Hung biltong
17	Gwynneth to JB by air. She took my old Leica for a
20	Exhibition opens. At the gallery on Grey/Selborne.
	Peter's small watercolour landscapes, Marshall Baron's
	large abstracts in oil. etc

22	Gwynneth returns from JB
30	Bob Cole & Co to shoot

September 1986
4	Mike & Gwyn to Kariba. Mike to take photos of two-toed
	tribe, and man who killed lioness with knife in bed -
	all for Miami Enquirer?
6	Clara's birthday 
8	children at school pm
10	planted first sweet corn
12	leave for Harare 8 am. 
13	Spent day at Johns (Chingoma}
14	Went to Bricks John making them, etc & granite Hill
	Nyambari Hill
15	Elwyn & John to tobacco sale the auction floors
	To Zumbo Patta Hill
16	Went to raffia palms (in Palm Block? Centenery District)
	leaves longest in world up to 60 feet long
17	Pinto beans from John say 18"x6"
18	leave Harare 8am
	Dougal at Zimbele Story. Photographs etc
21	Drove Dougal to DWE&W
30	See Jackobson 10.30

October 1986	
2	Shot kudu bull in land opp dip
	Keyi shot 1 bull 1 cow kudu
6	collect pictures.
	masking tape - scissors- gimlet-small pliers-
	catalogue - cord
7	starting testing sweet corn for germination
10	Jacks due
13	finishewd planting bought sweetcorn
23	Phillipa due
28	Planted paw paw seed

November 1986
10 	Planted Hanapoot grapes rooted cuttings
	Muscat of Alexandria
28	Twins return

December 1986
2	Clock collected & wound
3	xxxx? maize. 1 cob 30 seeds per row
	18 rows = say 500 seeds 8 plants per
	row... etc etc
4	planted chillies
5	planted tomatoes
8	clock wound 1 click
13	clock 9pm 1 min slow etc etc till end of month
20	Mike & Gynneth arrive from JB
22	Put up Xmas tree  
25	Sharon, Peter, Anthony here all day

January 1987
12	Emma & Clara to school
17	Put down new Hatfield borehole steel lining
	87 ft total lining to 104 ft.
	This b/h was right next to the older one
	at the west end of Hatfield land. A new
	borehole had to be sunk because the old one
	had been vandalised by rocks and metal dropped
	down it. It was drilled by Parkin Airdrills,
	when a few other holes were also drilled by
	them in the valley when the effects of the 
	el Nino were being felt. This b/h was again
	pumped with a Mono pump for a while, and
	then later with an electric submersible. These
	boreholes were a nominal 6" in diameter.
19	Put down air drill borehole near Pump right
	up against the wall of the old mill and pumping
	station on the river which had supplied all 
	the requirements for the dairy etc for about 
	20 years.
	128 feet deep 56 feet lining. 10ft black clay
	alluvium, to 46 ft very decomposed, at 50 ft
	harder Greenstone. about 500 g per hour. This
	borehole was a failure from an irrigation point
	of view. No useful fracture zones were found
	between 50 and 128 ft. But it did provide useful
	geological information about the probable boundary
	on the SE of the small irrigation aquifer that 
	was presently in operation. See similar boundary 
	information from b/h drilled on 21st below.
21	Borehole Granite River near gumtrees. near 
	NE corner Prickly Pear Land, N end of Granite 
	River Land.
	1st water 41 feet - 40 ft lining, 20 ft perforated.
	Final depth 100 ft. About 1300-1500 g per hour.
	Not enough for irrigation. As with the hole
	drilled a couple of days before, there was no
	increase in water after it was first struck, lying
	on top of the granite. A handpump was put on the
	bore for the convenience of workers living in that

February 1987
26	7.15 - 7.45 Rugby. On TV. Elwyn switched it on	
	and sat watching to keep Peter company. She had
	hitherto been an Aussie rules football goer, with
	her father. This was the beginning of her rugby
	union watching which later developed into a sort
	fanaticism in Nannup, Australia.
27	Q.V.Pharmacy Magnesium tricylicate $3.24

March 1987
8	Pay Income Tax 9/3/87
12	Sharon & Cyril Bilang for lunch Sharon, whose father
	and son were murdered in 198? Her brother Huntsman was
	hit and killed by a rocket during the bush war. Her
	uncle was murdered by Yuta in the Fifties . see...
13	John Harrison due French NGO boyfriend of Suzanne Mavros.
	He was involved in a goats for Africa project.
27	Phillipa & John due & Peter
29	Lyn & Georg out

April 1987
9	children home for holidays
12	Dennis Thompson due now from Bunbury, Australia, where
	he had become superintendent of hospital.
13	Dennis to Lowveld
16	Phillipa & John due
20	Dennis returns to Byo.
21	Sold cattle to CSC 50 cows
	Lionel's funeral 11 am Warren Hills crematorium
	Plane 10 to 9. Lionel Fletcher, Peters cousin,
	son of Thomas. Husband of Loris, father of 
	Keith & Garrick
25	Dennis should be back in Byo
27	Dennis & Trish due for tea pm. 50 cows? to CSC
30	Dennis returns to Australia. 

May 1987
4	50 cattle to CSC
11	children to school. 50 cattle to SCS
24	Shot kudu bull (1st) Walkers Land, Malambo's
	kraal. Old stone kraal in kopjes above Walker's?
25	Patrick Penstone & wife Heather Hill  due today and 
	tomorrow. NF's friends from Rondebosch days, now (?)
	living in Maun. Bio file
27	Patrick Penstone & Wife arrived. Hung biltong
28	Patrick at Vic Falls.

June 1987
1	Patrick leaves Falls for Mana Pools
6	Patrick to Kariba. Patrick on canoe trip to Mana.
12	Patrick back to Kariba. 
13	Patrick arrives from Kariba in evening to Zimbele.
14	Patrick returns to SA check SA/Maun?
	lab? had two female pups.
15	Elwyn's birthday
22	Frost on roof.
25	Went to town
26	Flick & Alvin due in Byo & 2 children on 28th
28	Shot kudu bull Black Land hill - distressed meat
	went to Boys (3)

July 1987	
1 	Heavy frost
2	Started culling trees at back of kitchen by SOUL ???
8	Flick & Family to Zimbele. Colin to supper at Zimbele.
	Colin used to travel down from Umtali in his Land Rover
	and often sleep in a small room at Wessels Block near
	the dip. He sometimes called in at Zimbele
9	To Town re chev clutch
16	Set .303 with blank in garden & kudus set it off before
	3am acc to (Sarah)
17	Soul 14th day work. $49.00 due today to Soul
25	Bob Cole & Co to shoot. Bob Cole, Rob McGowan,
	Tom Bean, Dr Davy ex Sby?
	Guineafowl am 17 pm 31, = 48
	PHeasant (Swainsons) am 8  pm 5 = 13
	Hares am 4 = 4
27	To town with Elwyn
29	German Exhibition at Gallery
30	Bill & Elizabeth McKinney

August 1987
2	Elwyn & children to England leaves 5.30
3	Neil tested water in Big Rock borehole. 18/6/73
	drilled to 70 ft. water 1987? 47.5 feet down.
	The borehole was on a brock near the boundary
	of the Fingo and Fletcher's Rd fence. This might
	have been the occasion when it was found that
	since drilling in '73 a mat of roots from a small
	xitchi shrub growing on the brock nearby lay
	above the water in the borehole. It was not 
	possible to drop a plumb line down through this 
	to test the dept etc. The tripod for the block
	and tackle was erected over the hole, and a length
	of railway line was manually hoisted through a
	ring at the tip of the tripod by a number of boys. 
	When it was above the hole the rope was released
	and it shot down the borehole, pulling rope from
	the coil lying on the ground. One of the boys had
	carelessly stood on the coil and he was suddenly 
	flung upwards and fortunately not trapped in the
	apex of the shearlegs. After a number of drops of
	the railway line it broke through the mass of roots
	and the depth of the hole was checked. It was also
	pump tested. Not developed further. Another two
	boreholes we sank in B.R. with the jumper drill
5	Wrote to Miss P. Kelly P.O. Box 1612 Blantyre Malawi, 
	and Lady Margaret Tredgold. Patricia Kelly, Peter's
	xxxniece from Eire
7	J.P. Bawden here re Fingoe thatcher.
9	young 1 cow found dead Battery Pool 10th
	Shot kudu bull below DW House. Dyke Wright's old
	house location
	Shot a kudu bull Jock's Valley. Cow between Jocks
	& Roberts. Young bull Jocks Valley. 7 kudu shot to date.
10	Cut up biltong
11	Hung biltong
14	Gallery Japanese Graphics.
16	Shot 1 young kudu bull 2 cows Drummond E. 11 total 
	to date
22	Bob Cole, Dr Davy, Tom Bean, Tony Hunt.
	Guineafowl am 9 pm 24; Frencolin am 2 (Natal) pm 12;
	Hares 2; Swempi 1
25	50 fed steers to CSC
30	2 pups dead (poison) ?

September 1987
1	49 fed steers 1 dairy cow to CSC
5	Jane to veg garden & grapes
6	8am to 12 pm power off.
12	Drummond Salisbury borehole. 62 ft struck
	water. 13th 2pm 89.5 feet soft (stopped)
	On brock inside Drummond, near Neil's land.
	Decomposed granite underlying the nearby
	schists. Erected tall windmill and built 
	eggshell cement tank.
13	Elwyn & children return.
15	Borehole Dududu 3 water about 30-40 feet
	74 feeders 1 dairy cow to CSC. 
	Borehole 52 ft say 80 gals per hr. Marginal,
	but windmill etc erected.
19	Goozy borehole struck water 42 feet. 
20	G. borehole about 53 feet stopped about
	50 gal per hr. Capped. Not developed
	5? fifty? fed steers to CSC
24	Goozy no 2 borehole struck water about 29 feet.
	Further down fenceline from bh above.
	Seeds cabbage - lettuce- granadilla - carrots - 
	brinjal -radish - cucumber
25	Goozy borehole no2. 52 ft stopped. Poor, capped
29	Big Rock borehole no 3 water struck at 30ft
	42 feet hard & stopped. 100-200 gals per hr.
	Erected the repaired old Fairbanks Morse windmill
	and built eggshell tank.

October 1987
5	Dududu centre borehole struck water say 39 ft?
	stopped 48 ft water water 28 ft below ground level
	Check this against record book data
10	Tapson's borehole 88 feet deep - water 45 from
	ground level.

	Further details of vegetable plantings etc

November 1987
16	Getrot (Cecelia's daughter worked in garden)Gertrude?
27	John & Phillipa due pm

December 1987

2	Pat Richardson due pm
5	Pat Richardson exhibition at Shangani 10 am to 4pm
23	Help in garden... total $29.41
28	June Wesson leaves. She spent Xmas at farm.

New Year's Day 
1	Elwyn's friend from England due 22 March for 5 days
2	Brady Barracks 11 to 15 Feb exercises, phone re
	shooting & fence.

	The first diary with hardly any of the addresses etc
	of people in the back pages	

January 1988
4	Mike McCann to fetch his car
11	Children to school
21	Sprayed for fruit fly cucumbers etc
	Various garden details etc

February 1988 
5	George sister & brother & Co for day.
	Mainly garden details all month

March 1988
5	Sasha Standen arrives. 
	Son of John and Helen. John was schoolfriend 
	from Rondebosch days. Met again in London in the
	1960's, and still in contact 2017. Bio:  
10	Mrs Lock & Friend due
	Garden details
19	Elwyn's friends arrive Leigh. 1st visit?
24	Elwin's friends leave
April 1988
2	Collected D's Beans.
	Dugald's beans. "Seven Year" beans. To eat.
14	Children for holidays
18	To Chelo with Colin

May 1988
2	Allegra to Byo for Zimbabwe Ruins. She went
	to experience TTL? hospital there?
6	Jon & Phillipa etc due
7	Bob Cole - Tony Hunt- Mike Rushboon???
10	John & Co left
12	Allegra returns 
16	Children back to school
24	Brian & Ade due ??

June 1988
1	am Flat land shot 8 gf 3 shots. guineafowl
2	Tested siting of .300 Mag at 112 yards about
	7" low
4	Shot kudu cow Drummond N camp near road (1st)
6	Cut up biltong
7	Hung biltong. Stella Coulson for lunch. Shot
	5 guinea fowls for Amos, Anthony and 2 girls.
	His helpers Sasha returns.
8	Cecilia's daughter buried RA & Fs
	i.e.? Drummond. Strange reference to history
	of the farm
9	Frost in garden. Frost on roof
10	Frost on roof
11	Frost o roof. Shot 2 kudu bulls Ben West
14	At Gallery till 3 July Bird paintings
15	Elwyns birthday
18 	cut down all Dougals beans along trellis	
	There are a lot of gardening details not entered
27	2 year Fries heifer poisoned from Dip to Drummond
28	To town - biltong to Mrs Lock and Dulys truck workshops
29	Rain 2.99 inches (24 hours)The dry season. Maybe
	highest recorded. But PF remarked at this time that
	he could remember the rivers being in flood in every
	month of the year.

July 1988
8 	Heavy frost
9	Ann Nyoni buried at 11 o'clock. At her house on the 
	farm. Bio: photos etc
11	Frost in garden. Poisoned Big Rock to Dududu
13	To Insiza cattle sale
15	Heavy frost - monkeys in guavas by Fig Tree
	Enter stuff about the go-way birds, coriander,
	and the dog. This year.
17	Bob Cole etc. 23 guineafowl, 8 pheasants 1 hare.
	Shot kudu bull, kudu calf
20	Well bottom 81ft 4ins. Water down 64ft 2ins. Depth
	of water 17ft 2ins, all from top of cement brick wall?
	The old well at the house.
22	Poisoned Drummond N Dip camp 7 Dududu
23	Sasha Standen leaves.
27	Fish from garden reservoir to Goozy dam
29	Garden reservoir cleaned out watering citrus
30	Frost in Valley

1	John & Phillipa early pm.
2	Watch lost 2 in 3 days. Poisoned in Salisbury &
	DW East.
4	planted various summer vegetable seeds
10	Put shelves in garden room. Shed. 50? years after
	building it
13	Heavy frost
16	New electric stove installed. Story; the old one ex
	RAF etc etc
17	Frtost in garden near oranges. Planted more mbuya

Aug-Sept extensive veg garden details

September 1988
19	Netting for tank 29ft 2".
27	Amos & Mdubecki on tank. The old galvanised iron
	tank on top of the engine room/tower by the garden
	well eventually developed leaks from rust etc. It
	should have been pushed off, but it was decided to
	make temporary repairs instead. So it was lined with
	wire netting inside and lined with cement, similarly
	to the eggshell water tanks in the bush. As it turned
	out, it was just as well that further money was not
	spent on the well, because of "climate change".

October 1988
2	Elwyn leaves for Joberg. Anthony's friend out shooting.
3	Overflow of tank finished - river dry at Pump. Millpool?
4	RIVER NO WATER   Write file: History of the river, well, 
	pumping etc
			Sunshine & Chevrolets
	 One of the enduring sights for those that were
	there at the time was that of the sprinklers on the lawn
	at Zimbile on a bright sunny day. They were not the rapid
	acting spring and impact types of busy clipped lawns in 
	towns.  Rather they might have been at home in the 
	Deep South of America in the Fifties. They were simple, 
	and made by Peter. A straight riser pipe above three 
	legs with points, at the top of which was a simple 
	mechanical seal attaching a straight 3/4" horizontal 
	pipe, about 2 ft in length, closed at the ends, and 
	with holes drilled on opposite sides on the two arms, 
	to provide the rotation. It went around at a speed 
	that allowed the 24 or so jets of water to appear to 
	be lazily playing together in the sun. The seals 
	gradually wore and developed a slight
	squeak  etc etc etc. An optical illusion would often
	change the apparent direction of the sprinkler.
	PF said that at night if you slept on the verandah
	you could hear the small waterfall (a feet high)
	in the river below the house. Dist. height below.
	In the past.

		The development of the drought years.

12	Elwyn returns from JoBerg
14	Planted Dougals beans	
17	Dairty cows to CSC by our truck.
	Planted sweetcorn Jubilee.
	Check much plasnting at this time

November 1988
1	Prity girl starts in garden. Planted Dougals beans
	Planted 2 Valencia Late oranges. 

	Much veg planting
	For many weeks much watch vs clock time details

26	Used first Blue Peter bean
30	Twins finished exams. 

December 1988
2	Elwyn's friend arrives from Harare
8	Emma & Clara holidays
17	Glenice Ross and children arrive to 8th Jan
21	Put up Xmas tree
22	Planted Lyn's paw paw seed

28	Put nets into DW dam
29	91 bream DW dam. Monkeys set off gun 12 oc
30	Fixed valve of well pump. well after 24 hrs
	15ft 6ins?water - bottom to pipe support
	80 ft - pipe cylinder valve 74 feet. Unclear
31	11.25 ins. water for 10 beds. ? Amount of water
	used in tank?
	Jubilee sweet corn just starting for use. Planted
	17 Oct. ? About 72 days.

	Dip drum 20 litres = 4.4 gals. For bagrada bug add
	6 measures carbaryl
	A list of authors (female all ? and rating

January 1989
1	Seeded onions {14th most seeds up 9 days. 
	Texas Grano 15th nearly all up}
6	Cleaned & fixed Aga boiler in kitchen. At
	some stage the old wood-fired Aga boiler was
	removed and an electrical element inserted
	into the pipes on the side of boiler, the
	original one made from 60 gal petrol drum
	in the 1940's? check old diaries. The Aga
	stove used anthracite. It did not function
	properly with ordinary coal.
9	1.33 ins. Rain - 1st good rain
	Vegetable details.

14	John F & Co arrived
16	School for children
	Dougal working & in afternoon complained of 
	feverish feeling
17	Dougal walked to Mayfair 14
18	Dougal sick
21	Picked beans dwarf too many & too late
	plant 1 xxx in future ....
22	Ian returned
23	61 bream DW dam. Ian phoned to Jean in Mutare
	re D to tell Colin.
24	Ian phoned to Colin. Doctor saw Dougal
25	Colin to Chelo
26	Colin to Zimbele
27	To Chelo to see Dougal sick	
28	At Chelo
29	At Chelo
30	Amos should return.
	Dougal to Mater Dei hospital 2pm
31	Back to Zimbele from Chelo via Bulawayo 
	12.5pm to Essexvale 1.15pm Mater 2.10pm

February 1989
1	Planted Chelo shallots
2	Dougal died (7am) in town with Colin
4	9 o.c.hearse arrives
5	Colin back to Mary. 
	Dugald's was the last grave at the north
	end of the line that started with the grave
	of his father. (Pat, Ida, Sheila, Dugald). 
	Later the second row was begun west of and
	close to the first, with the graves staggered
	between the ones of the first row in order to 
	minimise the chances of digging into a previous 
	one: apart from Pat's the other graves were 
	entirely unmarked, as Ida had wished for.
6	Emma's Birthday. Seeded onions TG Texas Grano
	8 days germinating.
8	Hugh Forsyth due. Lettuce seeded, cabbage seeded
11	8 nets DW dam 125 bream
13	Mrs Locke returns Art Gallery
22	Twins return
	Garden seeding details etc	
March 1989
1	Cecilia on month's leave girl in the garden
	Garden planting details
11	Serena leaves for England 7am. Her gap year?
24	Wrote to Serena
29	Junior certificate art & craft exhibition
31	John & Phillipa due

April 1989
3	Dr Jackobson 2 oc 85.5 kg wt.
11	Wrote to Serena
13	5.30 pm Australia Etching & Prints
14	Elwyn's friends due
21	Australian medicals (Gregory Wheeler) Harare then
	Belingwe. They were to spend some time at a mission?
	hospital?. check
23	garden pump 7am to 5 pm = 10 hours 8 inches. pumped
	8 inches of water into reservoir?/tank? 
30	Bob Cole & Tommy Bean out shooting. Allegra to Belingwe
	She went and joined the others in Belingwe

May 1989
5	Peter? leaves. Bowen. Peter Bowen, check
6	Bowen arrives 7pm
8	Malathion on horse radish, cabbages etc
9	Dithane on onions.
12	E and Neil to Jo'burg
15	Schools open after holidays E&N return J.B.
17	Melanie's birthday
18	Allegra collects Peter Bowen at 1.15pm
	From Anthony W+N Winsor & Newton 1 burnt umber,
	1 burnt sienna, 1 raw umber, 1 ivory black?
	Rowney 2 burnt umber 2 raw umber
22	Allegra to Byo for exams. Went to Drummond with Sue
	check: Sue from Aus?
23	Allegra writes exams

June 1989
1	To Byo with Allegra. Collected electric razor
4	Ida & John Ballard out re E's Birthday catering?
7	Rochelle arrives to 22nd from Aus
8	Peter? returns (Bowen)
15	Elwyn's Birthday.   
21	Flick Alvin +2 children leave CT
22	Rochelle leaves - Allegra's last exam finishes at 10 oc
24	Allegra leaves for England 8.30 am.
	Flick & Alvin due

July 1989
1	Anthony, Lisa Rosenfels & American publisher her father?
	to Zimbele.  Lisa married young Max Rosenfels from 
	Figtree/Marula etc. Her father was interested in
	Anthony's bird paintings, and perhaps was instrumental
	in Anthony being in USA.
	Chev cutout & controller Front red. center GY. Black back
14	12 o.c. Professor C.A. Rogers at Gallery re Douslin House.
	Historical building, where the small Art Gallery on the 
	corner of Grey and Selborne, relocated to.
	Little frost in garden.
18	Exhibition Lauren Bickle & Williams starts.
	Paw paw near hut OK
19	Egnes reported paw paw taken frost/person?
22	Bob Cole & Co to shoot. about 50 birds. about
	half each of pheasant & guinea fowl
24	Douglas & Olive Mary for lunch.
	Leonie Castle, P.O. Box 53, Botha's Hill 3660, Natal

August 1989
1	To town
2	Planted first row sweet corn
4	Colin 10 oc with Bob Cole. Wrote to twins.
9	Emma & Clara for Holidays
10	Bed 4 W. yard long beans E. Dougals beans
22	To Bulawayo with Elwyn
25	Went to Bradford

September 1989
3	6.45 pm=34"  7.30 am = 41.5" = 7.5" Overnight
	inflow of water?
6	Clara's birthday. See Bob Cole 11oc. Sanmple to
	Dr Henderson. Emma Dr Naik
12	Children's holidays over	
13	11 nets from DW dam 21 bream
15	Shot 10 guinea fowls & 2 impala. 
	Charles, Joffat's son helping Peter?
18	Keyi shot duiker
20	98 bream DWD
22	Fixed Rd to DW dam
27	Pills to change from 5 per day to 3 per day
	Nets to DW dam
29	Post letter to twins

October 1989
8	Cunningham back  Peter C.?
11	Twins back to London
	Planted paw paw seed. Planted Douglas tomato seed
14	Douglas to Mater Dei
17	Goozy Dam 17 bream.
	cheque $49.50 to Nets and Ropes Pvt  netsLtd for 2x2.5"
21	Chan Machine visit they are still in Africa?
29	Twins due back 8pm
31	40 bream Goozy Dam

November 1989
1	24 bream Goozy dam
2	Machines leave for Canada. 46 bream DW
	So the visit on the 21st was to say goodbye. Li Chan
	had often said she would show me (NF) how to make noodles.
	As she was getting into the car to leave I mentioned	
	this to her, jokingly. She jumped out of the car and
	ran onto the verandah and into the kitchen. A cup of
	flour, 1 egg, kneaded for a few minutes, rolled up and
	thinly sliced, tossed to loosen. Back into the car
	where Chan, Peter & Elwyn had remained talking. That
	was the last we saw of them.Eric & Sally Anne had
	already gone there?
9	John & Phillipa due. Richard Nest son of Elwyn's cousin
	to Kariba. Aus. helicopter pilot, Airforce?
10	1st sweet corn ready.
13	Twins to Cape Town 3.15 pm To say goodbye to family before
	university in Aus?
20	Kariba tour ends then to Inyanga & Simbabwe Ruins
	Collect Mazda sleeves & rings.
23	E's friend from Australia for 3 weeks. Ann Molloy.
24	Twins to return from Cape Town
27	Pills finish
30	Miles Standish Whites' visit.      1st tomato red

December 1989
2	Ann to Wankie till 7th. R. Nest to Wankie till 7th
4	Trip to Victoria Falls A&S & richard Nest
6	Collected first bunch of tomatoes
7	Return from Vic Falls
10	Richard Nest to England
14	Neil's birthday. Unclear details of use of new nets
	nets to Drummond dam 30 m. there30 mins to get there?
	30 m nets out to get the nets out? 30 mins Home? to
	get home? 1.5 hours.
15	Drummond Dam 72 barbel 20 bream.
	Return trip return to dam, pull in the nets and bring 
	them home 1 hour 55 minutes. 
19	Tricia Thompson to visit Rhona in Botswana.
	Collected Xmas tree  in the veld
20	Serena etc decorated Xmas Tree
21	E. to Byo
27	Keith Fletcher due
29	Anthony arrives am from USA??
30	McKinneys & children to Bradford

January 1990
	PF now writes in capital letters frequently

1	Twins returned yesterday from camping with the McKinneys
	Seems wrong?
5	To town. clutch plate 8mm+
12	Beno Benno Erken + 4 due
14	Fletchers 4 due. Mavros 3 due. Nigel Jocelyn. Twins birthday
15 	Schools start to 11 April.
16	Tempering jumpers etc. in the forge
17	Keyi, Anthony etc to Bradford
18	Old McKinney (Bill's father ex SA) due Rouxdale the farm
	for 1 month.
	Twins leave for Australia. Michael Nest (fair) 21st to S.A.
	Rich Dixon (dark)
19	Kelvin Skew Skeus? Terblanche's wife's grandson.
	Emily-Sue ("Nettie")- Dale & Kelvin
22	Letter to twins. Nets to Drummond. Serena phoned.
30	FIXED ALL LIGHTS IN HOUSE. Example of capitals. The use
	of capitals will not be generally followed below.

February 1990
3	12.30 pm at Dr & Daphne Thomas 14 Sable Rd Matsheumhlope
	Write to twins
5	Colin E & N to Byo
6	Nets in Drum dam
7	21 barbel 28 bream Drum dam
8	McKinneys due
14	To Byo 6am
15	5.30pm Exhibition Gallery
	Mrs Gillian Kaufman International Art
	5 yards onions Hojem variety
16	44 young ostriches from Cunningham. - bodys 4ft?
	heads & feet?The Australian cattle dog burying 
	them story?
18	Write twins
21	Susan Mavros 1 night-Nigel 1 night- Lyn Anthony 3 nites
24	Lyn left to Harare
26	Rich? to Australia
27	Fish nets Drum dam
28	21 bream 6 barbel Dr dam near bank NE
	Shev trouble (seniloid) Chev. Solenoid

March 1990
1	8 bags urea to Willy 8x50kg
5	Nets to Drum dam NE 1.5 hrs to take them there, put 
	them out, return to house
6	Fish from Drum Dam 7 bream 26 barbel 1 mud sucker
7	Bolze Hweitage Exhibition
8	nets to S side Dr Dam. Left house 2.40 pm returned
	4.10 pm = 1.5 hours
9	DrDam - 16 barbel 7 Mozambica bream 2 Sabi  bream
	to reservoir. 3 died. trip= 1hr 43 mins
10 	Anthony to Texas. He had been working in stockfeeds
	dept, National Foods, Byo
16	New battery into Shev Chev
17	Phillipa arrives
22	net to Dr dam 1.75 hrs
23	18 Sabi 2 Mozambique 14 barble
25	Alice's daughter buried near Keyi's house.
	Wrote to twins
26	nets into Dr Dam NE
27	9 barbel 5 Sabi 2 Mozah 1 mud sucker
28	School holidays
29	Put in garden fence strainer
30	John Fletcher & Family.
	Cut down halapensis pine over fence of garden
	These halapensis planted by PF about 60 years
	earlier along the north edge of the old orchard
	fence, at its southern end, had developed a
	fungal(?) disease which gradually killed them
	all, except one which at the time of leaving
	the farm was still alive. They were tall trees.
	See diary 19xx

April 1990
3	1st shave with old razor	
4	Drum 9 Sabi 1 Mozambique  10 barble. Nets to DW dam
5	DW dam 23 bream Moz
7	Erkens arrive. Wrote to twins
9	Nets into Dr dam morning
10	Drum 12 Sabi 1 Moz 4 barbel collected this morning
	Nets in dam 24 hours
11	School holidays start
	Hyhenas Resting & Dassies Hon??? to Erkins.
	Hyenas. xxxx? 2 paintings given to Erkens
12	Nets to Dr Dam NE valley near hill
13	Sabi 18 Moz 11 Bab 18
16	June Wesson due
17	Dr dam 8 Sabi 3 bar 
23	Elwyn Emma & Clara to Patrick Mavros 7am
	Fish nets into DW dam
24	DW dam 31 bream. Put nets into Goozy dam
25	E & Co to John Fletcher. Goozy Dam 8 Moz only
	Colin arrived
26	Cleaning out studio. Colin to Wessels Block
27	Colin to Cunningham. Peter Cunnngham . Story
28	Colin to Wessels Block. Colin to Chelo.
30	about 4.15 pm N. to collect E & Co at Bembesi

May 1990
9	Drummond dam fish 26 bream 9 barbel
15	School second term to 9 Aug
17	Hugh & Ann after 17th
	5 Sabi 2 Moz  8 barble
18	Emma comes home. Hugh and Anette due
24	E&C home for weekend. H & Annette due afternoon
25	To McKinneys Also friends of Hugh & Annette
26	E.N. Hugh & Annette to Kwerrels Brian & Ilona Querl
27	Rigbys for lunch
28	Hugh & Annette back to Harare
29	1st after kudu DW missed one

June 1990
2	1st kudu shot Drum bull. Wrote to Anthony TEXAS
4	Cut up kudu for Biltong
5	Shot 5 guinea fowls Lands
15	Elwyn's birthday
16	Fixed E's mirror
16	Garden girl reported Sabi bream in reservoir. 
	They are about 3/4" big and I will put them in
	DW dam. They are weed eaters and bigger than the
	local Mozambique bream.
	Shot kudu bull across river from house
18	Gwinith Gwynneth arrives to 4 July. 
	Letter to twins today 
19	Shot kusdu cow Goozy. (3) Made biltong.
20	Cut up kudu carcass. Neil to Insiza sale.
21	Hung biltong
22	Clara to Chatsworth. Emma to Chiredzi. 
	Colin due
26	Annette & Hugh arrive
27	A & Hugh leave in morning
29	Emma playinh hockey Mashonaland? Clara home.

July 1990
1	Owen leaves PE for 2 weeks. Collect Emma in Byo.
2	Flick & Alvin arrive in Zimbabwe for 1 month.
	Gwynneth leaves for SA.
	Shot kudu heifer Salisbury camp.
6	Sandy Kirk to Byo.
	Susan Mavros Nigel Jocelyn due.
	John & Co to sleep here with their boys
	7 am Bob Cole & Co to shoot. 22 pheasant
	7 guinea fowl. Flick, Alvin details
	ink smudged
9	Put fish nets on Drummond.\dam.
	Dog Archie ex Cummings Balla Balla?
11	Keyi reported saw 57 mongooses 1 bunch.
	Banded mongoose. A large bunch lived around 
	the farmyard. In the evenings they would take
	up residence for the night in a loose pile of
	broken cement floor slabs near the house. The 
	provoked dogs could not get at them, try as 
	they might.
15	6.30 to shoot kudu. Shot Salisbury camp 1 M 2FM
16	Cut up biltong etc
23	Flick & Alvin left
24	wrote twins

August 1990
1	E to Byo
3	Framed painting Emma & Clara Ref:
4	Bob Cole & Co to shoot. 
	am 11 GF 16 Swainson 1 Natal 2 hares
	pm 10    4           2        0

5	Shot 2 kudu (1 young 1 old) bulls DW & Jocks
6	Letter to twins. Cut up biltong.
8	Put in gate next to grid for garden. Perhaps
	the recent memory of this accounts for the
	absence of a grid in the "very late" painting
	of the driveway, with flowers of jacaranda
	and bouganvillea. sp? He designed his metal grid
	building formwork for concrete in the 1950's,
	and this was one of the first grids he built.
9	School holidays start
10	50m= 52 paces or 54 paces. 50m rolls 4 ft high
12	John & Co to Matopos.
14	Gate to yard gate 60m. oranges 54 m
	Yard gate = security fence?
18	Wrote to twins. 
	Started painting Mana Pools & Boulders E? +
	children Matopos. This is the first mention?
	of Mana Pools paintings date. He painted quite
	 few. Earlier/later?
22	Finished fence & piping in garden...... examine
23	Male weaners to Bradford 180kg+ cattle, recently
26	Fixed studio lamp
31	Put D's beans fence trellis in garden

September 1990
4	Bob Cole apartment 11.30
6	Clara's birthday
8	Cane rat killed by dogs by marula tree south of 	
	house. Vondo. Ndebele
	Neil bout bought 5 Brahman, 1 Beefmaster bulls
	Pilosoff sale at Trade Fair. Furrow in garden fixed
	by Mdubecki
10	E posted my letter to Twins. E took E & C to school
11	3rd school to 6 Dec
12	Peter Cunningham & Colin at Wessels Block Link:
	Started East cataract V Falls. check first/second
	version of painting?
14	Douglas and Olive Mary due back from Pietersberg.
	DR Naik 8 am. 
16	Wrote to twins
17	Ann & Mike Jack due
18	Howard Marshal arrived, with a bad record. ??
21	Keyi to Court Ft. Rixon re Fingoe trapping in
	Makuwa4 3 ostriches 1 kudu, 3 impala
22	Frost at River. Colin to Zimbele from Wessels
	Wrote to Twins
28	8 am to Dr Naik. 3.30 pm car accident. Car 120-789R
	accident near City Hall Selborne Ave

October 1990	
2	Bean support in garden finished & ready
3	Planted D's beans
	Jenny Nest over . from Aus. E's cousin's daughter
9	Put in new gate to WS ??? from gate to yard fence
12	Posted to twins
	collected E & C & 2 friends
17	F nets to DW nets in at 3.30 to 4 pm
	J Fletcher & Phi Suzan & Nigel
18	collect nets DW 11 to 12.30  12 bream
19	To town  Taxi $10.80 {Elect iron bought H&S Haddons
25	wrote to Twins
27	J. to V Falls JPF?
30	TORDON on syringas at small gate Tennis Court -old trees
	to W gate 1 to 10 waterdilution rateTennis court, later
	fowl run, long taken down.
	Tordon syringas E calves camp

November 1990
1	Jenny Nest? due back
2	To Bulawayo Laboratory re Test. 
	Daniel Page re shooting on Bradford
5	Jenny leaves for Harare.
	Humphrey Gibbs died. Governor of Rhodesia
	at time of UDI. Farm at Redgate. Check early diary
	entries. Peel Nelsons etc. emails from
	Tim, Nigel etc
6	Wrote to Twins
9	E. to England 7am. Started on sweetcorn (too old)
10	Started on Dr Naik's medicine
12	P.I. F. accs= To Byo
13	Syringa trees treated with Tordon on 30th Oct
	beginning to wilt at end of branches (2 weeks). 
	Sample milk test 2.69 butterfat. A problem?
	3.6% was standard
14	To Byo with truck
	Nissan CK10. 7 tonne. Tapson Dube driver
15	Diesel Electric. Phone 61661. I phoned them
16	School Xmas dinner 
17	Emma arrives. Finished two lots of pills 1st week
18	Started on 90? second week pills
19	letter to E.
20	Jet Doberman pulled table cloth off verandah table
	broke sugar container and flat vase
23	Twins leave Perth for Sydney with Rochelle. Emma not
	home ( with friend)
28	Clara Xmas dinner (not home)

December 1990
1	E returns arrive Byo Flight UM 339 18.50=6.60pm
3	Twins at Singapour
5	Sweet corn Stowels evergreen
6	School holidays start
7	Twins leave for London. Finished bees in studio roof
10	Emma & Clara to PE Port Elizabeth.
12	To Byo
14	Neil's birthday
17	Chris fixed Chev Chris Auto Electrics. In a wheelchair.
	Peter gave him the .32 to look after when Peter had op.
	Story. Chris drowning in Zambesi. Kestrel flooded on
	decceleration at river bank. etc
	Letter from James Montgomery
19	Xmas tree erected in sitting room. 
	Tagamet medication details
20	Decorated Xmas Tree
21	Domestic servants Xmas
	Emma & Clara return from PE 1.10pm & Gwynneth
22	Twins Byo from Australia via London 10.15 am
25	Xmas
29	Erkens arrived
31	10th Jan Allegra's B Friend due. 18 Feb Twins leave
	Herscovitz Louis & Sadie? at Zimbele

	Garden beds W 20 yards long
	E Harley (Sonny) 6374  1 Calvert Ave, Bradfield
	Colin Mutare 219514. Lyn Ruwa 173-25592
	Twins  c/o Molloy, 24 Ruth Str. Perth 6000
	Twins 37 Glendower St Perth 6000
	Anthony Henneberg P.O. Box 2045, Banera, Texas 78003

	Check back: PF reverted to using lower case mostly now?

	Serena 18 May '91 3-35 Fairway Nedlands Perth 6009
	Allegra 18 May '91 153 Bagot Rd Subiaco
	Owen   11 Idylwylde Place Wamer Heights

	Jane (Drummond, E.'s garden)
	Esnat (E's garden)
	Mavis (veg garden) Gideon's wife. Keyi's sister, 
	Anthony's sister in law

January 1991
1	Painting of Baobab framed which, there were so many?
	Started Maleme dam painting
2	Lunched at DW dam with children
5	Douglas & Olive Mary visit
7	Gwynneth leaves for JB pm
9	71 bream netted DW
10	Allegra's friend due Harare. James Peart
11	A's friend arrives Zimbele
	fixed screws for hanging Serena's pictures
12	Gideon re water fences roads etc Mapinkili
	Gideon was i/c ranch cattle
14	Emma & Clara to school
18	fixed electric adapters. Twins - James to V. Falls
20	4 electric adapters working studio
21	Twins to Wankie Game Reserve. Clara to Matopos
	with School. Started work on elect fan.
22	worked on elect fan (OK)
23	Worked on angle-poise lamps.
24	 Twins to Byo & Matopos. N&E to town - worked on
	studio lamps - E saw twins
25	Twins return today or tomorrow. Fixed angle-poise
	lamp & wiring studio
29	nicine? tablets finished
30	Cleaned out studio
February 1991
1	Transplanted gwavavas guavas? in garden
2	Message to Major put cows in garden. Meja: i/c dairy
4	Alegra & Co to Zimbabwe Ruins
6	Alegra & Co due back. DR Naik after E at 10o.c.
	Emma's birthday 6 years old 16?
15	Serina got picture glass Naake for $8.65
16	Robinsons here
18	Twins return to Australia. 
	Andrew Nest tall Darren Sargent short arrived
19	Mowed lawn
20	Cattle to Insiza sale. Cunningham caught boy 
	stealing ostrich eggs.
21	Sample to Medical Laboratory
	A.N. & D.S to Vic Falls etc. & Bechuanaland
	20x4ft ? ostriches from Cunningham to Jims
	Link: ostrich stuff
22	Fence boys at Longile River fence
24	Lunch front verandah the S. unfinished. Perhaps
	Elwyn had already surrepticiously had Hugh's 
	large flat slab of tabular chlorite schist brought
	up from where he had it on the lawn at Drummond,
	as a table. (Also check: He gave some of this
	material for a gravestone to the Hulls? for Constance's?
	gravestone at...)
26	Put nets DW am
27	DW dam 11 Mozambique. 2 guards from SW Zimbele beacon
	at Telephone Tower at DW dam with gun. (said they were
	on way to Zimbele house to see us for permission to fish

March 1991
3	Wrote to Twins
7	Sample to med Lab. Standard Bank noticed received re interest
	on accounts
9	Lenard, Luja, Aleck arrested boy (2 youths not taken
	to Bembesi Police --- fined $15 unclear
11	Yellow granadilla seeds to garden store
12	Medication details. Fish ex DW 5 bream
13	2 girls scoffling hoeing E of studio. DW dam 5 bream
15	Emma & Clara arrive
16	Anthony's birthday
17	Wrote to Twins
19	Tracey's birthday
	Kitchen pine 13.5" diam 10 minutes to cut. The tall
	tree (not? halipensis?) near the kitchen and
	old outside laundry.? It died, and we took it down
	from the top. It was more than 13 inches at its 
	base. The same variety that grew through the roof
	of the old blacksmith's shop. It also died and was
	taken down. This was about the same time as the 
	dying of the halipensis from fungal disease, noted
	above. These would have been difficult trees to climb
	but the one at the workshop and especially the one
	by the house were easy to climb, because of their
	plentiful side branches radiating from the trunk.
	insert: Meza climbing/taking it down anecdote
21/22	Medical samples
24	Wrote to Twins
25	E&C to school
27	E& C came home to 2nd April
29	Phil & John Fletcher due? Nigel Suzan Mavros due?
30	Falcon Sports Robert + 1
31	Kwerrels Querls to Dr dam.

April 1991
2	Opening exhibition Gallery 5.30 pm
	E&C back to school
5	Mrs Locke away for two weeks
7	Write Twins
9	To Bulawayo in truck shopping. Envelope found at
	J&F in yard $140.00 and postage stamps in it.
10	1st frost along the river. E & Neil to Gwelo
11	E&C Holidays start ( about a month) E. gave 
	2 J&F boys $ ?? each. Worked one table etc
	studio. J&F= Johnson & Fletcher Ltd, building
	material, etc etc.
14	Wrote to Twins
15	Brad White's Run Rd. car over bridge ?Bridge
	on Insiza River. Check which stage submerged
	by Mayfair Dam
18	Independence Day - sorted out photos for pictures
19	Fixed kitchebn egg scoop
20	Clara to return
21	Wrote  A S 
22	Emma due back. Painted Matopo & family Fish Eagle Lodge
23	Mrs Locke will be back. ? fixed frame for children at 
	Fish Eagle
24	Mike Jack & Ann + 2 little girls due
	Return Harare Monday
29	Trouble with electric lights.
30	fixed all electric plugs kitchen.
	The house switchboard,installed in 1948 (check) 
	was on a wall in the kitchen. All the house wiring
	was by now decrepit. It was from the days before 
	plastic wire coating, etc. The earth system was 
	the metal conduit (before PVC), and this piping 
	had come adrift at multiple junction boxes etc 
	throughout the house. The kids did not touch various
	light switches in their bare feet. The rewiring
	of the house never got done. Nodoubt its condition
	could have been something of a shock to its later
	occupiers, if there was still electricity.

 May 1991	
2	Mrs Locke due with Jean Parks, Mrs Tatz.
	They? took two paintings for Gallery of
	Rhodes Hotel & Veld Fire. I, NF, recall seeing
	the veld fire painting a number of years later 
	in the (commercial?) restaurant at the Gallery.
3	Fixed lamp in studio and electricity from Elwyn's
	room through wall.
4	Sharon & Cyril Bilang to picnic lunch. shooting +
	Sippy & Eugene Halstead.
7	Byo today

8	Worked on Gallery cupboard table
9	Worked on Gallery cupboard table
13	E.&C back to school
14	Worked on electricity in studio
15	Shot kudu bull DW (1) 
	Fixed frame & mounting Kingfisher Lodge & Family
16	Cut & salted biltong
17	King Fisher Lodge painting framed.
	Hung biltong
19	Dennis Thompson & famil for the day.
20	Jane Rigby visited.
21	Went to DW Roberts Bluedump  with Keyi
	Missed kudu head in dark bushes
	Shot kudu cow Makuwa 3 Shot kudu bull Blue dump (3)
23	Shot kudu bull Jims Camp cut up biltong (4)
24	Meat saw blade to Watson to weld. Bandsaw
26	Wrote to A S
27	Mrs Locke +2 or three other women to change painting	
	Rhodes Hotel trees for Veld Fire. sic. unclear
29	Neil to Shangani C Sale. Went round Drummond Hills 
	never saw any kudu
31	DR Naik early before 8.
	Dr Naik to Zimbele when?
	Tried 1st builtong. Very good. shot kudu bull on
	15 May ( 15 days)

June 1991
2	Wrote to.  S.A.
6	To Drummond West. Kudu all in bush acc of cold wind.
7	Ellwyn collected E & Clara
9	Wrote to A S
10	To Drummond W 6am saw no kudu.
	From 10 Jne Nicene tablets
12	Shot young kudu bull beyond Blue Dump DW. Horns about
	10 inches long (5)
13	Cut up biltong - hung 14th
18	In Roberts and Makua3 camps No kudu
19	Shot kudu bull DW NW died in FingoLocation
	Lorraine arrived at Mickie
23	Wrote A S
29	Samantha Cope from Rosebank visit Michael Micky?
30	Wrote A S

July 1991
1	Douglas & Olive Mary Robinsons visit
2	Elwyn & Neil to Byo
3	Wrote to Old Mutual.
	Tax year ending 31/3/91 $498-56
	To N's borehole Drummond
5	Elwyn to collect C
7	A S
8 	Finished Baobab & Sunset
	Clara back to school
9	Went through Lands, Jocks DW SAlisbury Drummond
	Mapinkili Ben without seeing any kudu. back 11 o.c.
10	Framed Baobab & Sunset
13	Bob Cole to shoot.
14	Wrote A S. Worked on bench
16	(Gave picture to Sandy Kirk painted with 
	Dennis & Trish Thompson) Entry crossed out

18	N & E supper at Clonmore.
	Dr Sandy Kirk's visit & picture to him
19	Worked on sitting room low long bench &
	Bought Electric Fan
21	Wrote A S
23	Worked on Bench Table (finished) fixed heating 
	fan for ?bench Table to sitting room unclear
24	Mended clothes horse, fixed  boot? in studio 
	and sorted books for Painting Ideas
25	Fixed Elect Plug for N Neil? work shop.
	Rigby's supper here from Clonmore
26	Went through DW for Kudu saw a few in distance
29	Erkens due
31	Wrote to Twins - Keyi to Bradford - Neil to Essexvale

August 1991
1	Bertie Leigh arrives from London for a month? (see 5th)
	Clara in school play evening
	Shot kudu bull Jocks & Blue Dump
2	Erkens leave - Emma & Clara piano exams in morning 
	Emma to home late
4	A S Clara due home entries unclear
5	Clara & Emma back to school today
6	Helen Leigh + 2 children arrive from England 8.20am 
	Fixed lemon yellow paint for mounting pictures
7	Emma's school braks up for holidays 1.10 pm
8	Clara school brakes up for holidays
	9.30 am Neil & I to see Bob Cole
11	Wrote S A. Drove visitors ?past Goozy xxxx
13	Harriet, Toby Leigh return England 31st Aug or
	3 Sept.
14	6 am to Dekka N E (8 people return ? 16th or 17th
	Went to Byo with Tapson
15	Fixed frame of Hugh at Zambesi ? Gave Antony $40
	for petrol to Tapson Tapson had driven Peter to
	town in his own car?
16	family back from Zambezi & Vic Falls. Fixed frame
	of Baobab & Sun Set
18	Wrote A S 
19	Emma to Kariba with Lilfords
	canoeing on Zambezi Emma/subject of a painting?
21	Tapson to Byo 6.20  E posted letter to Twins
22	Matthew Durbin arrived ex England
23	N&E to Byo Cattle Sale return pm
24	Visitors return from Zambezi Mana Pools
25	S  A  Emma returns
26	Made frame for Hugh at Eastern catteract V. Falls
	Painted Pool & group of Africans fishing
27	Framed & mounted pcture Africans fishing  YO paint
	yellow ochre for mount (old bottle). Party to
	Drummond visitors? - wrote to Twins
28	N Party to Brebners? & Matopos Neil and party?
	Wrote to Twins
29	Tomorrow Fig Tree cattle sale Rosenfels
30	smudged  Anne Maree  via Falls to Australia
31	Bertie Leigh leaves for England

September 1991
3	Helen + 2 children to England
5	10.15 am to Dr Naik - leave farm 9.30 am
	Helped by Botton Armature Winding Mechanic
7	S A wrote twins. Seeds to garden girl
9	Children back to school
10	Made frame for Frieslands painting.of dairy
	cattle under trees? See:
11	Worked on kitchen door lock. Peter had by
	now developed a preoccupation with fixing
	the old door handle mechanisms in the house.
	Although they were all similar and possibly
	of the same make, their parts were not fully
	interchangeable. Having dismantled one, and 
	then having to dismantle another in order to
	see how to put the first one together, he got 
	their parts all mixed up, etc etc
	Elwyn to Dr Naik
12	Details of pill taking
	Started drilling borehole between Big Rock and
	gate. On the north side, and close to, the long
	straight stretch of road between the grid on
	the boundary, and the actual Big Rocks.
13	Emma to piano lessons Clara home	
15	A S Wrote to Twins Perhaps he pre-entered "AS"
	in all the Sundays in the diary as a reminder to
16	Big Rock borehole 69 feet. Water 37 from top.
	32 of water
17	Drill at ?
18	Drill at? Serena due 26 Nov (70 days)
19	Pil  Wrote to Emma
22	Wrote to Twins
23	Kitchen Electric Plugs. No plugs verandah L (big
	plug only) Internal R1 kitchen-pantry-school
	1.2.3. nill +4 dining-sitting-my room - spare room
	-passage-PK-Bath R- studio-piano. By plugs he
	probably means overload circuit breakers.
	See note re door handles 11th above.
24	fixed electric adapters studio
	Started drilling Mapinkili borehole a few feet
	struck rock Probably one of several attempts in
	the vlei/watercourse area west of Mapinkili kopje.
	A small dam in that vlei had its wall broken by
	water in the past, and was never fixed. We Mdubecki
	did bulk conductivity traverses along the bed of
	the watercourse, looking for possible fracture zones
	in the underlying granite. On a second drilling here
	water enough was found for a windmill and tank. Although
	the progressive deterioration of the groundwater situation
	in the country probably later made it dry.
25	Worked on accs Top drawer on Rt with Red Paint at seat
	E studio
26	Worked on Elect adapters ( studio)
27	Emma & Clara due home. Phillipa & John(son)Fletcher due
	Power off from 9am to 3pm
28	smudged ? wanted painting?? 5.30 slight drizzel
29	A S 
30	Ranch bull ate all cabbages in garden Bought bull

October 1991
1	Worked in studio for new paintings
2	Working in studio for painting. 
	Wrote to Twins post on Friday
4	E. fetch Emma & Clara.
	Started picture of Jackarandahs ?. jacarandas?
5	S A  Mapinkili borehole finished see 24th above
7	Clara back to school
9	8.40pm Rugby TV
10	Fixed Office verandah door. 3.30 pm heavy rain north
	probably Fingoe Location & Clonmore Longile good 
	rain Main Rd Longile (Pools)?
11	Painting Elephants drinking from ? & Jackarandah Trees
12	Yellow cat died Tiger? Story
13	A S  Syd's Birthday at 42 Park RD 12 AM, 90th birthday
	Syd LongdenBios
14	on painting of Jackarandas
16	Nigel & Susan Mavros due for 1 night to collect	son
	at Falcon school
17	Emma arrives and leaves for long weekend Emma 8 am ?
18	Lorraine arrives for ? E and Emma to Byo to collect
	Clara and Lorraine - fixed cover for ash jar ?
19	S A Painted on Jackarandas. 
20	Emma to cut Hair Emma cut Peter's hair? check story
22	Bob Cole returns today (Elwyn) Rugby 8.40 pm
23	Finished picture of jackarandas
	34 days for Serenas return
	41 days for Allegras return
24	Clara for long weekend. Y.O. yellow ochre on jacaranda
	painting & put on mount
25	Glued frame for Jackarandas.
	E to fetch Emma Byo - 
	? has 1/2" W Roll Whole?Hole under abdomen
26	Paintings finished & Jacaranda framing.
27	A S  5.45 Rugby
29	Posted letter to Twins
30	Saw Rugby about 6.35pm
31	Rigbys supper here

November 1991
1	E to town to fetch children
2	S A 
	Rugby Grand Final afternoon (E & A) 4.30 pm
5	Skue(?) Terblanche's step grandson here Dale/Kelvin
6	Jef & Sandra Jackson visit
8	E to fetch Emma & Clara - worked on livingh & sitting
	room lock for doors
10	A S 
11	Elwyn leaves for Johannesburg for 12 days
12	Permanent Collection Art opens. Neil to Figtree
13	At 48 Park Rd 13-30 Nov Monday Friday 10 am to 6pm (not
	at weekends) open studio Art Geoff Jackson. Matabeleland
	Zambezi Water Project
14	1/2" rain 8 am. In studio measuring glass required
	for paintings. Chev battery on charge WShop
15	Drove Chev from Workshop. Killed tshonglolos - grapes
	& hut & on lawn. millipedes, extremely plentiful in
	rainy season.
	Emma's Xmas Party. Painted women fishing
16	S A. Clara home? Emma in Byo. Painted women fishing
	Paid Clara for stamps.
18	worked at garden tank and pump. reservoir cleaned out
19	Studio mounted picture womanwomen? on bank? R&L 
	& Man in boat centre Top
20	Mdubecki on water cribs? troughs? Mapinkili W.R. Road
	White's Run Rd?. At the borehole of last month? It was
	reached off Hugh's old alternate road to White's Run
	Cattle to Insiza sale this morning.
	Salisbury camp. Pump always pumping to DW camp E. The
	borehole is the one near George's (Pig) Land, put down
	in the Seventies (check dates). It was pumped when 
	required by a lightweight Petter engine. After the 
	Great Flowering of the Westminster System (GFOTWS) 
	such engines in the veld were stolen, along with any 
	bits of copper piping, ballvalves, etc etc. Heavier
	engines on boreholes, such as diesels with heavy
	flywheels, too heavy to carry, were decompressed and
	wheeled away on their flywheels. Boreholes such as
	this one, not very remote from the farmyard, had 
	a Petter engine taken to them when required, and
	the engine ran as long as was required to fill an
	eggshell tank on the ridge of banded ironstones
	on the boundary of Salisbbury and DWE camps. GPS
	The engine was then uncoupled from the pump head 
	and taken back to the farmyard. We designed a quick
	and easy device for coupling or uncoupling the
	National Pump and engine/windmill rods, as required,
	- a quick single spanner job.
	Big Reservoir on Kopje & Jocks always water. This
	reservoir Peter built in the (?). It was part of
	the irrigation plans when the valley was first 
	developed for borehole irrigation, and it was mainly
	a night storage reservoir for the irrigation of the
	Old Station Road Land. The reservoir was round but
	made with approx. 2ft x3 ft lengths of straight 
	interlocking shuttering sections, shifted upwards 
	each day. The depth of water was about 5 ft, and 
	the capacity was 120000 gallons. (552 cubic metres).
	"Always water" because its most important function
	was for cattle watering three paddocks (Intaba, the
	Lands and Jocks hillside (to which a pipeline of 
	xx metres was buried ) across the valley.
	Diary ref:Maps ref:
21	Elwyn returns from JB 1.10 pm
25	Serena leaves Perth today
26	Serena due
29	worked in studio. (am to 12 hard Trinepon adhesive

December 1991	
3	Cattle to Bubi Sale. Sold OK
4	Emma & Clara home for holidays - mounted pine trees
5	VAAB 5th Annual Exhibition. mounted painting of pine
8	.44" rain
10	Jenny's school closes P.E. Alegra arives + June Wesson
11	Ray (Fletcher) Oxley, Kenneth's daughter + 2 children +
	husband arrived to sleep 1 night. 
	Neil & Elwyn to Insiza cattle sale.
	Found glass of Pine Trees painting broken
13	Elwyn to Byo for E & C piano lessons
14	Neils birthday. Worked on soldering irons both duds
16	June Wesson leaves for Byo.
	Owen etc arrived
18	Worked on soldering irons
19	Emma Melanie Piggery. Alegra Clara nursery
	Tracey School Room. Jenny Owen Hut. Serena Twins room
	???? 2 men 2 girls arrived from Australia? via
	Harare to Egypt to Australia
	Look for Xmas Tree
20	E to Byo children to ride horses Brebners and to Matopos
	Tshabalala Game Park, formerly the Brebner farm, very
	close to Bulawayo on way to Matopos. Horse riding, white
	rhinos? etc  
21	collected Xmas Tree tree. erected it.
22	All family to Rouxdale McKinneys near Turk Mine. 
	etc Bills father PE? David etc
23	Xmas tree (Ben's West), Fletchers Rd. Where they cut it
	Trouble trying to fix scissors with solder etc etc
24	Farm boys Xmas day today. Backed painting to frame with
	wood glue
25	Xmas Day $30 Meza and 2 girls for Xmas
27	Emma Melanie Tracey to Vic Falls
30	Children return from V Falls tomorrow
31	Jean Danks (Mrs). Lyn Peter Colin arrive 10th Jan??
	Monty's address Box 1627 Rivonia 2128 George Montgomery

	Anthony Henneberg c/o Mashomack P.O. Box 308 Pine Plains6:07 AM 21/10/2017
	NY 12567 USA

January 1992
1	Mr Herscovitz & wife to lunch (spoke of Fletcher clan)
	 - Turk Mine area Induba farm
2	All 6 girls to Matopos
4	Owen to leave for PE early 5am- 5.30am
	$4.0 to Jane. Help in studio
7	E. to Byo N here. Glued first ash tray
9	N to Byo. worked on Electric solder iron. Anthony & ?
	at Drummond engine or pump. - Staples in Emma's shoe
10	Afternoon Mrs Rigby & Father due
13	Emma & Clara to Girls College School
14	Twins 21st Birthday
	Sonny Harley died Bio
16	Big boat at Drummond, small DW
	Lyn George & Peter due about 10 am
	Colin & Peter Cunningham due
	Gave painting of sable SE of Jagacha on Bradford to Peter
	where I saw Mamba and Peter Henneberg facing each other
	about 4ft apart years ago. Mamba at Bradford.
	Gave painting to Peter. see above.
	There were no sable at Bradford normally.
18	Phillipa John & Robert from Salisbury due.
	Emma home. Clara stayed at school
20	Twins to Hartley with Hayley Sparks (mother paints)
21	Neil to Figtree cattle sale with cattle
22	Cattle from figtree.
23	Twins return from Hartley 1 pm
24	E f clara ? pm
	Worked on kitchen lock etc
27	worked on door locks
28	Dog Jet to Vet Byo

February 1992
3	Worked on door locks Kitchen & Pantry
4	Put kitchen lock on door
5	worked on Bedroom lock
6	Emas   birthday
9	6.67pm Makado Mikado G&S?
9	Neice niece? of Sara snake spat in her eyes - Egnes.
12	worked on locks and keys for doors
13	Serena & Allegra to Perth. fixed up locks & keys
14	E to Byo fetch children
16	Letter from Serena
20	E & Clara home
21	Emma & Clara to Byo and Clara returned Emma to
	Stipinovich. Kitten to vet & spaded spayed
	To date this is the worst season in my records
	since 1922
22	I got up from bed still a bit dizzy
25	To date this is the worst season I have recorded
	since 1922
26	In studio. N to cattle sale Essexvale. Rain in
	Essexvale area
29	E & N to supper at Syd Longden Pip & Sally?

March 1992
1	Worked on S.R. W sitting room, west door lock
	Emma & Clara nothome this week end
2	Mounted 1 paper on cardboard in studio
4	Acc Keyi lepard living in Bradford kopjes.
	Leopards were always present on Bradford, 
	that is why breeding cows were hardly ever 
	kept there. I sent cows there at one stage
	and there were calf losses. N.F. Story: PF
	and the leopard trap he did not see.
5	Pat Richardson & Friend due 5pm
	McKinneys to sleep here.
6	McKinneys left. E&N to Byo. 
	Letter addressed to Allegra.
8	Paid P&F accounts
9	7.20 Rugby
12	From today
	1 Maves, 1 Vit B, after breakfast/
	1Maves 1VitB 1 Tagemet after supper. 
	Maves= Mav's pills = Dr. Mavros', who first
	prescribed. Peter's cousin's son-in-law.
	Serena (I wrote)
13	Water in well 9ft.?  8ft 9"
	Planted some Jiffy Pots with cabbage seed
	Letters posted 3 March Australia and Ireland
	Eire arrived today
14	Started planting cabbage seeds in Jiffy Pots
15	Fixed all house lights.  Serena
17	All White voting re SA Referendum
18	Whites REferendum in SA (De Klerk)
19	On hand am. Mavs 52 tablets Vitamin B 3 tablets
	Tagamet 52 tablets.
	Rain pm .31
24	Viewing of pictures for sale on 31st March
26	Nigel Jocelyn, Susan Mavros to sleep
27	Phillipa & John arrive sports day at Falcon tomorrow
29	Sarah Lumley Smith arrives from London.   Serena
30	John & Phillipa left this morning. Emma & Clara
	leave 6.30
31	Today Art Auction for reconstruction of Dauslin Douslin
	House as Art Centre in Bulawayo Main St-Selborne Ave.
	Total $28,000
	PF Matopo Dwala $2600. Geof Sommer
	PF Grass Fire $3100    Anthony, Lauren Bickle.

April 1992
4	Sid Beth (Pip Sally) Emma. 42 Park Rd. Gwaai River
	painting given to Sid
6	Received letter from Allegra. 7.20 Rugby
	$10 paid for repairing my boots to Kawulani Dube
8	School holidays start for a month
11	Monti & Co arrive and sleeps & leaves for Harare for
	house boat for Kariba. Jeni, Sally Rory.
	Dwala PBS Ranch to Monti.painting. George Montgomery
	 who was on Zimbele. See 1960s diaries. 
20	Fixed picture frame of PatsyStory. Take photo. E. re
	rigid frame foot on back. Skundhla at Zimbile when
	we left the farm unlocked.
21	To McKinneys afternoon supper in Byo. Wrote to twins
22	Sarah leaves for England
27	Write to Twins
28	Ann & Mike Jack arrive (Ann is Hugh's eldest daughter)
	Mike's parents with us when we saw scaly ant eater in
	the Matopos see:Mike's mother died a couple of years
	ago & his father died recently in Harare?
	rain .36
29	E's friends ex England to V. Falls return Sunbday & leave

May 1992
5	Started letter to Allegra & Serena
7	 N&E to Byo
8	(two English) 1 girl 1 boy arrive from England. 
	Elwyns friends from Uganda arrived.  who went
	to Uganda after A levels.... Played cello, the
	episode with the python on Drummond dam spillway
9	Children arrive today & school Monday. family to
	Byo to collect Clara
12	sorted papers etc and rubbish at chair East in studio
	Story? P. ripping pages out of old survey book...
13	Fixed door locks in studio - soldering-
15	Fixed pantry door locks. Elwyn to Byo
16	Wrote to Allegra & Serena
18	Amyas & Jodnn went to Salisbury. ex Uganda
19	Neil & E went to Nyamandhlovu cattle sale
20	In studio all day. Fixed pantry lock
21	Pantry door lock scan: drawing
23	Clara & Emma +2 friends
24	Prepared WC paper in studio for OS? and landscape.
28	John Fletcher & ? here to Saturday
29	Clara only due
31	Time tp shoot kudu. 
	Kitchen clock my watch & yellow square clock all
	set to 2 o'c.

June 1992
1	Colin due this week on Wednesday Colin & Carol
	afternoon from Umtali on Farm Dairy on Wednesday 
	Worked in studio. Started on (Fifi Hill or
	Silozi Hill) which?
3	Colin and Carol due & leaving on Monday 8th
8	Colin & Carol leave
9	Jane cleaning out studio
10	Colin & Carol to arrive
11	Neil to Wessels Block
12	Emma & Clara due. worked on table cupboard.
	Neil & E to town
13	Worked on table & cupboard.
14	Longdens & family at Z for day. Emma at rugby
	at Essexvale Falcon College?
16	Made Table with cupboard below in the studio
17	Wrote to Twins.
19	E. collected 2 hacksaw blades at Co-op 12"
22	Chev working/saw cracks.
	Started planting onions from Zimbele to Drummond.
	Commercial crop. Transplanting from seedbeds at
	Zimbele to Drummond irrigation
26	Robinsons with a sheep & citris.
27	Lyn & George Emma home Clara Turk Mine
30	Catherene McKinney & two Canadians morning tea

1	Wrote to Twins
3	John & Phillipa due with 2 boys
5	Neil & John to Drummond when was the occasion of
	shooting wild pigs on hillside above dam?
9	Children home long weekend. Dave & Sandra McKinney
	due for 4 or 5 days. Write to Twins to post tomorrow
	spoke to Maku Marko re dead trees? cat
10	Sandra & Dave McKinney here and two girls, arrived in
	evening & slept here. 
	Neil shot 2 kudu 1 bull 1 cow in lands and cut up for
	biltong no recollection.
11	Neil hung up biltong
12	Harold Schur with Mr & Mrs Nichol
13	McKinney... leave for Cape Town
17	Neil due back from where? Neil & Elwyn to Town 2 cars
18	N E Clara to cattle sale Byo at Showgrounds
19	Duggy & Einhart due. Wrote to Twins
20	Flick & Alvin arrived at lunch time
24	Testing adhesives 3.15 pm
25	Flick & Alvin to Falls - return in a few days
	Wrote to Twins. Fire S.R. sitting room
28	Worked in studio. Neil shot kudu bull no recall.
	was this before the Drummond game fence? Kudus
	like to eat onion tops.
29	Phillipa & John arrive pm leave early tomorrow
30	Phillipa & John leave for Salisbury. 
	Emma & Clara arive for holidays about a month
	Neil shot kudu cow Lands camp.
31	N to Byo E to Byo with E&C. E to a friend of hers
	Clara home.

September 1992
1	Load 1000 cabbages to Byo
2	McKinney due morning
3	Clara won maths prize 98% over 100 girls. Emma to
	Stipinovich. Clara to music exam
5	started watering old Fig Tree These wild fig trees
	are mostly found  in rock outcrops, often with roots
	exposed, growing over the rocks and into soil below
	wherever it can be found. At the house the tree was
	growing near the top of the slope down into the
	valley. Its roots were in broken epidiorite, overlying
	decomposed granite. One would have assumed .... etc
	climate change.
6	Wrote to Twins
7	Clara left Z for Kariba and arrived Kariba 7th from Byo
10	Flick & Alvin arive to sleep --  Falls and Kariba
11	Framed picture for Flick
16	3pm New Zealand & SA Rugby
17	Clara arrives from Kariba to Zimbile 10 days total trip
20	Wrote to Twins
22	Rugby Newlands SA and Australia 2.55 pm. Peter played
	at Newlands, schoolboy curtain-raisers
23	N. Shot kudu

September 1992
1	Elwyn to town. new cat in pantry OK with three legs
3	Alice started working today ?
4	children due home with friends 4
	Wrote to Twins addressed to Serena
5	Clara party. 
6	Clara's Birthday. E&E and school friends to Robinsons.
	Clara played the chelo cello very well acc a friend.
	A load of cabbages from Drummond to Byo tomorrow
11	Children home
13	Robinsons visit
	fixed dining and sitting room door lock next to my
	bedroom door
18	Spoke to Major Meja Nyoni re running of farm and labour
	Attended to cat (lame)leg in pantry
21	Cabbages to Bulawayo from Drummond
22	Acc House girl Plaanting potatoes Hatfield's L 16 acrea
	and Garden land 23 acres planted potatoes last week.
	Wrote to Twins
25	Three legged cat slept in my room. Clara week end at
	Turk Mine.
26	Fixed Dining R to sitting room lock 
28	Colin here way to Byo
30	Colin due today after two days in Byo

October 1992
1	E. to Dr Naik. Colin & his grandson to Chelo & returned
	to his home near Umtali
2	Clara played chello in school concert then home.
5	Clara returns to school.
6	Emma won the Art Prize at School (Girls' College Byo)
9	E to Byo to collect children
14	N & E to Byo 2 cars. N back lunch time E at 4.45. 
	Antony not at work (sick). made picture frame (19"x12")
16	children due out for weekend
17	looks like rain.
18	sky same as yesterday like rain
25	Serena due Byo 27 Nov Allegra due 4 Dec
27	Coopers dip & chemicals visited (Neil to Byo for cattle
	permit & collect his motor byke in truck). Collected
	letter from Alegra written 16th October 11 days ....
31	Now both same day(..Alegra to return to Perth in January

November 1992
5	Twins leave Perth?
8	Serena due 27 Nov same day as Serena
10	Neil to Byo - Willy Robinson was here collecting 
	his hay
12	Esnut girl who does my room and bed for me dead 
	beetles etc on window sill
13	Colins daughter & husbin due (Jean Franklin Colins
	daughter) and Gavin, Jean Rob Franklin slept here 
	Then to Wessels Block re Ostriches to Colin
14	Rugby SA v England BBC 4.30 pm
	Gavin Franklin Colin's grandson & his fiance Helen
15	Serena due 27 Nov. Allegra due 27 Nov
16	Rain 0.29"
19	Owen phoned to Elwyn re 4 Dec-14 Dec
20	E & Clara + 2 friends
25	E & N, & children 2+2 friends. To Byo - looks like
	rain but have only a little ! oclock lunch time 
	afternoon  overcast
27	Serena & Allegra Byo 8.20 am today
28	Elwyn to SA with Willy Robinson - return on	
	Wednesday to stay with Erkens returns with
	Mike's car Mike McCann, died 1986??

December 1992
2	Elwyn & Robinsons due back from Joburg today.
	(E with Mike's car, given to E by Mike (? probably
	in his will? perhaps by Gwynneth
	Keith Fletcher & Family due afternoon (Lionel's son)
4	Owen due here to stay till 14th. .. here 5.25pm
8	Rain midday .23
	Serena, Alegra, Emma & Clara to John Fletcher 
	to sleep (Mvurwi)
9	David Rigby here in morning from Clonmore farm 
	beyond  Lochart  to north - The 4 girls went to 
14 	Owen leaves for P.E. today. (Neil's Birthday)
	The four girls return to House Zimbili from 
	Kariba in Elwyn's car - Tracy 22 years Meleny 20
15	E. phoned Dr Naik. pm Rain .26.  am? pain
17	!0.15 am Dr Naik. Rt hernia- scour-L knee- Rt foot
	- wort on left eyelid. 
19	Hugh Fletcher's daughter Ann & Mike Jack. (Mike's
	mother & father are dead.) + 2 daughters are due
	here this afternoon to Falls & Wankie Game Reserve.
	Return here 23rd.
20	Fixed my studio chisel & piping
21	worked in studio
22	Jacks should return.
24	Rigby's due pm
25	Xmas
28	Planted Pawpaw seed.
	E. and children to Byo back 3.45
30	Peter Steyn and wife Jenny due for afternoon tea.
	Super here Robinsons Jeff Jacksons


	Kapok tree seed got Harare Bontanical Gardens by
	Elwyn beside the cottage garage and another 
	East south East of House. On the hill 
	overlooking the Valley towards the old mill. There
	was also a type of wild fig, and another tree
	with a knobbly trunk a bit like a thin baobab. On
	the hill there was also planted a baobab seedling
	which eventually started to make some growth
	Amyas Bray and Joanne Tingle. From England  who
	spent some time in Uganda. See elsewhere
	Emma (Annexe)  Clara (Junior Hostel). Girls College

January 1993
7	Alegra leaves for Australia.
	Made frame for painting 4th February
11	Went all round workshop etc
23	Measured picture frame for glass 445mm x 347 mm

February 1993
1	Rain at night .77"
2	N & E & Serena to Byo. Rain NW. Set-in rain at 1 o.c.
	Elwyn repled to Molly Gibs today Gibbs Check letter
	from Molly Gibbs
3	E. & N. & Serena to Harare.
	Keyi took cattle boys to Brad
4	Serena leaves for Australia by plane P.M.
5	E.& N.  return from Harare. 
	Keyi to Brad to collect boys which were sent to Brad
	on Wednesday 3rd
11	Had mealies for supper. Rigbys had supper here.
12	Emma & Clara due (E to Byo)
15	Rained at night
18	Neil to Byo to get children for half term week end
19	Today, "The Hon W.H Mabhena has the pleasure of
	inviting P.F. to the official opening by the Governor
	of Matabeleland North the Hon Mabhena of the 
	Zimbabwe Heritage 1992 Exhibition at 5.30 p.m. (Take
	this card to enter)This entry also in 1992? check
20	Gave Jofat $6 for fixing my boats. (used in the past
	shooting kudu his wife Esnut
25	write to Twins. Alegra & Serena. Neil to Byo today.
26	Elwyn to Byo & return with Clara & friend afternoon 
	Friday same day. Neil returned from Byo today. 
	I spent all day working in studio - Keyi and Antony
	did not report as ordered.

March 1993
6	Molly Gibbs to afternoon tea on ?.
	6 March with her daughter-in-law {Mary Gibs}
	Molly Gibbs (nee Peel Nelson, sister of Jack,
	wife of Sir Humphrey Gibbs, at UDI Governor of
	Southern Rhodesia.) The family had been friends 
	of Peter since at least the 1930s.
	They came specially to see Peter who, Elwyn
	decided, was not in any state to see even old
	friends. Molly was disappointed but accepted
	the situation. This entry shows it was both a
	memo that they were coming, and that they had
	been to see him.Old photgraphs: 
	Emma with friend from Harare.
8	Worked in studio
24	See list re diary on paper
26	Phillipa & John due pm
31	Worked on studio light. Key & Anthony worked at

April 1993
1	Art Gallery Art exhibition during April (Three
	entries) at Trade? ( not for sale?) 13 April
	final date for acceptances (Entries $2 fee)
3	Gwyneth due with her husband (Neil) Tuchten
7	Hugh Forsyth due Emma & Clara due for about
	a months holiday and return to school 10th May.
13	Fifi, Kariba, Odzani Falls painting to Art Gallery
	until? Not Odzani Falls, given to the Jacksons?
17	Lilford & wife here (a visit and a friend of 
	John Fletcher) Dave & Mary?
21	Emma & Hugh Forsyth due back from Harare
25	Hugh Forsyth leaves for SA about 1oc midnight.
	To work about a week later
26	Ann and Mike Jack here for Byo Trade Fair Byo
27	Terblanche here today re his cattle in DW
	paddock. Neil to Trade Fair (Byo)

May 1993
2	Micke Jack and family Ann & 2 children 2 girls to
	Harare, 11.30 am
10	Emma & Clara due back to school
16	Exhibition at Art Gallery Closes.
	Collect at old gallery
	1. Fif1 2. Flat hills left Horizon 3. Inyanga Falls
21	Michell Nest leaves for Australia Michael 
29	3.30 (?)p.m. Zimbabwe v Wales Rugby Wales at Byo(?)

June 	1993
14	I spent day on verandah & E. attended to my Rt ankle
15	Elwyn's birthday to day.
	My leg support ? 20" to 22" high
19	Neil & Elwyn and Emma? & Clara? to Sid Longdens &
	returned about one oclock at night
24	Took Mav pills. Big spider on wall foot of bed afternoon
30	Made note of dates etc for visitors

July 1993
4	Dr Naike & family here for lunch (wife & children and
	sister Ranju and her children. Was this the time
	they brought curries and made rotis at the farm and
	everybody ate with their fingers, including Peter?
6	Flick & Elven her husband due on 6th or 7th July. 
10	Bob Cole - his son in law Rob + Tommy Bean out shooting
27	11-22am Kitchen "clotch", erased CLOCK write Twins
	& Rochelle

August 1993
14	BIM Mary's sister died her husband was Ray.
30	Wrote & sub to Bulawayo Art Gallery.
	Subscription to Visual ?? torn Association. etc

September 1993	
25	Syringas behind old dairy hut in full flower - 
	hollyhock some higher in flower round verandah -
	Some rain all directions a little Wild Thunder 
	all directions too. Jacarandas coming into flower
	 & one in full? flower

October 1993	
1	Pip (Philip) and Sally Longdens live in Byo
20	Tapson to Byo

November 1993	
18	Alegra leaves Australia for Home
19	Alegra probably arrives Byo
	Serena won't(?) be home this year.

These are the last diary entries.
Elwyn's back. Edith Duly. Taking him there.
	etc etc.

January 1924

February March 1924

Wedding of Sheila, Peter's sister.

Sharples verticle tubular cream separator.

Old Papec stationary silage chopper.
still working, 2009 .(USA)

1920S Fordson steel wheel tractor (USA),
like the one at Zimbile.

Typical records of the daily animal
deaths at the end of the dry season

Diary entries - more animal deaths.

"Peter's office = diary = anywhere".


Gr. R
Opp Mill

Working oxen. Herd usually near homestead.
Dyke Wright
Hatfield.s Land
Garden Land
Flat Land
Prickly Pear Land
Bobs Land
Wessel.s Land
Wessels Block
Makuwa native.
Mapinkili Area of Zimbili
Jims paddock area
cattle paddock
Cold Storage
Cold Storage Commission
Electricity Supply Commission
Matabeleland Farmers Co-op
Gloag Mission
Robert.s Land. Robert was one of the old kraals.
Granite River land
Hickory King, maize variety
Junction land
Opposite Mill land
Main cattle boy. PF gave him good retirement money. He went to Fort Vic area and his family
killed him for it, PF suspected.
Dube. aka Malobola
At the store? Peter spoke highly of him. .Never a ?theft?