FAMILY GROUP - UMVUTCHA STEPS     photos from Danae

From: Danae Lambert-Porter 
To: Ian McAnleister 
Sent: Tuesday, 22 January, 2008
Subject: Umvutcha family groups

Dear Ian
Sorry, but I haven't learned how to attach two pics to one mail yet!
Family group on steps of Umvutcha. RA and Annie with Uncle Hugh, Bessie, one of their sons (?) -another son in next pic - and one daughter (?), Patty and Rosalie and Dolly and Boo. I guess circa 1932/3. 
Dear Ian
This is the other pic! RA and Annie with grandchildren - haven't checked but this may have been all their grandchildren born to date - and don't they all look so HAPPY?!!! 
Johne was unsure of which of Hugh's sons was which - and that's why he asked me to send pics to Rosalie. Please will you forward them to Wendy - Rosalie may even remember the dog!
I guess Rosalie is the girl turned away from Annie if she says Annie liked Patty and not her.
Lots of love
PS Please remember to smile for pics with your grandchildren.
Please let Rosalie see as soon as you can, and send back identification
Hi Wendy
So you both think the one photo is:
Angus         Annie 
yHugh  Rosalie        Patty     RA
and the other photo:
OldHugh             Annie        Patty
            Rosalie             Aileen             RA
Bessie  yHugh           Boo         Dolly
From: Wendy Nolan
Sent: Sunday, 3 February, 2008
Subject: Re: Family group Umvutcha
Just quickly - the older child (in the jacket) must be Angus, appearing in both photos, and the child in the shirt, Hugh.  So just switch names.
Mum was always terribly camera shy, so that would be why she was turning away from the camera.  It is nevertheless true that she did not get along too well with Annie.