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From:Neil to Gretta Kelly
Sent: 10 February 2007 
To: creakenstown@eircom.net
Cc: pamkeirns@gmail.com
Subject: fletcher archive website

 Dear Gretta

I have just been looking at the anniversary photo you sent at Christmas.  I am compelled  to do something about our family history 
now that everybody is scattered all over the world by politics.....

Hi  Nial  
Thanks for the e mail .I am going to a christening of Dave and Emmas third child who is 4yrs. Old and this is in England on Saturday.
I will be away most of the week so wont get any information for you till after that.I think Johnny, our eldest has put some stuff on a web site so 
will let you know about that.
Bye for now Love Gretta

From Pam Keirns. 3 Jan '08

Hi Neil
Happy New Year to you and yours! Elwyn has been filling us in on all your family celebrations - sounds like you're having fun over there 
with weddings and parties all around.........
I've asked my oldest brother John, he who is updating our end of the tree, to get in touch with you directly so that you can exchange whatever 
information you need. None of us have seen his work so far, but he's just about ready to share the knowledge now.  I'll stop now. I truly hope 
that you're happy, or at least content, in Australia and not missing the old life in Zimbele too much. I find it difficult to read the news of what's 
going on in Zimbabwe, so can only imagine what you, Elwyn and the girls must be feeling. 
 All the very best, and love to Elwyn

4 Jan '08
Hi again Neil
I'll check out the new address over the weekend. I've sent it on to my siblings and I'm sure they'll enjoy it. John will get in touch with you directly. 
Mum is well aware of the information that you're looking for, she's waiting for 'the right moment' to talk to dad about it all :-) I'm afraid that I know 
nothing about granddad's time in Rhodesia - you know more than I do - so I can't be of any help in that regard. 
Minna is still alive and living in Canada. She's not very communicative, even with her own children, and hasn't replied to letters that mum has 
sent her in recent years. Her son Nicholas will be visiting England sometime soon from Toronto, so there's a possibility that we may have contact 
with him then. Minna's daughter, Caroline, very sadly died a couple of years ago of cancer, leaving a young family behind. Minna's other son, Peter, 
lives in England I think. But I'll try to get that pinned down for you by talking to mum. 
cheerio again

From: Neil
Sent: 09 February 2008

 Dear Gretta
Many thanks for the mail. I am glad your email is working again and look forward to receiving all the information you mention.

Incidentally, after searching on and off for a year I have finally tracked down the Angus Fletcher branch in the USA . The African branch have had no 
contact with them for about sixty years, as far as I know.  Two of the youngest sons are still alive, and I spoke on the phone to one of them, Peter, last 
weekend. He is in Florida . The other one Angus is in New Mexico but currently in California . At the Paul Getty Centre. He is a prof at goodness knows 
how many of the universities. They would be Sheila's cousins. I know from Sheila that their father came to Eire and they met. You might be able to say 
a few things about this.

1). Gay. Does she have email/an address? Please say hello to her from me. Tell her I often think of sitting at the table with her and Martin in the evenings 
when I came over in about 1966. Also we went out to a country restaurant where I still remember the steak. Also they took me to a country house party in 
an elegant setting. I remember glass windows looking out over green fields. There were also some English/London people there. Do Richard or Mary 
have email?. Who are are her other kids. There is also Sarah,  because when I pitched up unexpectedly at Greenogh (sp?) early one morning and knocked 
on the door and asked "Sheila Kelly?", Sheila thought I was somebody come to tell terrible news about Sarah who was away somewhere. I hope they 
found stuff in Dick's desk.

2) Look forward to receiving information from John. Does he have email?

3) I would very much like Minna's address. I would like to write her a letter, even if she does not reply.

 Remember her from the early fifties? when she came to Zimbili.  Does Tony Austin or her son Nickolas have email.
Hope to hear from you soon.  Send my regards to Ted.

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From: Gretta Kelly 
To: Ian McAnleister mcanleister@yahoo.com

Sent: Saturday, 9 February, 2008 6:58:07 AM
Subject: RE: fletcher archive website

Sorry for delay but my computer was out of action for months, then I got broadband in nov. great but it went before xmas and it took them ages to get rid of 
the gremlins. Ok now.This evening I asked Gay,Martins widow if Richard or Mary, her son and youngest daughter found anything in Dicks desk. Mary is to 
look for stuff over the weekend and give it to me.John our eldest is to send you a copy of family tree and I will send the later additions.Minna never answers 
my letters but we keep in touch with Tony Austin ,her 1st husband.We last saw Minna at her daughter Carolines funeral over 2yrs ago?She lives in a remote 
house near Port Hope Ontario, her younger son Nickolas keeps an eye on her. She must be 79 now.
Hope to get stuff to you very soon.
love Gretta

From: Gretta Kelly 26.2.08

Gay herself doesn?t have a computer, but her son Richard who built onto Gays house and lives there with his family, has one.His email is 
Richard.kelly@preciamolen.ie  Richard has 2 adopted children from 1 of the Russian states. Daniel 9 and Karen 6. Gays 2nd daughter Ann has email. 
Applestonefarm?verizon.net  Ann lives in pensylvania u.s.a. and has 3 daughters.  Gays eldest daughter Sheila lives in Devon England and has an adopted 
son in his 20s.Gays youngest daughter Mary last year built a very nice bungalow on Gays field.  Gay was 76  on 9th Feb. she keeps very well and does a lot 
of very good work with AA.She used to have a problem with drink herself and conquered it. She is marvellous. I think it must have been Sheila Gays daughter 
not Sarah as Sarah is our eldest daughter and would have been about 7 when you came to Greenogue.  I remember you coming here one day we had started 
putting up a cattle shed across the road, and we were inspecting it.I guess I was also pregnant with David!

Minnas address is RR1,  Port hope  L1A3V5  Ontario   Canada . I am sure she would love to hear from you. I haven?t email for Nicolas.

I think Tony Austins email is  claret@eurobell.co.uk.  He would have Nicolas?s.

John was to send you stuff this week.He has been laid up with a broken kneecap much better since pin taken out Thurs.I will try scaning onto this but don?t 
really know how.If unsuccessful I will mail some stuff. 
Bye for now.Gretta

From Gretta 29 Feb '08

Sorry about mistake in Ann Morans email.  More haste less speed!!  applestonefarm@verison.net  I forgot that@ was higher case. Talking of sheep we are 
busy at present with 1st flock of 150 ewes yeaning, quite a few triplets, the trick is to get 1 of them onto a single if possible. 50 left to yean, then the 2nd flock 
of 450 ewes start towards the end of march. Hopefully the weather is good then and they can yean in the field mostly without assistance. 1st March I go with 
Pam granddaughter Katie to join Dave and his family on a weeks ski holiday in Morzine 1hr. from Geneva . Should be good fun, not so sure about the skiing 
it is 54yrs since I last did it! I will take a look at your various sights when I get back.  Thanks for sending all the info. 
Bye for now . Gretta

Dear Ian,
I cannot tell you how excited I was to receive your email.I apologise for not getting back to you sooner, but Michael (my husband) and I were actually in Austria 
skiing last week!! Please let me know everything you can remember about Granny. You cannot believe how much we all adored her. We all grew up just hanging 
on to every amazing story she told us about Africa/Rhodesia. Even as small children we always knew she really pinned for her home and her family, so it came 
as no surprise to us when she left for good. However, I firmly believe my siblings and I all inherited our strong, independent, curious and fun-loving temperament 
from her!! 
A little bit about myself. I was born on July 29th 1958. I moved to America in September, 1978. I married Michael Moran (born September, 13th 1953) on 
January, 4th 1984 (in Ireland!). We live in Unionville, Pennsylvania. on a farm where we train thoroughbred race-horses with reasonable success!!
We have three beautiful daughters: Elizabeth Anne born February, 19th 1988; Caroline Emily born June, 8th 1990 and Emily Catherine, born September, 3rd 1993.
I was very excited to hear I might have some Fletcher relatives here in the States. Please let me know where they are.  I would love to hear your whole 
Zimbabwe/Mugabe story someday. Also, I am starved for any information about where Granny's family farm was, I guess where you grew up etc.
Again, I cannot tell you how excited I am about this opportunity to fill in all these  blanks about Granny. I hope it is all right but I forwarded your email to both of my 
sisters, Sheila in England and Mary in Ireland.
Please, let me know if I left out any other information you might need. Also know there is always a bed here in Pennsylvania for you and any member of your 
family any time!! I truly look forward to meeting you some day, Ian.
Lots of Love,

Dear Ian 
Anne Moran (Kelly) my sister passed your email to me. I am Sheila Kelly ( married name Duckworth) the eldest of Sheila Kelly?s grandchildren and live in the 
South West of England in Devon in a small village called Uffculme. Moved from Ireland in 1987 ? as they say married a Brit!  I inherited a son when I married 
Tony his first wife died Alexander is now 27.  

My memories of Granny are very vivid ? a great gardener which she passed on to Mary and Richard ? I like to garden but if I can find an excuse not to will. 
I remember her as a great story teller and an avid reader of books which she passed on to her grandchildren. 

I have an a book titled The Family of Donald and Eliza Mc Donald which was compiled by Mercy Murray ? have no idea how I got it I am sure that you must have 
a copy if not I can certainly send you a copy. 

So sorry to hear that you had to move because of Mugabe but can certainly understand why which part of Australia are you and how long have you been there? 

If there any relatives that you know of in the UK would love to know. 

Sent: 15 March 2008 
To: creakenstown@eircom.net
Dear Gretta
Many thanks for the family tree which arrived yesterday afternoon, and which I have now entered with all the others. As far as the Eire family is concerned I am 
sure I have all the names now. There are just a few details here and there which can be added later. 

regarding Sheila's birthday: I notice you have it as 1900. Do you have any evidence from Sheila that this is the correct year? The reason is that when she was 
over she told us a story, which looking back at it now becomes ambiguous, that her cousin Ben (Sir Patrick), who she grew up with so to speak, according to 
Sheila would have liked to have been born in the 19th century, and sometimes claimed to have been so, - (he later was a politician) - but Sheila would tell him, 
as she told us, that he was born the year following her. By this we have always thought she meant she was born in the 19thC and Ben in the twentieth. But 
maybe she said Ben would have liked to have been born in 1900 and not the !9th C, which would make him born in 1901, which is what his family say is the 
case....and so it goes on!

I attach a photo which I feel fairly certain you must already have seen.......
Have also scanned the photo you sent a year or more ago of the whole family. Will be putting it on the website too
When we were kids we always heard about "The Aunts", who used to write and send things at Xmas. When you have time could you please send a few details 
about them, and also some photos if that is possible.....
Anne, Sheila and Mary have written, which was very welcome.....
I emailed Tony Austin at the address you sent but it bounced back. Any other suggestions about getting in touch withe that branch. I will meanwhile write to Minna...
I have not put the Tree on the website yet as there are still a few details which are just a matter of perseverance...  I will submit it after I have these.  There are 
one or two other branches which might be more of a problem, for instance Sheila's two aunts who eventually lived in the UK
So far there are about 195 living descendants on the P. Fletcher_A. Eaglesim family tree, and there are probably a few more in the branches we have lost 
contact with.
I am sure I will be in contact soon to bother you some more.
Many thanks once again
Love to everybody from Neil

From Gretta 18 March

 Thanks for email and photo. I have seen that one before but hadn?t a copy. Have one of them when Ted was about 8 also various ones of them on horses  I do 
 have some of the Aunts but will have to look them out. Nettie was tall and Marcia v. small . They lived all their lives in Creakenstown except 1 month in 1968   
 when we were altering the house so that Dick and Sheila could also live here as Martin had sold Greenogue. By Oct 1970 there were 15 of us living here, luckily 
 all with our own quarters,as the Aunts didn?t really get on with their brother!   Yes I am sure Sheila was born in 1900 as she always said she was same age as 
 queen Mum. Ted says same age as century. Hope Minna replys to your letter. I will see if Tony has a different email address, He was to send me one for Nicholas?.. 
 The ski holiday was marvellous, Morzine is a beautiful place and with Daves and Pams help I managed to ski down the mountain! And no falls. Happy Easter  
ove from us all gretta

9th April 2008
Hi Neil,

I have finally had a chance to look in my brothers desk and have found some interesting bits and pieces. Not necessarily relevant to family history but some letters 
and photos which I am sure you will find interesting. I will try and get them scanned tomorrow and get them to you soon. There are photos that granny(or someone) 
took of your girls when they were young and letters from your father to granny in about 1980 or so.

I also found letters written by a Richard Walsh in Bulawayo sent to granddad(Dick) in Texas in the early 1900?s. I?m trying to decipher them but I gather granddad 
must have been in partnership with him in some business venture. I?m wondering if Richard Walsh was a relative by marriage to us Kellys( will try and work that 
one out)

I have had no joy in taking a photo of the medal, will try and scan it and see if it comes out any better.

I hope all is well with you, we are desperately waiting for Spring( had snow and hailstones last weekend!) and a bit of warm/ dry weather!
Take care and I?ll be in touch

13th April
From Pam Keirns

Neil thanks so much for the email addresses - I've been thinking of those in Zimbabwe a lot in the past year.
I've forwarded your email to my siblings, so they may or may not be in touch with you (you can lead a horse to water etc. etc.).  By the way, I looked through some of 
the docs on the website yesterday and really enjoyed the 'conversation' about Keerom - I know nothing about that place from Sheila, but I was too young and foolish 
to ask her many questions while she was still around, unfortunately.
 take care