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	Aspects of the History of Copper Mining in  Namaqualand. 1846-1931.
	John M. Smalberger. G. Struik (Pty) Ltd. 1975.  	

	For a coverage of copper mining in the NW Cape Colony, and in particular for 
	matters concerning the Messelpad, this small book is of great interest.

	It includes material on Patrick Fletcher, one of the many players in this first 
	South African mining saga, and details the many conflicting political and social factors
	of the the times on that early frontier..  
	Extracts from Sculley and others enliven a picture of this social melting pot 
	and of the harsh conditions under which its people survived a longer season than that 
	of its famous daisies. 
The Hondeklip Bay Chapter. 1 2 3 4 5

Early Images of Springbokfontein and Hondeklip Bay . 6 7

[Hondeklip Bay chapter, and images by kind permission of Struik Publishers.]

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The 'Blue Mine' - First mine of any kind in S.A. (Graham Ross)