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			  			C/o Tati Co. Ltd
[Registered mail]					20th Dec. 1925

My dear Pat
	Write and let me know exactly how we stand  in connection with the 
Zimbele cattle, and put the matter into some one's hands who I can communicate with.
If Smith is going to make anything at all of an offer for  a half interest they must be sold. 
The conditions as I told you were that they were to be taken away at once. It is the only 
condition on which I would sell them.
	I don't know what you are going to charge up against the cattle 
accounts for herding  I have only got the income tax figures for four years, one was the
first year the tax came in -1917-1918 & another 1923-24. You wrote me a letter once about 
arrears of herding which I have never been able to find, and all I remember is that it was
all very much more than I anticipated and that I hadnt  a hope of paying it at the time.
	What I have aways felt about the herding is that the account should
not be charged with the full amounts, as there are no credits except actual sales. All the 
years we had Zimbele cattle on Umvutcha I never thought of charging for herding, for the 
simple reason that I was using the cattle and getting a return from the milk. There was of 
course only a couple of hundred head but our herding wages were always heavy in spite 
of the fencing on which also I was paying interest, and it was a continual struggle to make 
ends meet. The only herding wages I paid out of the joint a/c (R.A. & P.F.) were for the firm 
oxen on "Hamba Gahle" at the Queen's, - one herd[er?] & sometimes a youngster to assist 
him. For some years there were 200 oxen out there and a good many were at different times 
sold from Umvutcha.
	However I quite realise the expense of the herding of the larger number of cattle 
at Zimbele and want to make a fair contribution to the cost, and have the whole matter cleared 
up when the cattle are sold. But I can do nothing until I get your figures, and in the mean time  
there is the risk of missing the sale. I put Bongolo Smith off with the best excuse I could, but 
he may have changed his mind when I wish to reopen the subject.
	With regard to other matters everything should be cleared and finsihed with. I must 
get my affairs straightened out some how so that at all events they can be easily understood.
	The firm of "Fletcher & Espin" should be formally disolved by notice in the Gazette. 
There has been no partnership for years, and unless we are going to work together again, 
which I suppose is impossible,  there is no sense in leaving things as they are, it only means 
a fruitful source of complications and troubles. The difficult question is to know how to deal with 
the records which are joint property  and which will always be of use to us both. The only way I 
can see is to go on paying the rent of the big room  jointly as now and either us of making use
of it as required.
	With regard to the farms still owned by us jointly they might sell if we fix a low enough 
value and hand them over to sell, with definite instructions, to some one. In the case of Hilton
I have bonded  my half interest for £500 so that this farm could not be valued for less than 
£1000,  the others are free as far as I am concerned.
	There is nothing else that cannot be fixed up, and I must try and liquidate all the assets 
I can and reduce my bonds. I should have done so at the time & got out of the bonds business 
and it was only weakness at the time giving way to temptation to hang on.
	If everything cannot be cleared up at once, then at least there should be  a proper 
understanding on each matter which could be embodied in  a simple agreement to enable a 
clearing up as opportunity occurred.
			From [Yrs?]
			R.A. Fletcher


						26th Feb. 1926

My dear Pat
	There was a balance of  seventy odd pounds in the RA.&P.F a/c,  most of this
was from donkeys sold from Umvutcha last year - 18 donkeys totalling £61-0-9, ( less commission).
I have drawn £35 and am  enclosing cheque for you for £35.
	What about that other business and the  other matter I wrote about?  Things are 
becoming impossible for me and a move of some sort must be made.  I don't care in what direction. 
I'll speak to Jack Coghlan if you like and see if he can do anything for us.

			R A F						

John C. Coghlan,				Albany House
Solicitor, Notary and  				Bulawayo     October 7th 1926

P. Fletcher Esq.,
Zimbile Farm
P.O. Bembesi

Dear Pat, 
	I am sorry I did not have an opportunity of seeing you before you left Bulawayo last week. 
I wanted to see you in reference to matters outstanding between you and R.A. He has been in several
times to see me and it is quite evident to my mind that unless something is done to get these matters 
settled he will commence action against you in the High Court. He was in again today about the matter; 
I told him I had expected to see you but did not do so. He then said he was not going to wait any longer
but would commence proceedings, however I prevailed upon him to let me write to you again.
	To my mind it is quite clear that you would be  foolish not to have outstanding matters settled
by going into them with him. There is a dispute and undoubtedly it must be enquired into. If you simply 
take up the position that you are not going to do anything in the matter, and action is taken by R.A. it 
would mean that you might get saddled with a pretty heavy Bill of Costs.
	Please give this matter your serious consideration. I think it is in your interests, in fact in 
everybody's interests that the matter should be cleared up and disposed of.
		Kind regards.
			Yours sincerely
				John Coghlan 


[*]  Coghlan.  Jack Coghlan,  a friend of the family. See also Pat's letter to  Ida  re Coghlan, weekend 
of shooting at Zimbile.


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