JEAN:	  Did not have children. Buried in Cape Town.  (M. Mason)


Letter Pat to his mother. Millwood April 10th 1889, referring to Jean (?) 
"Miss Jean will have confoundedly interesting letter as I can see Bob making a
frame for her letter - it is sure to contain a lot of romantic ideas for he has been 
studying a little book called Home and Happiness. Perhaps it is this book that 
made him so happy that he for fun scratched the shirt 	off my back this morning 
with his claws and got me rowed for shouting at him...." [But this may not refer to 
sister Jean. - N.F.]


Witness in Kenneth's baptism, Queenstown. see elsewhere


Letter Jean_Rob,  College Avenue, Rondebosch. 15.3.'96 
".....Next month "The Firs", Rondebosch" ...	"Isa will tell you about them....." 
Isobel is still with RA and Annie in Byo?


Angus in letter to Rob criticises him for not replying to his sister Jean's  letters. 


Letter Kenneth to his mother, London, 18 April 1918 : "I paid Uncle Angus a visit
this morning. He is off to Scotland tomorrow with Aunt Jean, I think he has been 
fixed up with something in America.  I forgot to ask, anyway his passage has 
been approved & he is only waiting for a boat"


Rosalie met her in Cape Town when Annie took her and Patty down. 
"She didn't like Annie and Annie didn't like her" See Rosalierecoll etc 

Email from Margaret King, regarding a photo she captioned Jean Fletcher
in Robby's Picasa album:

"Shelia ---Dad gave me a small (approx 31/2'') flat gold pencil case (one to hang 
on a chain) and on it was inscribed --Jean--   and a date. I asked about Jean and 
he showed me that photo."


ISOBEL: Married Richard Dawson and had two children. (M. Mason) 1896 March. Rondebosch. Letter from Agnes to Annie thanking her for all they had done for Isobel who had been seriously sick. She had also been sick two years previously in Millwood. It appears Jean is with Agnes. 1896 Letter from Jean to RA : "Mr Simms called....and told us all his news ...he did not know Isa...." etc . Presumably Isobel is still in Bulawayo? Was she still there at the outbreak of the Rebellion? Simms was a son of the surveying instrument firm Cooke Troughton & Simms. He was sent to the colonies to get a picture of land surveying, and for a while worked (?) with Fletcher & Espin. There is a photo of him and Bob McDonald during the Matabele Rebellion. see Ida F. Coll. Same letter: "We can quite understand all you say about Isa's illness. At Millwood 2 years ago she had an awfull illness & quite delirious as you describe - we never thought she would pull through - excepting of course it wasn't malaria fever then - the other synptoms were very similar. Mother & I can never forget that dreadful time & we felt so helpless - although Dr Clifton was so good. We can never be grateful enough to you all for what you have done for her. We really thought the change up there would do her good........." 1903 Letter from Angus to Rob, Rondebosch 1903. "I am sorry to say Isobel is unwell" Letter from Angus to Rob saying Isabel & Dick want him to visit them - offered to pay half fare. [ Where are they? Dick = Richard Dawson?] 1918 Letter: Kenneth to Annie, London 1918: "I have been several times to the Dawsons . Aunt Isobel was glad of the biltong I think. .. it appears she gets ill at times and has a craving for it, on such occasions Mr Dawson has to hunt the town out for some, seldom with any success. Rosamond landed me nicely into a Christian science church on Sunday......." [The inscription in the book] -----------------------------------------------------------------------

MURRAY: Married twice. Second husband Major Mainwaring. Had two children. One of her daughters in 1973 (?) lived in Dorset (M. Mason) 1886 Letter: Pat to his mother. Duoquodolas [Eastern Cape], 24 Oct. 1886. "The Tuesday after I wrote there was a big exodus from Lady Frere.
The Fenners, Murray and Walker went to Queenstown - the Baas I and stayed for work". [Frere =(?) Sir Bartle Frere, Governor, High Commissioner, Cape Colony, 1877. Lady Frere is also the name of a small town] 1895 August. Her second marriage, to Capt. Mainwaring. [See Ransford below] Letter: Kenneth to Annie, London, 1918: "We have been to quite a number of theatres already. Lance has been hunting the place out for a drama that will bring him to tears, but has been unsuccessful on the contrary one has a difficulty in not laughing every time an actor opens his or her mouth in most cases. I dont think there is a dramatical piece in town. The Mainwarings lead a happy go lucky existence the girls attend a lot of the plays and have a good time generally" 1927 Letter: Pat to his daughter Sheila in Eire 22.07.1927 "...I opened up one of those American papers Murray sends me...." 1944 Letter: Dugald to his mother, 106 Bn. Para Regiment, 19 May 1944. "Uncle Rob gives me the address of Aunt Murray who he says might put me onto others of the family up in Scotland. I hope to get a chance to see them sometime but when goodness only knows. We don't know what we are on to just now." [Dugald was taken prisoner at Arnhem in Aug/Sept? N.F.] ============== "Bulawayo - Historical Battleground of Rhodesia" by Oliver Ransford. 1968. A.A. Balkema, Cape Town. pp 76. "Yet other amenities were making their appearance in the town in 1895. Thus that September an enterprising speculator opened a roller skating rink in the Market Hall:...... and everyone was surprised by Captain Napier who proved to be "a crack skater". ...... The whole town turned out for two popular weddings the month before, when........... Captain Mainwaring (late of the 9th Hussars and presently Secretary to the Bulawayo Sanitary Board) married Mrs Harrison (nee Fletcher) the sister of the town's surveyor." Rhodesia Weekly review. ================ Notes: There was a photograph in a frame gathering dust in a cupboard at Zimbile which Elwyn says she thinks Peter said was of the girls. Regrettably it seems to have been a casualty of the hurried evacuation of the house in 2002. [N.F.] Archive Filename: pages/thegirls.html Last modified 23 April 2010 Endnotes:

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