Emails with Thomas Family Members.
[General observation: Contents of Garrick's emails have been partly or totally suppressed)

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From: Garrick Fletcher 
Sent: , February 14, 2005
Hi All
Attached some photos Roderick found - he thinks there are more somewhere.
He thinks they are of Thomas Fletcher - our Grandfather, Violet Fletcher our grandmother
The kids - brothers Lionel and Ronald Fletcher
The family photo - he believes this was Violet Sanders Mother and Brother/sister 
- Harold (our GreatUncle)


From: pheeline 
To: elwyn fletcher 
Sent: April 15, 2006 
Subject: Letter No. 2 for Kneel
Excerpt from JP.s recent letter to Garrick..

Has Roddy arrived for a week or two yet? You and I will make that trip to visit 
him, if he refuses to move out of his warthog den. Give my love to Doods, I am 
sorry we couldn't make it in the last trip. Especially after that generous 
invitation from you to your braai on the Saturday night ("Anybody can come! You 
can come if you want!"). Where exactly do you live, anyway? Probably out of 
town. I might not make the next invitation, will have to see if I can find 
enough fuel.

Garrick.s reply..[ suppressed]

Sent: 05 October 2007
To: Garrick


I have had several attempts at trying to establish contact with you. I decided 
that there must be some issue in the way. I enquired from JP shortly after the 
bash on the westcoast and he assures me that this is not the case.
If this is so, could you please reply to this one. I would like from you:
Home phonenumber
Cellphone number (have one from about five years ago)
Any other email address you might prefer mail on
Also Rodericks email/phone number/postal/street address/ any other means of 
contact. Somewhere backed up I have some emails from you via JP re Roderick and 
his workshop/females etc etc. But the computer it was on has long since given 
Also what contacts/leads or anything else can you tell me about the Archibald 
(Archie) branch of the family. I think they are JB types. Had something to do 
with real estate business?
The Fletcher Archive website has been closed for several weeks because of a 
change of server and other technicalities. Will send a general email soon with 
the new address.
Are you still pissed most of the time?


To answer the last question . no.

Attached 2 photos . make you own assessment!!.

Reverting on other matters

Garrick Fletcher


Trust you are all well. Did some groundwork re our part of the family and attach 
this .

I was waiting to get Roderiks details but this is some what problematical. He 
does not currently have a computer( currently the fan that was part of the 
computer has been removed and now operating in a steel cupboard in a shed to 
keep his gunpowder dry . humidity high in Natal south coast).
His mobile phone is+27 826045895 and address
Fern Valley Farm, P.O.Box 167, Umzumbe, KZN 4225, South Africa
Herewith my full contact coordinates.

Email . the preferred one

Home email

Mobile - +27 827777709

Work - +2711 3020000

Home - =2711 8852724

Sues Mobile - +27 827774405

I did get from Roderick a whole stack of Photos which he photostated (and I took 
photos of . I don.t think he has a digital camera .and if he had would not be 
able to do anything with them). I have lost the explanation of who is who but 
will resend to you the ones I can work out.

Niel . I will have to go there myself if we are going to get any further. JP 
wants to come as well . however he is currently thatching his hut in Mozambique 

[Section suppressed]


Garrick Fletcher

It was Mickey who got me onto pubs...
Just been having a look at the Tree. Please could you think hard about where Tom 
was born, and your source of information/knowledge.
Thinking about it, I can remember Tom in Hillside when I was at Hillside school. 
I remember sitting on his bed talking with him. He had a room on the West?South 
verandah. But you might not remember him clearly at all, just as Owen can't 
remember Pat.
My God, look at the time. Happy Hour starts in a few minutes. Can't miss that. 
Drinks half price, mate!.
See ya!

From: Garrick Fletcher 
Sent: Friday, 5 October, 2007
Subject: RE: tree

Note that you cant get that visiting a pub out of your system? .

I don.t really remember Tom and certainly would not be able to recognize him 
irrespective whether sober or pissed


Re Tom . I got the info off a passport application my Dad was going to 
submit/submitted to the SA Authorities. As such it is not verified.
Birth Cert - Loris Capstick.jpg Ne 
Drivers licence - Loris Fletcher.jpg
La Pa - Loan.jpg
Marrage Cert - Lionel - Loris Fletcher.jpg
Passport - Lionel Fletcher.jpg
Passport Application 1 Lionel.jpg
Passport Application 2 Lionel.jpg
hed a few doc where I got the dates etc from - they are photos of the originals -
(except Passport Application - Lionel where, as Mentioned, I obtain info re Tom)

Surely Lionel would also have heard from Tom about where he was born?....
The info is very important because so far I have not come across anything else 
about it. Regarding Namaqualand, I heard it often enough from Peter that RA and 
Pat were born on a farm called Keerom near Springbok. (See quite a bit of stuff 
on the site). It is possible PF bought Keerom 1862/63. RA was born on it in 65, 
and Pat in '67. Work on the Messelpad started in '67 and ceased in '71. He might 
have sold the farm in '70. 
I have no info on when he left Namaqualand or anything else in fact for almost 
the next ten years. So your information fills in quite a gap, ie. that he did 
not leave Namaqualand immediately after the Messelpad work ceased.
Will start fixing up the Thomas branch page a.s.a.p. There is a Fletcher Picnic 
in Perth in two weeks. There was also a get together at Bruce (Mick's son) last 
Keep in touch. I will try and phone Roderick one of these evenings.

I'm sure Lionel would have heard about where Tom was born --- I have asked the 
question but he.s not answering!!!!!
Will press Keith and Roderick . in fact it was Keith who sent me the .draft. 
passport applications for for inf only when I was trying to get a SA Passport 
some time back.

The Fletchers don't seem to answer after they're dead. A bit like Alistair at 
his funeral when Peter wanted to ask him about the snake.....
Please keep a bit of pressure on Keith and Roderick

also these

Box [?82]?
Bulawayo 22nd August '50
Dear Ron
Dad has been telling me for months that he is going to write to you, but I'm 
afraid he will never get down to it - not that he can't, but he reckons he will 
make mistakes or will be shaky. Anyhow if I wait for him to give you the news 
you will be newsless for years. He is keeping very well considering time marches 
on and is never too tired or sick to have a joke with Garrick. We are having our 
usual August weather one day [cold] & the next hot with a result that Dad's hat 
is never off his head one day keeping him cool and the next warm.
I don't know whether you have hears or not but Angus Fletcher (the bee farmer) 
Hugh's oldest son died in Salisbury early in July from polio of the throat - I 
happened to be up there on business so went to the funeral - Bessie & Hugh took 
it very well, but as he was only sick for 24 hours it came as a shock to all. 
[Mr? Fath] also died last month - [heart and I understand left about L60000 ? 
equally divided between the children - including his [nurse/niece] who kept 
house for him - so the 
[???] and the toers will come in for about L6000 to L7000 each. He had been 
troubled with heart for some time & it was more or less expected.
We are leaving our house in Fort St on the 1st December to go to Hillside. - I 
think you have seen it. It is [ ]outside? = it is being painted so that we will 
only have the interior to worry about when we move.
How are things with you and Iris - still [ ] [farming?] from [] accounts[] of 
your cold winter you might have a good summer this year.
Peter, Alister & I with wives are in the same party at the show ball on [/ 
Friday]. I believe Ben will also be there - [a hell[?] of a [?] of Fletchers. 
Bulawayo is beginning to [make up] for the shiow weekend & if the present 
weather holds it should be quite good.

When I was down you and Iris were talking of being up here on an [] trip around 
about September. Are you still making the tip?
We hope to be in the new dairy [?] in about 6 month's time and what a relief it 
will be to be out of that [ ] shop.
Keith is doing quite well in his own quiet way at school & got a very nice 
report & Garrick is still the toughest in the district for his age. [But I fear 
I will have to support him as long as I live because he shows no inclination for 
any serious work.] [Despite the understandable concern of 
his father, 
Garrick went on to make money in both Joburg and the Orient]
Loris is sitting here making a dress for one of Madge's kids and asks me to give 
Iris her love.
[I must away....? all & all]

Hello [all?]
Lyn (Madge's kid) is going into boarding school next month so [??/trying to help 
her iwht a bit of sewing but what a bother. She's no dressmaker! ??] [How did 
you get on with the ??? I hope.....] Keith had his tonsils out in [April] I dont 
know whether it has done him much good but '''Dr said they ? ...and Garrick is 
drunk most of the time....]
When are you coming up to visit us again ..........] [ 

Same with this one

[S.A.? Fletcher H]
[???//, H.M.S. Ten??t,\ British Fleet Mail
November 25th ??
My dear Ronnie and Iris,
I think I told you that we had a little [incident??] with a Japanese [wreck?] in 
Rangoon River. [Well] that was a couple of months ago and we are still under 
repair = [ ] in [T????] of all places. It is just a little [ ] town, full of 
evil smells, surrounded by plenty of water and [ ] of a few [hovels/houses??] , 
a cinema, a naval [ ] canteen and a football pitch. Thank God we are sailing for 
[Durban?] early next month. we are due to arrive on the [21st?] so maybe I'll ? 
even spend Christmas at home. I should get my demob? in February, after that 
Varsity, Dept of Agriculture, wife home of my own - and my kids will never join 
the Navy.
How are the [dogs?] - and the [market] garden?
With best wishes to you both.

["Air Mail Letter Card. Free Xmas Mail. Front addressed to: Mr & Mrs R. 
Fletcher, Ferndale, PO Broughton, Johannesburg, Transvaal, south Africa. Back: 
Written in: English[?] SA [???] Rank [??] Name: HE Fletcher. Stamped 26/1/[15?]. 
Stamped Broughton {date??]

[Original: Roderick Fletcher. Photo image sent by Garrick Fletcher. Typescript: 
NF. Last modified: 28/10.07]

[Sent the photo of the letter card to Annette in Perth. It 
is now established the writer is young Hugh. Not 1915, as it looks, but 1945. 
Annette says she remembers the story from Hugh. He said he got some sort of 
bilharzia from swimming in that river. She said Hugh stayed with Ronnie and Iris 
when in Joburg on his way to the War. Hugh's brother Angus was also in the Navy. 
[ Neil 8 Nov 07]] 

From: Garrick Fletcher 
Sent: 30 October 2007
Subject: Fletcher Crest8

Attached the cake 
Cynthia made and iced for the 130 yr party.
The motto "Altra Pete" meaning "Aim At High Things"
This Crest I have seen on a number of Web sites
There is now a dispute as to whether this is the correct Crest.
The other crest I have also seen is with the bow straight up and the
motto below the bow and arms "Recta Pete"

Do you have proof which is the correct one????

Sent: 31 October 2007
To: Garrick Fletcher
Subject: crest
My understanding of the crest is that the motto refers to some ancestor Peter 
called Patrick (ot the other way around). He was evidently one of the "I'll take 
the low road..." Scots, [..................] He changed it to "Recta Pete" on 
the crest: meaning straight as an arrow or something like that. I dont know he 
cared very much which way it was pointing.....I will try to attach a crest
Robbie sent. 
..Elwyn has one on a signet ring which came down via my grandmother. 

Will check it out see where its pointing.... John also wears 
jewellery and has one. There were lots of Johns in the family. But none of them 
spelled their name with an "e". I dont know what that tells you?

So what about those emails - you can fill in and correct them sometime? On the 
photos you sent I cant make out some of the words. If you cant read them on your 
originals either, I will just have to make a guess and put a note with them 
saying they might be updated in the future.


Thks . FYI Umvucha gave me a Port Decanter for my 50th with the crest 
sandblasted in . which was the .straight up yours. arrow (exactly as per yr 
Danae Lampert Porter also maintains this the correct one.
JP name . what is worst is that if you go to you will find the .true. spelling of his 
name is JOHNSE. It is also confirmed that this person farmed at Sonia! Did not 
realize that he wore jewellery. I guess that we will not be able to ask JP his 
view as, with a name spelt like that, he will probably be more inclined to go 
for the .aim straight -Recta. version and not the .aim at high things -Altra -. 

PS . did read your manuscripts and as mentioned am appalled at the inaccuracy of 
some of the transcripts.. It was 25 years that my Dad said he would have to 
support me .not 21. My Mom said .Drugs. . not . .drunk.
Neil . I will get down to them in time . as mentioned have more.


From: "Garrick 
To: "pheelineiway" 
Sent: Tuesday, November 06, 2007 
Subject: FW: Fletcher Crest8
>P8100528.JPG< Phee,
The start of the crest problem?

From: pheelineiway 
To: Garrick Fletcher 
Sent: Tuesday, November 06, 2007
Subject: Re: Lionel-Ronnie
Dear Garrick,
I totally sympathise with you. It is very unkind of Neil to highlight your 
troubled childhood in this way. I'm sure your father purposely used his worst 
handwriting when disclosing those bits of news about you, so that future 
generations would never know. Trust Neil to decipher the indecipherable, and 
bring back unhappy memories - not to mention renewed scandal - into your adult 
We will now think very, very carefully, before sending him any material for 
publication on that website. Some stuff about this family (thank goodness I'm 
only related by marriage!) is best left buried in the dark, murky past.
Your loving and sympathetic 2nd-cousin-in-law, frequently-removed,
[but thankfully allowed to come back! - Neil.]

PS, Yes, we are now back on the farm, but leave for Moz again in a week's time!
PPS Johne just shot a black mamba out of the tree behind the kitchen. 6ft 2in. 
(We still use RA's measuring tape) I wonder if I should post this interesting 
information to the Family Website? It might distract readers from your father's 
scandalous disclosures.

To: pheelineiway 
Sent: Tuesday, November 06, 2007 
Subject: FW: Lionel-Ronnie
Another example of his mis quotes/transcripts . read last part carefully.
I find it sick!!!!! Might clam up on the other info I have!!

From: pheelineiway 
To: Garrick Fletcher 
Sent: Tuesday, November 06, 2007 
Subject: ooops!
Dear Garrick,
I have just been severely chastised by Johne (this is the burden we Fletcher 
wives constantly have to suffer). The mamba was not 6ft 2 inches, but 7ft 6 ins, 
and RA's tape never lies!!
Oh! it is hard to be married to a Fletcher!
[Photo of John(e?) killing mambas]


The correct crest is bow straight up and the motto, Recta Pete, "Aim True". 
Don't ask McInleister about accurate details, re "family". I am the only one who 
has taken the trouble to visit Auchallader, where, in the castle graveyard, 
there are 5 graves with "Johne Fletcher" engraved on the headstones. I have a 
picture of Phee, Adam and Robert lovingly caressing them, and I suggested that, 
when I pass up under the Big Kilt in the Sky, they should not waste money on a 
headstone, just steal one of those. Kneel never went north of Soho, the only 
trips he took were underground, on the LSD line.
Just wait until I am back from Moz and get Phee working my new scanner. Cousin 
Kneel will be swamped under a tidal wave of embarrassing correspondence about 
the P. Fletchers, that will make your father and mother's accurate prophecy of 
your life look like a Sunday School hymn.
Having said that, it was a wonderful cake we received from Cynthia and half the 
family cannot read and the other half were drunk; and now we are fighting over a 
birthday cake and controversy and blatant mendacity rule once again. For [] 
sake. However, Kneel's a lovely boy.

PS Were you a lucky recipient of Margaret Mason's book, "The Fletchers of 
Auchallader"? I took the trouble to meet her and financed a reprint of 50 copies 
of her book, which I generously distributed among the family for FREE. Peter was 
the only one to decline. He said, "Give it to someone else, I never look back, 
only forward", then spent 18 days recounting details of every rugby match he 
played at Rondebosch. Loved that man.
PPS You ungrateful, forgetful and disrespectful little [....]! That very 
expensive port decanter, with the CORRECT crest engraved on it, did not come 
from that stingy, Bumvutcha cousin (with a Teaser's lap-dancer fetish)!! It was 
lovingly presented to you on your 50th birthday by the Fletchers of Chingoma, 
Mashona(Bamba zonke)land.

[Garrick : I don't want to get embroiled in this 
internecine spat except to point out:
The Chingoma tribe have spent a considerable sum on jewellery pointing upwards, 
and so for simple reason of economy have an interest in establishing this as the 
correct one......
If John(e?) didn't get sent out of Latin to weed witendjies on the rugby field 
at school he would not have this problem with the motto.]


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