Zimbile homestead - some photos


The lilly pond

The driveway, winter

The homestead from under the jacarandas

The hut

The "front" garden

Peter planted the jacarandas when 10 years old

The homestead from the hut

The verandah


Garden border (Elwyn, Allegra and Serena)

Garden border (Anthony, Peter, Lyn)

The verandah - paving for Madge's bird seed

The garden well - minus the windmill


After milking

Emma and Clara

Melanie, Clara, Serena, Allegra, Emma, Tracey

Keyi grew up with us and became farm manager

Workshop scrap and fuel tanks

Garden reservoir standing left Ida,Colin/Ian,Mary,Dugald, June sitting right

Madge, camping on Bradford 1955

Garden reservoir, later

Jess working ca 1957

Cattle nearing Zimbile main dip

Owen, Neil with Bryan Higgs in Flat land mealies

Africander herd, Wessels block, mid '50s

Mealies, Wessels land, Keyi & Neil

Tea time and hollyhocks (Michael Clarke 1994)

Emma on Pat's pioneer gravestone
with Ida, Sheila, Peter, Dugald and Colin's graves