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Zimbile odds & ends

work in progress


Tracey, Melanie, Serena, Allegra, Peter

Peter's Old Chev

Garden well, wind mill removed to a borehole for cattle

Reservoir garden

South garden

The south verandha received no sun and was never finished

South lawn, Pointer, hut


Tea time and hollyhocks

View across the Meyezani River from the south lawn

A hay cutting area below the banded irronstone ridge

Plowing on the red ground, citamuzi trees

Neil & Lyn in the buckwheat land

Garden land mealies

Flat land mealies being irregated, Owen, Neil, Bryan Higgs.

Mealies, Wessels land, Keyi & Neil

Zimbile 1930

Emma, Clara, dairy cows

Milking time

After milking

Keyi Dube grew up with us and became the Farm Manager

The workshop

Michael & Serena visit Keyi & Sarah

"Little Kariba" on the Granite River

Wetland dam core with the twins, Emma, Clara

Melanie, Clara, Serena, Allegra, Emma, Tracey (Sharon away)

Drummond Dam preperation (HF family coll.)

Drummond Dam core (HF family coll.)

Drummond Dam wall near completion (HF family coll.)

Valley below Drummond Dam wall

Drummond Dam full

Mapinkili kopjie beyon Drummond boundary

Cattle approaching Zimbile main dipping tank

Cattle crush, George, Neil, Keyi

After dipping

Bradford camp 1955, Owen, Madge

Bradford camp 1956, Owen, Jobe, Neil (Hugh Forsythe)

Mapinkili veldt, burnt

Garden reservoir
standing left Ida,Colin/Ian,Mary,Dugald, June sitting at right

Allegra, Serena, old duckpond, pigsty, feedroom

Jess working