Section 8 Orders are being served on conceded properties in the province.
Umzingwane - 21 war vets arrived on Zimbile to tell the owner they will be returning on Monday to take over the property. 

MATABELELAND - 16 September 2002
A farmer in the Bembesi District was arrested today whilst attending a Lands Committee meeting. Neil Fletcher, of Zimbile Farm, 
was taken from the meeting to prison, although no charges were proffered at the time in connection with a Section 8 order, 
the conditions of which allowed him back on the farm, and remanded him until the 7th of November.  
No further details are known.


Army officer threatens to shoot villagers over farm 
Zim Online

Tuesday 20 February 2007

By Brian Ncube

BULAWAYO - A senior Zimbabwean army officer has ordered scores of villagers 
resettled on Zimbili Farm in Membesi, some 45km east of the second city of 
Bulawayo to vacate the property or face dire consequences, ZimOnline has 

Soldiers from Imbizo Barracks in Bulawayo are said to have stormed the farm 
and threatened to shoot the villagers unless they moved out by Friday this 

Sources said the soldiers were acting under orders from a senior army 
officer, identified as Major General Nicholas Dube. Dube could not be 
reached for comment on the matter yesterday.

The villagers say they were resettled on the farm in 2000 as part of 
President Robert Mugabe's land reform programme under which vast tracts of 
land were seized from whites for redistribution to landless blacks.

Trouble for the villagers began last November after the army officer told 
the villagers to move out of the property arguing that the farm had been 
allocated to him.

Attempts to broker peace between the villagers and the army officer by 
Matabeleland governor Angeline Masuku, are said to have failed leading to 
Dube seizing the farmhouse last month.

"The soldiers accused us of disrupting farming activities at the farm which 
they said belonged to their boss. They said they will shoot us, including 
our wives and children if they found us here next Friday.

"We don't know what to do because it was the government that brought us 
here. It appears we have two difficult options to choose from, either we 
leave or we die here," said Lot Moyo, one of the villagers.

Masuku confirmed the rift between the villagers and the army officer saying 
she was still consulting her records to check who is wrongly occupying the 

"I am aware of the conflict but cannot act now because I am still trying to 
consult the land ministry to find out who is wrongly occupying the land. We 
need to move on and solve this issue once and for all," she said.

Defence Minister Sydney Sekeramayi said he was not aware of the matter but 
promised to crack the whip if it was established that soldiers abusing their 
authority by threatening villagers.

"I am definitely going to take that to the army bosses to check if the 
allegations are true," said Sekeramayi.

Black villagers have often complained in the past that senior ruling ZANU PF 
officials, army and government officials were hounding them of the farms 
they occupied at the height of farm invasions about seven years ago.

Mugabe has also admitted that government ministers and senior army officials 
had used their privileged positions to grab several farms for themselves 
against the government's policy of one-man one-farm. - ZimOnlin