Emails from Callen Hull

Received: Friday, 23 April, 2010.

Hi Neil,
What an incredible job you have done on this site - I can just not stop reading. 
I could not open the attachment but was able to do so with the site Anne sent.
I really can't tell you much about Con, anything I hear is from Chud who has a 
phone number to her assistant on the farm. She gave up her box number so 
has no mailing address, and gave up her phone as well. The last time I saw 
her was about 12 years ago when she was sent to US by one of her horse 
friends to buy an arabian colt. I believe she is doing O.K but is struggling. 
A message through Chud would be the best way to get hold of her .
I google-earth the farm every now and then and it is still there, so she must be 
doing O.K.
No, no motorcycle at the moment, but I miss it every day. I'll buy another BMW 
twin when I retire and do some travelling again. I am doing well here in Phoenix - 
have been here for 28 years and plan to stay. I'm still working - doing 
cardiovascular research on two Native American Pima/Maricopa tribes in the 
area. I drive a big Winnebago clinic to the various sites every day, do the exams,
then come back to the city each afternoon. I am a foster parent to a little 9 year 
old Pima boy, Christopher.  He is a little wild man but a lot of fun and has made 
great progress in school and socially. His brother, a 12 year old, was recently 
returned to his father after 51/2 years with me - hard to say good-bye to him but 
a happy ending for the kid, I think.
I hope you are all well, I will keep reading the site. I found a couple of pictures of 
my mother that I had never seen before -  too cool! 
Take Care,


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