Robert Kenneth Fletcher b. 5.07.1892. d.19.02.1972. &:

	Constance Oakley b. 1900? . m.                   d. 1.07.1928?, where?, buried Enkeldoorn.
	Ella Annie ("Bobs") Harley  b.//.//.//.  m.17.02.1931, Bulawayo. d. //.//.//.

Eldest son of  Robert Alexander Fletcher and Annie Alice McDonald.  Brother of  Hugh, Ben, and  Alistair.

1892	Born 5th July, Queenstown, eastern Cape Colony. 
	Baptised in ......all angels                 witnesses ...........

1972	Died           Bulawayo central hospital
		Death certificate

Material ex Rosalie_Wendy

Family research e-mails with Wendy 	
Sick and smelly goats at Umvutcha 		
Letter Kenneth_Annie: London 1918. Family, Friends, Church, House of Commons

Headmaster letter 30/4/1904
Headmaster letter 30/4/1904
Headmaster letter 30/4/1904		
Headmaster letter 30/4/1904
Letter Annie_Ida;  baby details
"Annie kept me in"pp 3 &1
"Annie kept me in" pp 4 &2
Fragment with Kathleen's signature

Dated Byo 30/10/1901
Kenneth on pass to London.[Original    See typescript also]
Kenneth on pass to London [Original     See typescript also]		
Lady and brooch
 Cartoon 'Ida in a Rage'	

Allowed to keep bees at school 
Draw five pounds for a shotgun	
Annie takes K & H to UK school. Bliss & Ben go too


Threshing Machine on Westacre Farm, July 1905.
Teddy Hull, Tom Meikle, Mr. Grant.  Bull.  Westacre 

Ploughing Demonstration at Westacre, 1920 
Sisters &Cousins: Patty_ Rosalie; Boo_ Margaret,; Aileen_ Elizabeth 
Weddings: Rosalie-Pat; Alistair-Loraine; bridesmaids etc 
Grave of  Constance Fletcher  (Oakley) 


Copy of Memorandum of Agreement between Rhodes and Teddy Hull re management of Westacre farm -[ pending]	

Images to be sent - check not sent already:
Flora Hull Westacre  [says she came with Ida to Byo by train in 1900.  But I have always heard 
Ida came to Byo by Zeederberg's coach, in which was also Albany Bickle's father. Get this
from the Bickles. NF]
Hulls older gen1 { to do :reduced]
Hulls some 3 -annotated [to do reduce - jpg]
Hulls some 4 [to do annotate]
Hulls some 5 [to do annotate]
Hulls some older gen2 [to do annotate]
Kenneth kids 1 [to do re-annotate]
Kenneth kids 2 [to do annotate]
Kenneth weddings [check identities!!]
Lilian Huntley page
Moped [annotate]
Nolan Family Tree

Reverse  contains captions fo Moped, EddieBull etc
Shopping list _annie?
Gravestones (Constance). Find email re Hugh brought(?) the stones from Drummond
Woman Moped [who?]

Material ex Chud Hull. Nov 2007

Photo, article in Bulawayo Chronicle re  RA house in Suburbs 			

Material ex Winkie. 

 Kenneth's Birth Certificate
 Kenneth's Baptismal Certificate
 Kenneth_Ella Marriage Certificate
 Kenneth's Death Certificate
Letter from Mercy Murray to Winkie
 Zita Bailie's Family Tree

"We Went to Rhodes' Funeral"  Account by Annie Fletcher of preparations for,
and the funeral, of Cecil John Rhodes in the Matopos, Site photos. Links.
Link Winkie's email re Ida -Pat-river-diamond etc.

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Check further with Wendy Fox re Christmas at Umvutcha photo etc


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